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Joining with my little baby here. <3 Set private for Ezekiel.
               The snow drifted gently down from the dark grey sky above settling upon the back of the young girl as she plodded along through the snow. In her mouth rested a rope that was guiding the young painted colt who kept close behind her as they made their way. Even though she would never admit it, the girl was lost to simply put it. After about a couple of hours of travelling after she ran away she had tried to turn around to go home, but it seemed she ended up way off her course and now she was here. Slung over the back of the colt was two brown sacks attached by leather straps, resting across a thick fur lined blanket.
               Sylvia let out a long exasperated sigh unsure of what to do. The food she had brought was running way too low for her comfort, and being so small and young she had yet to learn how to hunt. When it ran out she would need to scavenge for a meal and in this cold days it seemed to be near impossible. Looking back to Adonis she realized how tired he was as well and her lip began to tremble. Why had she not listed to her mother? The young sylph unknowingly was upon the Northern border of Inferni. Her legs buckled beneath her as she collapsed upon her butt completely tired.
               She knew she was too far away that even if she did howl no one would hear her. Well, nobody that she would want hearing her. Everyone she knew were way too far away back within the comforts of their own home. Her tail curled around her as she let out another sigh, feeling the stinging sensation of tears in her eyes that were threatening to spill over at any moment. The tight feeling constricting her throat began to ebb away as she coughed a few times looking hopelessly up at the sky above her. Maybe she should have followed her mother's and father's directions. Whenever she got lost to just stay put and they would eventually find her. Yet, the girl was too stubborn and never thought she was lost, but her doubt set in a few hours after her initial disappearance. Here she was a week later still unable to find her way back.
               Her nose tingled with the scent of others and her head whipped around, large ears pricking forward as she paused, waiting. It would be completely against her nature to call out for help, but the sinking feeling that had set in long ago and she was desperate enough to try. Raising her tiny cream and golden muzzle to the sky she let out a pathetic howl that was mostly loud yelping that had a distinct coyote ring to it. After she howled, she ducked her head back down and placed her paw over the rope that was connected at the other end to her companion. All she could do was wait and hope someone would find her now.
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The return from the feast was made quickly once his business had concluded. Ezekiel disliked being far from his home and had no desire to linger. With Oblak packed up, he had left his two companions to do what they needed and traveled north. His speed was easy but taken with the need to get home in mind; Enkiel wanted his herbs and seeds and the Aquila was drained. Rest would be good, and his den sounded lovely by this time.

Yet as he neared Inferni, following the trail he had originally taken, a sharp cry rose. It was not that of an adult coyote but one instead of a child. He turned Oblak sharply and quickened his pace towards the source. To his surprise, there was a girl along with a colt barely old enough to be weaned. The spotted thing whinnied sharply at the appearance of a mare, who echoed this warmly. Ezekiel slid from her back and dropped to meet the girl on his own feet. “Are you alright?” He asked, amber eyes focusing on her with the intensity of a medic—while not as skilled as Enkiel, he was certainly talented enough to cope with field stress.

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               Sylvia began wondering how she would ever make it back home? It had been such a long trip at least for the youth. The pads upon her paws felt worn right down to nothing and each muscle in her body ached. There would be no way she would be able to find her way back home. Her paw prints in the snow would have been covered after yesterdays little bit of snowfall. It would have been damn near impossible anyways seeing as she wandered in circles so many times before making it to the borders of this place. Her mind was racing with the possibilities of what was to come. Were her parents even looking for her? Even if they were there was no way they would have been able to track her this far. Maybe they thought she got eaten up by some larger predator.
               The young sylph began to feel like there was a creature gnawing within the pit of her stomach making her feel sick. Her ears were pressed back against her head momentarily as she thought about whether she was actually going to get sick or not. She was upset to say the least and did not like the situation she had put herself in. All she wanted to be was curled up with her brother in their small home beside her mother and father, but she began to wonder if that would ever actually happen again. There were so many things she wanted, yet most of all the image of her parents and brother were the most prominent in her young mind.
               The sound of hooves hitting hard against the ground roused her from her pitiful state. Her heart raced wildly because the thoughts that her parents were on their way excited her. A small smile picked up at the corners of her lips as she looked around trying to pin point the source. Then in the distance was a smudge of stormy grey fur and her heart dropped. Sylvia attempted to press herself against the ground to make herself look smaller. As much as she did not want help from a complete stranger she would need to accept help from someone unless she never wanted to see her parents again or worse, die.
               Crimson orbs lifted to meet the male's face as he approached quickly and before she knew it he jumped off the back of the horse to kneel down near her. Her tail quickly pressed up underneath her belly as she cowered in his presence ears falling lightly back against her head as she averted her eyes back to the ground once again.
               Adonis pranced behind her back and forth in place as he noticed the other horse whinnying uncontrollably, but Sylvia had no explanation for this behaviour other then that there was another horse. He tossed his head a few times, snorting before walking carefully over towards the mare, nosing her shoulder gently.
               I-I-I'm lost, she whispered, her smile had quickly turned into a frown. Tears stung her eyes, threatening to spill over once again. She was unsure of what to do or what to ask. There was no way of knowing who this male was, but she could feel that he felt genuinely concerned for her. Her eyes reached up once again to search his face and she could see no trace of hostility, just the same kind eyes which was a look she was used to from her own mother.
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The girl looked absolutely terrified of him, and Ezekiel smiled. He didn’t intend to frighten her, but there was likely nothing to be done. Having encountered many children lost in the world, he knew that a gentle approach needed to be taken. Amber eyes flicked up to the colt, and to Oblak’s response. The mare, who had been a mother many times before, nudged him back and began to greet him as she might any other boy lost from a herd. Social creatures as they were, horses flocked to one another.

“Lost, eh? Well you’re in luck—Inferni is just beyond this border. We’ll get you warm and get you some food and figure out what to do then,” he said, certain of her heritage. No wolf would be so lean or have such large ears. “I’m Ezekiel. What’s your name?” Friendly, simple talk. He did not question her too thoroughly and certainly made a point to ensure she was not left wondering if her cold journey would need to go on. Having done this before, Ezekiel was experienced with the wild frights and imaginations of lost children.

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               A small tremor shook through her body as she waited for the male to speak. Her eyes lifted to watch Adonis and the mare. He seemed to already have taken a liking to her, but maybe it was because he missed his own mother just like she missed hers. He whinnied lightly as she touched him and he bounced up and down in his spot kicking out his legs before sidling up next to her and pressing his cheek against her shoulder. Some of his spirit came back as she watched him before shifting her eyes back to the male that had found her.
               Inferni? she asked, with a slight tilt of her head. For some reason the name of the pack rang as familiar to her but she could not quite place her paw on it. She repeated the word over and over in her head, again and again, trying to trigger something that would tell her where she had heard it before. Yet, it was to no avail and the girl repeated the word in her mind so much that it did not sound right to her anymore. Her face was scrunched up in confusion for a moment but she relaxed her ears flicking up slightly in an attempt to listen to the kind male's words.
               I'm Sylvia, she responded quietly, her head dropping down once again. She wanted to go home so bad that her stomach was churning with anxiousness. Her eyes drifted back up to him deciding that this would be the best course of action. I can come with you? she asked, with a slight tilt of her head. He already offered, but she was not sure what his intentions were. To just keep her there for a few hours and send her on her way again or give her a place to stay until her mother and father found her. Either way, she needed somewhere to sleep, and the nights were bitterly cold. There was no way she wanted to spend another night alone in the open. It was not fair to Adonis.
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The blonde nodded shortly, and rubbed one red thumb across his arm. It brushed against the bare skin left by deep scarring, but he was used to this feeling now and had no emotions in regards to the wound. Alaine’s son was dead; he had no reason to hold onto something that was long since passed. It was only the dreams, and the ghost, that lingered—and he had disconnected them from cause and only identified them with the collie who had stolen his father away.

“You can,” he repeated. “Do you want to go? We can talk where it’s warm—you look hungry, too. If you want, I can carry you back; we can ride my horse and yours can follow us. He seems to like Oblak enough, eh?” The blonde man smiled at the display from the colt, and Oblak’s well-tempered whinny. She was amused by his antics, and certainly ready for another boy to take care of. While carrying herself, she was a brood mare used to taking care of foals not her own; Ezekiel had made out despite the overpayment he had given Sirius for the long-haired mare.

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               Her eyes followed his hand as he rubbed a patch of bare skin on his arm. She wondered slightly what had happened for him to get a scar like that. Did he get in a huge fight and beat up some wolves? Her mind wandered with the thoughts, but the girl did not dare ask any questions about it. Too shy to word any thoughts that came to her mind especially with the new male before her. Sylvia's ears pricked at the sound of his voice again and her tail wagged behind her lightly at his suggestion. At least she would have some warm food in her belly and none of this cold, smoked stuff that the male she ran into gave her.
               Yeah, I'd like to come with you, she responded with an enthusiastic nod as she jumped up to her feet. Her tail kept wagging along behind her as she padded up closer to him. She was used to being picked up by her mother and she waited patiently. She turned back to look at Adonis as she watched him stay close to the mare. It would not take much if anything at all to make the colt follow the other mare. He seemed all too eager to follow right along behind her no problem and she wondered if she would ever be able to peel him from her side if they ever made the trek back home.
               His name is Adonis, my mother named him after a wolf she knew, she spoke quietly, still not completely comfortable in his presence, but comfortable enough to share some information with him about herself. Seeing as he was her saviour in her time of need, it seemed only polite to offer some sort of conversation. Her upbringing was not completely without manners and she knew better then to be rude to someone who was willing to help.
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Sorry for the delay; we can continue this, but feel free to start posting!

The coyote did not hesitate long before lifting the girl into one arm. She was still young and light to him, and thin from travel. Ezekiel grasped the lead in his other hand, and called to the colt to follow in low-speech. Oblak responded with an echoing whinny. Ezekiel grasped the end of her mane with one hand and hoisted himself onto her back. She snorted and stamped one foot, clearly ready to leave.

As they headed towards the Mansion, Ezekiel began speaking to the girl in his arm. “You stay with us as long as you need,” he commented, blonde hair falling across his eyes. He needed to cut it. “If you want, you can stay forever. We have a few other puppies, and they’d probably like a playmate.” With a squeeze, he quickened the mare to a trot. Despite the bouncy step, Oblak was so wide that Ezekiel was hardly jostled by her movement. It would get them into the warmth of the house sooner, and then he could see to both the girl and the colt. While someone had packed him, he imagined the bindings had begun to rub on his coat and he was underfed.

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No problem! Was dealing with a horrible head cold the last two days. <3
               Sylvia did not protest in the slightest as Ezekiel lifted her up into his arms with ease. She fit nearly perfectly in the crook of his arms and felt quite relaxed even though she was up at a great height. His fur felt very soft against her side and she felt her cheek brush against his chest as she was jostled slightly when he lifted himself up onto Oblak. The warmth of his body made the numbness in her toes disappear almost instantly, and she did not feel the chill she had felt prior to this. She nestled in close to him as he lead the mare into a fast pace trot. Sylvia tilted her head back to look around Ezekiel's arm to make sure Adonis was following. He was very close to Oblak's side and looked excited to be moving finally.
               Her head tilted upwards to look at Ezekiel while he spoke and her ears tipped forward to listen better because the rush of the wind was loud in her ears. She felt comfortable and relaxed now. The worry to figure out how to get home settled in her mind because now he offered a place to stay for as long as she needed. The thought about being so far away from home scared her, but how did she ever expect to get back home when she did not know where home was? As much as she wanted to go back it was the middle of winter, she had no clue where she was in relation to home and she was much to young to be travelling on her own in the first place. It was amazing she had made it this far by herself with the help of the young colt. Maybe once summer came and she was a bit older she could try on her own. By then she would learn how to shift, learn how to ride a horse and maybe learn how to read a map.
               I'd like that, she nodded, crimson orbs turning forward to see the direction they were going in. Who knew, maybe she would like it here? The thought of being so alone all over again scared her. If they really wanted her to return home her parents would come find her. And, if they could not find her, what hope was there in her finding them?
               She perked up when he mentioned there were other puppies that she could play with. Hopefully they were close to her own age. Her tail began to wag at the sound of that and she decided she would give here a try. This was more then she could ever hope or ask for and she was quite happy to be found. This was the best choice she could think of, but she was so young she was not even sure what she should or should not do. All she knew was that she did not want to be alone again and Ezekiel was more then she could ask for.
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