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The walk to the pack Sebastian belonged to had been a relatively short journey compared to the travel Hadley was used to. Amy had constantly been on the move, only staying in a single place long enough to get more goods for trade before moving on. They'd stayed in the city for a little while before Sebastian announced that he'd be heading home, asking if Hadley would come with him. Terrified of being left behind Hadley had agreed wholeheartedly, ready to do anything if it meant not being left to fall back into Amy's grasp.

He stood on the edge of the borders of the pack, studying it nervously. There were some trees, and further in Hadley could see the beginning of stone. The snow was packed down from lots of travel, and the smell of many canines that didn't belong there was nearby as well from the festival Amy had traveled to. Hadley hadn't realized they'd be so close. If he did anything wrong it would be so easy for Sebastian to call Amy, or access her for tips on how to control a bad slave. He had no doubt what kind of advice Amy would give him. Needing reassurance he glanced over at Sebastian.

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The trip had been short but fairly pleasant. Hadley was quiet but nice. Too quiet and too nice, really. It would take some serious effort before Sebastian could coax his inner mettle from the ruined shell that Amy had left. Really, even just from her sadistic point of view, what was a slave without some intuition and initiative? One who could be trusted to endless hours of monotonous physical labour, not a companion as Hadley had been. Still, ever optimistic, Sebastian was hopeful that Hadley could rediscover his lost self-confidence.

When they had finally arrived at Casa di Cavalieri's forested southern border, Sebastian was reasonably cheerful. The snow was fluffy and downy, not too heavy. The sun tried its best to warm the world. Good weather, the best that could be expected in winter.

He noted Hadley's glance as they approached. Sebastian gave him his best sunny smile, the one that had made ladies swoon, even though it had never been directed at them. It was the one that was wide, bright, endearing, almost sickeningly adorable.

The artist toned down the smile after a few seconds, putting a hand on his hip as he looked over the trees. The actual fort wouldn't come into view for hours.

"We're here," Sebastian smiled, flashing Hadley another dazzling smile. "Don't worry, Hadley." Sebastian threw back his head and howled loudly, calling for either Jazper or Anann. It let them know that Sebastian had a friend at the borders, one who wished to join Casa di Cavalieri. It also let them know that he was perfectly happy to bring his friend to the fort, if neither leader wished to traipse all the way from the fort to the borders.

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The roan colt stood still as the amber and honey wolf walked around him. The pads of her hand in contact at all times as they traveled over his back and the round of his hip before trailing down his still disproportionate legs. As she reached the hock her fingers applied pressure to the underside of the joint as she urged him with a gently spoken Give. and obediently Noire picked up his hoof. There was nothing to be cleaned out from the hoof and after giving its bottom a firm tap with the heel of her hand she lowered back down. As she made her way towards the next leg to repeat the process a call cut through the air. Noire craned his neck to look in the direction of the howl. His ears perked as he gave an interested nicker. No. You stay here. She said with a light chuckle and gave him dismissive pat on the rump.

The voice was not one she fully recognized and assumed it most have been one of the new members. She frowned, not rather liking the sound of him bring his friend straight to Kingsbury, not when they were a complete unknown to herself and Jazper. Still she was some distance from the border and did not see the need for them to wait for her to make the full trip there, so as she called back she let them know that she would meet them on the way. Not far from the fort walls herself, it was unlikely they would make it far past the forest before the met up.

Ah, so it was Sebastian. He was fairly new and not one of the members that Anann had really had much of a face to face with, but Jazper had told her what she needed to know about the male and in time she’d hope to get to know him better herself. Hello there.” Anann called out and waved a golden arm in the air once she had spotted the pair and they were within reasonable range. Naturally, her attention was largely focused on the stranger that Sebastian had brought with him as she waited for him to make introductions. Though her demeanor was nothing but welcoming. Even still, Anann was rather large for a female and one that held herself rather proudly at that. That alone was intimidating to some.

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A bright grin was turned Hadley's way, soothing his nerves. Nothing could go wrong. Not while Sebastian wanted him around. He announced they were at Sebastian's home, and he watched as the small wolf howled. It was different from his own howl, that carried a shorter deeper intonation. Hadley's ears automatically pricked up, listening to the message contained. They would be going in. Another howl followed, this one more powerful than his master's. His ears flattened slightly before they begin moving in. Passing through the trees Hadley watched his step carefully, nostrils flaring as he tried to gather all the information he could. Eventually Hadley gave up, letting the smells pass him by the same as if he was traveling with Amy.

A large powerful female came out as they cleared the woods. A powerful confidence radiated from her, the same kind that came from Amy. This wolf clearly knew how to handle herself, and it would be painful for all those who stood against her. Ears pressed flat against his head, tail tucked between his legs as he looked down. He stepped closer to Sebastian, his large buddy huddling as close as he could. He was behind Sebastian now, and trying to make himself as small as possible, a tough task for the large hybrid. A small whine escaped him, trying to submit to the female while seeking comfort at the same time. Had he done something wrong? Maybe he shouldn't have come. No, he belonged to Sebastian now. Hadley went where he did. He could only hope the large wolf would agree, and wouldn't send him away.

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Sebastian started forward confidently as Anann responded. He would have preferred it if Jazper had responded instead, if only due to his familiarity with the massive Alpha Male. Still, today would be a good chance to properly acquaint themselves with the mysterious Alpha Female of Casa di Cavalieri. If she was anything like Jazper, he was expecting a massive warrior.

The pair were just at the edge of the forest when they neared each other. Anann was big, nearly as tall as Hadley but not as muscular. Pretty in an Amazonian fashion, with strong and noble features. A brunette, with their typical down-to-earth strength, as he had come to associate. <{> Sebastian bowed, understated charm exuding for his every pore. It wouldn't do to antagonise one leader while sleeping with the other. Besides, despite the fact that he disliked having to look upwards all the time, Anann had given him no reason to dislike her. Salve, Madonna, he purred warmly, saffron eyes downcast. I am Sebastian, and this is Hadley. He gestured to the massive, timid male somewhat awkwardly. Jazper and Enzo accepted me a few weeks ago, and Dixie-May and I have recently added a significant amount to Casa's stores of wine? He let himself tail off into a question, to check if she had heard of him from either source.

Whatever the case, Sebastian soon spoke again. I recently bought Hadley's freedom from a slaver called Amy Sunders. A blonde wolf-coyote hybrid, I believe. I wanted to free him, and now I wish to... He broke off, trying to find the right word. Rehabilitate, I think, is your word for it. Rehabilitate him. Try to let him live life as he did before her. Sebastian rose from his bow, looking at the woman directly but respectfully. I thought that Casa di Cavalieri would be the best place to help him.

No one could accuse Sebastian of not getting straight to the point.

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Anann’s pace slowed, her steps becoming lighter, as she witness Sebastian’s companion reaction towards. For the every moment the large hybrid had caught sight of her he had begin to cower and fear imbuing his scent as he attempted to hide behind the smaller male. A frown pulled at the lines of the Luna’s face, concern in her eyes. It’s alright. No one will harm you here. She spoke in a gentle, calming tone that was generally reserved for the horses. The poor soul, he was quite scarred, and not just physcially. From his demeanor she hardly expected they had been fairly earned in battle. Torture, she guessed. That or extremely harsh abuse.

Sebastian’s greeting was not one that Anann recognized, but she sensed no disrespect in the words, nor his actions. Which for some reason reminded her of the red-headed tailor in Cour des Miracles, Strelein. Yes, I know who you are. Though I had not heard about the wine. I thank you for that. Her tone was pleasant as she gave him a smile, though concern for his friend still lined her features. Oh, how she would love a whiskey still. and if only the aging process didn’t take so long. Though this was no time for such concerns.

Bought? Slaver? Oh, these were not foreign to Anann, but she had hoped that such a thing would never become common place in this part of the world. It was the same practice that had driven Anann to abandon her homeland. The only difference was that the Tosawi had not realized just how enslaved they truly were. It angered her to think that the festival had brought such trade so close to her home once again. Yes, of coarse. How could she deny Sebastian’s request, was it not their very purpose? Hadley, You are welcome to stay here, to become a member of our pack, if you want. Again her voice took to more soothing tones as she addressed the timid male, unsure if he would even respond to her.

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Hadley watched as Sebastian submitted to the tall female. That didn't help his nerves at all. Amy had never submitted to anyone. That meant Hadley wasn't just below Sebastian, he was below this female as well, even farther perhaps. Nervously he pulled his tail in tighter. Sebastian explained that he'd purchased her, and was planning something for him. The words rehabilitation didn't register with him, though the tone the female used did. They were soft and gentle, an assurance that he wouldn't be harmed.

The female addressed him, and Hadley's ears perked up. He raised his head a little, still not daring to meet her eyes. He nodded numbly before turning back to Sebastian, hoping for a suggestion of where to go next. Part of him wondered if there was more expected of him, if he should shake her hand or bow down as Sebastian had. Deciding to err on the side of caution he bowed down as well, though his had a lot less flourish, more brusque and short.

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