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Character Name: Io Berlin

Character Age: Three

Character Gender: Female

Preferred Specialized Rank: Kai E, Nyo'ei

OOC Name: Rose

Other Characters Played: Odessa, Angel, Tony, Io

OOC Second Form of Contact: AIM

Character Alignment: Lawful Good primarily. Chaotic Good on occasions.

NPC Characters: Pups- Dymtr Tormenta- Chiko, Estrella Tormenta- Doen.

OOC- This is set early morning, maybe? Also, just for reference none of this speech is English ^^

Io had moved out into the night after the argument, spending a large amount of her time previously packing. How dare Aeron try to stop her from punishing the boy. Granted she wasn't a violent person, nor did she desire to truly hurt her son. But the boy had had it coming and after all he was old enough to endure a lone, mild physical reminder who was the parent. Io had decided to leave as swiftly and quietly as possible informing her former leaders with a small, private word. Jandro would not come, Io hadn't tried to round him up along with her son and granddaughter, though she doubted Aeron would have allowed her to. Never mind involving Leon. It'd be easier this way, especially when it came to the situation with Estrella.

The russet hybrid hadn't ridden. The lone boy child was too large for being totted around now and Io didn't think it fair to ride herself. She would have done the same with Jandro, however Estrella was the exception she was smaller, less developed and the tiny child would have slowed Io down. While the creme child was more than happy to comply, Dymtr lagged behind. In a sour mood. 'Come on Dym! Hurry up!' she called, not turning around to speak to the boy. 'I don't wanna go!' he called back defiantly. This is when Io did stop to turn around, he'd quarrelled with her long before this all night almost, before he tired himself and slept. And then again when Io awoke him to leave. He had even cried out his wish to stay, a strange sight for anyone who knew the little boy, but nevertheless Io had remained ignorant to his wishes. Possibly for the first time since he was born.

Settling herself upon the borders, Io called out. Her secui form stood out from the bland wilderness around her, her russet saddle the only thing distinguishing her from the fading snow. Dymtr hung back still, choosing to sit upon his haunches and scowl. Estrella sat beside her grandmother silently, leaning upon her paw.

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Having just returned back to Ichika it seemed his duties where already starting. Four paws beat the earth as he did his first good patrol of Ichika’s borders for a while. The secui form beast he was slipped in and out of the light and shadows a like, his grey form a ghost as he walked along the borders.. It was odd smelling both his and X’y’s scent along them but it seemed right for once that their scents would be along side each others.

After doing one such marking his ears perked a top his head, hearing the call of someone at their door step. It didn’t sound urgent so he didn’t start into a full out run but his legs began an easy trot, cutting across Ichika to meet the caller. The grey form slowed as he used the trees and cover to hide his approach. Saluce never liked for visitors to see him first, he much rather preferred his blues to gaze across the way at the caller first to judge their intent before letting himself be known.

Finally the behemoth slipped out of the shadows of the brush, coming out into the open to stand on the Ichikan side of the border. Blues studied them, looking across at the little one and then back to the obvious mother or grandmother or whatever she was. Inwardly he recognized this scene as a mother seeking to join, outwardly he played it cool and his voice came flowing out of his muzzle hold now malice.

“Bonjour Madam, what can I assist you with today?” a broad smile spread across his lips as he took in the scene.

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Io had been staring into the distance, only occasionally flicking her head to check on the pups. Neo was quite fine on his own, needing none of the repetitive nudging that the children required. He grazed lazily, un bothered by the large amount of crap he had on his back. Dymtr still sulked, counting the minutes up in his head he had left as a free man. Well, boy. He'd relished the idea of a peaceful pack just as much as he relished the idea of being taken away from his father. Of course he didn't know the dreadful secret Io had kept from him, and that he decision to notify him was wavering, especially as she noticed his bond with the man.

The russet hybrid raised her head to acknowledge the male. Standing up, as she had settled herself into a sitting position some time ago, she smiled and spoke, 'Morning' she greeted, knowing his greeting fluently. 'We come from Anathema. We are looking to join'. It was a simple enough request, worded nicely and laced with a genuine smile. Behind her the ash pup scoffed and shook his head, he himself rising, but abstaining from trotting forward like he usually would.

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Saluce looked upon the bunch with a judgmental eye. He didn’t mean to come off as mean, but his stature seemed to reflect that. Blues studied, noting that there wasn’t a clear show of submission but he didn’t outwardly punish her for that. He wasn’t the greatest at submission either for that matter. His form finally settled down into a sitting posture, his massive frame looking from her to the two pups. Blues looked behind her at the stubborn one, trying to get a handle on the situation.

“You would like to join?” he repeated quietly, before he spoke “And what of your children? Where is their father? Are you abandoning them in Anathema? Ichika is not a pack that thinks ties of that nature should be broken on a whim.” He recited rather flatly, Saluce hadn’t met the leaders from Anathema but this whole situation seemed odd. Ichika wasn’t in any position to take care of two more wards or to deal with any fall out because the mother decided to leave and break ties.

“This is a very serious decision Madam. I am not unkind, nor are my pack mates, but we recently had a pack mate up and vanish and join another pack. So we are not so willing to accept someone without their story being verified.” He continued before falling silent to let her speak and explain her intentions.

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'Yes' she said, giving further assurance. When the questions came a irritated twitch at the tip of her tail began to move when nothing else did. The movements were slow, like a grandfather's clocks pendulum. 'It is a long story' she stated, however it wasn't the end of what she was intending to say. In all honesty, her situation was non of his business, but Io wasn't stupid. She bit her tongue and answered. 'In Anathema. It was a... mutual agreement that it would be better if I settled them elsewhere' Io noted with a soft, almost sorrowful smile. True it was a vague, partly untrue answer, but she hadn't left for no reason. Aeron had told her to go, and go she did. She didn't leave with any more outbursts than had already happened. Actually her leave was almost ghostlike.

'I understand she replied plainly, though behind her Dymtr sneered at the fact his mother was spoken down to, well almost. But then again he didn't understand grown up things much. Listening she nodded, 'That is an abandonment you have there indeed' she agreed, 'Though I am sure there were reasons'. Her eyebrow raised slightly, 'If you need certain verification I can gladly escort you to my family? They will vouch for me in sure' she offered with a smile, naturally she assumed Aeron and Leon would dash her attempts, but Io didn't suppose it'd go that far.

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WC:btw, she is speaking english now right? because you never stated what langauge she was speeking in your first post

The blues of the male watched and he remained quiet while the woman spoke. For what was a long story was summarized in a very short sentence. The whole situation seemed very odd to him and for a wolf such as himself he didn’t care to feel like there was a whole other part he was missing. The brute sat for a moment letting a silence fall between the two of them. Having no reason yet to be rude he remained pleasantly neutral to the woman and her children. A long pause, usually was meant to unnerve, but his form seemed to move once again, standing back up to all fours. For now his part was done.

“While my mate is on her way, I ask that you consider this, We keep no secrets in this pack, if you come with secrets and lies then they will come out, and there is nothing that irritates or angers me then being lied to. We want our pack to be a family, if you bring bad kharma with you, again I ask you to state it, we are not unkind, if bad kharma follows and you are willing to work and be a faithful member then we will have no problems. But you have to state them upfront, else hiding them only means you are not willing to change or work toward fixing those issues.” With that he stood and walked a few feet from the border, raising his head a long calling howl filled the sky. He called for the woman whom held a better head on her shoulders when it came to these things.

He turned back to her with a smile, still trying to be friendly. "Whom are these wolves who can vouch for you? I may not go running to check today but I may make a quick trip soon enough"

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The initial call had gone out but the woman was slow to reply, quite the contrary action for the most often promptly receptive female. But she was not concerned that the voice would go unheeding, having faith that at least one other would receive their guest just long enough for her to finish her business then address them.

Since their return from the Festival, while Saluce assumed his role as security, the Nomad was busy with catering to the remaining Ichikans that hadn’t yet gone to the gathering in the Sugarwoods, mainly two small bundles kept under the watchful eye of the Jiryu. Nayru’s appearance at the Festival had been brief, merely showing her face at the Leader’s feast then withdrawing to be with the children again. Without needing to say much, it was apparent to the Nomad that their leader was still not well despite the façade she tried to assume. She was stubborn, trying to keep herself active as best as she could while recovering, but the strong arm of a particular golden female was never too far to reel her back in when even the faintest hint of exhaustion came forth. She had pleaded the Ryu to rest and recuperate and offered her assistance in caring for the pups, and for the time being it was good.

The second call reached her still in the Lady Nayru’s den, interrupting her little game with the pups. Recognizing the voice of her mate, she left the Lady and her charges to address what should have been met moments before. From their abode in the Wenthworth she travelled around the borderlines, cutting through the Valley with a hastened gait hoping to reach both her mate and their guest before anything more transpired and left her further out of the loop. Her four limbs working well timed eventually slowed and the scent of the stranger was inhaled coupled with the sight of the uniquely mixed hybrid. The woman exhaled slowly to calm her racing heart and bring a sense of calm to her wild features. Upon sight of a smaller, well protected body, the she-wolf froze then looked to whom she assumed was the mother. Wide eyes drifted from the stranger to her mate with a questioning tilt to her head before she regained her sense then tentatively stepped forward.

She greeted first her mate with a gentle lick to his chin and possessive rub of her shoulder into his before coming to stand in front of the small family, her head lowered humbly in greeting but with tail raised in authority. “Goodday to you,” she welcomed them politely. “I am X’yrin, Seiki of Ichika no Ho-en and Exultare to the Nomads.” Her voice was soft as always, absent of any inclination to suspicion or wary, just an octave above a whisper. Briefly her gaze passed over the family not so much inspecting as she was acknowledging them then followed swiftly with a turn of her head to Saluce, looking to him expectantly, trusting he had the answers to the questions she had meant to inquire.

515 words.

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ah, yeah she's speaking in english now ^^ XD

Word Count → 000

Io's eyes narrowed swiftly. Was he making her out to be a liar? Perhaps this was true. She would always have secrets. Most, if not all, Io didn't, wouldn't, speak aloud to most of the world. But still it didn't mean she was a bad person. A person that bad things had happened to, yes. But the hybrid had never killed nor injured a person knowingly in her life. She'd hit out a few times, often in rare times of anger. But she was far, far from a violent person. Her natural reflex were verbal, as litheness ran thicker in her veins that brute force. 'I assure you. I am no liar' she replied with a smile, perhaps slightly put on. There were things she was always willing to change, especially for the better of her children. But of course, things like Estrella's true parentage would never be revealed. More for her own well being than Io's. In fact most things she did were for her children. 'Xyza Glow, Aeron Ganesa, Leon Austral. And I'm sure my former leaders will speak also'.

When his mate arrived, Io smiled. A public display of affection, how nice. There was no sarcasm in her mental note, it truly did please her to see others happy. Dymtr, who was no stood close behind her scoffed, clearly displeased by the soppy show. In a gentle movement, Io's back leg nudged him softly. Sometimes he forgot his manners. It was rare, edging on never, that she used any real violence on them. Never had she caused them serious harm and never she would. 'Morning' she greeted.

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Her comments were filed away in his mind, one name ringed a bell but it passed just as easily as it was said. If the woman indeed wanted to be a member then there wasn’t anything he could really do to stop such a request, especially with no evidence to support any wild theory. So he sat pleasantly until his mate arrived. His tail wagged naturally as she approached him and came upon him. He had used to not outwardly project such puppyish emotions but she brought it out of him every time. Saluce stood and returned her gentle affections, nuzzling and licking, a display obviously more befitting two equals than two wolves so distant in rank.

When their outward display was finished she had turned and addressed the joiner, and his form soon followed, taking a seat beside her. X’yrin’s look gave him all the information he needed to explain todays visit by the outsider.

“This lady and her children I assume are looking to join Ichika. She comes from Anathema, and has stated she left on good terms. Our conversation has been brief but there isn’t anything that she had presented that would suggest otherwise. Although I never caught her name.” His voice carried the same tones, he had used to address the lady at the border. He dipped his head and considered his part for now to be over, but he still stayed stoically as a reminder of his stature. Saluce may not have been in a leadership role, but his duties of security and providing a stable atmosphere for X’y to operate deemed he stay.

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Patiently the Seiki waited for Saluce’s report only turning her head to acknowledge the female again with a smile to her morning greet. Her full attention was given her to mate when he filled in the essential gaps needed to become abreast. Another potential this time from a neighboring pack. Though she knew little of them outside of their leader personally, she knew the Anathemans to be Ichika’s neighbors and therefore a possible risk should this joining proposal serve more as a request for asylum then a genuine change in venue. However while it was her duty to be skeptic to some degree, it would not wholly make up her persona. And so upon the end of her mate’s report, the woman returned her full attention to the small family truly allowing her eyes to survey them all, even down to the disgruntled child who looked like he wanted to be elsewhere.

“To relinquish one home for another is never an easy feat,” she began softly, her eyes not leaving the child. “Especially when all parties may not want this to be.“ She lifted her gaze to the hybrid female, offering sincerity by way of the subtle tip of her head and understanding eye to the situation the family was placed in. “I cannot say for certain if this will be an advantageous solution for you, but I must ask why you have chosen these lands to be your new home. We are accepting to all backgrounds and creeds, providing they do not compromise the well-beings of our growing family, but some fact cannot be made obscure and are better presented to the front. So I ask, my friend. Why leave your home to live in Ichika? What do you believe we can provide for you that your prior home could not?”

303 words.

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Word Count :: 000 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

'Io Berlin' she interrupted quickly, politely however as she did not want to be referred to as this woman the whole time. And she'd be asked anyway. When the female spoke of Dymtr, merely as a passing reference, the child scowled, but Io shook her head. 'Oh, never mind him. He is as stubborn as a mule' she laughed airy, but the ashy pup behind her still frowned, his eyes twitching between her and the stranger. The woman was true, Dymtr would have prefered to stay in the hotel he was born in. But this was one of the rare times his mother got what she wanted. Estrella however didn't seem to mind, it was only now her opinion was beginning to take form after all.

The russet and white woman shrugged, 'I have heard it is a peaceful place. My son has somewhat of a temper on rare occasions and I assumed that if he was in a more peaceful environment the outbursts would be even more obsolete'. Again partly true, if not completely. He'd had two berserker moments before, both had terrified the woman. Reminding her that her son was no child of Leon Austral. 'Anathema was a much darker place, and I would of course do anything for my children'

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The woman was patient, that much she could hear in her voice. Quite the opposite in dispositions as she saw from the two children looking none too pleased. While her experience with pups were lacking at best, she could still read their expressions to a fault same as with the adults that bore them into the world. But when it came to appeasing them, there was a wall she was not willing to overcome. She had been raised as a child that the decisions far greater than her mind could understand were not for her to dwell upon as such an early age. She could only trust in the guidance of her Shepard, and now in this case, the guidance of the parent. She uttered their words in silence, making no sound other than the gentle exhale of her own breathing as she again let her attention fall to the pouting boy with golden orbs staring deeply into his eyes. ‘This is far better for you…’

How she wished to say the words aloud but for the same of appearance, forced herself to remain objective and not act as a mediator to side with the mother, but as she was; the determinant factor as to if asylum was to be awarded. “Io,” knowing the woman’s name, X’yrin called her by it softly as a gracious sign of respect and humility. “I have no children of my own, but I understand your desire to better him. We treat each other as family here… and perhaps with time, all of you will be able to see this place as more than a peaceful pack, but a family as well. Though these are wishful thoughts that cannot be forced upon you, we offer nothing that would hinder you from trying.” Kindly she smiled.

“But because of your standing with Anathema, until your status has been confirmed by your leaders, that your leaving was indeed made aware to them and this flee was not in abandonment, we ask that you remain on these lands not as a member, but as a guest. We can accommodate you as best we can and offer our full hospitality, but until the validity of your story is confirmed, we cannot accept you wholly.” Regretfully the she-wolf lowered her ears, but kept her head aloft with authority to her ruling. “We are not closing our borders to you, but look at this as an opportunity to rest and-“ she glanced behind the small family to the steed piled with their wares. “-unload whatever burdens you carry.”

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While Io nodded, understanding of the terms and conditions, Dymtr had begun to stand behind her. 'Shoulda brought Xyza...' he said, he muttered frustratedly, shaking his head. The frown he wore crinkled the scar on his lip as he stared up at the woman disapprovingly. 'Dymtr, no' his mother warned quickly, nudging him gently with her front paw as he crept closer. Again she looked up to the woman with an apologetic look. This was why she was coming here. Well, partly why she chose to make her home here.

'I agree. But either way I assure you that you will find nothing but truth their. I promise' she replied with a smile. 'Thank you for your hospitality'. From behind the woman and her children approached the grey feline. 'Ay came as soon as ay could'the feline said. The Russian Blue watched Io as she spoke, 'Thank you. I apologise for not telling you before'. The feline shrugged, 'Eh, ay ahm no' bothered. Things 'appen. What es the situation 'ere'. The russet and white woman nodded, 'We need to wait before we are accepted. Things need to be sorted out, people need to be spoken too'. Andrej shook his head fiercely, staring up at the Ichikan's 'Ay can vouch for 'er. Though ay assume you won't 'ear the words of a cat, eh? Bien...'. Standing up straighter Io spoke again, 'This is Andrej'.

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The boy still looked none too pleased, but that would pass in time, or so the Nomad hoped. This was the first time she had witnessed a disgruntled pup at their borders, and surely it would not be the last. But she hoped over the course of time her awareness of pups and their moods would broaden and she would not longer feel as lost as she did when looking down at the scarred boy. Her attention turned to the mother again and nothing the feline that seemingly peeled itself from the thinly laid snow to be noticed. “Greetings,” she dipped her head in return.

“As I said, please make yourselves comfortable. Once one of us has spoken with Anathema, we will seek you out and ask that your speak our creed and a task will be assigned to you. But please, rest, and again welcome.”

000 words.

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