When Different Worlds Collide [DND]

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It was early morning, a mere hour past sunrise, when the large black alpha stepped foot out of the Courthouse where all of his members took residence. Stretching up to the sky his massive jaws widened, letting out a yawn before smacking his lips mindlessly and looking around. Very little snow lined the ground, as the weather was unseasonably warm during the days and snowfalls were scattered over time. Green coniferous trees were spread out on what was the large front yard of the Courthouse, tracks marking the stone path that lead up to the front steps. He truly looked forward to the Spring when green would override white and flowers would blossom around the small village, even popping up between the stone slabs of the walkway. Many of their members had yet to see Kingsbury while it was green and Jazper knew very well they would all be as impressed as he had.

For no he made his way down the path, leaving the large building behind in the direction of the library, deep in thought already. Enzo was as on edge as ever even though he attempted regularly to reassure the boy that no more harm would come to the Juliet girl he had brought back after killing her rapist. It was a horrible thought to know that his son had murdered another but it was nothing that the sun king wouldn’t have done himself so all he could to is attempt to make the two wounded minds know they were safe within the stone walls. On a happier note Regner, the old man he had met in Halifax, and his granddaughter Adelle were quickly adjusting to their new home and it seemed that the little one was as happy as ever, and it pleased Jazper to have little paws scampering about.

The sound of running hooves caught his attention and his head turned in the direction of the racetrack, sharp eyes taking note of the singular beast trotting about. Although he did not like the fact that the horse in the inner ring of the racetrack was indeed his horse, the alpha sighed and made his way over to the track. He would not argue that the stallion was one of the best looking horses he had seen in a while, as it’s unique creamy white coat and black markings certainly made him distinguishable from the others and his massive size told that he could easily carry the leader, but his heart was not with the beast. The only thing that led him to jump the initial barrier and lean against the inner fencing was that the horse was a gift from Tony and it had been a good week or so since he had checked on it to make sure it was still in good condition.

He had yet to name the horse, though he knew eventually he would have to as he did plan on using it on long trips, especially those where he needed to carry things with him to other packs. The other horses were all already named and walking around happily, which made the Knight wonder why his was incased all the way over here. Perhaps Dixie or Wayne had corralled the stallion for one reason or another, either way the warrior did not think to deeply into the matter, as it appeared the stallion was happy trotting around, head as high as possible and legs seamlessly and elegantly in motion.

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Wayne McCoy
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It was his job to know all of the horses in the pack, from those originally under his own care to the newcomers such as the coydog’s older stallion. Luckily, there was no other duty in the world that Wayne would trade for. He loved spending time with the herd, so much that one might think he was raised by horses, the way he was so at ease with them. They were simpler creatures than luperci, but no less full of personality and intelligence. They were easier to deal with than other canines most of the time, especially for the former loner.

He was working on picking Fern’s hooves now, scraping out the muck that had been picked up from their journeying—working at the break of dawn as always, a rhythm he was used to from his busy youth. Around them pranced Bark, who had grabbed hold of one of the ropes lying around and was now flinging it around his head. Snorting, the Labrador mix released the mare’s leg and thrust the pick into his pocket before chasing after the colt, which jerked the rope out of his grasp then scampered around his mother. Luckily, the chestnut female was quick to reach out and nip her son on the rump; Bark squealed indignantly, the rope falling from his mouth, and Wayne quickly coiled it with a laugh.

“C’mere, young’un,” the dusty-furred man said, letting out a yip that brought the foal bounding excitedly toward him. “All play and no work ain’t how we do it ’round here. If you’re so excited ’bout the rope, let’s halter train for a bit.” He managed to hold the colt still enough to slide the halter on him, leading him along. Fern snorted in what seemed to be amusement and ambled after them.

At one point the innermost ring of the racetrack came into view, and Wayne spotted two large specimens there: the black-splashed white stallion and the large wolf that was his owner. He smiled and clicked his tongue for Bark to come along faster, making his way toward them, the thud of hooves announcing their arrival. The cowboy untied the lead then nudged the colt along, muttering that he was let off easy today; the foal returned to his mother, allowing the Rispetto to give his alpha his sole attention. Other than celebrations and aiding in greeting potential joiners at the borders, he hadn’t interacted much with the leaders. He knew that, along with being more social toward the rest of the pack, he needed to fix this if he was going to make the most of what Casa di Cavalieri offered.

“Howdy, Jazper,” the wolfdog called, wandering over to the fencing and leaning against it as well, arms crossed and cowboy hat tipped. Brown eyes followed the movements of the massive stallion galloping around in his corral. “He’s a right gorgeous horse,” he murmured appreciatively, in quiet awe of the grace with which the giant beast moved. “You’re a lucky man.” He flashed the Sole an only slightly uncertain grin, having heard gossip from Dixie that the tall man wasn’t so fond of the equines. At least, he wouldn’t have went out of his way to obtain the magnificent creature prancing about the ring.

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His attention was fully captivated by the large horse who trotted around the inside ring. The Knight watched, trying to pick out some sort of personality traits from the beast that would help him learn to get along with it. Although he knew next to nothing about horses, besides that they could be used for carrying and pulling things, Jazper wanted to make sure he was safe and well kept care of by Wayne and Dixie. The creature seemed to carry a mixed feeling of elegance and wildness, still being not fully trained. It was entirely possible that Wayne or Dixie had managed to get it saddled up and even ridden on it but there was an edge to the horse that Jazper noted in wild herds.

The soft padding of hooves on snow caused the warrior to turn his head. Upon seeing the dog hybrid he smiled kindly. Wayne had been a member of Casa from the start and between himself and the small white lady that usually accompanied him the horses were managed. The small colt did not go unnoticed as it wandered back to what appeared to be it’s mother. It was nice to see that the youngling seemed strong as it was possible the colt could be used as a gift to another pack, if the hybrid allowed.

The alpha didn’t raise his tail or ear, unwilling to show any dominance over Wayne as he leaned up against the fence beside him. The words did not catch him off guard but the coal man was unsure what to say. “Ya, he’s alright.” He was a horse. A big horse with an interesting pattern compared to the others that Jazper had seen but he was no expert on what made a good looking horse. As long as the beast was able to work the Knight simply did not know how to care. “My son Tony brought it back from Freetown as a returning gift along with his own brown horse.” Pausing he remembered a fact that the Rispetto may find interesting, “The two are brothers apparently.” He didn’t know if that could possibly help with breeding but it was information nonetheless.

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Wayne McCoy
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A smile lightened the alpha’s dark features at the approach of the cowboy, and Wayne chuckled in turn at the other’s remark about the horse. Jazper wasn’t the most passionate about the creatures, though disinterest was fine with the Labrador so long as it didn’t fall into resentment. Not everyone was taken with the magnificent beasts; the old instincts of predator and prey were difficult to suppress for some, and the notion of riding something they might hunt was ridiculous to the more feral. Truly, part of the greyish man’s ease with the equines likely came from his domesticated dog blood, though he didn’t see this as bad.

“Your son has fine taste,” the southern man joked. “Does the stallion have a name?”

The easiness with which he spoke was not characteristic of the reticent wolfdog, but horses were a conversation topic that was sure to draw him out of his shell. He could talk for days about the beasts under his care. He also knew that he needed to prove himself to the yellow-eyed Sole, to show that his presence was more than that of a laborer in the background. It was stepping out of his comfort zone to work so hard at rising from his roots and embrace this change in lifestyle that was a pack, but he knew that it was his time to grow up. He wasn’t a smitten yearling shyly meandering after his crush through the country anymore.

He nodded thoughtfully as he spoke of the horse’s relation to his son’s. If the brown creature was as powerfully built as the paint, both would sire good offspring. Spring would come soon, and thoughts of a herd of foals galloping through the open territory outside the fort filled him with warmth. He just might turn Casa di Cavalieri into a ranch yet, if left unchecked.

“You plan to ride him, work with him?” Wayne asked, his tone falling from amused and easygoing to serious and contemplative. He doubted that Jazper would want a deadweight horse in the pack, and indeed the beast could become unsociable and potentially bored if left completely to its own devices. It would be nice to know what Jazper wanted, so he could help train the creature; who knew what its life had been like before Freetown. His brown eyes turned to his leader as he shifted his weight, still leaning on the fence. In the background, Fern pranced around her growing son and invited him into a game of chase.

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He had been thinking of a name for the Stallion, knowing that horses normally had names thanks to conversations with Wayne and Dixie but he had been at a loss, almost telling the horse lovers to think of a name for him. However, the horse had been a gift from Tony, and regardless of if he liked it or not Jazper was a gentleman and would not take a gift from his son for granted. It amazed him regularly how his children had grown in the past year. Fia now had Gunnar and it looked as though Enzo was smitten with Juliet, the artisan he had saved. He wondered if Tony would find someone, there was not much choice for young ladies within Casa, especially not the damsel’s in distress that the Knight’s often seemed to fall for. He worried that with age his pups would break away from him and Casa to find their own way, and that simple thought drove him to appreciate the stallion before him.

"Vito." The Sole said simply. It was a word of the English language that he had never quite grasped in his readings. Vito power, he vetoed the idea….it just made no sense to him, much like the horse. Yep, only the best for my Tony." The father chuckled, "He’s always been very particular. If he wants something he’ll get it and he always wants the best. It wasn’t a terrible quality though it did get the boy in trouble sometimes. He was simply very determined and head strong, a train Jazper blamed on Ghita, though the Knight was not particularly weak willed either or patient either.

"His mother was the same. She always knew what she wanted and wouldn’t let anyone tell her different. A barn collapsed partially with one of our nieces inside and she went in to get her and ended up almost getting killed herself. She ended up with permanent damage to her knee but Fenris knows she would not listen to me and take it easy no matter how I pressed." A soft smile accompanied the story. He had never spoken of Ghita to anyone since forming Casa, keeping his thoughts to himself.

The cowboy’s serious tone was not left unnoticed, though he wasn’t really sure of why it was important what he planned to do with the horse. "I guess he’ll primarily be used for long distance travel and to help carry things to other packs and back or from Halifax. He’s a strong horse but a bit on the wild side so I’ll leave most of his training and daily life up to you and Dixie, I trust that you two will know what he’s best for. Does it really matter if he’s used for work or is left to his own devices?" Jazper’s words were genuine as he was very ignorant to horses and their uses and honestly could not tell the difference between a more showy horse and a workhorse.

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