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Date: 05 Feb
Time: Midmorning
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Borgata Tenzontli

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Two days prior, Eris had arrived to her home in the Borgata Colotl to a surprising sight. Harrow and Artemisia both greeted her in their two-legged forms, while morose Ataxia, disappointed with her current inability, lurked in the rear of the lean-to shed, simply gazing at herself in the motorcycle mirror Eris kept there. The dark woman could not be bothered, for the moment, with her daughter's disappointment, for she knew Ataxia, too, would shift, sooner or later. Instead, Eris was overjoyed with her daughters' new forms.

Though both Harrow and Artemisia were still young, their adult features still blurred with adolescence, she saw Artemisia's strength and her already well-formed, strong muscles. The dust-colored girl resembled her father in form, and the hybrid found that pleasing. Harrow, on the other hand, was slim and sharply angled, possessing a figure which reminded Eris of some of the coyote forms of her former Infernian fellows. Harrow's coloration and facial shape, however, gave no doubt to her wolfish heritage, and there was not so much coyote in her that Eris found it displeasing.

Now, two days since, the dark coyote stood on the outskirts of Salsola, the Borgata Tenzotli. The scents of their attackers had long since faded, and Eris felt safe here. The feeling of safety had returned shortly after the attack, which had surprised the sable Auxiliary. Eris expected to feel that sense of danger for far longer than she had. Instead, it had evaporated quickly, and with her ploys and plots for the future in mind, the coal-furred woman had taken comfort in the idea that she, too, could have her vengeance, if she so chose.

Artemisia stood resolutely beside her, not so much as shifting or fidgeting. The dust-colored daughter possessed a strong countenance, rarely expressing childish displeasure at much in the world. Eris found this pleasing, and perhaps had come to favor her orange-eyed daughter over the others, though she would not speak such aloud. Now, the dark woman awaited one of their new recruits, a would-be Curandero hoping to engage in this ritual with the Auxiliary as her guide. Eris saw it as opportunity to insure not only the preparedness of Artemisia for adulthood, but the capability of Lana, as well.

Eris is by Alaine!

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When she woke, it was an odd feeling. It was such an odd feeling that she had to correct the moment by pressing something familiar between her lips. Berry-flavored smoke flooded her mouth and twirled out of the down turned corners. She stood from her awkward crouch below the shelves made from her own gouging of the dirt. They were starting to collect bottles and bags and boxes; flaunting bright colors in transparent places. Nimble fingers picked up a jar, fuzzy with some kind of memory of last light, and placed it in the wall.

Lana padded to the edge of the cave – her cave – and watched the morning spill into the night. It was still early, but the sunrise had saturated itself in the dark sky and produced a purple-blue. The woman breathed out a navy haze that mingled with the fog of the cold daybreak. She twisted her cigarette between her fingers before going back into the darkness of the shelter only to return with her bag. Lana knew she had somewhere to be, however much the sleep had taken from her.

It wasn’t something she openly bragged about. In fact, it was hardly a topic the woman desired to weave into conversations. She just didn’t need to sleep. Of course, that was impossible considering the outcome of last night. More so the healer preferred not to sleep. Dozing brought an uncomfortable blur to her usual sharpness. Such a dulled edge that was similar to her blue tipped cigarettes which, ironically, made her drowsy as well. However, there were times she could afford to take a step out of the world for a moment. But this morning was not one of those times so Lana tossed the incentive and walked out to meet the Auxiliary.

The cave she had found refuge in was centered generally in the middle of the territory but it was still a bit of a walk to get to any major landmarks. She didn’t mind travelling, having done it for the majority of her years, but especially the solitude and quiet of her location. Cas had caught up to her when Lana found herself at the edge of another subsection in the land. The lynx flashed a freshly cleaned pelt and awarded the healer with a set of mice. Lana set one away for herself later, but kept the other in her grasp.

Eris’s dark and slim figure stood out against the pale sky long before the woman and her companion came within detail-distance. She had her daughter close at flank. Lana smirked, her natural expression that hid away her thoughts and feelings. The woman wasn’t particularly cruel, but she had more than just a single dark streak. As she approached, Cas lurked behind her, the feline arching in a cynically curious position. Lana stopped comfortably close to her authority.
The healer greeted before displaying her companion’s generous catch. Cas looked at her skeptically, but silently understood that however bitter Lana was, she wasn’t disrespectful.


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Eris is by Requiem!

The timberwolf-colored daughter beside her shifted her weight anxiously from one foot to the other. Eris had not seen Artemisia in her four-legged form since that day, which surprised the woman -- some children shifted back as quickly as strength permitted them. She had done so herself, perplexed by her strange two legs and impossibly tall form. Artemisia seemed to have no such reservations, however, and the broad-shouldered girl seemed graceful and fluid beyond her age, even despite the blocky and still young features of her body. Eris did not think this one would grow to be a willow or a curvy catch. No, Artemisia would have her father's form -- tall and thick, built for tasks of bodily strength. It was not so with Harrow, who possessed a body of slim and sharp lines, decidedly resembling Wretch in conformation. Ataxia had not yet shifted, and as with each passing day her morose attitude increased.

Though the fog was less visible in winter, it still clung low to the earth at this hour. Later, the sun would burn it off, but for now, mist drifted over Salsola's land, obscuring their distant vision. Artemisia's brilliantly orange eyes moved toward a figure in the fog, the distant form of a woman making her way toward them. Eris saw her daughter straighten and followed her gaze, seeing Lana. Her features were little more than blurs at this distance, but as she drew closer, the different shades of color in her fur became visible: smoky espresso, rich brown earth, and a pale, sandy color over her underside. The hybrid also saw, with some jealousy, the beads colored of fire and shining even in the dull morning light.

Eris stepped forward to receive her with the customary Salsolian greeting, offering a nuzzle to both the woman's cheeks before moving aside so Artemisia might do the same. Good morning, Eris purred, the tip of her tail wavering with the delivery of this verbal greeting. Shall we forgo the pleasantries and commence, or do you need to prepare? the hybrid asked. She was here for instruction, but she desired for the chestnut-haired Family member to perform to her own standards and specifications, as well.

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She didn’t much like being touched. It was more of a personal preference, for the vein in her body that produced any feelings had died long ago and left her prickly and feral to emotion. So when the Auxiliary and her daughter greeted the healer respectively, stiffening was the only way she could prevent herself from pulling away. Once they were done, she watched her breath show in the winter air and acted as if she had been cold, instead of rebellious.

Eris exchanged formal words in the glowing of the morning while Lana quickly made herself comfortable. She shifted her bag to the opposite shoulder and listened to the chiming of her beads as they swayed lazily against each other.
No, I am ready,
The woman said, her accents caressing the words in exotic tones and delivering a sultry tenor. She hadn’t an idea of how to perform such ceremony, for the west was much different than her homelands. Everywhere she went there was a different flavor or a distinct color. Lana could admit that here, the greens were brighter and the air was spicier. There were also divisions, homes, packs, all very strongly separated, unlike in Italy. She glanced at mother and daughter behind her thick bang and tried to imagine what she and Avery might have looked like at Artemisia’s age. They would have still had parents then; a bitter idea to Lana’s mouth even today.

Cas, nearly forgotten behind the greetings, stepped up beside her. Lana believed, especially then, that the companion could smell emotion. And she had such little left that whenever they changed the lynx was far too sensitive to them. The healer placed a dark hand on her head before motioning her away. The feline crouched almost defensively before taking another seat below the small slope the wolves were standing on. Jade eyes studied intently, well accustomed to the finer details of a culture.


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(318) Now that Arte's played, her player PMed Alaine for a riddle in the Cueponi ceremony, so that part's taken care of. Sorry for the awkwardness on that part of this, but mreh. XD

Eris is by Libri!

The dark woman nodded with her companions agreement to begin, and stepped back a few paces, delivering a brief squeeze to Artemisia's shoulder before she retreated. Her chartreuse eyes were drawn to the companion following Lana. It was a feline, not so different from her own Omitl, but subtly different, yes -- Eris saw the faint differences in build, and assumed they were perhaps cousin species, as the coyote to the wolf. The sable-hued woman watched their interactions with curiosity, wondering if the creature might speak. It did not, but lingered back, as if understanding it was not needed at this moment.

The dark-hued timberwolf, slighter and leaner than her mother, but almost as tall and sure to be of Larkspur's build when fully grown, stepped toward Lana and lowered her head, speaking her words with clarity and confidence. I submit myself for your approval in the Cueponi ceremony, and I ask to be made an adult. Eris was proud to hear them, and she hid a small smile from both her companions, tucking her head low to hide it. Her yellow-green eyes remained on her daughter, however. The words were simple, but her deeds were unproven, as of yet, and the dark coyote was eager to see the ceremony's procession.

Lana was free to interpret her instructions as she willed -- the Cueponi hopeful must demonstrate their ability to shift (certainly, Arte had already accomplished this requirement by appearing in her Optime form), and the Cueponi's performer must then evaluate the hopeful's ability to serve in an adult capacity. Whether this was accomplished by physical task, interrogation, or some as yet undetermined means was Lana's discretion. At the end, there must be a riddle and a final task, to be sure -- this was Sirius's determination, though; only the Colotl could truly pass a Bambino on into the adult ranks.

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