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One-too-many sparring lessons had finally caught up with him. Ezekiel had woken stiff and uncomfortable, bundled under a pile of animal hides. He noted that the sky was clear from the slit visible from his bedding area and grunted. Sore or not, he would need to go attend to duties.

Of course, this was the plan until he sat up. A sharp and jagged pain raced through his back, sending his hair all on end. The Aquila snarled and pinned his ears. Gingerly, he lifted his right hand to trace the low-point of the source; an equally awful pain resounded along his lower spine. Irritable and now aware he would hardly be fit for duty, the coyote forced himself to gather a few odds and ends into his bag and make his way out.

As he had surmised, the day was actually clear. Winter had not lessened its grasp, but for the time being there was at least sun. It would melt some of the snow, and warm the lands inhabitants for the time. A loud call was let forth, and as Ezekiel lit a clove cigarette, the reddish form of his horse appeared on the horizon. Viggo was a welcomed sight, though the big horse aggravated the pain by nudging the Aquila in his chest.

“Easy,” the coyote grunted, falling into low-speech. Viggo whinnied, teasing him as was usual, but expressed concern as the leader grimaced. As best he was able, the golden man explained the pain but dismissed it. He mounted and a squeeze sent the horse off…though at their familiar fork, Viggo instead continued eastward.

The coyote raised an argument but found that the horse, calling back to him, instead had other plants. By the time the Grotto neared, Ezekiel understood. Like it or not, he was stuck…and he did need it. With a growl of displeasure, he slid from the stallion’s back. Another insult was traded between the pair before, head and tail high, Viggo pranced off.

Asshole,” Ezekiel grunted. He took his weapons and satchel off, found a shallow pool, and sunk chest-deep into the warm water.

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Angel had taken the opportunity to get away from Lilith that day. Ana had noted his tired eyes and lack of any proper exercise in a while and told him to get out and let her sort out things. She brought a goat back with her, along with a few scattered pieces of paper telling her what to do with the thing. At first Angel had kept it up in the room, but the noise and mess soon became too much to deal with and it had been taken downstairs and to the stables. The girl was weak and while Angel didn't hold out much hop he knew it'd crush him when the time came. Ana was more hopeful, though her brother could see the dwindling light in her eyes.

Allez was quickly escorted from the stables and Angel knew his destination. Those springs that Ana had spoke of, while his sparring with other clansmen was sparse, the repetitive muscle strain had gotten to him easily as he was prone to over doing it slightly. For him it was his arms mainly, as the use of his punch bag was more common these days. Yet the nagging pain in his legs was enough to add. Angel was a tough being, or perhaps stubborn. No matter how much pain he's in he'd never admit to being in pain.

He dismounted some way away from the springs, letting Allez have his run of the land and walked up to water. His power blue eyes hit the form of Ezekiel and he spoke with the utmost respect, 'Aquila'

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Ezekiel did not live in the Mansion, and thus was oblivious to the growing number of oddities within it. He had made a point to visit this area when he could, but he disliked the building and had little reason to tromp over it. Enkiel served as his eyes and ears there, and the newest member, the coy-dog, had a habit of babbling about everything and anything to anyone.

He was, therefore, oblivious to the additional puppy within the clan but not to that of the goat. It was apparent in scent as well; he smelled the horse and goat long before the man approached. Amber eyes trailed to the dark shape, wondering exactly how much wolf had caused the color deformity. Max was no different; his dog blood was responsible for the pale fur and the way his tail sometimes curled. Both bloodlines existed within Ezekiel, however, and their instincts were as strong as those of the coyote. Socialization was one of them.

“Angel,” the golden coyote replied, and shifted in the water. He motioned for the man to sit, assuming that was his purpose in coming here.

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Angel moved forward, slipping into the water adjacent to the Aquila, letting out a relaxed sigh as the water touched his aching joints, forgetting his troubles immediately as he was relaxed by the water. There was a moment of silence following his entrance, before he found the need to stimulate a small conversation. 'Training injuries?' he questioned casually, it seemed a educated guess to make when you belong to a pack filled with warriors and a very skilled healer. All the better, Angel mused silently, keeping his thoughts to himself while he awaited a reply. Training injuries had been his own reason for coming here, that and to relax, perhaps washing some of the scents away from his body. Horses he could deal with, to him their scent signalled not only skill, but power to. Goats, however, did not. Lilith's scent was masked by these

Angel had edited their surname, to his own countries laws. 'If one parent refuses to acknowledge the child, is unknown, or for other reasons, the child will share the same name as the remaining parent, a law he remembered off by heart. Her name was now Lilith Fabregas i Reus, for as long as she survived, which both Ana and Angel knew wouldn't be long.

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