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Fritz had heard about this pack from people in Freetown. They were all about warriors and protecting others. He felt that Casa di Cavalieri would help him atone for some of the things that he had helped do as a mercenary. He could still sometimes hear the screams of all the innocent people in that village and had nightmares about it more often than he would have liked. So he hoped that this warrior pack would accept him, despite his past.

Anymore he just wanted to help others because of his large size and massive strength, whether it was from helping with construction projects, protecting someone, or helping another canine to defend himself or herself by teaching them things. He also would be willing to create furniture or toys to make life easier for someone else. But first he would need to be welcomed into this pack and be give the chance to prove himself worthy of doing these things, both for himself and the leader if need be.

So it was with that determination that he got up from where he had slept the night before and packed his things. He first donned his belt and leather bardric, which held his mace on his back. His belt held his two swords. He also had a backpack that held various supplies, including several throwing knives and his baby ferrets. They were on top of soft cloth that kept them away from the knives and other supplies. He then got on his horse and rode the comfortable distance to the borders of Casa di Cavalieri, which he got to mid-afternoon. He went through some forest to the east of the borders and gave a loud, resounding to let the pack members know that he wished to join. His body language then became submissive but still probably towered over many canines. But there wasn’t a whole lot to do about that. So he waited with his horse not too far away, alert but respectful.

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Big doggie! +3

There was almost no time that Wayne didn’t have a horse underneath him or at his side, and now was no exception. Since receiving Maia and Gypsy from Saul, he had done his best to acclimate the pregnant mares to Casa di Cavalieri life. He knew how to handle his old companion Gypsy, but the rich chestnut draft had been a different story. She was bad-tempered from the beginning—not especially nasty, but definitely not something that he wanted for a horse in the pack. The first time he’d tried to trim her hooves, she’d nearly kicked him for his trouble and had kept a distance for the next few days. It was something he knew he could work out of her system with time, though, and he rode her now as they patrolled along the edge of Casa’s territory.

Maia tested him since the first time he mounted her, but the cowboy was an experienced handler and put her back in her place—spurred on by the newfound confidence he’d took hold of since his trip to Ichika no Ho-en. Saul had broken her in well, though, and they had relatively little trouble now. He was able to keep a firm hold on her when the unexpected call broke the silence of their ride, and he wheeled her around in the direction of the sound. It didn’t take long before they came out to the border, and while the Labrador mongrel had a greeting on his lips, it faded away when he saw the stranger.

Wayne McCoy was a pretty tall individual, and he was in a pack full of giants. Hadley stood taller than he did, and Regner surpassed eight feet even in his old age, and the Sole himself and his brood towered over most of the other wolves. The well-built young man was used to craning his neck to look at his comrades—but this black and white behemoth before him had about three inches on Jazper!

“H-howdy,” the dusty-furred wolfdog greeted, dismounting from Maia, who flattened her ears and snorted at the other’s horse. For once in his life, his own attention wasn’t directed on the beast standing next to the stranger—other than to glance at it in awe for being able to carry this huge guy!

Wayne shook his head quickly, stepping forward. He adopted an easygoing but dominant posture, noting the other’s polite submission despite his amazing height. “Howdy,” he repeated more confidently, his grin bewildered nonetheless. “You’re at the borders of Casa di Cavalieri; what can I help ya with?”

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OOC: Blah. Sorry this is on the short side.

IC: Fritz didn’t have long to wait which he was very grateful for and rather impressed. It meant that the borders were well protected and would be kept safe from intruders. He did glance up as the other male approached him. He did seem a little cowed or in awe of Fritz’ size, which was fairly normal but this male seemed on the tall size as well. But he stayed in submissive posture and quickly dropped his eyes down again.

The dusty male dismounted from his horse and Fritz probably still towered over him, despite his submissive stance. But it was rather difficult for him to get any lower without seriously hurt himself. The man greeted him and asked what he could help him with. The glances that Fritz took and the way the other man talked made it seem like he was fairly easygoing. But he knew that the male would defend his home if need be.

Fritz spoke in his deep, yet soft voice and said, ”Hello. My name is Fritz Earl and I wish to join your pack.” He would wait for the other man to ask questions of him before he said much more. Instead he settled slightly on his heels and waited for the greeter before him to ask the inevitable questions, his long tail wagging slightly in a friendly manner.

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All goood. You can go ahead and put "leader needed," this can be a short thread. +3

Wayne reached back to grab hold of Maia’s reins, keeping her from either bolting or going to check out the other horse. His brown eyes wandered across the giant dog once again, comparing him with some humor to the alpha’s stallion—a giant animal in his own right, patched with black and white. The thoughts passed lazily through his mind then tumbled to a halt when the male spoke, his voice like hushed thunder, the same voice that he might have expected from such a large luperci. It made his own voice sound like a child’s by comparison.

He noted the trace of accent, but he was used to accented voices as well, and it was barely even acknowledged. The giant man gave his name as Fritz Earl and stated that he wanted to join the pack, getting straight to the point without prattling on about any other insignificant details.

The Labrador smiled faintly, already imagining what use they would have for such a behemoth as well as the big animal that carried him; he remembered what Alder had said about needing larger stock and knew that Casa’s growing herd would be able to help him with that village. Already Gypsy and Maia carried the seed of a great northern stallion, and that wasn’t counting pregnant Tupelo or giant Fern.

Realizing that he was getting distracted from the task at hand, Wayne cleared his throat. “Let me call a leader,” he said first, and turned to send a howl into the heart of the territory. His call clearly showed his ancestry, with the core of a timber wolf tainted by the coarseness of a dog howl. Then he turned back to the Great Dane, looking curiously at the weapons he carried on his frame. The next question seemed almost pointless with that in mind, but he went through the routine anyway. “What could you offer Casa if you joined?” Perhaps there were hidden talents other than skill with the weapons he bore.

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He was a little uncomfortable with the other male’s scrutiny of himself but could tell that the wolfdog meant no real harm. Fritz simply felt a little bad that he towered over people so easily. But he also knew that there wasn’t anything that he could do about it. So he bore with the scrutiny but would rather not have all that attention on him.

The other male had yet to mention his own name but Fritz gave mental shrug. He didn’t care that the canine that greeted him didn’t give his own name. He assumed that that could come if they met again, assuming that Fritz was allowed to join. The Labrador said that he would call for a leader and Fritz gave a polite nod. It wasn’t like Fritz would do anything to stop him.

He was asked what skills and other things he could offer Casa di Calavieri if he joined and Fritz gave a slight smile. ”Well, I was a mercenary before I came here so I can fight, with multiple types of weapons as well two weapons at once and unarmed. My father is a carpenter and woodworker so I learned from him how to carve and build things out of wood mostly. I can also read and write and I do know math. I am also willing to teach little ones all I know and use my strength for whatever someone would ask of me. I also can hunt and repair clothes or make basic ones.” He gave a run-down of his skills and uses, hoping that they would be enough to let him in.

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Crappy pooost...probably my last reply until a leader shows up.

A smile touched the harlequin dog’s lips, and as he lifted off his skills, Wayne could not help but listen with awe. A trained former mercenary was something Casa di Cavalieri could truly use; they were lacking in the warriors that should make up the core of the pack. But he had other skills as well, more household ones, that made the cowboy really look at him with respect. A jack-of-all-trades, the giant seemed.

“I’ll tell ya now, you’ve got an impressive resume,” the wolfdog said with a short laugh. “Must be fate. Where’d you ever hear of us?” His hand loosened enough on the mare’s reins for her to give her head a harsh shake to get free, at least until he grabbed hold again and quietly rebuked her. What he wouldn’t wish for one of the horses right now; normally, he’d greet a newcomer with a handshake and less distraction, but it seemed that everything was on his mind today other than what was before him. He huffed then reached back to scratch his head, dislodging the cowboy hat. Now all he could really do was wait for the Sole or Luna, though from hearing what the Great Dane could do, he doubted it would be a problem letting Fritz in.

“Oh, I’m Wayne McCoy, by the way,” the yellowish man said, grinning. “And this here’s Maia; a new girl, not really used to us yet.” He glanced at the horse, who snorted, and then over at the beast with the spotted dog. “And who d’you have over there?” he asked, his curious tone softening in a way that betrayed his weakness for horses.

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When it rains, it pours. Anann thought to herself humorously as Wayne called for one of the Guida not long after another call had resounded through the air. Jazper was likely busy entertaining their guest, X'yrin of Ichika no Ho-en, and so without hesitation Anann set aside the marker stone who's placement she had been stepping out. A few other stones were laid out on the ground as markers for the barn that would be built in the coming spring. In the meantime, the Luna was attempting to finalize her plans for it's construction. Something she would have to come back to later.

For the sake of speed Anann traveled in her lupus form, though switched back to Optime before reaching the borders and those who waited on her. Light and built for speed, her lupus form had it's uses but felt far to weak to be a form preferred and she would much rather meet a perspective member in her most frequented form.

Like many of the Cavalierites, Anann was not an individual of small stature. Even so, ever since the formation of Casa di Cavalieri the amber she-wolf was finding herself surrounded by those that made her seem nothing more than average in size. A secret frustration for the woman that was not so used to have to constantly be looking up and it seemed fate only wanted to poke at the button a little more with what she found waiting at the borders.

"Hello." Anann greeted once she was within a respectable speaking distance, looking first to the white and black stranger and then to Wayne. "I'm Anann Kelevra, Luna." She introduced herself with smile. It was easy to assume that the dog had come seeking acceptance, the calls as indicated about as much, but still she waited for one of them to explain the situation further.

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The male seemed rather impressed by his skills and he did suppose that it was probably a little odd for someone to be so varied in their skills. But Fritz wasn’t being arrogant with what he said, he simply told the other man his skills. But Fritz was also proud of the fact that he had so many useful abilities. It seemed like he would be accepted into the pack. But first he was asked where he heard about Casa di Cavalieri and his grin widened, ”I learned about you from canines in Freetown.”

The unnamed male finally introduced himself as Wayne and Fritz gave a friendly grin. ”It’s a pleasure to meet you, Wayne.” Wayne introduced his horse and Fritz gave a nod, not sure how to react with the horse. But talk turned to his own horse. ”This big boy is Anton. I believe he is a Shire stallion and is about 5.” Anton gave his master a nod, almost as if he was approving of the way he was introduced.

A figure soon appeared from inside the packlands and Fritz assumed that this was a leader. The canine drew closer and he could see that it was a female. She introduced herself as Anann and Luna, which he assumed meant a female leader. He gave her respectful bow and said, ”Ma’am. My name is Fritz and I wish to join your ranks.”

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Wayne grinned slightly. It was good that word of Casa di Cavalieri was still spreading. After the efforts to provide gifts to the other packs, they’d made a name for themselves, and now canines were speaking of it in a good light. Pride for his pack caused him to swell and stand a little taller; life really couldn’t get any better. He laughed as the introduced stallion bobbed its head and rubbed Maia’s neck in a friendly way; to his surprise, the mare didn’t jerk away, only snorted.

It was not very long before the sound of footfalls announced the coming of the caramel-colored Luna. She was another tall one, especially for a female, even surpassing the cowboy’s height by a couple of inches, and yet still almost normal-sized in proportion to the harlequin dog.

“Fritz sounds like he’d be a good addition,” Wayne said once introductions were over, the mirth leaving him to be replaced by seriousness. “Those weapons ain’t for decoration, and he has other skills like carpentry. A former mercenary, someone Casa could really use.”

He was silent after giving his input, allowing most of his failing attention on Maia once more. There was little else he could do unless specifically addressed, and he figured that Anann would be able to take it from here. He still kept an ear turned in the others’ direction, however, ready to obey directions if given them.

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Anann had never before seen a dog with quite the leggy build that this white and black male had. It almost made him appear a touch lanky though in reality his build was strong and sturdy. One look at him and the profession that his weaponry hinted at was obvious to the Luna. It was in the way he held himself and tone of his muscle. Such a thing came from training and experience, nothing less.

Anann gave slight dip of her own head in response to the male’s own introduction and bow as respect was shown to all in Casa di Cavalieri, so long as they had the decency to do the same. With introductions out of the way, Wayne spoke up. It was not the first time Anann and he had been through this process and he had likely come to expect that she would want to hear his opinion of Fritz thus far. ”Impressive set of skills.” She said to neither one if the particularly though there was a look of approval on her features.

The amber woman then looked directly to Fritz. ”May I see one of your swords? If you don’t mind.” The male would indeed be a fair addition to their ranks, so long as that he was of a similar mind to their goals. The condition of his blade would speak a lot of the man’s discipline and his sincerity in his trade.

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Wayne seemed please that word of his pack had gotten around and Fritz gave him a friendly grin back. Even if it wasn’t his doing, he still liked to make other people happy and was glad that he had been able to do so. Wayne went on to explain his set of skills that he brought to the pack. Anann seemed about as impressed by his abilities as Wayne had and Fritz could help but feel a burst of pride at the fact that the leader and an apparent well thought of member had thought he was good. He gave a grateful bow to both of them.

Of course, Anann looked over him and he did feel like a piece of meat or a prize horse with all the inspections that he was given. But the only discomfort he showed was in his eyes. And even then, most people easily missed it. It was a flash of discomfort that was soon replaced by his normal friendly sparkle in his eyes.

The female then asked for one of his swords so she could inspect it. He figured that she would find out his ability and manliness through how he kept his swords. He nodded, said, ”of course,” and handed her one of his swords. The sword might not have been the most fancy but it was well made and he made sure it was kept both rust-free and sharp. He stepped back slightly and waited patiently for her verdict on his sword.

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Fritz generously offered one of the blades for inspection and Anann carefully accepted the blade with a hand at the hilt and one at the flat of the blade. It was a simple blade, much like her own, rather than one of ornate decoration. Lifting the blade she sighted down its length to check that it was straight and any faults in its edge. It was in good condition and seemed to be well kept. It’s weight felt good in her hands as she held it by the hilt alone. ”It is a nice blade.” She said with a light smile as she handed it back to the dark spotted male.

A trained fighter. He knew how to care for his blade, and obviously his horse as well. It was doubtful much more of an accurate measure of Fritz could be made until the dog had spent sometime amongst their ranks. ”Welcome to Casa di Cavalieri. We will show you to Fort Kingsbury.” Her smile grew a little broader. “Once there, Wayne, could you show him were to store his tack.” Her gaze turned to the cowboy for a moment before looking back to Fritz. ”As for your horse, our herd free roams. I hope that won’t be a problem.”

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