Days of solitude

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Selene Vansenza
dated to the 23rd...For anyone. She's just being a ditzy love-sick lil' girl...outside the Courthouse, late afternoon.

The weak late noon sun shone down on the soft raven hair of the young female, she reclined on the dry steps of the Courthouse utterly dazed with confusion. She had been living with Hadley for quite some time now, she didn't know if there was such thing as "taking it to the next step" but if there was, she would take it. She cherished those beautiful moments wrapped in his strong arms, silently swearing herself to the large scarred hybrid man. Often times Selene would dream of the future, wishing and dreaming for Hadley to be a part of it. But the present was taking too long, painfully long. Would there ever be a future?

She fiddled with the hilt of her sword, pressing the pads of her fingers gently on its jeweled surface, thinking of how things had happened. She had found Casa di Cavalieri by chance, similar to how she had happened to find her crush dwelling in the same lands.

Finally she lay back against the wall. Sel refused to go anywhere but where she sat, the springs were automatically reserved in her mind as a special place for Hadley and herself. It wouldn't be right going on her own. Sighing, she closed her warm garnet eyes, relaxing with one hand rested gently on the handle of the sword. There was so much going on, yet most of it just passed her by.

She had no idea where Hadley was, and was worried to death. She felt dejected, a little scared. He had other needs and other people. She was just Selene. Looking down, she sniffed the air for his scent. Where was he?

Will you stand when it all burns down. Will you love when it all burns down
Will it end when it all burns down. Will you just let it all burns down

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Had to reply to this. ^^ Wanted a thread with ya anyway, but especially since Wayne'll be bringing Hadley home... +3

Wayne had never been the most social of canines, and that fact had been the bane of his existence when Dixie-May and he had first come to live with the infant pack. He’d spent little time getting to know his comrades, instead opting to care for the horses he knew before branching out to care for all the horses within the territory. From about the time he’d finally confessed his love to his dear friend, however, he’d grown far more confident as an individual and as a pack member. Unfortunately, with his training in the north and his duties as stablemaster keeping him busy, he hadn’t gotten the time to socialize as he’d made himself promise to do.

He had woken up with the sun again that morning, leaving the courthouse and going to tend to the animals under his care. Dixie had done more than her share in helping out, however, perhaps understanding how much time he really spent with equines rather than canines. As such, all of the work was done now, and he could head back into Kingsbury to see what the other Cavalierites were doing. It felt strange to walk without a steed at his side.

The yellowish-grey mongrel didn’t see anyone among the abandoned shops or the stone markers where the barn would go up, and so he headed toward the courthouse once more. He honestly didn’t know where to look for someone to talk to and realized he needed to understand his pack mates better to know where they would actually be hanging out. Certainly, with X’yrin Exultare now in town, some of them might be taking advantage of her experience to get that mandatory defensive training out of the way.

He was about to go seek out the northern alpha when he caught sight of Selene. The coydog was sitting on the steps to the central building, and there was a troubling air about her despite her relaxed posture. Something seemed wrong, and Wayne knew it was his duty as a comrade to find out what that was.

Howdy, Selene, the wolfdog greeted, his gruff voice soft as he walked over and took a seat on the steps beside her. His brown eyes fell to her sword somewhat curiously, both due to being inexperienced with weaponry and because he wondered if she was going to be using that on someone anytime soon. Once he sat down, muscular arms draped across his legs, he looked at her with a concerned expression. It was out of character for him to press her about what the matter was, however, especially if it happened to be nothing at all. He merely remained quiet as was in his nature and let her do the talking.

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I suckkk

It was a horribly quiet day, for her security, Selene needed voices. Chatter. Something to tell her others were nearby and close. The young hybrid didn't associate with the rest of Casa too easily, staying in her room with Hadley. Since his disappearance, it had driven the earthen female from the room. Where could he be? Was he hurt? All the possibilities were terrifying and driving Selene silently from her own mind. Still, mahogany orbs searched tenuously for his form. Trying to reassure herself that he would be back. Selene silently hoped that the mottled ex-slave would come home, the room was too empty for just her.

Selene looked up when she heard the footsteps of another being, smiling softly as she noticed who it was. Wayne had been so helpful in having her join Casa di Cavalieri, she still had to thank him for everything. Even if it was a simple duty. She noticed his concerned expression as soon as he had exhibited it. "Hey Wayne, how is it going?" Sel tried to be bright and nice to the golden cowboy, but the disappearance took a toll on her emotions today. The sienna female quietly looked over to Wayne, he could possibly be a friend. Someone she could openly speak to and listen. "Have you seen Hadley around? I'm starting to get worried...He hasn't come home to the room yet...And it's been a while..." There was no denying the worry in her voice, Hadley could be hurt somewhere...And she'd never know. 

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No, I suck!

A smile softened the mahogany woman’s skinny features, and Wayne did his best to carry himself with strength and comfort. His large frame—though certainly dwarfed by many other giants in the pack—was often seen as intimidating, but with comrades, he hoped they would come to see it as a pillar of safety rather than a threat. Dixie and the horses knew how gentle he was despite his rugged appearance, and he wondered if he would let in others into his heart in the same way.

She spoke brightly and casually at first, and he played along with the lightness for a moment, his deep voice nonchalant. Pretty good. Lotta work t’ do, but Dixie’s done extra today, so I can take a break.

They did not have to beat around the bush for long, however, as the female finally voiced her reasons for concern: Hadley. He frowned faintly, trying to remember when he’d last seen the man. He helps us with the horses sometimes, but I ain’t seen him today, he said with a helpless shrug. I’m sure it’ll be all right, though. Maybe he just wanted some fresh air, or t’ go hunt or somethin’. Even the hardworking cowboy needed a break every once in a while, and he knew that the former slave was jittery around most of the pack. It would do him good to be able to walk out on his own every once in a while to take a break from them.

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Nope! Savannah is the FAILEST of the FAILS. And how could Raze fail? Pssht, Raze is too cool to fail :D

The reason for the young woman's worried state was the horrific past experiences, having no one to cling to when needed, no one to go to in times of need, no one to trust for anything. In Nova Scotia, Hadley had proved to be someone like that. Someone to hold her when scared, he'll it had been not too long after he confessed to liking her. Was it a trick?

The small girl nodded at Wayne's words, maybe he went somewhere and was just getting away for a while. Anyway, it was sure taking a toll on Sel's nerves. "Alright--I just feel like he's left me...That something's so so wrong with who I am that he left..." Maybe too young? Maybe too weak? Maybe too annoying. Sighing, Sel looked away for a moment, Glancing towards the trees still hoping for Hadley's brawny form to just appear. It didn't, so reddish eyes turned back to her golden companion. "So Wayne, how's it been? Is it you guys pampering my Ukaglay? Doin' a good job. Silly horse that one..." The voice that fell from her lips was brighter, teasing for the fact that her horse was becoming better behaved than before.


Closing her eyes for a moment, she attempted to think of where Hadley had gone. He always seemed hesitant to leave Casa, and he wasn't at the springs either. What could he be doing now? "I'm just worried--He's been one of the few I can trust...I live with him, I care about him...I'm just afraid that he doesn't feel the same." Sighing, Sel continued quietly. "Well if you see him around, could you tell him that I miss him?" Brows knitted in concern, otherwise under her fur her face was burning with red. "I mean-I..Well...You know what I mean anyway." A small smile spread over her thin snout, looking away shyly.

Going back to the room would be a little boring, having no one to speak to back there. She had found her company here anyway. Amidst all this turmoil, Sel let her mind flick back to her light cream and brown dappled equine counterpart, eyes lighting up thoughtfully. "D' ya want to go riding? I have my horse somewhere...We can just go--I need a break anyway from all this."

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ughhhhhh <3

Her following confession startled the cowboy, and he was shocked out of words for a moment. Wayne didn’t know how long Hadley had been missing, but if it had been days he would have noticed—and already the woman was worried she had done something to drive him off? He frowned once she looked away, not choosing to speak about that subject for a while yet. It was a little too much for him to try to comfort her right at the moment.

Casual conversation resumed, and although the man wasn’t smiling as much as he was before, he did answer her with a quiet chuckle and nod. Always a bit strange t’ take care of a horse that ain’t mine. I mean, the communal ’uns feel like they belong t’ me, but I do my best t’ make sure every horse is taken care of. Ain’t given Ukaglay any slack on his attitude, not that he’s ever had much of one. He flashed his teeth briefly, leaning back on the steps propped up by his elbows. Luckily, most of the Casa herd was well-behaved and easy to take care of, and he had little worry about them wandering off.

The skinny coydog returned to the subject of Hadley, her voice edged with worry and other emotions sharp underneath. He looked at her with pity; her words dredged up a few memories of his own he’d been able to forget since he’d confessed his love to Dixie-May.

I’ll let ’im know, Wayne began, but his gruff voice took on a more serious quality as he straightened and stared at her. Y’know, just ’cause he’s gone for a while don’t mean it’s your fault. I mean, I understand not feelin’ worth it, but… He frowned, resting his chin on a fist. His speech clearly stopped there, even if he obviously didn’t want it to; his brow furrowed as he glowered out into space, cursing his ineloquence. Others could easily comfort and persuade someone with a few easy words, but he struggled to find them in the meantime.

Her suggestion to ride made him brighten. He nodded quickly and stood, offering a hand to haul her to her feet. I’d love to. Gotta go fetch Fern though. Meet at the fort gate? He smiled hopefully.

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