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OOC Mar 3 Amy's got a new slave she's bringing home. Need someone to do the rite with him so he's a member

Word Count :: +000

It was a relatively uneventful trip. Amy could hear Dhiate occasionally shifting around in the back working to get more comfortable, but other than that nothing happened. The pups, their hunger satisfied, slept the entire way back. Reaching the borders Amy continued onwards, ignoring the noisy crows that started up as she passed through. It seemed that they weren't used to her presence yet, declaring an intruder each time she entered. Part of her wanted to kill the birds for being so annoying, the other part was pleased with how effective they were.

Past the borders Amy continued deep into the territory, past the caverns where the majority of the pack lived, before finally arriving at her stone cottage. It was a short distance from the sea, cliffs dropping down with the sound of waves crashing making up the background. She set the horse loose, staking it close by before moving around to the back. Gently she knocked on it. We're here. She was going to have to mark him now, make sure that others knew who he belonged to, and not to mess with him.


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Dhiate tossed and turned. It was beginning to get harder and harder to stay comfortable. After a little while, he gave up on sleep and sat up to practice his braid again. He wove it again, and again, and again. Soon, it looked just as perfect as it had whenever Amy had braided it the first time. It was thick and neat at the nape of his neck, not a single hair of place. It grew thinner until it ended as thin as his fingers. He had pulled it over his shoulder when it had gotten too far down for him to braid at his back. It lay across his lap and he rubbed the tip of it against the palm of his hand, marveling at it's softness.

Dhiate looked up quickly. Finally! They had arrived. He threw his long, pale legs over the side and dropped to the ground. He winced as pain shot up his stiff legs. The ride had been longer than he thought. He bent over, the tip of his dark braid touching the ground, as he rubbed his legs to get life back in them. When he straightened, he looked at is surroundings. It took his breath away. He smiled at Amy. "It's a beautiful place, Mistress." He said this to please her. Although 'beautiful' wasn't a word he'd use to describe it, it left him breathless in awe. He'd never seen anything like it and wasn't ever likely to forget it.

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Amy watched Dhiate drop down, sending a jolt through his legs. She laughed at the pain he'd caused himself, gently rubbing them. Looking around Dhiate declared the place beautiful, making her preen. She still had a lot of fixing up to do inside, having just arrived a few days ago herself, but it truly was a nice place. The best part was that it was out of the way, which meant very few visitors. Amy liked her privacy, and while she enjoyed interacting with others as much as any canine did, she liked choosing when she saw them, and dealing with all kinds of canines just passing through and disturbing her irritated her to no end.

Nodding her head Amy headed inside. Smashed remains of furniture still littered the place from when she'd thrown her tantrum about not having a proper medic at the birthing. Pausing Amy pulled out one of the throwing knives that she'd missed collecting and pocketed it. She headed over to the room that Raoth was chained in and stuck her head inside. Raoth. Need your help. Reluctantly the slave uncoiled, not wanting to face another one of Amy's stuck up guests. Once he was out he looked over at the male. He smirked as he realized that it was a male looking so attractive in those clothes. Raoth this is Dhiate. Look after him. She turned back to Dhiate. He'll help you get used to life here.

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Word Count :: +220

When Amy went inside her home, Dhiate was unsure whether he should follow. Seeing no indication of him needing to do so, he remained outside gawking at his surroundings. He was oj a cliff! He spun around, trying to get a better view of the place. It was so... there were no words for it. He wasn't sure whether to feel at ease here, or to run around screaming looking for a place to hide. He couldn't grasp the vastness of this.

He flicked one dark tipped ear back at the cottage. Amy was talking. He turned around to see Amy and a male. The male was younger than him, but much larger. And he had chains on him. Dhiate didn't know what to think. His blue gray eyes flick from Amy to the male's aggravating smirk. His ears lay flat and a look of irritation took over. Not this again. He knew perfectly well that as soon as Amy was gone, he'd be the target of the kid's bullying.

Wait. She was leaving him alone with this guy? In a place he'd never been? His blue eyes got round and a little frightened. But he didn't say a word. He simply nodded, but stay where he was. And the words hit him. Life here? Did she mean for him to stay?

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OOC: Amy's going to fetch a leader. Feel free to play around with Raoth, just remember that he can't speak without a tongue. He is violent, but mostly interested in escaping

Smiling over at her new pet Amy walked off, confidant that he wouldn't wander away. He was a stranger on pack lands, after all. Going off somewhere without someone accompanying him was the same as declaring that he didn't care for the pack, acting cocky. She reached the caves soon enough, and began combing through it for any signs of a leader. She'd already checked where she knew Naniko lived, but the room was maddeningly empty. It looked like she'd have to deal with the less pleasant leaders of the pack. One was Aeron, that blasted coyote that she really wanted to turn into a rug, and the other was a male that she didn't know too much about besides that he dealt with the crows and was responsible for them.

It was a good thing that Amy had studied the maps Naniko had given her to look at, or she would have rapidly grown lost in the tunnels. As it was her movement was annoyingly slow, having to work through the map in her mind and continually place where she was mentally before continuing. Hopefully she would find someone, and soon, or she'd be spending an awfully long time down here. As much as she liked the darkness, Amy much preferred places she had figured out, and until this became part of her natural trekking grounds Amy would dislike being below.

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As a note, Aeron's not a pack leader...but she's a Master-Ranked pack member and does have the power to accept members into the pack :3 Scooping this up - I believe I can make time to reply to this so that we can get it going <3

The leader was always out and about doing one thing or another. Watching over the borders of their pack was an endless task, but one that she took on with grace; Naniko knew the importance of having a secure border and checked the pitfall traps that they had dug on a daily basis. She took care to check each and every one of the traps in case a canine had indeed fallen in after trespassing...a freak flood could possibly fill the holes up with water if they were near enough to an underground water table and drown a captive. She didn't want that, for a trespasser to die before she got the chance to question them. It'd be a real shame.

She spotted the Sut as she padded back toward her den. Amy had given birth since she'd seen her last but she hadn't been able to find the time to visit her and the new pack additions yet. She tended to try and stay out of members' private lives, but also sought to get to know each member individually and forge a friendship or working relationship where possible. The shifted Angela raised her hand in response to the other pack member. "Amy. Something on your mind? You look like you're in a rush" She greeted.

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Word Count :: +304

​Dhiate groaned inwardly when Amy left. What would he do without her here? He glanced, almost awkwardly, at the male still standing at the doorway. With a cautious eye, he began to walk a little closer.

The male began to get a little excited, and he beckoned for Dhiate to come closer. The slender male obliged and approached Raoth albeit warily. Raoth pointed to the chains at his legs, then back to Dhiate. Dhiate knelt down and examined the chains. They were very sturdy. He looked back to where they led, inside. Amy must have put them on him, he realized. With that thought, he rose to his feet and shrugged. "Sorry pal. No can do." Raoth's eyes grew dark, and he lunged for Dhiate. He'd been expecting it, but it was still difficult to dodge. He fell the the ground, his bangles jangling loudly. Before his new 'friend' could attack again, he scurried away on hands and knees.

Some distance away, Dhiate sat, turning his arms over to look at his scrapes. Two identical cuts had opened over each elbow. They weren't deep, nor were they likely to scar, but they did sting. He licked his palms and ran them over his wounds to clean them. Within a few swipes, they were mere pink slashes on his arms.

Dhiate crawled over to the wagon and sat with his back against a wheel. He faced the ocean in the distance and breathed in its salty air. It brought a soft smile to his lips as he crisscrossed his legs and sat Indian style. Keeping Raoth, who sat glaring by the cottage, in his peripheral view, he began to undo his braid. He ran his fingers through his dark hair and then began to braid it again as he waited for his mistress to return.

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She was lucky it seemed, as Naniko spotted her wandering around. Amy halted as the leader approached, smiling at the one who had hired her. I'm doing well, thank you. Hope things are going well on your end as well. I actually just picked up a new slave. I was hoping to find someone who could initiate him into the pack so I don't have to keep him velcroed to my side all the time. It would be much more useful if they could move independently, instead of Amy having to worry about him being accused as a trespasser every time he went off somewhere. Even Raoth, who rarely if ever was used for such tasks, had the cut on his palm that marked him as a member.

Come with me back to where I left him? She was sure that Naniko would agree, seeing the benefit of allowing Amy to extend the number of canines working under her control. It meant more information, more power, and higher efficiency. Amy would just leave her personal attachment to the eager male out of what she said. The one request I have is to not scar him. I don't want any scars on his body. Even a small one could lower his value, as shameful as that was.

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As a note, Aeron's not a pack leader...but she's a Master-Ranked pack member and does have the power to accept members into the pack :3 Scooping this up - I believe I can make time to reply to this so that we can get it going <3

The pack had been alive and flourishing for over a year now, thanks to the members that had kept it alive and continued living there to support one another. She could pretend that it was partially her own doing that had made all of this happen, but she would be kidding herself - it was truly the members that had done the brunt of the work over the years, especially the ones that had stuck around for the long haul...canines like Aeron and Caprica, more long-time members, were very much appreciated. She wondered if she did not express that often enough...the fact that she appreciated her pack and family more than anything else. She would have to come up with a way to show them that.

She came back to reality when Amy mentioned the reason that she was in such a hurry. Naniko knew of the girl's lifestyle but hadn't put much deep thought into the issue yet. She wanted to keep Amy around and keep her happy so that she would continue to work for Anathema, but struggled with the concept of slavery if it meant physical pain or torture for the other canine. Keeping someone against their will wasn't a real issue for her so long as no one was getting physically harmed or maimed for no reason. "Alright." She agreed, turning back to head toward the border with Amy. "I can make the cut somewhere where there is fur, if you'd prefer." As they walked, she considered what Amy was asking and cleared her throat before speaking. "I'd be fine with another slave joining...so long as you don't physically harm them beyond what is necessary. I have a pack law against harming other members of the pack. You cannot kill him or harm him without reason. Can you agree to that?" Of course, the slave would could very well give her reason to harm them one way or another.

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Amy's face drew with shock when harming Dhiate was mentioned. Of course I won't harm him! That would make him completely useless! How was she to use someone as delicate and beautiful as him if he had scars on his body? She needed him to be working and useful. That meant no injuries of any sort for him. That didn't mean there wouldn't be consequences for misbehaving. Raoth was horribly injured, but he was fed regularly and allowed to sleep so that he had the energy for the work she required. Dhiate, on the other hand, wasn't going to be used for physical labor, which meant she could keep him up and withhold food without worry.

Shaking her head she looked ahead. Naniko truly knew nothing about slaves and how to handle them. The house came into view, and Amy looked to see a very furious Raoth sitting in the doorway, with Dhiate leaning out, a slight smile on his face as he looked out to the ocean. It was a very pretty sight to see. Amy was pretty sure that a portrait of just that would fetch a high price. Smiling she called out. Dhiate. Come. Her tail swishing behind her Amy looked over to Naniko, wondering if she was able to see the same worth and beauty in him that she did.

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​It was so beautiful here. He almost absentmindedly braided his dark hair. A soft smile played at the edge of his mouth. The salty sea breeze played with his bangs, the sunlight tinting his almost black hair a beautiful shade of mahogany. His pure white face was framed in a rutilant light and his eyes glinted a silver blue.

Movement in the corner of his eye caused his delicate face to turn. A look of slight surprise overcame him before a swift grin of genuine happiness replaced it. He was truly happy to see her hear. It made his joy grow to see a familiar face. He planted one creamy hand on the ground and practically hopped into the air. He took long strides towards his mistress obediently.

He stopped before her and then peered around her at the female she brought with her. He'd not seen her before. Who was she? Why did Amy bring her here? Dhiate swished his tail a few times and said, "Hi, I'm Dhiate Drako."

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My apologies for the wait, you guys. I'll be able to be online more tomorrow to get this finished up <3 Otherwise, I'm still on absence. I'm going to title you up for now, though, and have Naniko perform the rite in the next round. :3 Feel free to post wherever!

Naniko's perception of Amy's behavior toward the slaves was that she was rough with them - the last time she had encountered the girl and the same day that she'd asked her to join, she had stabbed her slave in the wrist..unless the Angela was remembering things wrong. She didn't know what made a slave valuable or not, she just wanted members of the pack to be treated halfway civilly if she could. She wasn't sure how to enforce such a thing, really...just that if it were found out by her that such things were going on, there would be consequences. They had the pits for a reason.

The snowy queen looked upon the face of the canine that would be accepted into the pack as they arrived, clearing her throat. "Naniko D'Angelo..I run the place. If you want to join up, I've got to hear what skills you have and in what ways you think you can make yourself useful to me. Then, if it's satisfactory...we'll go through the rite of Agares together and truly become packmates. Do you agree to those terms?" Her words were not said in a harsh manner, her alto voice simple and clear. "Also, you'd be placed at one of the lowest ranks of the pack until you've proven yourself worthy of living here."

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Dhiate's arrival was prompt, immediately coming to her. He seemed genuinely pleased to be called by her, puffing Amy's chest up with pride. He wasn't yet trained, but he had so much wonderful potential. Affectionately she watched his approach. Her eyes narrowed as he introduced himself. That would have to be corrected. Slaves were not canines to be treated as equals. They were property, and had no right to speak without being addressed, let alone giving out his name as if he was anyone's to be summoned here and there. At least Naniko seemed to like him well enough.

Amy fiddled silently as the leader spoke. The questions were basic, but still worried her. He just shifted for the first time today. That was the only thing she added in, letting Dhiate fill in the rest. She herself was unsure of his skills, though the talents he had was quite obvious in the natural sway of his body and the shape of him. Hearing that he could earn a rank had Amy bristling slightly. She didn't feel that he deserved a rank by any means, being nothing more than a slave. Well, as long as she was his mistress that didn't matter. He would still report to her.

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Word Count :: +301

​A confused looked crossed Dhiate's face. He crossed his arms over his narrow black cloaked chest and glanced between Amy and Naniko. So she was planning on having him join. He couldn't figure out why though. With a shrug he decided to trust in her again. She must have her own reasons. Whatever the case, if this would bring him closer to his goal, he'd do just about anything.

His body relaxed and his fingers resumed their normal movement, never stopping. He put his weight on one leg making his hip jut out and sending ripples down his pristine white fur. He heard Amy's statement and his head lowered just a fraction. He didn't have any talents. He was a terrible hunter, and he had no sense of subtlty. Then his fingers caught his eyes and a small smile lit up his beautiful face. He turned towards Naniko brightly and spoke as clearly as he could, for he was aware that when he spoke quickly he wasn't understood. "I don't know much yet, but I like working with my hands, and I'm sure that once I get the hang of things and learn a bit more, I could profit your pack by making things. "

He bit his lip in nervousness and caught the end of his braid. He fiddled a bit with his hair before he realized his actions and tossed it away. He turned his smoky blue eyes on Amy. Had he done right? Did he do it right? Unbeknownst to him, throughout his entire little speech, his body had been saying something entirely different from what his mouth said. His hips had swayed, his tail had whipped around, and as if the sun itself agreed, he had been lit in a swathe of golden light. He had been beautiful.

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PPing the ceremony, I hope that's alright <33 If it's not, then I'd be happy to RP it out in a few more rounds, heh. Welcome!!

She took his reply as consent, and pulled her dagger from its sheath at her side. The female had performed this ceremony again and again with this very same dagger - every member that she had accepted into the pack had been cut by the same blade, another way that she tied them all together. She'd shared blood with many canines over the years and had suffered no ill effects from it besides very minor infections when the cuts didn't heal correctly. The amount of blood that would be shared was not large, and she did not worry very much about the procedure.

Naniko took the male's hand in her own, making a quick slice in one of the furry areas as Amy had specified. She then pricked her own finger, holding the two cuts together and allowing the blood to pool and drip down onto the ground. It was done. "I don't know what your role in this pack will be, with Amy as your keeper. But stay out of trouble and do your work and you'll do just fine." She advised, stepping back. She licked at her cut a bit, replacing the dagger on her belt. "I trust you can show him around, Amy" She said, dismissing the two with a nod before turning to pad back into the woods.

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