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It's probably evening, since Uli will have traveled by day. Backdated to February sometime? :/ 'round Festival time, or we could do it around now, whichever works better for you?

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Her gait was rolling, calm and profluent, as she neared their borders. Their scent had been familiar to her ever since she had come to this place, but now smelling it caused less worries in her mind. Savina and Vigilante had proved to be not as controlling as she had initially thought they would be. The time had come for her to test them, and to test the control she held of her own leadership. Depending on the outcome of this meeting, a bird would be sent to Vigilante upon her return to AniWaya. The tall, powerful woman had wanted to visit both packs, but with a single leader in place in AniWaya she dared not stay away for too long. That, and she was hesitant to leave them out of fear that it might hinder her own development. It was an everyday challenge to adapt to this place and its morals, and for that reason she felt the need to take as much of it in every day.

Her deep howl lingered in the air, and Ulilohi dropped to sit as she waited, quickly bored. She was an impatient soul, not one used to going without something to do. Leadership had only reinforced this habit, and even traveling here had struck her as quite boring. Her mind had been free to wander, touching on regrets and feelings of underachieving. It would not do to linger with such ideas, but she could hardly help it. There were times she wished Gvwalodi had not left, of even Dawali or Maska, for no one in the tribe were quite like her. It easily became lonely, in more than one way. Long, brown-furred fingers combed through her mane as she sat, thinking, pondering her present and future.


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Word Count → 214 :: Maybe just have it now so we aren't backdating too far? :o Sorry for the short : /

AniWaya had not been a major concern of hers for a while now. Ever since Maska had been brought down and Ulilohi put in place as their leader there had been no more trouble. The woman from the Great Tribe had given them no reason to mistrust her and so the Consul had been content to let her worries about their neighbors dwindle away while her mind turned back to the welfare of her own pack. Crimson Dreams was shrinking and she feared for their future. Admittedly such fears were kept close to her chest though—she was not about to let such concerns be visible to her remaining, loyal members.

The dark Italian woman was out casually walking the territory as Vespasian glided along above her. She was just about to head back towards the Manor since the sky was growing dark, but a resonating howl that she recognized drew her instead towards the borders of her land. The osprey flew ahead and set down in a tree overlooking the AniWayan and let out a shrill call as his raptor's gaze took in the unknown wolf. Savina casually walked up to the tribeswoman, though her emerald eyes were alight with curiosity. "Ulilohi," she greeted with a nod. "What brings you here this evening?"

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Sorry about the -wait- :< And it's probably fine to change the date? I'm not so strict on my timeline anymore, heh

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As she waited, there was some concern in her heart. While she felt that she had learned a lot about Savina and Vigilante as she had met them numerous times and visited both their packs, she still was uncertain about the status of her tribe. Did they consider it their property, or was she considered the real leader now? If she could alleviate the tribe of this uncertainty, Ulilohi believed major steps could be taken. It was hard to think that all wounds could truly heal so long as the tribe was kept in a forced state of submission to the two packs, and Ulilohi believed the two leaders were genuine in their wish for this peace and friendship to be truly repaired. This trust was what she came to challenge, in a way, or at least to test.

A magnificent bird appeared and settled in a tree near her, only moments before Savina appeared herself. Ulilohi followed it with her eyes for a moment, fascinated. To an AniWayan, it was easy to see the difference between a wild animal and a Spirit Guide, and truthfully Ulilohi found the taming of wild animals almost more fascinating than the existence of Spirit Guides. There was something made her think that it was somehow wrong to tame such a creature, but this one came to Savina freely, and she thought that it could not be wrong if the bird chose it itself. It was an amazing thing that a wild bird would take to a wolf like that, or so the councilwoman thought. She gazed at the bird in wonder as she spoke. "Oh, Savina —your friend looks the essence of power and strength, my congratulations." Managing to tear her eyes away from it, she quickly served the other leader a more proper greeting. "Forgive me, I believe am quite taken with him. Unalihelitseti, friend. I came in hopes of seeing you. I was hoping to discuss some proposals." Twisting her head, the councilwoman once again glanced at the bird, not able to stop herself. The urge to utter several exclamations was repressed, but barely.


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