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Amy had finally found a good niche for Raoth. He still helped her, taking out what she needed and guiding the wagon when she was busy with other stuff, but his pure will to survive and keep fighting meant there was only one true use for him. Raoth would never make it as an everyday slave, too violent and prone to flight. If she took all that anger and focused it though, he could become a weapon, shaped for the one who held him. Unhooking him from the wagon Amy had lead Raoth off to train with her.

The sessions were useful, as they helped her keep up her skills, fill her need to see others in pain, and Raoth learned techniques as well. He'd finally stopped fighting her when it came to this, a small glint in his eyes showing how much he was enjoying the lessons, even if he often came back with open wounds. Currently Amy had him working as a moving target for her throwing knives. Raoth was impressively fast, making it a challenge for her that she deeply enjoyed. The coyote couldn't win against her, often ending with at least four knives sticking out of various places in his body, but the fact that one occasionally missed was a triumph for him, even if it was usually followed by being struck more painfully.

With the training done and out of the way Amy refastened Raoth's chains and brought him back to the camp. He resumed his usual sulky demeanor, realizing yet again that he'd failed to try and escape. The memory of what had happened last time he'd done so was still in his mind, sending tingles of fear through his body, but he hadn't yet given up. Looking around the camp Amy whistled lightly, calling for Dhiate. She was ready to finally begin his training, and teach him how to use his body to the best of his benefit.

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​Dhiate sat staring out at the world. His dark back rubbed against the abrasive bark of a tree, but he didn't care. It tethered him to the world while his mind wandered aimlessly. In the distance, his mistress, Amy, and Raoth sparred endlessly. He didn't really like Raoth. The wolf was younger than him. A lot younger than him, not even full grown, and yet he was already taller and heavier than Dhiate. Dhiate knew he'd never be a very masculine wolf, but it still rubbed him the wrong way when Raoth gave him those looks.

Dhiate didn't truly understand the predicament he was in. He had met Amy a little while back, and he had thought that they had become partners in making Hadley, the male who had turned Dhiate luperci, pay for his crimes. But when Dhiate had followed her, he found himself becoming part of her pack and he had to call her 'Mistress'. He didn't really know what was going on, but he did know that he could never leave the sight of Amy or he would get in a load of trouble. He'd seen what she did to Roath, yet she never seemed to hurt Dhiate physically. Another enigma.

Dhiate picked up a plant and examined it. He'd never seen this kind before and he wondered if it was esculent. Before he could find out, he heard a whistle. Dhiate was jerked out of his trance. He stood up, and loped over to Amy. No matter what Amy did to him, he never stopped trusting her. He stood silent before her, not a word escaped his mouth. He'd learned that lesson a while back when he found out the reason why Raoth had no tongue.


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Dhiate's arrival was prompt as always. He'd grown quiet for a reason Amy didn't know, but that was good. At least this way she wouldn't have to break him out of the habit of speaking. His form glinted in the light as he made his way over to her. Smiling she reached out, gently ruffling his hair. He always made her happy, for some reason she couldn't fathom. He was just a slave, yet she was attached to him. Well, it didn't matter. It wasn't like she was planning on killing him. He just performed so well.

Quickly she fastened Raoth up, smacking him as he lunged to bite Dhiate. Don't touch him. No scars were to mar his body whatsoever. Gently she turned to face him again. I do believe it's time you start earning your keep. I'll be teaching you how to take advantage of your natural gifts. Follow me. Amy walked off through the woods, searching for a nice clearing they could practice in without being interrupted. Amy had rapidly lost the weight from her pregnancy, her body almost back to what it had been before, toned by her perpetual training. Stopping a short distance away Amy turned and faced Dhiate. The wagon was still within eyesight, so she could deal with anyone who messed with it.

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​Dhiate grinned sheepishly, loving the feel of her fingers in his hair. His eyes danced with happiness. He had thought that he'd been called for punishment, although he didn't know what for. As his fear vanished, he returned to his normal, happy self, a side he only ever showed for Amy. Despite what one might think, that he was like this to get on her good side, he genuinely felt a joy when he pleased Amy. For a reason even he didn't know, he liked Amy and he hoped she liked him.

His happiness vanished in an instant as he recoiled. Raoth! His own pretty face had just begun to snarl when Amy came to his rescue. He relaxed slightly, but remained on guard should the other slave try it again. He wasn't exactly sure why Raoth hated him. The only thing he'd ever done to make him angry was when they first met and Dhiate refused to set him free from his chains. That must be it! Dhiate was almost in the exact same position as Raoth, yet he never had to be tethered and he was almost never abused. Dhiate almost felt ashamed at himself, but he knew it wasn't his own fault. Simply the way the world worked. Dhiate never tried to escape, and so he was never chained. He rarely did anything that warranted a blow from Amy, and he was never beaten as Raoth was. They were on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Dhiate smiled at Amy when she turned to him. It was his own personal brand of gratitude. She kept Raoth from pummeling Dhiate and he was obedient. Not that he wouldn't be obedient had she let it happen, it just gave him the extra reason to be good. He was confused by her words. Gifts? As far as he knew, he had none. He stood rooted to the spot before he realized she had left. He scurried after her to catch up. When he was only a few feet behind, he dared ask "Gifts? I'm afraid I don't understand, Mistress." By now he had grown used to calling her by her title and used it without his previous hesitation.

When she stopped, he was so close he almost ran into her, grateful for once that his slender body was easy enough to stop. His stormy blue eyes looked into Amy's deep brown ones for a single instant before he lowered them. He was still a little unsure of his place and what he could or couldn't do. A light breeze blew the white ruffles of his shirt, the the loose black cloth that covered his thin legs. It blew his dark hair out of his face revealing the seldom seen right eye and the two scars that Amy had branded him with, marking Dhiate as hers.


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His words surprised Amy. Was he truly unaware of what he'd been blessed with? She found that rather hard to believe, considering how he acted on them all the time. Perhaps it was purely subconscious. Amy had been raised in an environment where every available advantage had been used to it's fullest, including one's form. Amy might have been violent, but that wasn't the only way she'd earned her keep. Often she'd had places signed over to her, persuaded by her beauty before they learned her true nature. Perhaps he'd never needed to use them, but that made it hard considering how he'd managed to survive on his own for so long.

Looking him over Amy considered how to explain the advantage. It would be a bit more difficult, as muc as it had been explaining what Hadley had done. That was it! You're not aware of what you look like, are you? Her words were a partial muse, spoken out loud just for herself. No wonder Hadley couldn't resist you, the blundering idiot. Dhiate, you're absolutely beautiful. Some canines crave that, want to hold that beauty with them. You're lucky, it's part of you naturally. We can enhance it even farther, making others your puppets to bend to your will. In extension, Amy's will, as Dhiate did what Amy asked of him.

Stepping back to put some distance between them Amy smiled softly. You will use your body to seduce others, make them want you. I'll be your teacher for this. I'm sure Raoth will be more than willing to let you practice on him. It would be a good measurement of her success in teaching him if Dhiate was able to seduce and subdue the violent coyote, making him get along with him. The first step, of course, is in how you hold yourself. Gently Amy reached out to lift his head. He needed to be more confidant in how he held himself. Not dominant, but sure of what he was doing. Amy mimicked it as well, her body adopting a more submissive tone, inviting someone to come and touch her. Her tail curled around her leg, head held with her ears flicked slightly forward, arms held to emphasize her curves.

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​If Dhiate could have blushed, he'd have been a lovely shade of maroon from the neck up. Of course he was aware of how he looked! His mouth set in a rather sour smirk. He wasn't mad at Amy, just at a slew of awful memories that just came back. "Of course I'm aware of my appearance. It's been the bane of my existence since others began to notice I didn't look like all the other guys." He looked away, ashamed. His ears lay back in defeat. He'd been beaten numerous times by the other males in his old pack for his appearance.

He looked up startledly when she mentioned Hadley. The merest hint of a snarl wrinkled his muzzle before he heard the rest of what she said. Beautiful? She must have him confused with someone else. Freak, or weirdo would have suited him better. Nobody had ever called him beautiful before. He looked so confused. His eyes showed the storm that was going on in his mind.

Dhiate swallowed a little nervously. Control others? That didn't sound half bad, but he doubted it was possible. His golden bangles clinked as he wrapped his arms around his abdomen.

His blue eyes strayed to the angry coyote who remain by the wagon. A sly smile lit his face. If he could make Raoth... No, it was too soon to think about that. But the simple thought of making Raoth fall for him sent a sweet satisfaction through him. He turned back to Amy. "Do you really think so?" On further examination of the young coyote, he couldn't help but notice that in a couple of months, Raoth would be quite the looker. This might actually be fun...

He set his jaw in determination and tried to copy Amy. He relaxed his body and thought of making his violent companion fall head over heels. It brought a twisted smile to his face that could almost pass for a seductive one. He curled his voluminous tail around his delicate legs, barely tilted his dark tipped ears forward. It wasn't perfect yet, but that's what practice was for right?


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Hearing that he'd been beaten for his appearance drew a snarl from Amy. How dare they! What if they had scarred him? It was in the past now, but the fact that they might have damaged her slave still irritated her. She was lucky he'd survived without being marred in that lovely appearance so she could use him. If anyone threatened to scar him now, they would be found in pieces floating down the river. Dhiate belonged to her. She was the only one allowed to mark him.

Dhiate mimicked her seductive appearance. Critically Amy looked him over before shaking her head. It was wrong. Some parts of it were correct, such as the tail and tilted ears, but the rest was hopeless. Wrong. Your smile needs to be softer. You want them to come to you. You look like you'll eat them alive right now. Some might like that, but most don't. Just imagine the most intense pleasure you've ever felt. That'll fix that. Amy moved around him, examining. Hands clasped behind you. One foot forward slightly. Make it appear that you're too shy to approach though you want them.

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​Dhiate relaxed his pose while letting out a sigh. He doubted it'd ever work. He wasn't exactly the flirty type. As general rule, he lashed out violently at anyone who dared call him girly.

He put his face into his hands and took deep breaths. He needed to relax, but it was harder than one might think. He tilted his head up as if the birds or clouds may have anything that could help him. They didn't. He looked Amy up and down wondering how she did it. This was hopeless! Dhiate wanted to just go back to the wagon and deal with Raoth's silent critiscm.

Something in Amy's eyes stopped him. No matter how he felt about, he would do it. He had to. He closed his eyes and took in a few more deep breaths.

Most intense pleasure. In an instant he had it, too bad it was tainted. Hadley. He was the most intense pleasure ever and the thought gave Dhiate the shudders. He hated that guy more than anything in the world. If Amy thought that his previous smile had been angry...

Dhiate decided to think back farther. Pleasure. Well there was more than just one kind of pleasure. He remembered when he was young and the pleasure he got when he and his younger brother had gotten into so much trouble. A soft, almost sad smile danced across his face at the memory of something he knew he could never have again. His brother was probably dead.

Dhiate moved his feet into the correct position, barely putting more weight onto his right leg so his hip was slightly more pronounced. He crossed his arms behind his back and his bangs clinked together like chimes in the wind. He closed his eyes, thinking back to his childhood and barely opened them so his silvery blue eyes gleamed out from beneath chocolate lashes. A soft breeze toyed with his hair, made it dance in the wind and let his legs' delicate silhouettes appear from beneath black silk.


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It seemed he couldn't stand up to criticism, sighing and sinking down. That wouldn't be allowed. He was her puppet, and would move as she wished. Her eyes were sharp with expectation. He would complete the task she'd given to him. Failure was unacceptable. If he wanted to eat tonight he would get at least this right. Amy's face contorted into a snarl of anger as a furious smile appeared on Dhiate's lips. It appeared like he was about to kill someone, not seduce them.

At least he understood that was wrong. The smile dropped, and Amy waited as Dhiate dug up for something better. The response she got this time was amazing. The look was wistful, playful, calling someone to touch. Amy reached out, brushing across his face softly before stepping back. Perfect. Her words had taken on a much softer tone with this. You'll just need to practice this until it's second nature now. Taking a deep breath Amy distanced herself from the slave, moving on to the next step.

Now that you've got your target's attention, your goal is simple. You give them pleasure. Demonstrating Amy lifted a hand up, drawing it down her body to accentuate her breasts, the way that her waist dipped in before widening to perfectly rounded hips. Reaching out she then touched his chest, trailing a pattern made to accentuate his masculinity, make him feel powerful over someone who clearly was so choice, so delectable.

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​Dhiate gazed at her movements. He wasn't sure he could copy them, but he would try.

He bit the inside of his lip, losing the smile in favor of a look of pure indifference as he concentrated. His tail unfurled from his legs and lay straight down with the merest hint of a curl near the bottom. His left knee that had been outstretched, bent as he put all of his weight on his right leg. His hips bent back, just slightly enough to accentuate his feminine curves.

Yet this was all done subconsciously as he focused on the movement of his hand. His long, dark lashes stood out against his white cheek and soft slivers of blue broke through them. His pale, creamy hands parted ways from behind his dark back. One took a place in the curves of his hip while the other worked its way down his body.

His dainty hand just barely touched his soft body as he caressed his body. Whereas his body had naturally assumed its poosition, his hand moved unnaturally, almost jerking. He was focusing too much attention on that one detail and it showed. He knew he was doing it wrong but he wasn't sure exactly what was wrong.

Dhiate's chest rose as he sighed and let his hand drop. His white brow wrinkled ever so slightly and he tried again. It was better, but only slightly. His movements were too rigid and he understood that. But he didn't know how to fix it. He glanced up at Amy. His eyes asked the question he couldn't voice. How do you fix it?


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Word Count → 000

The male sure was a puzzle. Amy watched him unconsciously take on a more inviting pose to match his movements, and then struggle with completing them. He ran through it a few times before looking up, eyes pleading for help. Amy couldn't help but grin, knowing that look right there could send quite a few customers to bed with him. Obligingly she took his hand in hers, gently guiding it. That's how you do it. She stepped back to let him mimic it without her guidance before smirking up at him.

Now we get to the fun part. Stepping back Amy grabbed her blouse and pulled it off. Sashaying forwards she placed her arms around Dhiate's neck. You and me are going to tango. Well, have sex really, but since tangoing literally did look like you were having sex with your clothes on there was no reason why not to use that metaphor. Looking down she softly nuzzled his muzzle before leaning in, nose in his ear. Softly she whispered. This is how you hold someone, talk to someone, when bringing them into you.

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​Dhiate memorized the feel of the way her hand guided his down his body. She removed her hand, and he did exactly as she had done. It clicked perfectly. He'd been focusing too much. Dhiate looked up at Amy's smirk and beamed brightly. She was a good teacher.

Dhiate's smile vanished and his eyes grew rather large when she took off her shirt. He'd never seen those before. His mouth grew dry and he swallowed. He wished he understood her. She was a beautiful woman, but unfortunately he didn't swing that way. He took a single, hesitant step back before he was wrapped in her embrace.

The slender, pale wolf stood rigid. His body was like a pillar of wood, not even daring to breathe. He didn't know what to do. His blue eyes were wide and filled with an emotion akin to fear. Dhiate's mouth opened as if to speak but snapped shut when her nose brushed his. Her breasts felt strange on his chest and almost every hair on his body stood up. Why was she doing this to him? He felt her breath in his ear and it took all of his willpower to repress a shudder. He was almost certain that he could hear Raoth cackling in the wagon. Dhiate now knew without a single doubt in his mind. The poor boy was completely and utterly gay.


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The rigidness that Dhiate responded to Amy with wasn't entirely unexpected. After all, he'd slept with Hadley, and Hadley was clearly male. She'd been hoping he was bi, but it appeared that her luck wasn't as good as that. He was completely gay. Sighing she pulled back. Amy did her best to look serious as she eyed him to explain the facts of life to him, but it was almost impossible with his eyes screaming panic. Her lips kept twitching up before she seized complete control.

Crossing her arms she stared at him. Whether you're gay or not, you need to learn. Raoth can't teach you, so you're stuck with me. You're not gonna be lucky enough to be trading with males all the time either, so it's time to start learning how to fake it. Lazily she stretched up, uncaring that she was half undressed. Looking over to Dhiate she smiled gently. I know it's hard, but can you show me that you at least learned some of what I was trying to show you before you froze up? Her lips twitched again, but this time it only lasted a moment before being controlled.

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​Dhiate was unable to repress his shudder of relief when she peeled herself off him. He wrapped his bangled arms around himself and squeezed tightly as if he'd just had a terrible nightmare. His blue eyes were still quite large as he looked up at his mistress. Her mouth kept twitching as if she wanted to smile. He looked down ashamedly.

Dhiate physically flinched at her words. He knew he was gay, and where he came from it was a crime. He had been raised to believe that it was wrong in every way and that homosexuals should be punished. So he braced himself for the blows he knew would come. When they didn't, he peered up at her from beneath thick lashes. Her face struggled to remain serious and she continued to go on with her small speech. She wasn't going to punish him? His head raised and cocked curiously as she walked a few steps away.

His confusion grew even more when she mention Raoth and trading. What was she going on about? He thought that this was supposed to be a lesson on how to- oh no. Oh no, no, no, NO! While his mind screamed out, his body sat dumbstruck trying to take it all in. Piece by piece it clicked together. Her interest in him, her making him join Anathema, her keeping and scarring him, her 'training.' She was going to make a profit off of his body. She was training him to be more valuable to that line of work. That's why she wouldn't let Raoth attack and why she wouldn't beat him as she would anyone else. She needed his body to stay in mint condition.

Dhiate looked at the ground. He didn't know what to say. He had known he was a slave, but he hadn't known his purpose. Now that he did know, he almost wished he could return to being oblivious. As they say, ignorance is bliss. He glanced back at the wagon to see Raoth, probably glaring, facing them with arms crossed simpy staring. Dhiate bit his lip and rested his eyes on Amy once more. He knew why she wouldn't hurt him, but not why she was so kind to him. Dhiate understood that he may never know, but he preferred his blind belief that she actually like him versus the other options. He would follow her, no matter what she asked. And he honestly didn't know why. It was the one thing his could live without knowing.

The corner of Dhiate's mouth lifted ever so slightly in an apologetic smile. He turned his head just a fraction and let a few strands of dark hair fall over his left eye. His arms squeezed tighter against his chest before dropping to his sides. He took a hesitant step forward, yet leaned back on the foot farthest from her as if to flee at any moment. He clasped his hands back behind him in a shy manner while twisting his head to where his left eye gleamed up at her through his lashes and the tips of his dark bangs appears from behind his muzzle. He wrapped his tail around him like a shield, yet he took another step. And another.

His eyes filled with longing, he wished to please, no matter the cost. His long tail unfurled behind him as he drew ever closer. As he walked, his hips began to sway of their own accord and his arms grew looser and looser. A single fang poked out from his lip as he bit it timidly. His hands moved from behind him. They reached out as he simultaneously took the last step forward, rising on his toes gently, his chest flush with hers. He pressed closer and he wrapped his arms around her. Their golden and brown bangs mixed as he lay his forehead against hers while he looked into her eyes. His face moved until his mouth reached her ear. Softly, he breathed. "I live but to serve you, Mistress"

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Word Count → 000

Amy watched the sorrow in his eyes. It reflected in her own, wishing that she could make him not feel upset. If only he wasn't gay. That would make it so much easier on the both of them. Well, at least Amy was used to being the only one gaining pleasure. Usually her victims were screaming in pain underneath her. This would be similar. Only, she had never forced herself upon someone. Ever. Bitten them, torn into them, but she had never forced someone to sleep with her. She followed Dhiate's line of sight to where Raoth sat, appearing extremely jealous. He was a teenager, and fully aware of Amy and what she was capable of. Seeing someone who didn't appreciate it having it handed over to them on a silver platter aggravated him to no end.

Turning back she watched Dhiate steel himself. Such a natural talent, he fell into the pose she'd pushed on him, hands clasped and appearing shy with longing. The longing wasn't faked, though Amy knew that it was for approval, and not for her body. He touched her just right, seeming to know what to do simply from what she'd done just once. He whispered into her ear, sending a shudder of pleasure through her. Yes. Her voice was almost a hiss, praising him. Her own arms wrapped tight around him, nuzzling her head into his neck. Pretend that I'm male if you must. We're going to keep going. She knew he would despise this, but he had to learn. Luckily whether or not he was gay he had his sensitive spots. If she could find them and touch them he would be aroused whether or not it was for her.

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