A Lone Wolfdog in a Sea of Luperci

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Ibycus stood on one of the hillocks of what once used to be a human fort and surveyed the landscape around him. He looked out over the water and watched the waves roll in. He had arrived here a couple of weeks ago and started to poke around the buildings. One of the first things he discovered was an old human museum. The second thing he discovered was that the roof had collapsed in, in the said museum.

After searching about a bit more, he found one of the buildings that was still sufficiently standing to stay in. The roof leaked but some work at finding various boards and other detritus and arranging it on the roof, it served to keep the rain out and keep the current occupant dry during the many rainy periods. The roof would not last the winter, but he did not care as he was only there for a while to dig through the museum and see if there was anything worthwhile to salvage.

There was not much left to find that entropy driven by the weather had not found and destroyed already. He had found several knives, well, what was left of the knives. The handles were all rotted away and the steel blades were massively rusted and pitted from the rain and salt laden moisture. The only thing worth while that he had found so far was a hatchet head that looked like it could be cleaned up, sharpened and a new handle installed and it would be usable once again.

This cloudy mid morning day, Ibycus was pondering if it was time to move on or if he should keep scrounging around the old museum. He wondered if it was time to return back to the more populated parts of this land. He had been up this way for weeks and had not come across anyone and it was disconcerting for even a loner such as him to not have run into anyone for that long of a period of time.


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Myrika is by Alaine!

The tawny coyote urged her horse faster, and Cahal obliged willingly. His long legs extended and he sped into a gallop, seeming to fly over the flat landscape. There were few trees along the coastline here, and Myrika was glad to extend her horse's legs here along the beach. There were rocks, but they were gray and stood out sharply against the pale sand, allowing her horse to avoid them with little direction on her part. Myrika had ridden the big bay stallion for many hours, allowing him to pick his own path, and found herself riding through forest and marshland, dangerously close to the forested terrain where she'd encountered the New Dawn wolf Zalen.

The last thing Myrika wished to do was encounter another surly wolf of that pack, one with less tolerance for coyotes than their midnight-black alpha. Her long ride had allowed her to melt back into her thoughts, considerations of blinded Halo and the death she'd inflicted on her former Triarii's attacker. Ithiel's talk hadn't done much to comfort her concerns -- he'd presented a stark and logical argument as for why she ought to accept death as a part of defense, as a part of life as Inferni. She supposed he was right, too. Hadn't her father warned her of this, after all?

Cahal's pace slowed, and the big stallion snorted, tossing his head. The woman broke from her thoughts and blue-green eyes appraised her surroundings. Frowning, she perceived long stone structures -- most of them looked old beyond knowing, and the woman tugged on her horse's reigns gently, guiding him with pressures of her leg closer toward one of the buildings. In the ground, there were long, impossibly slim valleys, with stone walls on either side. Certainly, they were man-made. The woman directed her horse down and through one of them, finding -- to her shock -- the valleys quickly deepened and her head was below ground.

The air was damp and smelled distinctively of moisture upon old stone here. Myrika could smell little else, and it made her nervous. Her horse plodded onward, oblivious to his rider's anxiety. Cahal seemed rather comforted by the feeling of being in a chute, and the hybrid was glad for that. At long last, the ground began to slope upward again, and Myri saw they were leaving the trench. Her head rose above ground first, followed by her shoulders and the rest of her. It was disquieting to feel as if she'd ridden underground, though the sky had never been absent from her view.

Swinging her head around, the woman spied a figure on a distant hill. Squinting, she directed the bay stallion toward the figure cautiously, calling out when she was still a good distance away -- distance enough for her horse to have a head start in running back toward the beach, at least. Hello? There was caution in her voice, but not overmuch -- he seemed to be more a dog than a wolf.

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As his eyes scanned over the beach and into the horizon in front of him, many thoughts ran through his head. Remembrances of why he had left home to follow a rumor, and dream, of a land that was far off across the sea. He had been several months in that far off land now and he still had not found what he was searching for. His thoughts reminded him that he really did not know what he was looking for, or, if he would ever find it assuming there was something for him to find.

As he stood on the hillock looking out over the ocean, a breeze wandered into shore and swirled around Ibycus. It tousled his hair about for a few moments before getting bored with that and moved onward to shake a few leaves on some nearby bushes. Bored with the leaves, the breeze returned to the wolfdog but was still bored until it noticed a newcomer arriving on a horse and gently blew over to her to tousle the horse's mane and tail around a bit and to play around with the coyote's hair.

Ibycus had thought he had heard the pounding of horses hooves as they were running on the beach but he had not given it much thought until now when his eyebrow quirked up a little in mild surprise that in this desolate land, someone else had happened by and stopped to say hi. He turned his head and brought his eyes to focus onto the coyote that was perched atop the horse, Hello, Signora he replied happy that she seemed friendly.


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The coastline here was breezy, and the refreshingly sharp cool of it played with her hair and Cahal's mane. The shoreline here seemed more foreboding than the familiar beaches of Inferni, the ocean more ferocious. Humans had built their abodes in strange places -- there was evidence of a once-upon-a-time shoreline town in Inferni's own territory, long since flooded by the convergence of the three small creeks and the powerful tides of the bay. This water was not the Fundy bay, however -- Myrika knew that from smell alone, somehow. The water's scent here was different, in a way she could not quite explain.

The hybrid's response was friendly, and Myrika drew Cahal close as she dared. There was still a good distance between them, enough to keep the horse sedate. The big stallion was not as even-tempered as Eira, and he was still adjusting to his new mistress's reign -- the last thing Myri wished to do was cause this doggish stranger any harm by losing control of her horse. Just enjoying the scenery? I've been out this way before, the area's really pretty, even with the clouds, she said, smiling and gesturing vaguely at the overcast skies. Clear weather was tough to come by in this part of the world, it seemed. Cloudy days needed to be enjoyed just as much as sunny ones, and she had no intent on carping on about the clouds.

Never knew this was up here, though, she said, sliding down from her horse's back. She held his reins for the moment, ready to remount if he proved dangerous, but would hobble him to wander and graze for a few moments if the stranger sought conversation. People built stuff in funny places, she added, idly fiddling with a loose strap on Cahal's saddle.

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Ibycus glanced at the overcast skies letting his eyes wander and study the shapes and patterns of the clouds for a few moments and then he looked around at the scenery as his eyes followed her gesture at the clouds and then at the plant life that was slowly encroaching onto what used to be human maintained grass and gardens. Si, Signora, the scenery is most beautiful.

Her dismounting brought the newcomer and her horse back into view and focus, Ibycus suddenly realized that he had not introduced himself yet. With an apologetic look on his face for his slight, My apologies, Signora, for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Ibycus and I am still new to these lands, even though i have been wandering around through the winter.

Ibycus did not make any move closer as he glanced around at the various building remains that were about them. Si, the humans did build in the oddest places and, sometimes, the oddest ways. was his thoughts on the subject. He could tell that the horse, and rider, were nervous about him, but he could understand why. He had heard stories and he was happy that everyone was being cautious about the other.


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Myrika is by Bobbi!

The dog seemed to have a reserved nature -- he took a moment to appreciate the world before providing his answer, and Myri stood on solid ground when he spoke again, an introduction and an apology. The Infernian smiled and looked toward the earth abashedly, though her turquoise eyes were quick to return to the stranger, keenly interested in his newness and where he'd come from. His voice carried a peculiar foreign spice, though it was not so thick as to make his words indiscernible to Myri, who had experienced accents before.

It's no problem. It's hard to tell a friend from a foe sometimes. Myrika Tears, she returned, patting her horse's shoulder. And Cahal. The stallion was hot, but not so much that Myri needed fear anything. Still, she encouraged him to walk the length of his reigns, back and forth beside her. Winter's a tough time to be by yourself, she added, thinking of the winter she'd spent with Thamur, and how glad she'd been -- at first -- of his presence. Where do you come from? she inquired with a smile, curious about his accent. I'm from a place called Thornloe -- it's a long ride west of here. I'm from Inferni now, but I mean, before that, I was from Thornloe.

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The background noise of the water lapping at the beach and the squawks of the gulls as they went about the beach looking for a morsel to sate their appetite with. It was a noise that Ibycus had gotten used to during his few weeks stay here and it was a noise that seemed to not change with one's travels. The ocean side sounds appeared to be universal to all the beaches of the world and only changed in volume.

Ibycus was silent for a moment as childhood pack memories fluttered behind his turquoise eyes before he replied with his usual Italian accent, Si, Signora, it is hard to know friend from foe and even more so when in a strange and unknown land. His body slowly relaxed as it seemed more and more likely that there would be no need to run or defend himself from harm.

For a social animal like the wolves, aloneness was something that preyed heavily upon one's heart when living alone, especially in an unknown territory and he was glad for some company to break up the monotony of being alone. I have not heard of this Thornloe that you speak of nor of Inferni. I have traveled far and wide from Bolzano in Italy.


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Myrika had not grown up with the ocean -- her first sight of it had intimidated her immensely, and it hadn't even been true ocean she first caught sight of. While the bay was immense, it was not truly ocean -- Myri had traveled to the far coast to see that, and it had been even more immense and frightening. She had grown used to the sea, however, and it no longer seemed scary -- except, of course, when she thought of traveling by boat, as this canine spoke of. Her eyes widened and she tilted her head, mild surprise dawning over her features.

Italy? Isn't that over the sea? I read books whenever I can, but I'm not really sure, she said, laughing. What's it like traveling over so much water? And what's it like there, in Italy? the woman continued, voice growing more hurried as she realized the brashness of her questions. I guess it makes more sense for me to talk about here than for you to talk about someplace I'll never see, though... I'll gladly tell you whatever you want of this place? If you want, she said, gesturing vaguely behind her.

Myrika was most familiar with Inferni, but she wasn't completely helpless when it came to the foreign packs. Trade of information was just as valid as any other, and she was simply curious -- it cost nothing but time to tell Ibycus a little of Inferni and all the rest, and what he might expect -- just as it cost him little (presumably, of course -- she hadn't even considered the possibility of painful memories in the past) to tell her of his own homeland and travels.

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For a moment, his eyes were unfocused as memories of his far off homeland flashed through his eyes. Memories of the home and people that he left. Again he wondered if leaving was the right thing to do or if he should have stayed in Italy. Even though he had been wandering the lands for months, and had met a few new souls, the feelings of loneliness washed over him.

With a blink of eyelids over his eyes, Ibycus brought his thoughts back to the present and focused his eyes onto the tawny wolfess before him with her horse. Si Signora, Italia is on the far side of the sea. he replied. A great journey of many days on a ship. And not a journey one should take if they have a queasy stomach. His stomach twitched as he remembered his first few days on the open ocean.

Ibycus quietly laughed at himself to help forget about spending the first couple of days hanging his head over the rails of the ship. I could tell you about where I am from and you can tell me about the area that we are in, his hand swept to indicate the lands around them as he said the last bit.


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Myrika is by me!

Myrika was curious about the world, but she was not so adventurous as to seek it out. She had taken months to even come to Inferni; would she spend months of her life waiting for her courage to find a ship, to enter a city, to seek out the world? She thought she might, and comfort in her own home within Inferni was good enough for her. Part of her envied the wolfdog for his adventurousness, and a slow smile crept across her face. You must be brave, to endure such things to see the rest of the world. I don't think I could -- I'm content to learn about them from afar,

What could she tell him about the lands here? Myrika had spent most of her time within Inferni, but she was not altogether unfamiliar with the other packs. There were a lot of them, and she couldn't hope to even name them all, let alone speak of their cultures and ways. Well... here, there are lots of different groups, she said. There are lots of wolf packs, I mean. Inferni, where I'm from, is the only place for coyotes I know of. Well... maybe our neighbors, Salsola, and other packs might accept coyotes -- I don't know for sure, but... they're still not a place for coyotes, like Inferni. There's a few packs up there, in the mountains, she said, turning and gesturing. I don't know a lot about them, though. There are some down south, as well. I mean... I don't... I can't tell you a lot about how they are, she said, laughing quietly. I've only ever lived in Inferni. We think some of the other packs aren't too fond of coyotes, so we do our best to avoid all of them. As always, when the mahogany-haired woman wasn't sure what to say, she rambled and filled the air with many meaningless words.

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There were a number of thoughts that went through his head as the breeze came on shore and swirled about them gently causing their fur to wave a bit. After a few moments the breeze got bored with the wolves and moved off to ruffle some feathers of some gulls before returning to the two that were talking then remembering how bored it was with them, moved off into the woods to find something else to tease.

No, Signora, I am not brave, many make the journey across the sea, Ibycus replied as he remembered the boat tossing and turning at the mercy of the waves, and after a thought he continued, and some even make it their livelihood to travel back and fourth across the long distance of the sea.

With his floppy ears as forward, Ibycus listened to Myrika's words as she talked about what she knew of the various packs that were around them but hidden by the forest, mountains, and distance. He knew there were some packs out there and had met a few from a couple of them. But he was learning that there were more than he had thought there were.

There are more packs out there than I imagined. he said quietly, I had met a few from some of those packs in my travels. He looked thoughtful for a few moments These lands are so much bigger than I had imagined. I have been here months and I still have not seen much of it.


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Myrika is by Raze!

The redhead could not imagine a life on the sea -- she had never even seen a proper boat, let alone one of the giants made for crossing the ocean. Her ears fell as she contemplated this, though it was not a look of disappointment. She supposed the world required all types -- if everyone preferred to bury their muzzle between the pages of a book, she wouldn't be standing here talking to one who made the trek across the seas, would she?

I can't imagine that, being confined to a ship for so long. Don't they miss the mountains, the grass? Meat? Myrika did not even know how one ate on a ship -- were there great birds who flew across the oceans? Did one simply fish? She wanted to ask these things of Ibycus, but held her tongue -- it wouldn't do to bother him with rapid-fire inquiries about something she'd never experience anyway. Perhaps some of Ithiel's chiding about chattering had gotten to her.

I imagine there are even more elsewhere, too. I haven't even met someone from all the packs, and I've been here since -- the end of last summer, I guess, she said, exhaling with the shock of just how long she'd been with Inferni. Do you have a horse? Horses make for easier travel. You could see more that way, the woman offered, thinking. She didn't know any other easy methods of transportation -- other than one's own four legs, however. That wasn't as speedy as a horse, though, and at least with an equine, a Luperci might conserve his or her strength.

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A quiet chuckle came fourth from his throat as Ibycus mused over the memories of the shipboard adventures that were shared with some others as they sailed across the Atlantic. He shook his head slowly making the tips of his floppy ears bounce, Being confined for weeks on end is tough on many and some do not do well with it. Made even worse with the rolling seas making the ship toss and turn for days on end. His stomach began to feel a bit queasy with the memories of the rolling seas and from being seasick for days on end after the ship had set out from the port.

It would not look good nor be much fun for either for him to start puking, so Ibycus paused for a few moments and thought of anything that did not involve the ocean to let his stomach settle down before continuing. Actually, meat is not a problem as they take it with them. Not only in preserved and stored in barrels, but also as various farm animals along with bales of dried grasses to feed them. There is also fish from the sea that is caught to supplement the diet. And water. Barrels and barrels of water, not only for the animals but also for the crew and passengers.

His ramblings went quiet as he wondered if she was even interested in hearing about the travels across the ocean. He pondered her query for a moment, No, Signora, I do not have a horse, but I am not bothered with letting my paws take me to my next destination. It is not always about the destination, but the journey.

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Myrika is by Alaine!

The redhead shivered and lifted her lip. I can't even imagine. Horses jostle quite enough for my liking. Still, if I could get across the sea without riding a ship -- flying, maybe, I'd definitely do it. What a wonder, to see different and strange lands, she confessed. She knew such a journey was probably an undertaking requiring many years, for one did not make such a dangerous crossing without intent to spend a sizeable chunk of time on either coast. Her ears perked and she listened to the description of the foodstuffs brought aboard long journeys, nodding her head with understanding. Doubt the horses and other livestock are very happy, she said, laughing. They like the open meadows and solid ground, too, I think. She wouldn't like to be on the boat which had its livestock die of some disease, or its food stores rot -- could such a thing happen? Anything was possible.

Did you come through Freetown?, she said, shrugging. Cahal was a lucky find in Freetown -- he was in need of a good rest and some good food when she'd gotten him, but he wasn't worn down by arduous journeys back and forth across the country or up and down the coast, either. The big stallion was easily recuperated, and the sheen of his coat told his health these days. I went and visited there -- pretty odd place. Is it anything like the places across the sea?

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Something that Myrika said sparked some memories of some old human contrivances that he had seen in his travels. The humans used to fly in big metal birds that they called, Ibycus stumbled over trying to vocalize a human word that he saw written in a book, airplanes. He chuckled a little over his attempt at pronouncing the unfamiliar word.

Ibycus' thoughts milled about his head for a few moments as his eyes studied Myrika's horse, Cahal, and the memories of the sea voyage bounced around between his ears. After having made the voyage across the sea, I can say, without a doubt, that, like the livestock, I too prefer the solid ground and open skies to being cooped up on a ship being rocked and tossed about.

Part of his thoughts and going through his memories was to trace the route that he took in getting to the area that he was now in. Si, Signora, I did come through freetown, he replied to her query. however, I did not stay long as after being cooped up on the ships for so long and the need for some open space and fresh air, and as the town was not providing that, I moved on quickly after confirming directions to these lands.

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