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The merchant pulled up to Inferni, ready to complete the trade. She knew what she would be asking for in exchange for the animals that she was about to give over. It was impossible to deny her as well, with the oath that had been taken. Standing tall beside her wagon Amy ignored their horrible taste in decor. Really, it had no sense to it. There were better ways to strike fear in others and still maintain a graceful appearance. Amy did it all the time, after all. She was feared and respected by those who knew her, or at least hated and worked at to keep away.

Lifting her head Amy released a deep booming howl. It was shorter than a wolf's, lacking the eery spirit that the call would have carried. It was a summons to the one who had traded with her, as well as an invitation to others who would be interested in her supplies. After all, she did have things that would be particularly valuable in the spring, herbs to help with pregnancy, allowing it to be fast and safe, as well as lighter material and fresh fruits.

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Helotes was on top of the world at the moment, and the beautiful did well to heighten this feeling. He and Yegua trotted along with Potra in tow behind by tie. This was the first time Helotes had taken the filly out, and she was much larger now than when he had first acquired the both of them. Still fully green and quite snappish, he felt the need to start to work with her more. Eventually she would be a find asset to the Inferni stables, but for now she was just a smart mouthed brat. The fact that he could understand the majority of what she said to her mother annoyed her greatly, and caused him great satisfaction.

Helotes was skirting the borders when he heard the call not too far off; the voice was not familiar to him so he went to investigate. In the distance he could make out the cart and horses and as he neared the lovely face of the golden woman came to his eyes. She was respectfully outside the borders and from the looks of it it seemed she was a trader, not much unlike the Oriental woman he had met so many moons ago.

Hola senorita, He said as he slowed his horses, I am Helotes Lykoi, Hydra of Inferni. What can I do for you this fine day? He gave her a handsome grin, feeling somewhat flirtatious all of a sudden. Though his heart belonged to another, he could not deny a pretty face when he saw one.

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The coywolf youth was walking around outside near the borders, trying to clear her head and start the day off correctly. She had been wandering close to an hour, letting the morning sun and fresh air pierce her senses, warming her back and providing her with a quiet mind. It was getting to be time for the trade to be happening, and as she heard the call of a familiar voice somewhere near the borders, she ran back to the mansion as fast as she could, excitment beating within her chest as she gathered up all the things that she and amy had agreed on. The mottled woman placed the bracers Amy requested carefully in her pack, checking to see that they were well oiled and stitched perfectly. They were. Next, she moved to the pegs she had banged into the wall temporarily and inspected the long, dark cloak hanging from them. The cloak was impeccibly made, and lined with rich white rabbit fur. Laying it on the bed, she inspected the stitches, looking for any loose and frayed since she created it. Pleased with finding nothing wrong with her careful handywork, she ran a clean hand over the rabbit fur lining the whole cloak.

A smile graced her womanly features as the soft, clean smell of the fur comforted her. It was indeed beautiful and waterprood, just as the pale dog requested. Running to her desk, she combed her thick, blonde hair with the bone comb she had made, thinking her neatness would make a better impression to the female. Thinking better of it, the woman walked back to her bed and took the bracers out of the pack and placed them into a fur-lined basket made for the occaison, one of two. Carefully she folded the beautiful cloak underneath them, and set the basket on her bed. Slinging the pack onto her back, she grabbed the basket with one hand and walked out into the hallway, heading down the stairs and toward the front enterance. The woman pushed the doors open and walked towards a shady spot she had selected, near a quiet bubbling creak around the back of the mansion, It was very cool in this spot, and she had inspected the meat she set there, inside a basket. It had been there since this morning, but she wanted it to keep cool and good for this trade. Picking up the second basket, she walked towards the borders quickly.

Time passed and she was approaching the spot where she heard the call, yipping to alert the female of her presence. She strode toward the stakes, seeing the pale dog standing tall beside her wagon. Curiously, another clan member was there, otop a horse. Steering clear of the pair, as she still found horses to be intimidating, she walked outside the borders and stood right in front of amy. " Hello Amy, how are you doing today? " The mottled youth questioned politely, with a smile. Setting the baskets down in front of the trader gently, she explained. " Here is your cloak and bracers you requested, as well as the meat. I lined the cloak with white rabbit fur, and it is indeed waterproof from the sping rains. " A smile settled on her features and she waited for the others response, glancing back at the male behind her. Having not met him before, she chose to wait until after the trade was over to greet him and make his aqquaintence. Suddenly the younger female was very glad she had combed her hair, as it flowed in fine, neat ringlets to her waist, the bright blonde shining in the sun.

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The first one to answer her call was an amazingly handsome hybrid. It was hard to see him fitting in with the more coyote like members. Amy smiled at him, a bright suggestive one, though she was here on business primarily. Perhaps later, if they were still interested, something could happen. Her eyes roamed from his muscular body to the filly behind his horse. It looked to be in quite good condition, healthy, if clearly unbroken. Returning her warm brown eyes to his Amy grinned, speaking softly. Hello senor. I've come here to trade. I hope to form bonds with this pack, so that we both benefit. Would you care to view my wares?

A yip alerted Amy to the fact that the one she had come for had arrived. Amy watched coolly as Emmanuelle came up, bearing the items she had requested. She nodded her head at the polite inquiry, eyes measuring the worth of the items. It appeared they were all as requested, fashioned extremely well. I am doing well. I hope this day finds you healthy too? Lifting the bracers up Amy examined the leather work with satisfaction. Strapping them onto her arms Amy turned and placed the baskets inside the wagon. The cloak would be given as a gift to her leader when she returned to Anathema, as well as the information she would earn. Very glad to get rid of the animals the coyote had purchased Amy lifted out the two lynx kits, holding them out to be examined. They were weaned, and beginning to grow a wider interest in the world, keeping Raoth and Amy's hands full preventing them from destroying her supplies.

Turning back Amy pulled out a pair of rabbits next, huddled into each other. They were young, just exiting the young stage and being able to breed. It was a male and female, in case Emmanuelle was interested in that. After she brought out a wire cage she had ransacked from a shop, three sleepy chickens clucking in protest at the introduction of light into their world. Amy dropped it down, managing to keep the distaste of them from her face. They had made an awful mess, lots of noise, and it had taken plenty of willpower to keep from eating them to just have it be over with. For the last part of the trade, we discussed a favor. I was hoping you could inform me about your pack.

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Word Count → 407 Bria, I PPed Amy handing him on of the kits; Emma told me they're her's, but Helotes is just taking a look at one.

Helotes smiled handsomely at the woman when she called him señor and then nodded when she confirmed his suspicion of being a trader and that she wished to form a friendly bond with the pack. Well so far she had seemed respectful, staying just outside the borders and calling in a polite manner. Helotes was about to say that he indeed would like to see her wares when the sound of pad-falls came from behind. Helotes turned to see an Infernian, a newer member and one he had not yet met, walked up bearing items. She was a stunning creature, with blonde hair that nearly rivaled Zana’s golden ringlets. She greeting the dog-woman as Amy, and laid out before her several beautiful items, saying that they were the ones that were promised.

Helotes watched the exchange; it was good to know that this Amy had already made deals with members of Inferni; that would work in her favor when Ezekiel would hear of her. She donned the bracers, obviously pleased with them, and then turned to retrieve several things from her cart. Helotes watched with amusement and interest as she came forth bearing two infant lynx, rabbits, and chickens; Helotes urged Yegua a little closer and reached out a hand for one of the kits, May I?; he wanted to take a better look at one.

Once in his hand the little thing protested greatly, biting and scratching at him as best it could; he held onto it tightly though, giving the thing a once over; he had never held one before, and was not sure what use one could be to him as a pet, but it was interesting that it was one of things the woman was selling. He moved to cradle the cat in his arms, and resigned it finally calmed and he petted its head softly, but turned to look up as the woman spoke again. She mentioned another part of her trade with the Inferni girl, and that it would mean information on Inferni.

Helotes immediately tensed, eyes darting to the girl. Had she promised to divulge information on them? His eyes narrowed, fur bristling slightly, but he said nothing. He would see what the girl would say, and if anything was uttered from her that would endanger Inferni he would put a stop to it; but for now, he put trust in her, that she would be wise and speak carefully.

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The female nodded in confirmation to Amy's question, indicating that she was healthy and well. As for the pale females next question, her ears fell back against her skull and she shifted back a little bit, choosing instead to look at her new charges, one of which the unknown male was holding. As she looked at the bundle of fur in his arms she raised a furry eyebrow, thinking him quite forward for handling her purchase without asking her, but she shrugged it off without a word. Taking the other kit gently, she held it up to the sunlight and inspected it, it mewing loudly in protest. It looked well and healthy, and she nodded to Amy in satisfaction, it appeared everything was in order. Pulling out a sack from her backpack, she picked up the rabbits one at a time and gently placed them in it, placing the strap over one shoulder.

The female looked at all her purchases with an amused look on her face. She was going to have quite the handful bringing them all back to her room, but oh well. Turning back to Amy, she sighed heavily before glancing back at her fellow clan member. It felt so wrong divulging information about her clan, being so new and all, and she was obviously very uncomfortable with saying anything. " Well, we are called Inferni and we are mainly made up of coyotes and hybrids of the like, we are extremely agressive and pride ourselves on our military excellence and battle readiness. Two main families dominate the clan, the Lyokis and de le Poer. " She said, ending firmly. That was all the general information she knew and was willing to divulge.

Waiting for Amy to respond she glanced at the male on the horse behind her, her eyes drifting down to the small bundle in his arms. She hoped what she said was alright and her eyes drifted back to his for hopefully a silent seal of approval.

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The actions of the lynx kittens amused Amy greatly, now that she was no longer on the receiving end of it. It fought wildly, protesting against the male's grip. They'll be good fighters when they get older. As they grew older they'd also grow more intelligent. Cats were one of the animals that knew high speech, after all. Dealing with them once they discovered this fact would be entertaining to watch. Of course, Amy wouldn't be able to see this, but it was still something that made her smile.

The tension in the male's body immediately told Amy a couple things. He was deadly loyal to the pack, and he had been a member long enough to feel confident actively working to protect against threats such as the one she could be. Hearing that they were battle ready definitely intrigued Amy. This could most certainly work to her favor. The fact that it was run by two main families was useful to know as well. To trade with one family member could give her connections with the entire family. Nodding her head Amy stepped back. Being military, I assume you would be interested in items such as these then? Opening her wagon Amy revealed the assorted weaponry inside. Knowing that they were militarized would definitely help her choose items they would care for. After all, the priorities of one who thought in military terms was quite different from the way a regular pack would work.

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Helotes had kept his eyes low and half lidded as the woman spoke, scratching the lynx’s head with a single clawed finger. He relaxed as she finished; what she had said was acceptable, most outsiders knew these facts already. He looked up at Amy then as she revealed unto them an assortment of weapons which glinted off in Helotes’ eyes like diamonds. His attention was quickly drawn to one weapon in particular; an ebony spear with a beautiful silver point. It was not elaborate by any means and looked very practical, but it put his birch bows with sharpened scrap metal tips to shame. He wanted it badly.

Helotes dismounted Yegua then, who strode off a ways with her filly in tow. The Hydra then handed the lynx to the coyote female with a soft smile, before turning to the trader, I am a warrior of the clan with a proficiency with spears, I would like to know what you would like in return for that, he said and pointed to the spear, and also I want to ask if you have any tea? This last question was hushed, because it seemed silly for such a masculine individual such as himself to be asking for such a drink instead of one that would seemingly befit his character, such as alcohol. But he so loved the stuff that he was willing to put himself in a feminine light if it meant he could resupply his stock.

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At the reveal of her weapons the warrior sat up, eyes gleaming with interest. That certainly grabbed his attention. Smiling Amy stepped aside so that he could get a better look. The handsome male moved over, looking into her wagon, eyes drawn like a beacon to the silver spear in the back. He wanted it, and wanted it badly. The fact that the last question was hushed amused Amy. She didn't see any shame in him asking for such a dignified drink. If anything, it gave him class in her eyes.

Turning Amy pulled out the spear, holding it in her hands. Gently she weighed it expertly, making sure the balance was right before passing it over to Helotes. Such a weapon isn't exactly easy to come across. Perhaps you could trade me some equipment for my wagon in exchange for it. Amy indicated to the worn harness that her horse wore. It was useable, but getting lots of wear from the constant travel, and she was yet to find someone who could replace it for her. As for the drinks, perhaps you would be willing to train Raoth for me. Amy indicated for the ragged slave to come forward. Unwillingly he dragged the chains over, eyes glaring with anger.

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With a gracious look in her eyes, the trader retrieved the spear and showed its balance to him, before handing it over. It felt so right in Helotes' hand, and he stepped aside to give it a good spin. The weight and balance were excellent, it nearly felt like a sword, but with a much longer range. With a smile he turned to her and nodded as she remarked that such a weapon was unique and hard to come by. In return for it she requested supplies for her wagon, and the Hydra looked the cart over. He was no carpenter, but he had ways of acquiring what she would need, Very well, let me know what it is exactly you need for it and I will have the parts in a month’s time. He was suddenly very glad of the fact that he had been offered Nathanial’s services when it came to finding parts; he would have to find the boy soon.

And then, for the tea, the woman asked a strange request, one that made Helotes cock his head slightly; she asked him to train someone, and Helotes was not sure who she referred to until she brought forth from behind the cart a scrappy coyote boy. Helotes jaw nearly fell open for several reasons, the first being that he had not noticed the youth before, and the other being the condition of the male. Raoth, as she had named him, was a slave, and the very visage of what Helotes thought one should look like. The Lykoi male was torn between disgust and pity, but faltered somewhere in the middle. Though he himself would never see use of a slave, he could understand their role in the world and therefore could not judge the woman for adding Luperci to her trade.

Handing the spear back to Amy then, he stepped forward to inspect the young coyote. Helotes stood a good deal taller than him, and the disparity in their body types was difficult to ignore. Helotes looked down at the boy, whose eyes were filled with a loathing venom that soured what would have been a youthful complexion. Helotes walked around him, sizing him up; he was skinny, but his stringy muscles were well defined; the Hydra's umber eyes flitted to Amy, What did you have in mind? It would be difficult to train him properly unless he stay here as my ward. Helotes frowned then; he knew the prospect of keeping a slave under his watchful eyes would be strange, and it might be frowned upon by the others of the clan; that plus he was not sure if the female trader would want to leave such a valuable asset in a relative strangers hands. But what he had said was true, it would be nearly impossible to train the male to any successful degree if he only had him once a moon or so. He waited for the woman’s answer.

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Amy smiled, nodding her head. A fresh harness, new joints on the attachment for turning, and a spare wheel. It's a horrible pain when they break. Amy knew enough to keep the wagon running, able to fix the wheels when they blew, but new parts was something out of her range. Sooner or later her repair jobs would wear out, and she would need new supplies. It looked like he was just the one for that. Returning in a month's time would be just fine as well, allowing her to stop in the next time she came by for trade.

She watched Helotes move around Raoth, eying the youth. At the mention of the chance of getting away from Amy Raoth snapped to attention. His muscles flexed and he did his best to look desirable for work and fit. Amy snorted, considering what Helotes had said. I can train him well enough in the duties of a bodyguard. Movements to disarm without killing is beyond me however. If you could teach him that, it would be good. Would a week's time be long enough for you to teach him some? Amy glanced over to Emmanuelle, wondering what she thought of this conversation, and if the coyote would need anything else from the trader.

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Helotes nodded when she listed off the things she would need. He would remember them easily, they were simple pieces for the cart; though despite their simplicity, finding replacements might be difficult. He would surely have to find a way to repay Nathaniel if the youth was able to retrieve everything for him.

Then, in response to what he had said about Raoth, Amy replied that she would leave him there for a week. Helotes gave a small grunting sigh, A week would be sufficient to train him the basics, if we went at it every day, all day. If the boy is willing, he will learn. However, I garauntee you that he will be in bad shape once he’s returned; the training will be difficult. Helotes was not sure he could have put in kinder terms than that. He recalled when he had begun training under Halo; he had been overconfident and hadn’t realized the strain that the physical training would put on his body, and then that was only half day trainings. This boy would be training from sunrise to sunset; but he would be well tended to, so perhaps he’d be alright.

Helotes turned away from his thoughts, I’ll do it then, and have him ready for you in a week’s time. he held out a hand to clasp Amy’s in a sign of contract.

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Amy nodded. She didn't really care if he was returned in poor condition. All she cared was that Raoth learned, and would be able to work when she got him back. Turning around Amy unlocked the chains attaching to the wagon. She clasped Helotes' hand, nodding in agreement before passing him the chain. Don't unchain him until you're training. If you do that before then he'll run. Raoth was stil being trained, after all. Soon she would break him, but it would take time.

Returning to the wagon she pulled out various tea leaves, as well as a small pouch of rose hips. The rose hips could be used for more than tea, containing healing properties, but it was the tea portion of the request that she was focused on. She gave those to him as well, enough to last him a month with a pot a day. Pleased with the trade Amy turned back to Emmanuelle, smiling. It was a pleasure trading with you. Glancing at Helotes she spoke, grinning appreciation for his form. With you as well. Grasping the horse's head Amy turned the wagon around, and continued for Anathema.

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