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Word Count :: 488 Mrrr. Cait, figured we could use a thread; I was gonna grab your open then Bria stole it. x3 If you don't want one right now, I'll mark this all welcome.

Wayne McCoy was now part of the Mani ranks—just below the leadership in the Casa di Cavalieri hierarchy. Anann had called him to her and requested that he rise to be her Left Hand, the Luna’s Sinistra. He would help council her when it came to the horses and other domestic business, and he would also be granted the privilege of welcoming outsiders into the warrior pack’s ranks. Already he had helped found the pack, made his position as stablemaster official, and become the first Mentor in history—and this honor was the culmination of all that and more.

Needless to say, the cowboy was a little overwhelmed right now.

His callused fingers were not near as dexterous as Dixie-May’s, but the man found weaving to calm him as it had calmed her. Countless times he’d drawn the white sylph close to his body and given her the materials, and she’d worked magic with grass and twine, creating baskets that turned out to have more use than a stress-relieving exercise. Now it seemed only appropriate to try himself, although the first basket was so flimsy and permeable that it wouldn’t even be able to hold feathers. The second was no better, and so he started to wind the twine in different ways.

It was close to a half hour he sat on his bed in his and Dixie’s room, working with his hands and sparing glances at the door. He’d been invited to stay in one of the rooms reserved for the Mani, but he wasn’t sure if Dixie would want to move. Honestly, he wasn’t sure what her opinion would be on most of these things. For seasons they’d been together, and they’d only grown closer through the winter, but spring had arrived, and he couldn’t be sure what he thought about them right now. He loved her, had only loved her, had never rested eyes on anyone else for as long as he could remember. He’d wanted to take her as his mate—but how would it be any different than they were now, and had been for such a long time? Their relationship remained unchanged, but the Labrador had changed; his quick rise through the ranks was proof of that.

He heaved a sigh, knowing he was thinking too much. Only real work really distracted him, but this was one of his bad days when it came to shoulder pain, and he’d be useless with the horses right now.

Wayne frowned suddenly and looked at his creation. He made lousy baskets, but a few loops here and ties here had created a miniature horse. It looked like a child’s drawing come to life rather than anything of skill, but it made him smile faintly. He set it down on the end table beside the bed.

Then he tipped his hat over his face and pretended to sleep, for all the good it did him.

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Word Count :: +3 <33333

Dixie had heard about the rank change that Wayne had undergone, again…he was literally crawling to the top without a problem. She’d never thought that he’d be the one to do something like that before, but now that he was, she was fascinated and very happy for him. Personally, the woman didn’t care for the ranks and had no use for a title. As long as she was able to take care of those that she loved, everything would be fine in her little world. The moment that they took away her ability to look after the animals, or to care for her man…she would go insane. However, the leaders seemed to like her enough and were content to let her do as she pleased.

Pushing the large front doors of the courthouse open, she stepped in and shifted the large basket balanced on her hip. It was filled to the brim with dead squirrels and rabbits and a smaller basket sat in the middle, filled with blueberries and a few that she wasn’t so sure about. They’d been tested on the rabbits though, so all should be fine with the pack mates. Without the warm sun beating down on her fluffy furred body, she took a deep breath and shook before heading towards the basement. After a few steps she stopped and frowned, shaking her head and turning back to set the basket of carcasses by the door. Only the berries needed to go to the kitchen area.

Once she was downstairs, the berries were placed on a shelf and she trotted over to her and Wayne’s room. The strong, musky scent of the man she loved permeated through the air and made her smile happily. Hey there, handsome… Her light green eyes scanned over his body as she approached, taking in his position and the slight favoring of his injured arm. It pained her to know that she couldn’t do anything to make him feel any better. You doin’ okay? I been missin’ you lately.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she scooted closer and lifted her small hands to his shoulder, pressing against the muscles gently. Hopefully she’d be able to rub out some of the pain, and if not, she had another idea formulating in her brain. Leaning over, she flicked her tongue out and licked over his muzzle, knocking the hat off his head with her nose so she could see his entire face without any obstructions. He was so ridiculously good looking, with his strong features and those gorgeous chocolate colored eyes. Her fingers kept moving gently as she took him in, smiling a bit and trying to show him how much she loved him through her own eyes, wanting him to know that he was adored even if they didn’t get to spend enough time together anymore.

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Word Count :: 277 I looooveee theeemmmm ;___;

Her scent woke him from his supposed nap, and Wayne flicked the brim of his hat up slightly to get a look at her as she entered their room. His doubts could not exist so long as her smile did. She made him happy, and that was the only thought that passed through his mind.

“Hey yourself, beautiful,” the dusty mongrel replied gently, reaching out with a hand to touch some of her downy white fur as she approached. A sigh left him, his voice lacking energy. “I’m fine, just tired of feelin’ cooped up.” In reality, he knew he could go out and ride and work like always, but it didn’t feel like freedom with his injury hindering him still. It had been worth it, to protect the pack, to protect her, but it was taxing for the hardworking cowboy.

Her body barely weighed down the edge of the mattress as she settled down next to his muscular body. Her little hands smoothed up to his shoulders, working the muscles as she knocked his hat clean off his head. The gesture caused him to grin, love making the smile crooked and dizzy, and he trailed the fingers of one hand through her blondish hair. She was gorgeous as ever, not just with her snowy coat and lovely features—but for the strength in her petite body, in her callused hands working over his shoulders, easing the strain from them.

Wayne opened his mouth to say something else, to tell her he loved her, but words had always failed him. Instead, he pulled her a little closer for a tender kiss, content with just being with her.

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Word Count :: +3 me too ;-; we need pics of them together...

Dixie scooted closer when she found that the rubbing wasn’t hurting him, no protests driving her to rub a little harder, trying to push out the tense muscles. She knew how he was feeling when he said cooped up. Being stuck within the fort so much had her restless, wanting to get out, go exploring outside of the walls. She was sure that there were things to be found, treasures to be gained, in the far reaches of the pack lands. Instead of packing up and taking off with her horse, she had to stay here with her man, make sure he was okay.

There was no resentment in her heart, because she loved him and would do anything for him. Staying cooped up within the walls was a small price to pay, as long as he was safe and healthy… Smiling, the little woman leaned in and nuzzled his cheek, the large fingers stroking through her hair was comforting. When Wayne lifted his face to hers, she parted her jaws and flicked her tongue out against his playfully, leaving little kisses on his mouth and around his muzzled. Dixie had become very fond of giving and receiving kisses, especially when she was snuggled up with the one giving them.

Squirming around a bit, the small woman stretched up and threw one leg across his thighs, successfully straddling his lap. Lying down on top of him, her soft and slightly rounded chest resting on his hard muscles, she growled softly and nibbled on his neck and licked under his chin. Wayne was the only creature that Dixie would willingly submit to without being afraid of being hurt. She knew he was trustworthy and would take care of her with everything he had. Despite her craziness and defiance, she would always allow him to lead when it was necessary. I love you, cowboy…

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Word Count :: 222 So short. >>; Wayne ain't a man of action. xD

Her touch relaxed him, but Wayne could feel a familiar burning energy rippling through his body at the same time. He’d felt it before with her, especially the starlit night in the valley, and was not blind to what it was. Like before, he chose not to acknowledge it and only focused on the sweet taste of her, the feel of her downy coat pressed against him, her hands rubbing the knots from his shoulders. He’d been tense lately, both with his injury and with the stress of not being able to do his job. He’d become quite the workaholic since joining the pack.

Dixie straddled him, stretching up to nibble the dusty fur of his throat. A protective rumble of a growl left his chest as he wrapped his arms around her, keeping her close to him. His muzzle buried in the mess of her pale blonde hair, and he half closed his eyes as she whispered to him.

“I love you too,” Wayne murmured. “There’s nothing else I need if I have you.” Callused but gentle hands stroked along her sides, fingers playing at her ribcage for a mischievous moment before he simply pet her fur. He gave her ear an affectionate, slobbery lick then nibbled at it, and her cheek, and her throat if he could get to it.

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Word Count :: + shooort

Smiling down at him happily, the girl stretched once again and tilted her head to the side, allowing him to reach her neck. Another show of submission, something that only Wayne, Jazper and Anann were gifted from her, no one else. Dixie knew well that almost any canine larger than a pup could probably take her down, but that did not stop her defiant attitude. She refused to submit to those who were not her alphas, though respect was shown to those who were of higher rank in other packs.

Shaking her head a little bit, the small woman bumped Wayne’s nose with her own and relaxed once again, resting on top of him with a sift sigh. This was perfect, just being able to lay with him without fear of anything happening. While she would have loved to just be without thinking of pack matters, stuff soon popped into her overactive brain and she simply couldn’t help herself.

”So we’re gonna start repairs on tha barn soon, right? An’ the pins, track and such?” Her head tilted and she looked up at him, trying to read his expression. Sliding her hands up his shoulders, her fingers stroked through the thick fur around his neck gently, rubbing the muscles beneath as well. ”I’m gonna go rustle up some livestock soon, I think. As soon as the damn barn is fixed up an’ the animals got a place to stay…”

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Word Count :: 242

Her massaging ceased, and after a little bit of nuzzling, she relaxed. He knew he couldn’t really be disappointed for as long as he held her, and he admired the top of her head before planting a kiss there. It really was a shame that they didn’t get more time like this, with all of their duties in the pack. Part of him wanted to pack up and go on a trip like before, roaming around Nova Scotia without a care in the world, without a destination in mind. It was tempting, but how would Casa manage without them?

Dixie rubbed his neck lightly again, murmuring on about the construction that needed to be done and the livestock that needed rustlin’ up. Listening attentively to her, he smiled slowly and kissed the tip of her nose again. Straightening slightly, he nibbled a perfectly-shaped white ear. “I thought I worried too much,” he growled, and smiled at her. “But I’d love for jus’ you and me t’ go out, wrangle some critters, the two of us.” He went ahead and voiced his earlier thoughts. “I kinda wanna just leave the pack behind. Not forever, but… I miss us.” His love for her had waited patiently all that time, as they crossed the mountains, walked the beaches. Finally, he had her, all of her, but now God had decided to give him work to outweigh the time he actually got to spend with her.

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Word Count :: +3 <3

The words that began to spill forth from Wayne’s throat had Dixie’s eyes widening slowly, and her body lifting up away from his as well. After a few moments she was sitting up, sitting firmly on his hips, and staring down at him with curious green eyes, head tilted to the side. ”So…oooh, you should have told me sooner, Wayne.” Swiftly, she leaned down and swiped her tongue up the side of his face a few times, happily kissing at him. The young woman had been having the same feelings lately, the need to withdrawal from everyone for a bit, to just get away from all the hectic energy of the pack. Who better to do that with than the man that she loved?

”I agree, we need ta get outta here for a bit, relax and jus’…get to know each other again.” Though no color showed up on her face, Dixie was blushing and she dropped her face to his neck, nuzzling in and hiding her expression. Wayne was the only man she knew that could make her feel shy and nervous like this… Every time she was around him new feelings would blossom, like the butterflies in her tummy or the dizziness when he kissed her like he had before. Perhaps it was the fact that he knew her so well, or that she’d loved him for so very long without ever realizing how deep her love actually was.

Whimpering softly, she squirmed against him and snuggled closer. ”I can’t wait…was thinkin’ maybe some lambs, chicks an’, if possible, goats or cows. We need some good stock for breedin’ and tradin’ later on.” Dixie went quiet for a few moments after speaking and thought about what she’d just said, then promptly got frustrated with her inability to be relaxed with him anymore. All they ever focused on was pack business…it was rather annoying.

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Word Count :: 328

Did she know how she affected him? Her petite body sat up on his lap, her pale green eyes innocent as she tipped her head. He suffered her kisses gladly, his fingers playing with the blonde ringlets of her hair, claws running gently through the fur at the nape of her neck. “Yeah,” he agreed when she mentioned them getting to know each other again. They used to be closer than anything, and it worried him now that they only had short moments like these to steal away with each other and relax.

Even then, it wasn’t really relaxing. Relaxing would be walking hand-in-hand through a meadow of flowers, or lolling by a stream, swapping jokes on horseback, counting the stars before they slept. The tension between them now had been obvious to the male for a while now, at least on his end, and he sighed as her face buried in his neck. As always, he played a role of wary patience. She’d always been more a child than he, not really aware of what she was doing when she touched or cuddled him, even when it meant nothing but that he had feelings for her that a friend shouldn’t. He didn’t want to frighten her, or get them both locked into something they weren’t ready for. Otherwise, he would have named her his mate ages ago and whisked her off to a house somewhere.

Her strong, small body squirmed as she whimpered, and she began to list off all the critters they might need for the pack. The mongrel only grinned, watching her. He agreed, and he knew that the work would benefit Casa for generations if they had the right amount and quality of stock, but for now…

“Sweetheart,” Wayne said, his voice soft thunder. He straightened slightly and pushed some of her hair out of her face, his smile crooked and amused and full of love. “Stop talkin’,” he urged, and kissed her throat.

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Word Count :: + short and sweet <3 wanna end it here?

Dixie was a little bit startled when Wayne pushed himself up slowly, resting his shoulders against the wall. She thought he was going to make her get off of him for a few moments, and she really, really didn’t want to do that. Her body ached to be near him, touching him, and lately the ache had grown a lot. This time to reconnect was so important, she’d be so sad if he made her leave now…

Instead he told her to shut her mouth and kissed at her neck gently, his fingers back in her hair. Thinking about it, she guessed that almost everything she had been talking about hadn’t really been about THEM, but the pack and other business instead. Smiling up at him, she nipped at his neck and shoulders playfully, hard enough to sting a little but not hard enough to really hurt him. I love you so much…cannot wait to get on outta here for a bit.

Her hands raised and stroked over his face a few times and she simply looked at his eyes, seeing the love that he held for her there. Head tilting to the side, she smiled and leaned in, licking over his muzzle and pressing her nose to his before whispering, I want to be with you forever.

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