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The Egyptian man had found his nitch in the world of Salsola, He worked hard with his mate and spoke with Eris when ever he could. He would always place those in the family above himself after all he belonged for once. tapping his heels into Isis he urged her on ward.

The golden eyed man moved along the border he was thinking about finding a way to move himself up the ranks a little though he wasn't sure how that was done. He thought the best thing he could do would be to help with what ever tasks were around the pack lands. There was just something odd that seemed to be going on in the area and he tried not to venture out past the borders.

Imhotep made his way to the river there he could get a drink and bath his mare. the river was a place that seemed to remind him that all life is the same. Shaking his head he tried to focus himself on what he was doing. Isis easy now. He spoke as he moved towards the river. Large sand ears twitched as he looked to the land that was before him. Imhotep pulled on the reigns as he spotted someone he was not sure of.

the dog lifted his head and let out a strange sounding call. If it was something at least he'd have someone with him but if this was nothing he'd most likely get hell but he was still so new he wasn't sure what he should do.

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Checking on her mother's weir had become something of a routine for the dark child, and she was often found eying the structure with a bit of awe, but also unnecessary pride. It wasn't as if Artemisia had really done anything worth mentioning where it was concerned, but that wouldn't stop her. No one was working on it today, though, and Eris was nowhere to be seen. That wasn't a concern of the middle child, though. Today she was alone, given that she trusted herself enough to not wander into danger. The river was an easily seen border after all. Picking up a steady pace along it's bank, it didn't take her long to see another figure.

She didn't care much for horses as they were lesser beings in her mind, and therefore tended to avoid them even when they had a rider but the Egyptian man was an enigma to her and despite her curiosity, she hadn't met him yet. He loosed a strange call to warn of strangers, but it wasn't to her or anyone specifically. The girl's eyebrows slanted downward as she swung her head around to look for what he'd seen. At first she saw nothing and was tempted to call him out as a liar despite his rank, but then saw the riders. If they hadn't been outfitted for battle and stayed on their side of the river she might've let things be, but as it was they were crossing the river. They shouldn't be here, She hissed in warning as she closed some of the distance between her fellow Salsolan and herself. Now very aware of her unarmed state, Arte's gaze landed between Imhotep and herself, and then to advancing intruders before she bent to pick up a fist-sized stone and launched it across the water toward one of the horses in an attempt to spook it. Leaning in to find more, she wondered whether Imhotep was in any way a warrior, and whether or not she should run to find others.

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(616) I'mma bring Miqui and one of the new pNPCs. ^^ Feel free to steal the pNPC, Helias, from my control at some point, anyone involved. :3 I figure the more NPCs, the better? @_@ Also, lulz, first four paragraphs can be skipped entirely; irrelevant. Simona is chasing Miqui and Tlantli.

Tlantli is by Alaine!

The yellow-furred woman paced the territory, already in a surly mood. For all her efforts, her womb had not stirred, and she was still, insofar as she could tell, barren of children. She was, essentially, ready to depart -- but for that all-important piece. Fear had begun creeping through Tlantli -- what if she had bespoiled herself with the failed litter? What if she had accursed herself?

The tawny coyote, who had all but ignored spirituality in the past months, had become more devout as of late. She had done little in the way of public worship, for even here the woman believed such things were one's own, and the empty rituals of the pack meant nothing. Still, each morning she greeted the sunrise with wide and open red eyes. She kept fire burning in her home, and had begun to test Naghal as to his wakefulness. He was stirring and eating more frequently these days, but she dared not subject him to the cold.

The call of a strange cry reached her ears, and it brought a startlingly sudden pause to all in the world. Her troubles were gone, and large coyote ears twisted into the air, listening to the notes of that alarm cry with increasing apprehension. The tawny coyote did not pause to contemplate this call; she charged forward and soon found herself running alongside her brother, who clutched a machete in hand and passed the second to Tlantli. She recognized them as the ones they'd used to cut apart the whale, and wondered if they'd do the same to Luperci flesh.

Their exchange was terse and in Spanish, even as they ran. Tlantli snapped at him sharply and told him to be aware, for they had experienced attacks before, they had fought beside one another before. Her brother gave her a mournful look as they came upon the scene, one that was not enough to give the yellow-furred woman pause then and there, but was filed away in her mind for later perusal.

One of Eris's daughters -- the younger, unproven ones -- stood beside Imhotep. Tlantli's head snapped around to find another canine charging toward them, one bearing only a faint scent of Salsola, but a scent nonetheless. The male was breathless and frightened, looking from one to the next for orders. Even then, the invaders were coming -- there was a splash, and the woman's red eyes perceived the entirety of the group charging into the water. Without thinking, the woman jumped forward and yelled. Split them up. Ride, Imhotep, she said, turning toward the others. Go, she yelled, running herself a moment later. Miqui stuck with her, and the gray wolf ran, too -- Tlantli did not see where.

Once they'd cleared the immediate path of the horses, the flaxen coyote spun around first, her sharpened teeth bared. One of the wolves, a pale-furred woman with eyes the hue of old blood, charged toward Tlantli on horseback. She clutched a shield and a long, wicked-looking spear with a deadly-sharp point, brandishing it toward the yellow coyote. She moved out of the way of the weapon, brushing it harmlessly aside with the flat of the blade, swinging the machete back quickly. The blade only shaved some of the horse's silky tail off, however, leaving the wolf entirely unscathed. Tlantli hung back as the woman charged her brother, who moved with less speed than his sister. The spear grazed his shoulder and Tlantli yowled, a feral noise that was every bit a coyote's cry, and leapt toward her brother, standing at his side as the woman wheeled her bay horse around again.

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OOC: I blame Val for Reykr being late. He's a fat elk-butt. I left it kinda open because i didn't know what NPCs on the other side are in here. (452)

The two were still getting settled into Salsola, but Reykr had not realized that he had joined the pack at a time where they really needed bodies to protect the borders. Val was stripped of the bags that he normally had on his sides because they were within pack borders and Reykr did not need to be carrying around a lot of stuff. In fact, the only thing that they carried was Reykr's bow and arrows. Reykr had a conspiracy that the heaviest thing on the elk though was his own goddamn head because of the large horns that the elk grew annually. Val lazily trotted about though, and the large luperci just was looking around for something to do, maybe something to eat since he was bored and kinda hungry. Val munching on grass here and there was not helping the appetite of the large male luperci.

There was a strange call thrown in the air from a family member, and Reykr's ears perked in the direction. Val's own head and ears flicked in the direction in which the call had come from. Reykr did not hesitate, but Val did, for this call did mean danger, and Val was not keen to violence, but would ride into battle when he needed to. Now was one of those times, and still he hesitated, even until the command of Reykr, who was pulling on his reigns to get the beast to move, but he would only move to the direction and not move forward. Reykr jabbed the beast in the side with his heels several times, but still he did not move. Reykr didn't know what else to do for a moment before he got an idea and he took his padded hand and slapped the beast's flank. It startled Val enough for the Elk to take off at it's full charging speed towards the sound of the call.

Reykr held on tight as he rode the elk at his top speed. They busted through the brush several times and soon found themselves at the river. Val barely even stopped, more like just changed direction as he continued to charge, now towards the battle that was starting to ensue. There were Salsolains and then there were intruders, and all Reykr knew was that he needed to protect the family. He took out his bow and he pulled an arrow as he balanced on his Elk's back. The bouncing was making it hard for him to aim all that greatly, but he had a big target, so he took a leap of faith and shot an arrow at one of the intruding wolves who was on horseback.

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Imhotep was not pleased that there was a child on the battle feild. They had heard of these wolves but he did not think that they would attack the thorn kingdom. He was not a warrior to tell the truh but he could fight and help out. He pulled his sickle sword out and looked at the yellow sand coy. She had taken charge and he was glade.

i'm on it he spoke urging the mare forward. He tried to ease her in a sense knowing that she would not be used to charging into such a thing as battle.He and the others had to protect the child that was Eris's. Imhotep charged in riding into the group and she swung his sword forcing them to separate the group. If he could do this much he could fight one or two.

Singling out one of the members he urged Isis twp keep the wolf fighter away from the rest. Begone scum He snarled.

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(--) TLANTLI'S GOTTA GOOOO. Lorraine has agreed to NPC her after I've dropped her -- I am gonna try to post as many times as possible in this thread until then (the 27th!).

Tlantli is by me!

The flaxen-haired coyote was the highest ranked one here, and, much as the child's mother had disappointed her, she felt obligated to protect Artemisia. The daughter is not the mother, she reminded herself grimly, even as she stepped toward the youth's side, half-crouched and waiting to throw back their first attacker. A hybrid she did not recognize with the strangest mount she'd ever seen charged into the fray, apparently on Salsola's side, and the flaxen coyote saw her own opponent ambling toward her: a pale cream and white wolf, male, and terribly young. He was armed with an axe, its gleaming edge honed to a deadly sharpness.

Tlantli was not without a weapon herself, however, and the hybrid held the machete in one hand, stepping up to meet the hybrid. The yellow woman charged for her opponent, hoping to take the pale man by surprise and eliminate the advantage of the double-bladed axe by playing tag with him, darting in and out of the fray as her ancestors had for so many generations before her. The hybrid's sharpened teeth were displayed in a frightfully angry snarl that was almost half a smile. The coywolf wanted blood -- the blood of these trespassers would do, though they were not the ones to have wronged her worst in the world.

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Word Count → --- Sorry for the wait, guys. I'll make this a priority from here on out.

The blond coyote in Artemisia's peripheral vision — along with her gleaming weapon, long and lethal — was familiar to her, and though she might have understood her mother's animosity toward her, she did not share it. The youngest of their opposition, a male, was making a bee line for both shaman (for that's how she saw the woman) and child, but strangely enough the tall youth felt only a faint inkling of fear. Instead, this was see as an opportunity to prove herself. Thus far there had been no real opportunity to do so. Had she not been here, it was very unlikely that she would have seen the brutality of a true fight.

Almost against her will, she followed the woman with quick, powerful strides of her own, fist-sized stone in hand. While careful to stay out of the range of most weapons, she found her gaze darting from one blur of movement to the next. This was all too much to take in, as was obvious by her sudden, stone-still stance. Then, an obscure flash of movement, and she loosed the stone toward Tlantli's opponent whilst they parried with axe and what she assumed was a sword. Whether it connected or not, she didn't get to see, because a stranger clasped their hand on her shoulder and threw her three lengths backward, further from the heart of battle. Where she'd been standing there was now an arrow protruding from the ground. Whoever had pulled her away from it was unknown to her, but she saw a glimpse of sea foam green eyes and promised to thank him later.

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(318) Sorry for posting out of turn, but I did want to get as much done on Tla as possible. >;3 Also, I misspoke and forgot Miqui is above Tlantli in rank... but it doesn't matter anyway because brother Miqui basically belongs to Tla. -snort- Also, someone else can save Tlantli here; if not, Miqui or Helias can? c:

Tlantli is by Nat!

The wolf swung his axe and Tlantli her machete, trying to avoid more blows than she blocked with the weapon. It was an item built for chopping, more tool than weapon, but it was all she had. Swinging her blade upward, she caught the axe once and metal twanged against metal. The impact resonated through her arms and shook her, and for the first time, Tla realized how much larger then wolf was than her. She was slim and small and coyote, and he was a wolf, through and through, outsizing her by sheer virtue of species alone.

Her half-yowl of rage boomed, deeper than it had any right to be, and the hybrid shoved her weapon upwards against his. Without warning, she let her machete drop in the same moment she shoved forward with her shoulder, slamming it into the wolf's chest. Coyote or not, all the air went out of him in a great gasp, and he stumbled backwards. She had not seen the rock that struck him in the same instance, a hard blow against the arm holding his axe, but she did not care -- still screaming and yowling for blood, the hybrid descended on the wolf, machete forgotten as her teeth sought his flesh.

Her teeth flashed again and again, striking against his shoulder and his arm and even his face, right up until the wolf brought a heavy fist up and against the side of her head. Tlantli yipped with the pain as she fell from him, dazed by the blow. The wolf rolled to his feet as quick as he could, streaming blood from the marks her teeth had made against him, but he was far more lucid than Tlantli in that moment. Her machete was still in her hand, but the limb seemed slow -- far too slow to stop the swing of the man's axe hurtling toward her.

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OOC: Here comes a late J, who's always fucking late. Sorry guys. :[ Also, I looked at the NPCs supposed to be in this thread with Boreas, but I couldn't find the one that Sie is talking about(cream and white male, young), nor do I know which one that I'm supposed to kill. I guess I'll just save Tlantli and kill that wolf in the process? +5 (603)

Between all that was going on, Reykr was in his own jam. Once the three wolves were split up, one went to deal with the other rider and steed that was on Salsola's side (Imotep) and the other split off into the dense foliage that was on the banks of the river, and the third went to deal with Tlantli. Reykr worried of the pup for a moment, but realized that one of the recruits had taken to protecting the girl (as did everyone else). Reykr saw his arrow be knocked out of the air and land close to the girl, and he could only breathe a sigh of relief as he pulled Val to a halt and he aimed at the head of the beast that was attacking Tlantli. He was not expecting what would happen to him next.

Suddenly, out from the bushes came the Boreas wolf on horseback, and it slammed it's steed into Val's side and knocked Reykr off of the steed and onto the ground. Reykr had to fight to not lands straight into the rushing river, but he came out of it and got back up. His Bow was on the ground and his quiver still on his back, he took the bow in his hand as he got up. Reykr continued to aim at the other wolf that Tlantli was struggling with. Val was a few paces away from him, trying to get back up from his tumble as well. The beast who knocked the two over came at Reykr again with his own bow and arrows, and he shot at the teak man, who did not have the time to move, rather he was focusing on other things, and the arrow shot him straight in the shoulder, which made his grip on the arrow slip. It sent the arrow slicing through the air, and the arrow embedded itself in the beast's neck.

Reykr sighed lightly and did not look to see what he had done, for he was more concerned about his arm. He whimpered as Val finally got up and started to bellow and charge at the wolves with his horns towards them. It kept the one wolf away from Reykr, and Rey was glad for this. He pulled the arrow out from his shoulder with a grunt and he cast it to the ground before he took another arrow from his quiver and he shot at the wolf again, and got him in the spine. The beast fell to the ground before Tlantli, and Reykr pushed out a relieved sigh before he turned towards the other Boreas wolves and he drew another arrow with his bow. He didn't have much strength left in the wounded arm and this was his last arrow that he could physically shoot. He shot it at the flank of one of the Boreas wolves, and it made the steed take off into the river and start swimming back upstream, where they came from.

Reykr didn't want to let them get away, so he ran over to Tlantli and he took the axe that the wolf he took down was using to fight and he ran towards the retreating wolf and threw the axe at it, only to miss and for the axe to splash into the water. FUCK! DON'T FUCKING COME BACK HERE! snarled the man at the retreating wolf before he turned his attention to the other wolves in his presence. Where'd that other fucker go? he asked, wondering where the second of three wolves made it to.

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Imhotep had never engaged in full on combat and the sand colored man was not ready for what would hit him. the wolf was well versed in the art of taking down and enemy and imhotep did all he could just to doge the swing from the males weapon. The silver sickle sword that imhotep used made an eyrie sound as it scraped against the others sword.

Imhotep smiled as she held onto the reigns of Isis. the mare held strong even though she was skid-dish from lack of training. The Male never thought he would ride her into war. Just as he felt his confidence growing the other rider's horse reared up with a mighty sound. The lager horse held more power then the small Arabian mare. His broad chest slammed into the mare as the male wolf swung at Imhotep causing him to attempt to dodge to no avail. A semi deep slash across his chest appeared as Imhotep landed on the ground.

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