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It had been a while since last seeing Fleta, and Kit often found himself waiting eagerly for the next time they would meet. Eventually the opportunity had presented itself, an adventure with the attractive female trickster known as Fleta. When setting out, neither had a clear idea of what variety of adventure they wanted to partake in, but that almost answered itself as the sun reached it's high point.

A lone merchant making their way through the more thinly forested areas of the area east of Halifax, had caught Kit's green-eyes gaze. Lazily making his way through the forest with a single-axled cart laden with some sort of goods, the male had started to think of a devious plan to make some of those goods theirs. Not being the strong arm sort of thief, and with a partner to help him, it had just seemed more appropriate to con the merchant.

Getting ahead of the slow moving merchant had taken a little bit of effort, but eventually when the merchant rounded the corner of his forest path, he spotted the pair. "Oh thank goodness! I need help kind sir! My mate injured her leg while we were traveling, and we need help. I was sure that no one would come by and be able to help us!" Kit called to the stranger, with feigned worry, and weakness in his voice. The idea when it first came up, had made Kit's cheeks burn a little bit, but similar father and son tricks had worked for himself when a child.

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OOC du du du DU April 21, leg mostly healed

Terra was still limping, but moving around was so much easier now! It was like she'd been set free, her leg able to bear more weight and the limp far less noticeable, Terra actually able to hide it for short bouts of time before the clumsiness of being on two legs caught up on her making it obvious once more. She had traveled past the pack borders, and was very pleasantly surprised when she ran into Kit. Well, not pleasantly so per say. It was more like she'd burned up inside, alight with joy to see him, knowing that they'd be getting into trouble together now that they both knew that the other was a rogue.

They'd wandered around together, chatting happily, Terra wandering through and having to keep checking her habit of using the hidden paths that were only good for lupine form, too tall in optime. Really, she should have spent more time working on finding ways to travel undetected in the larger form. It was more difficult this way. Terra had been telling tall tales, teasing and asking riddles while Kit responded with his own jokes and suggestions. The sight of a merchant drew silence from the pair as they watched the glittering treasures within.

Of course, they wouldn't just let this pass. Terra most certainly wanted what was inside there. From the gleam in his eyes Kit did too. A quick discussion had them deciding to act as a mated pair, Terra luring the merchant away from the bountiful treasures. She hoped he grabbed lots of glittery items, as well as food for them to share. Moving down Terra began exaggerating the extent of her injury. Her arms clung around his neck, eyes wincing with pain. It wasn't difficult, knowing how she had moved and acted when it had been as bad as she was pretending, not wanting any weight on it. Her teeth bared slightly at the sight of the stranger, frightened.

The merchant worriedly pulled the wagon to a halt. Rushing over he stood in front of Kit. Oh my. That does look bad. Is it broken? Terra whimpered slightly, hiding her head in Kit's neck as the merchant drew closer, fearful of what he would do. Hopefully he wouldn't feed her any nasty healing stuff. She didn't like that.

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sucker born every minute Kit thought to himself, and had to fight to keep his distraught look, instead of replacing it with the roguish grin that hid just behind the mask. As part of the act, he could feel Fleta hiding her head in his neck, and was grateful that the empty pouch was slung over his shoulder, so that the feel of her against him was not dampened by the leather strap. "I don't know! I'm not a healer, and don't know any in the area, were a long way from home." Kit replied, adding some fine details to his lies, and he hoped wrench the right heart strings to get a little bit more sympathy.

"Eh... I'm not much of a healer either to be truthful. I've learned a little bit in my travels, but if its broke... about all I can do is give her something for the pain, maybe help set it." the merchant spoke in a bit of a nervous tone, clearly not confident about the setting of the bone part. In truth, Kit wasn't too fond of the idea of letting the act go that far, for Fleta's sake, and was about to try steering the discussion away from more drastic measures, when the merchant spoke again "Well.. maybe we should just stick to the herbs for now, and I can give her a ride to a place I trade at. There is a green leather bag, in my cart, go get that for me.".

It was the opportunity he had hoped would happen, one that got him near the cart, while Fleta distracted the merchant while he worked. "Yes, yes of course." Kit responded in his fake worried voice, before making his way back to the cart to begin surveying the potential pickings. In the limited time that he had at the cart, Kit went for a small half open bag overflowing with dried meat, perhaps two or three pounds of the stuff, and a tarnished silver flute. Peeking back at his "mate", to be sure the merchant was distracted, before stuffing both into his own knapsack.

If his sleight of hand went unnoticed, he planned to move back to the pair with a green pouch in tow. Every step, hoping that the other male would ask him to go back to the cart for something else.

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Set the bone? Oh no, no way was she letting that happen. Terra already had the awful experience of having her leg set, and it had been painful enough to make sure that she never broke another bone as long as she lived. Her grip tightened slightly, sighing with relief as the merchant decided that herbs would be enough. Terra had no idea that herbs were those disgusting plants they kept feeding her to stop her from feeling the pain, just glad that her leg wasn't going to be jilted.

Kit pulled away from her. She knew they had to separate from the act, and had a lot of fun being lowered to the ground, hand trailing as he pulled away helplessly, looking up at him with eyes that begged for him to hurry back. Clucking softly the merchant stepped over, touching her shoulder gently. It's alright hun, we'll fix you right up. Terra grinned softly at him, letting his hands reach down to her broken leg. Having it touched was uncomfortable. It was a real injury, if not as bad as they were pretending.

The trader was careful, Terra flinching occasionally as he started squeezing, long before he reached where it was painful. It was hard to not be panicking from it. Kit returned with the bag over his shoulder, and his empty satchel slightly larger than it had been before. Innocently enough she pretended that wasn't so. The trader took the green bag, digging through until he found some green plant that Terra knew tasted bad. Alright, here. This'll help. Terra pulled away, shaking her head. There was no way. Sighing he looked at Kit again. Get some food from the wagon for her to eat with this?

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Everything seemed to be going perfectly, a good con game being pulled without the victim even being aware, and Kit was already glad that he had Fleta to join him on such underhanded adventures. There was a slight hint of guilt at how eager the merchant was to help, but Kit justified it with the belief that he had enough things that if two thieves lightened his load a bit, it wouldn't even go noticed. To further brush away any minor feelings of guilt, Kit arrived back to the pair in time to see the merchant testing Fleta's leg, and felt an odd sensation at witnessing the act.

Mindlessly handing the merchant the bag of herbs, Kit tried to decide just what he was feeling, but knew that he didn't like the merchant touching her. It was a faint feeling, but there, and only being sent to aquire more food kept him from exploring the feeling in any depth. "Uh.. of course, I'll go find some." Kit responded with the daze lightly evident, his green eyes ceasing to stare at Fleta's leg, while the free hand ceased fiddling with the necklace he almost always wore.

Heading back to the cart, Kit was glad to have the thrill of looting to wash away the unwelcome feeling that had popped up in his head. Once there, he was once again delighted at the selection, but had his delight tempered by a self-imposed time limit. After all, the merchant might have got suspicious if it took him forever to find something. What caught his eye the most, was a silver hip flask resting near the front of the wagon, of the sort that might carry a bit of the firy water Kit sometimes liked. While lifting the flask, Kit was pleased to note that it seemed to have a small amount of something in it, and eagerly grabbed the flask up. Along with another decent sized pouch of meat, that would ensure the pair of thieves ate well for a night or two. Taking a few strips of dried meat from the stolen goods, Kit headed back to where Fleta lay.

"I found some strips of dried meat, how about that?" Kit offered, forgetting to sound quite as worried, but the merchant failed to catch him on that. Instead, Kit was presented with a more troubling situation, when the merchant responded "No no, the dried meat won't settle well with these herbs, I had a little bit of fresher stuff toward the back of the cart... I'll just go get it, but you can have that for yourself.". Which was a problem, since there was a rather noticable gap in one spot on the wagon where his own much fuller knapsack had gained its bulk from. Unable to think of some logical reason that would prevent suspicion, Kit planned to simply wait for the merchant to turn his back, and signal to his "mate" that it was time to make their disapearing act.

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Kit returned, and stared at Terra and the trader. Or rather, he stared fixedly at her leg. Terra cocked her head, wondering what that was about. Kit left to get what the merchant had asked for, and Terra's tail wagged hopefully, hoping for something shiny. It didn't take long for him to return again, and she watched him take out some dried meat strips. Unfortunately, Kit wasn't acting very well anymore. And the merchant decided to go check and get the fresher stuff himself.

Nodding in agreement she pushed herself up, limping slightly before she reached Kit's side. Both of them worked their way back into the woods, hearing a shout as the merchant figured out he'd been duped. Terra moved as fast as she could, working on guiding them through paths that would be difficult to follow them on. It was some time before she felt it was safe for them to stop. Panting from the pain running through her leg Terra let go of Kit, sinking down to the ground. What did we get?

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Kit had reached Fleta, and both snuck off as quickly as possible, but not so soon that the enraged shout from the merchant wasn't audible however, and Kit quickly started to worry that he might have to fight the merchant, or at least try outrunning them with Fleta in his arms. Fleta was adept at guiding them through twists and turns of the forest however, and after some time it seemed that they had relieved themselves of any pursuers. Doing his best to help Fleta to the ground, Kit soon joined her by kneeling next to the female, and opening the knapsack to display their haul.

"Well, we'll eat good tonight, and probably tomorrow too if were not too greedy!" Kit started, his voice still a little a little breathy from their retreat, but full of excitement. Digging a bit more into the knapsack, Kit was able to retrieve the small silver flask, and then the flute. "I also managed to grab these, but I'm not sure what the shiny stick is for. This though... " Kit started, but stopped long enough to fiddle with the cap on the flask, so that he could smell what was inside "This is a nice treat we can share to wash down our meal, doesn't seem like there is more then a few sips for each of us though, the old man must have already just about emptied it.".

Whatever was inside of the flask smelled strong though, so it was probably best that there as not much in the container, and Kit closed it so that he could give more attention to Fleta. "We certainly seem to make a good team, you and I. Your awfully good at acting like my mate. " Kit teased softly, while moving to sit down beside Fleta, his hands to either side of his rump, and legs stretched out in front of him.

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OOC warning: terra's never drunk alcohol before

Her tail wagged behind her, focused on what would come out of the bag. Food! They had enough food for a couple days. That was great! Terra could stop herself from pigging out. She didn't actually need as much food as she usually did since she wasn't constantly shifting forms like she normally was, going from optime to lupine to secui. Her eyes widened as a flute was pulled out, the breathy instrument Soran had shown to her. A flute! It sounds like the wind singing. Terra picked it up, admiring the shiny form, trying to remember how it worked. Shrugging she turned her head to the other item.

The flask was held out, and Terra sniffed at it suspiciously. That wasn't water in there. A treat? Her questioning air was quickly hidden behind a decisive nod, grinning broadly over at him. Good haul. She grinned at him as he complimented her acting. Wasn't too difficult. I just did what came naturally. It had been so easy to rely on Kit, to know that he would help her, being close to his warmth and breathing in his scent. She leaned over, resting against him. That was fun.

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OOC: Well, there is very little in the flask, I figured it was potent stuff, but less Terra is a greedy goose and gets more then Kit, probably only enough for a few meager tastes. I'm assuming equal shares and Kit will be a little warm/loose with his words, but hes had it some before. xD


Kit didn't recognize the word flute, but gathered it must be used for making music, a thing that he didn't hold any special interest in. Still, it made him happy to see Fleta so happy, sending his tail to wagging behind himself, potentially meeting Fleta's own wagging tail. "You'll have to show me that sometime, it sounds like it would be nice to hear." Kit commented, before noting that Fleta seemed to enjoy the idea of having a little drink between them. Any possibility of recognizing the inexperienced approach she had made toward the flask, was lost when Fleta made the comment that acting like his mate had just come naturally.

He had meant the teasing words to make Fleta blush, but instead, the male found himself blushing a little bit by how he had interpreted the words. Feeling the female lean against him sent pleasant warmth through Kit's body, and broke the shy spell that was starting to fall onto his mind. "Yes, it was very fun Fleta. I'm sure were going to have all sorts of fun together." Kit responded in a pleased voice, the implication in his words being that they would adventure together in the future as well.

Moving the arm closest to Fleta, Kit worked to drape it around his partner's shoulder in an affectionate manner. Every time he was so close to Fleta, it became harder to think, and easier to just do what felt right, even if what felt right seemed risky for some reason. While his arm moved, Kit's muzzle would start nuzzling at Fleta's. "So since we have a few days of food, we get to spend a few days together right?" commented, his words originally meant to convey question in a joking manner, but sending it with a soft voice lacking his usual teasing tone. A surprise to Kit, but one that he rolled with, rather then admit he wasn't exactly at his sharpest

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She nodded her head, looking down at the shiny object. If she knew how to play it, that would be a good idea. As it is, she didn't know the first thing about making the noise come from it, and even less of an idea of what it would sound like when someone who didn't know how to play it did so. His tail brushed with hers, and Terra found hers lingering, working to brush along it. Snatching it back to her side Terra looked away, hoping he hadn't noticed the awkward behavior. Not after she'd just been doing so well.

The promise of even more time together sent a shiver through her. The time spent with Kit was amazing, each moment treasured. She wished that it would last longer. The hybrid's arm draped around her, soft nuzzles turning her head back to face him, dark green eyes shyly looking into his own pair. Her tail wagged softly at the suggestion, considering her answer. If I manage not to cause too much trouble that would be fantastic! It was less the trouble part she was concerned about than it was that she might end up hurting her leg badly enough to need to return to the pack for a healer. Terra would keep up as long as she could.

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Kit once again felt his tail brushing against Fleta's, a simple enough thing, but enticing in the way her's seemed to follow along as though chasing one another, and suddenly ceasing as quickly as it had begun. While the loss of his tail against Fleta's was disappointing, Kit was quick to replace the delightful feeling with that of his arm around his partner, and his nuzzling.

"Don't be silly Fleta, you've not been any trouble for me. If anything... having you around has been quite amazing." Kit responded with a happy tone to his voice, thinking of only the miserable days stuck in a trap as the downside of having met Fleta. Those days spent hungry and thirsty, they paled in comparison to their first meeting, and even just the simple joy of being beside the female. With the two of them looking at one another, Kit got a little lost looking into the female's green eyes, with his own.

Slowly it occurred to Kit that since seeing Fleta in her Optime form, he had not thought to compliment it, like he had when flirting the four legged version. A matter of him forgetting, since Kit was certainly attracted to Fleta's Optime form. Seeking to correct things, Kit seemingly out of the blue commented "You know, your pretty beautiful on two legs...". Following the theme of not thinking too long on his impulses, Kit started to move his face closer to Fleta's, his intent to place a light kiss, but not pull his muzzle back.

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That hadn't been the kind of trouble she'd been thinking was. Perhaps she should have been, since her being injured could be dangerous for the two of them. His words were assuring though, and Terra ducked down, flattered and embarrassed. It's good being around someone as wonderful as you two. Her voice was quiet, shy again at the uncertainty of what to say. She really liked him, different than liking Shadow and Skoll and Hotaru. She didn't know what it was, thinking that it was just because he was the first like her that she'd met.

The gaze of his eyes pulled her to look into his own again. They were lighter, yet somehow seemed deeper than her own. Hearing his words her ears cocked up. That was rather surprising. Terra was rather unsure about her appearance, and even less so on two legs, since she'd never bothered looking at herself. She didn't know if she was as beautiful as Princess, or Ayita, or even Caspa. She thought they were pretty, but she certainly didn't look like them. Her eyes widened with surprise as a kiss landed on her muzzle. Terra kissed him back, light and playful before pulling away. You're fairly handsome yourself. Her voice was a little teasing, if still quiet. She leaned in, nuzzling him softly before she turned, looking at the food.

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Knowing that Fleta found his company enjoyable, that felt more important then Kit normally would have expected, but didn't even notice that his tail had started to brush the ground behind him at a quickened pace from that knowledge. Pressing his muzzle against Fleta's, Kit noticed the widened eyes, but before he could wonder if maybe he had pushed his luck, the kiss was returned. A soft growl of desire, mixed with contentment rumbled through Kit's chest at the return of his affection, and when the kiss was broken, a happy smile remained.

Kit enjoyed hearing Fleta call him handsome, but couldn't help but tease back "Only fairly handsome huh?", his green eyes following Fleta's attention toward the food. Seeing the dried meat reminded Kit that he was hungry, something that had been completely forgotten in the moments of close contact with Fleta, and if he didn't suspect Fleta was hungry too, would have ignored his physical hunger for the more satisfying hunger for Fleta.

"I suppose we should eat some of our catch, huh?" Kit started with a slight bit of disappointment evident, his grin dampening slightly, but then coming back as an idea sprung into his head. With a mischievous look in the male's green eyes, Kit reached over with his free arm to pick out a strip of dried meat, and set it in his teeth so that half of it was playfully presented to Fleta. It crossed his mind that she might be the sort who was grouchy about others being too close to the food they were eating, but Kit was willing to risk it for the chance to mix affection and the more boring task of eating.

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If Terra could blush she would be as he teased her back, asking if she really only found him fairly handsome. If the truth was told, she loved his dark red fur, as intermingled as her own, if it covered him much more thoroughly than the simple small blanket on her back, leaving the rest of her a much more tame brown with red flecks. The way that the black curved around his body was amazing as well, something that she wanted to trace, figure out where it went. She managed to keep her hands to herself, luckily.

She grinned at the mention of the catch they had to feast upon. It was great, having been able to take the meal with someone else. Next time we'll go after a bear! It would be so much easier getting the food that way, and it would be fresh! She blinked as the meat was presented to her from Kit's mouth. Not one to back down Terra set her own teeth in it, meeting him in a kiss as she crunched down, swallowing down the meat. She grinned up, their noses touching. A hand had fallen on his leg as she leaned over, and shyly she pulled back, wondering if that had been okay.

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Kit chuckled lightly at Fleta's mention of going after a bear, instead of some unsuspecting merchant. It wouldn't be hard for Fleta to convince Kit to go on any sort of adventure with her, but even if the male was reckless, he couldn't help but find the idea of hunting bears as anything but dangerous. Maybe bears tasted really good, that was the only logic that came to Kit's mind anyways, on why someone would want to hunt such dangerous prey.

Fleta had gone along with Kit's not so orthodox way of sharing a meal, and while it felt awkward at first, Kit found himself enjoying the intimacy that came along with the fun little twist. Finding Fleta's hand on his leg was just a bonus, but one that was short lived as she shyly pulled back. Chewing a little bit, Kit soon swallowed his half of the meat, and then gently reached for the hand that Fleta only recently withdrew. "You don't need to be so shy with me Fleta, though it is kind of cute." Kit spoke in a soothing manner, his intent to try bringing Fleta's hand back to rest on his leg again, and if successful, bring another piece of meat with his teeth to see if Fleta wanted more.

Kit was happy, and content with how the day had gone up to that point. He had pulled off an exciting theft, with an attractive female, one he he already shared something special with. Even if the male couldn't quite describe what the feeling was that Fleta evoked in him, he knew that being around her was a desirable thing.

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