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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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The pair's travel had continued more north, her pack left farther and farther behind. She should have been nervous about moving like this while injured, but Kit held her trust. He wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. Right? They enjoyed the meat they had stolen, occasionally pulling a trick on a traveler that went by. There was so much she wanted to do and couldn't, stopped by her leg. At least Kit had found a way for them to use it to their advantage.

They were approaching packs again, and Terra slowed in her travels, reluctant to continue. Here were the bad packs. Packs where her friends were, but she didn't dare to approach. She felt dirty up here, like being a hybrid was something unforgivable, an abomination. Inferni hated her for her wolf blood, New Dawn for her coyote blood. She drew close to Kit, wishing that she was able to just burn the entire place clean, make the feelings go away.

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Shadow was in the area, things back at home were well and Shadow was on a trip to gather trinkets and items for his pack, Insomnia had been told of his mission and she was sad to see him go but with love and a few kisses here and there She knew he would come back as soon as he could, no longer would he leave for long periods of time and never again would he leave before saying something and letting her know.

Shadow picked up the words and the scent of one he had not seen for a little while, the last time being when she needed help with questions on love. He smiled as he was in his Optime form and he came from behind a tree with a cloak on but he held himself like an older wold would as he spoke and sounded like an old man as well.

Oh...oh my, I do think I am lost.. excuse me miss...I need help finding my way, I will pay you what I have in order to find my home again...please, will you help me.

Shadow made sure that his fur and his face was hidden in the darkness of the cloak and he smiled as he looked to the eyes of his mischievous friend Terra and her new friend, Shadow was playing a game and he knew how much Terra loved games, once she found out who he was, he was sure to get some happiness and joy out of her.

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Kit had happily traveled where ever Fleta wanted them to go in their adventures, green eyes constantly filled with happiness at the great times they had as both a pair of tricksters, and the exchange of affection that he loved partaking in. He wasn't sure what could ruin the amazing situation that the male had found himself in, but he also wasn't aware of the two packs nearby. So when he noticed that Fleta was moving slower, and maybe even a little on edge, Kit was ignorant of the cause, but quick to try soothing the female who had taken root in his mind.

"Everything okay Fleta?" Kit asked in a warm tone, genuine concern evident on the male's face, and would have accompanied his question with an affectionate kiss, if not for the appearance of a stranger. Green eyes moved to size up the newcomer, but with the cloak, and their behavior, Kit simply took them at face value as an older individual, and so didn't worry too much about Fleta's safety. Normally he wouldn't have concerned himself too much with helping a stranger, but mention of a reward caused his eyes to glitter a little bit.

"Hello there, I think we could help you out! Maybe you could give us some landmark which would be found near it? We might have passed something like that on the way here." Kit greeted the stranger, before pausing a moment in feigned embarrassment "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Kit, and this is Fleta, my mate.". It had been the story they had given every traveler up to that point, and out of habit, the male had stuck to it. If anything, being a young couple had seemed to get more sympathy out of their marks, and so he figured it might make the reward larger as well.

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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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Kit picked up on her worry, and Terra grinned brightly at him. There was nothing to worry about. They'd just head in a different direction. East, a place she hadn't investigated before, steering away from the other places. She would have responded, but an old wolf staggered out in front of them. She listened to the words, recognizing a trick when she saw one. The offer of a reward had Kit falling for it, prepared to hand themselves over to the cloaked thief. It was odd, especially since she was addressed before Kit was. She studied him, tightening her grip on Kit's arm.

She grinned brightly at the introduction, knowing that they couldn't be traced. After all, Fleta and Kit didn't exist. She didn't know who he really was, but that didn't matter. She was hidden, and that's what counted. Her nose twitched, and a sudden suspicion settled in. Releasing Kit she limped closer to the cloaked figure, sniffing him carefully. It was a New Dawn member. She knew all of them though, and none of them acted like this. Unless...Shadow?

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Shadow moved closer continuing to keep his back bent and he movement sluggish and then he smiled lightly from under the hood as he spoke again keeping the old man sound going. Oh my, I can't believe it, that you young lady...His voice slipped from old man to happy Shadow talking to his sister and the smile could be heard in his voice. Would actually fall for it. And you are suppose to be sly and cunning? Shadow chuckled deeply as he reached and removed the hood from his face and he beamed with excitement and happiness at seeing his little sister again. Shadows tail roared to life and fanned the area behind him and he moved close and opened his arms wide as he took his little sis into a big hug and he lifted her even and gave her a spin just like she use to dance and then he placed her softly back onto the ground and he looked her over and he studied her leg and then his eyes went to the other male and he nodded lightly as his face went from full joy to amused, it would seem Shadows big brotherly instincts were coming into play.

Well it is a pleasure to see you again, Fleta and it is a pleasure to meet you for the first time Kit. My name is Shadow I'm her unofficial big brother and good friend. Shadow knew of Terras need to give false names and identities so he would let her continue going by Fleta so that Kit didn't find out her true name knowing that she always wanted it a secret. He loved his little sis and would always do his best to keep her happy. Shadow stood tall and no longer was bent over and as he looked to the male he was pleased to see a look of shock on his face at seeing that the old man was really a huge, young, strong black wolf

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Watching the stranger, Kit was surprised to have Fleta release her hold on him, and start toward them. When the stranger revealed himself to be much younger, and to already know Fleta, Kit felt a little confused by what was going on. Then the two of them embraced, and Kit felt stunned by a strange feeling, jealousy. Mind started to wander at who they might be, and kept coming back to the strange fear that he might not be the only one in Fleta's life. Doing his best to hide the hints of jealousy in his features, Kit tried instead to focus on what was being said.

A little bit of worry joined the jealousy at realizing how hard it would be to keep Fleta as his, if the stranger was indeed some sort of competition. Kit wasn't a very good fighter, and their size difference would have made it a rather one sided confrontation anyways. Which only brought up the awkward question of whether he could even lay claim to Fleta, since they had not exactly exchanged any sort of agreement. The closest was his giving a necklace to her, and Kit doubted that was enough.

The feeling of jealousy drifted away at finding out who the male was, as Kit doubted he would have to fight someone labeling themselves as "big brother" for Fleta's affection. Though he still felt wary, probably because he wondered about how well they would take the sort of relationship that Kit, and Fleta had been partaking in. "Ah, good to meet you Shadow. Are you from around here? Or from the same area as Fleta?" Kit spoke in reply, his words pleasant, but not quite as confident as they normally were.

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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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The voice slowly slid into Shadow's familiar voice. Terra laughed out loud. Hey! I caught you, didn't I? Her tail wagged, embracing him brightly. Such a tiny creature, she was easily scooped up. Spun around Terra leaned back, letting the wind tug on her hair, enjoying the feeling of being so free, even if it was just an illusion Shadow gave her for a moment. Put back on the ground she nuzzled him again, completely ignorant of what was being exchanged between the two males.

Shadow readily went along with the false names provided, a small frown appearing before fading again. She had chosen to lie to Kit, so it shouldn't matter if Shadow did as well. She beamed brightly, moving back to Kit's side, wishing that she could move as lightly as she felt, instead of limping a little in her rush. His lack of confidence was a little surprising to hear, until Terra remembered what kind of relationship she had with Kit, ears flattening slightly with embarrassment. They quickly popped up from the questions, pushing the feelings away. We come from different places. He helps me increase my stealth.

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Shadow smiled as Terra answered for him about where he came from and what he taught to her and then he chuckled as his tail moved lightly behind him. Don't forget that I also play your silly games and often beat you. Shadow smiled big as he looked to newly named Fleta and her friend Kit and he recalled Kit saying that Fleta was his mate. A slight baring of teeth just so happen to go to his face but he smiled hiding that fact and he looked Kit over and crossed his arms. So...your her mate huh?...hmm Shadow couldn't help but lightly walk around the two using his eyes and his senses to size up the short male, shorter than himself anyway. After Shadow walked around completely and was back standing in front of them he shrugged.

I guess he will have to do, I'll have to fight him to really get to know him better.
Shadow looked serious as he said that part and it would have been believable if not for the subtle wink he shot in Terra's direction. So Fleta, knowing you I would have to think that you have been up to no good while we have been apart no? And I'll also guess that your new mate here has joined you in your antics? Shadow chuckled again lightly as he looked the pare over, they were a cute pare no doubt but Shadow liked seeing that uncertainty in Kits eyes.

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Everything was going well enough Kit supposed, in that the male turned out to be more of a relative, then a potential rival for Fleta's affections. That was at least soothing to the male's worries about needing to compete for the joy of waking up beside the pretty female he had been traveling with. Then things started to get edgy again, starting with Shadow's crossing of his arms, and beginning to act a little strange about the revelation that the two were mates, or at least to his story of them being mates.

It felt like the larger male was sizing him up, or weighing him, a not so pleasant feeling when Kit was well aware that he would not have fared well against the larger male, at least he didn't believe that he would. As though hoping that Fleta would talk Shadow out of fighting him, Kit turned his gaze toward the female, and tried to non-verbally ask for some sort of help. He wasn't a fighter, and the last thing he wanted to do, was get beaten down in front of Fleta, the one he had fallen head over heels for.

Paying more attention to Fleta, he noticed that she seemed embarrassed, and it didn't take much effort for Kit to believe she might be embarrassed by his straight forward declaration of them being mates. Upon hearing Shadow's last few words however, Kit saw the opportunity to try swaying the conversation in a different, less confrontation direction, and took it "We've been having fun traveling together ya, a few adventures here and there.". On a whim, Kit tried moving closer to Fleta, and nuzzling at her face in an affectionate manner. Possibly a mistake, with the "big brother" around, but it wasn't like not seeing things would change the fact that they happened, or so Kit thought.

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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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Terra frowned up at Shadow, pouting over the truth of the matter. Her wagging tail belied how serious she was though. She absolutely loved the challenges he gave her, tests and puzzles that helped her get better and better at her games, her delight clear at the mention of playing. Terra was still unaware of the tension that she'd inadvertently caused with Shadow and Kit, playing the part of his mate. She did feel a tinge of unease when Kit was circled, eyed up like so much meat to take apart. She frowned a little, though it dissipated into giggles at the wink sent her way. Kit was fine.

Her tail wagged happily, thinking over the trouble she'd been getting into. I would never cause any trouble Shadow. You should know that! Kit's just as golden as me. Mock horror flooded her face as she tried to play the part of an innocent, everything well in her world and nothing for Shadow to fret about. She smiled as Kit moved closer to her, glad to share how much fun they'd been having. Tons of fun. Nuzzled Terra ducked slightly, a little embarrassed but also pleased by the attention. She loved being around Kit. Loved. Did she love him? Terra still wasn't sure, not quite understanding what love was. She just knew she wanted him to stay with her, be hers.

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Shadow smiled lightly as he looked to Kit and then he looked to Fleta. He chuckled lightly and crossed his arms as he looked them both over and he shook his his head as he looked to them, disbelief in his eyes and a large smile to boot.You, Innocent, Ha! And I'm a large teddy bear that's to weak to hurt a fly.I know you are always up to no good and now you have a partner in crime. But I don't care I'm just happy to see you are well and that your leg is doing better. I was interesting to know what happened after I dropped you off at that pack.

I'm glad your okay Fleta...I've missed ya, and I'm happy to see that you have someone dear to your heart. You know you are always welcome to visit me at New Dawn, Augustus is a hater of what your are but the others, we care about everyone and if I had to I would protect you once again and make sure no one messes with my little sister.Shadow tail started to move fast again as he let the act of fighting Kit fade away and his normal happy friendly behavior came out as he looked to them.

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When Kit first heard Fleta try to portray the both of them as saints, it was hard for the male to contain his laughter at how untruthful a statement it was, but remained silent in the interest of not giving away what might be their cover. Before he could back up Fleta's words with his own, Shadow revealed that he didn't buy any of it, but was friendly enough in how he revealed that belief. A soft smile was Kit's only reply to the embarrassment that seemed to sweep over Fleta, even if the trickster within wanted to make some sort of suggestive comment to remind everyone present of what Kit thought was a claim on the female.

"I wouldn't want anyone messing with your little sister either, so count me in if someone does." Kit commented, though knew that in an actual fight he wouldn't be as useful as the male would have liked. If it didn't involve quick hands, smooth talking, or ladies, he simply wasn't that good at it. Mention of something called New Dawn piqued Kit's interest slightly, especially since he gathered that it was tied to some that didn't like Fleta.

"So is New Dawn a pack? I'm rather new to this part of the world, though Fleta is an excellent guide." Kit inquired from shadow, but turned his focus slightly toward Fleta when mentioning her role in showing him around. Learning about the various major groups in the area was a tidbit of knowledge that Kit had been meaning to learn from someone, at some point, but kept getting distracted by other pursuits, namely Fleta, and other pretty faces that had popped up before the fateful day he had fallen more fully for the trickster he had for a partner.

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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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Laughter met her adamant statement of innocence, a smile tugging on her lips, threatening to grow even larger. Her tail wagged behind her as he stated his pleasure. That pack? It's Court de Miracles! My home, pack to a thousand scoundrels. She grinned, knowing that it wasn't the truth but still enjoying talking about it. Her pack wasn't exactly large, and most definitely not a home for thieves, but it did accept all types and quite gladly, even her with no questions asked. Just how she liked it.

She smiled, accepting the offer of protection. Of course, this would make Kit curious about the pack. Hearing that he would fight for her set her tail wagging even more rapidly, though it diminished a little with the curiosity. I suppose I have been neglecting my duties. New Dawn is a pack for pure wolves. A little bit south is a pack that's supposed to be for coyotes, Inferni, but they act the same as a wolf in my mind. The pack we're closest to is Anathema though. It's a strong pack, not one to mess with. Hopefully that would keep him from poking too closely at New Dawn, holding this rapid flow of information.

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Shadow listened to the two and then he he looked around as his tail continued to move lightly and slowly he moved over to a tree trunk that looked old and breaking down and he pulled his hand back and looked to the two lightly as he winked and then he sent his punch out and the bark roared as it snapped and the old tree without limbs fell over. He then walked over to it and sat down on it as he used it for a seat and then he casually looked over to the two and crossed his arms again. So...other than causing mayhem and most likely tricking others, what else have you and my little sister been up to? You have told me that you have been venturing around but what else? Anything interesting happen while I've been away?

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Kit listened intently as Terra explained the various packs, and was amused that she had cast herself as his guide. The New Dawn pack did not sound like the sort of place Kit would have enjoyed being around, since he knew full well that he was only half wolf, and from her description, Inferni might be just as intolerant of his mixed blood. Kit looked a little interested by the Anathema pack, since strong packs usually had things to steal, but Terra's warning had also served to dampen that line of thought, if at least for the moment.

Shadow moving caused his attention to draw toward him, and for a moment, wonder what he was up to. The sudden display of aggression toward the old tree was not something Kit understood, but supposed everyone had things they liked to do, and wasn't going to give him a funny look about knocking an old tree down. His question about what all they had been up to brought a small smirk to his face, one that could have been interpreted as amusement over the tricking of others. In reality though, the smirk was from the fact that the two of them had been up to much more then that, but it was not the sort of thing he would brag to someone playing the role of Terra's big brother.

"Just exploring, spending time together, that sort of thing." Kit replied, his green eyes turning to look at Terra in an affectionate manner.

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