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Thana wandered around, bored as usual. She had nothing to do until Amy called for her. She had just given Isa the items she traded Amy for so she was still somewhat in the area. For now at least. Amy would probably call for her soon though so it would be best to head back to Anathema borders. She had a little time to relax and just walk around though. Thana had allowed Abbadon to wander around and graze for a little while, not seeing a point in him needing to be right beside her.

She wondered if anyone was around, she wanted to be entertained. Entertainment for her could be quite a few things though depending on her mood.

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It had been a few days since his not so successful thieving attempt on the two females, and as a result, Kit had become a little more reluctant to be so bold, at least for a little while. There would be always be moments where Kit felt the need to try his luck, but laying low for a few days had seemed the right thing to do. So when he came upon a female within the ruined city, Kit at first wondered if he shouldn't just keep walking. Deciding that as long as he kept his paws to himself, nothing bad could come from the encounter, Kit decided to make himself known by completely turning around the corner of a building, and greeting in a cheerful voice "Hello there, another traveler looking for interesting things? Or are you just enjoying the sights?".

There was a teasing edge to the end of his words, a product of Kit's own dislike for how rundown and disused the city seemed to be. Without much fear of a female, regardless of how poor of a fighter he was, Kit simply walked closer. Green eyes looked them up and down as a way to enjoy the sight, rather then a way to truly size up a would be opponent, and from his grin, it could be seen that the view was good. "You can call me Kit." the male added, and simply assumed it would get him a name in return.

Even as Kit decided that the female was a looker, he found himself comparing them to Fleta, and finding that Fleta scored more highly. It wasn't something he would ever share with the female, and Kit knew there was probably some bias just from what they had shared together, but his mind wandered in that direction no matter how hard he tried to stop it.

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Thana picked up the male’s scent as he came around the corner. He greeted her in a very cheerful voice, something she wasn’t used to. Just looking for something to entertain myself. She smirked a little and looked the boy over. He wasn’t bad looking; he was decent. Pretty short though. At least two feet shorter than her. It was rather sad when a female was larger than a male who was the same age.

Kit huh? I’m Thana. What brings you out here all alone? He would have been perfect, he came right to her. She could have taken his pelt without anyone even finding out for a while but she wasn’t looking for that kind of entertainment at the time. Kit looked her over and she wasn’t quite sure if she liked the looks.

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So they wanted to find some entertainment, it was a goal that Kit could understand, his own desire for random thrills having driven him to be such a wanderer, and scoundrel. "Entertainment huh? what sort of entertainment are you looking for?" Kit teased, a slight playful grin forming on his face, and completely unaware of the real meaning behind the female's smirk. If he had realized she was thinking of taking his pelt, Kit would have already been bolting in the opposite direction, but nothing had stood out as dangerous about the female, aside from their size difference.

"Thana, a pretty name..." Kit complimented with a pleasant twist to his voice, possibly giving the suggestion of light flirting, before continuing "I'm just out exploring, seeing if I can't run into someone, but she doesn't seem to be around.". It had seemed harmless enough to confirm he was alone, and looking for a female that he knew, and if she did not stop him, would end his words a few steps away from the much taller female. Up close, that size difference was much more noticable, as he had to look up toward her, which made him a little nervous, but was able to brush that feeling off quick enough.

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A sly look form on her face at his words. I haven’t entirely decided what type of entertainment I want yet. He seemed to be in a bit of a playful mood, even gave a little hint of flirting. Perhaps the boy was looking for a good time. He complimented her and then mentioned wanting to run into someone. Mate run out on you? The way he spoke didn’t make it seem like she was his mate and Thana didn’t really care either way.

He did, however, confirm he was there alone. Such a big mistake if she had been in the mood to sink her teeth into his flesh. He was only a few steps away from her at that point, forcing her to look down to talk to him. Feeling a little flirtatious huh? Normally, she would have never allowed another to get so close, but she wanted to have a little fun with him, get him to trust her and then use him however she wanted. She really did love toying with others emotions and so far, Kit was making it too easy.

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Kit was unsure how to respond to that fact that his flirting hadn't seemed to gain him the upper hand, his experience always being that being aggressive flirting tended to at least make them a little shy. Thana however was not fitting into the male's expectations of how their meeting should go. Not letting that deter him however, Kit did his best to just respond with his usual confident voice "Oh? Do you have a list of what your deciding between?". There was a hint of teasing, another attempt to gain the upper hand with words, but still not aware of the danger the much larger female could present to him.

Mentioning Fleta as his mate instead found Kit as the one caught off guard, his green eyes blinking a little bit at the strangely enticing idea. Kit knew the dangers of taking a mate, and ultimately being tied down in one place, it was something he generally avoided, but for some reason was intrigued that time around. Recovering from his obvious pause, Kit responded "Not quite...", but in a slightly less confident voice. The male was quick to seize on mention of his flirting to draw his attention away from the confusing mish mash of emotions, as well as cover up his earlier pause.

"Well, I suppose you could say that. How about you?" Kit said in the same teasing voice, but grinned along with it.

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It seemed Kit was trying to get her to respond like most woman would when being flirted with. Perhaps she should. It would make him feel as though he was in charge and she could gain his trust before she figured out what she wanted from him. She gave him a little flirtatious smile as she spoke. I might have a few things I’d like to do. Why so interested? She did her best to make herself appear all sweet and innocent like Isa.

Kit seemed surprised when asked if the woman was his mate. Not quite? Well maybe that’s a good thing. Then you aren’t tied down to just one girl. Thana looked down his body before meeting his eyes again. I might be. She smiled and reached her hand out towards him. Dragging a single finger down his chest to his belly, her claw pressing against his flesh lightly. What’s on your mind Kit?

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Kit was pleased that the discussion had been directed away from talk of mates, and back toward the more amusing verbal games he enjoyed so much. She still made the comment of not being tied down, which made Kit wonder if that was why talk of having a mate was so awkward for him. It was just something he would consider at another time, after having his fun trying to get under Thana's skin.

"Well Thana, I'm interested, because I might be able to help with whatever they are, you never know." Kit responded, to what sounded like an innocent female. Thana's finger tracing down his chest to his belly though was not really in line with that image, and sent a light shiver through Kit's body. It wasn't what Kit had really expected, and his reply to the question of what was on his mind, was preceded by a noticeable delay "Eh, what do you think is on my mind?". Kit was used to being the one who initiated everything, and to try regaining that position, moved his hand out to try resting his palm against the outside of Thana's thigh.

Kit hoped that the female didn't pick up on the slight nervousness that he felt, a mixture of uncertainty from thinking about Fleta during the encounter, and Thana's forwardness.

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He seemed happy that the conversation was turned away from the female he had mentioned. It didn’t matter to her if he had a mate or not. If she was interested she would get her way and make this boy her little plaything. She would make him think he had the upper hand and was in control when in reality, Thana would just be waiting to toy with Kit. She smirked when he spoke. You think so? Well I’m looking to have a little fun. Still interested? Thana put a little emphasis on the word fun and reached out to him, lightly scraping a single claw along the bottom of his jaw.

Thana loved teasing males and Kit was making it all too easy. Her last question was answered with another question after an obvious delay. She walked around him, getting a good look at his body and brushing her tail against him as she walked by. Facing him again, she gave him a little smile as she spoke. I can’t read your mind Kit, if I could, I wouldn’t have asked you. He was clearly nervous and Thana gave him a look, trying to appear as innocent as possible. I’m not making you nervous am I?

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Thana wasn't nearly as shy about the direction things were going, as Kit had expected the female to be. He wasn't quite sure if he liked that, or if it made him more nervous then happy. It wasn't a certain thing, but Kit was fairly sure he knew what Thana had meant by a little fun, and Kit shivered a little at having the female's claw run under his jaw. Thoughts that had been playful, slowly drifted toward more carnal daydreams, and sending his heart to pump a little faster.

There was still the question of if he should take up the stranger on her offer, even after noticing how strangely forward they were. Even while thinking however, Kit couldn't keep his hands to himself, his hand reaching out to touch at the female's flank as she brushed past him. "A little fun huh? I'm not sure we are thinking of the same thing, but what I am thinking of would be a lot of fun, not a little." Kit shot back in a teasing manner, even if his voice carried a little bit of indecision.

Physically he wanted what was rolling through his mind, but was not so certain about the risk of the female wanting more then the one night. Kit's experiences up to that point had taught him that sleeping with a female was pleasurable, it was something to be desired, but also that he always found himself looking back to the first one he had experienced that bliss with. "A little nervous, but not so much that I don't want to know what kind of fun you are after." teased the male, his hands moving to try pulling Thana a little closer.

Kit planned to lick at Thana's chin, a test to see just how interested she was, and a non-verbal cue that he was going to at least investigate what sort of fun they would be having.

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Kit shivered as her claw ran along his jaw. It was fun to toy with him, rather simple too. It seemed too easy to get the boy interested, feeling his hand reach out and touch her flank as she walked by. She crossed her arms and in doing so, pressed her already rather large breasts together. A lot of fun huh? I suppose you’re right, a lot of fun would describe it much better than just a little. She gave him a little seductive smile as she looked him up and down again.

When asked if she made him nervous, Kit admitted to being a little nervous, and still pretended not to know what kind of fun she was talking about. He pulled her closer and liked her chin. To tease him a bit, Thana licked just below his ear and then nipped it softly before whispering in his ear. You know what kind of fun I’m after.

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Everything seemed to be moving to Thana's tune, and not his own, a situation that Kit wasn't ever fond of. The male was used to being the one who sweet talked, and teased the other party into where things looked to be heading. Nervous about how he seemed to be the one being directed, instead of the other way around, Kit almost wanted to back out of what he knew would be another intoxicating experience. Thana's words, and the way she touched him continued to make that harder to do as the moments passed.

"I think I do know what kind of fun your after..." Kit replied in an obviously interested voice, green eyes a bright at the closeness of the female. It would have been so easy to just maneuver Thana to the nearby stone wall of some ruined building, and release the growing tension inside of himself, but Kit hesitated out of a nagging feeling in the back of his mind.

The hesitation was not everlasting however, and Kit started to move, while trying to keep Thana close to him, his destination the nearby wall. "Just to be sure, maybe you should spell it out for me." Kit teased, hesitation remaining in his voice. A small part of him almost hoped he was wrong, and mostly out of a nagging feeling about how many females he had been with since Fleta. Each of whom had left him thinking of that first night, where he had learned about what Thana was tempting him with. Somewhere in there also, was the nagging memory of Molca, a guilty nag, that the majority of Kit wished to leave his mind.

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It seemed everything was going her way. The boy was easy to ensnare in her trap. Thana would get what she wanted from the boy and be on her way, but once she was in the mood again she would seek him out and use him again. It was the only thing he would be good for in her mind. And if he wasn’t any good, then maybe she could skin him. Kit did have a rather nice coat.

He admitted to knowing what she wanted and moved back to a nearby wall. Thana’s back was up against the wall and Kit in front of her. She was pleased with the situation, knowing she was able to use him so easily. The smile on her face turned to a smirk though when asked to spell it out. Thana pulled him close to her, pressing her body against his as she kissed him. It was rather rough but she enjoyed it that way. Does that spell it out for you or should I be a little more specific? As she spoke, her hand traveled down his body and rested on his thigh. With a seductive smile on her face she gently pressed her claws against the skin on his inner thigh. Hopefully he would get the picture and would stop teasing.

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Kit's mind raced between guilt-fueled reluctance, and a growing want for the female that he was guiding to the nearby wall. It was a tug of war that became lopsided as he felt Thana finally against the wall, and was lost with the rough kiss that she placed on him, a kiss that he couldn't help but return. Any chance of turning back from what had started to transpire, that faded away with both Thana's words, and the feel of her hand on his inner thigh. "No, I know what you want now." Kit replied with less hesitation, and more lust in his voice, his green eyes locking with Thana's if he was able.

Kit's hands moved to start trying to slide along Thana, while his muzzle moved upward to try planting a sensual bite around Thana's neck. Their size difference quickly reminded Kit that the guilty pleasure he had been convinced to partake in, was probably going to be on the ground, and not against the wall. [b]"Lay down on your back Thana, and I'll give you that fun you want."[b/] the male growled softly, a lusty sound, that would have described what he was thinking quite well. After making his request, Kit would pull away from the wall, and Thana, to see if she listened.

If there was any doubt about the effect the encounter was having on Kit, the fact that his body was visibly ready to lay with Thana should have dispelled it.

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It seemed her intentions finally clicked in his mind. Was he slow or just stupid for her to have to spell out what she wanted? Either way would be just fine though. The stupid ones were always the easiest to toy with. Their eyes met and Kit tried to reach up and bite Thana’s neck. At least it seemed like that’s what he was trying to do. He failed miserably. That was the problem with short men, you always had to get down to their level.

Kit told her to lay on her back as he stepped away from her and the wall. Already? Their fun hadn’t even started yet. Thana always enjoyed teasing men first so getting right down to it didn’t sound like much fun. I have a better idea. She guided him to the ground so he was laying on his back with her on top. Thana leaned in and kissed him deeply before she started trailing kisses down his body. She stopped when her lips reached his stomach and she looked up at him with a seductive smile on her face as her tail moved back and forth slowly. Bringing her attention to his already erect member, Thana dragged her tongue along its length. She knew how most men reacted to it but it drove some crazy. Thana hoped Kit was one of the few it drove crazy, wanting to see him squirm.

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