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OCC: I would like Sam to post after me then there is no posting order. Npc charries: I play Lux Marks, Rain's daughter who is about one now and Sam plays Quintus Jarret Also one. They are adopted. PM me if you need any more information. Also Rain has a Stallion named Reno. All black Percheron or draft horse

He had yet to trade anything he had brought back from the states. He didn't want his family without a pack and as the lead male figure in the family it was his right to make sure they were safe. He could protect them but after Sam's run in with Amy again he wanted to make sure that nothing ever happened to her or his children again. He had packed them up late at night and left the beach, Lux and Quinn were on Reno, who was loaded down with his treasures from the states.

He was determined to find them a pack and followed the beach in hopes of finding one. By midmorning he had spotted pawprints from other wolves and a trial leading away from the water. He found territory markers not far from the beach and howled his presence. He had woken Lux up and he watched as the girl smiled and reached for him to help her down. She was still awkward in her optime form but she was getting better and she stood next to him, her tail wagging softly. <span style='color:purple'>"Where are we daddy? Is this to be our new home?"</span> she asked softly, clutching his arm. He looked down at her and smiled. <span style='color:green'>"I hope so baby girl, I hope so,"</span> he said as he waited for someone to come

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Yeah. What Deedee said <3

Word Count → IDK

It had been almost pandemonium in the mind of the silvery female, it seemed as if Rain was planning something, which only provoked excitement in the petite canine. Early that morning, she had gotten up and woken her son. Her mate had found the borders of a pack, and hopefully this would be the end of their detached wandering. The separation from a pack just was becoming painful, horridly scary. Especially when her children were involved. The last litter had been lost, her grey and white man had talked of starting another one. How anxious for it was he? Did he consider that she wasn't strong enough for another birthing? As Rain and Lux inspected and peeled around the line of the territory, Sam had managed to convince Quintus that he needed a bath. After much retaliation that was. They had slipped to a stream not far from her mate and daughter Sammi carefully brushing her hair as Quinn scrubbed himself in the stream. The pair had formed a special mother/son bond, ever since she had miscarried; ever since Rain left them. He had seen and felt her pain. Very simply special. "Do you think this is gonna work? I miss Anathema..." Quinn said softly as he stretched his arms into the air, orange eyes sad. "Me too...But your father wants to try something else now." Sam moved over to him, slipping the sheepskin cloak over her slender body. She rested a gentle hand on his shoulder, bright greenish eyes lighting up as Rain's howl cut through the air.

"That's our cue." Sam sighed, pressing her nose to her taller son and deciding he smelled pleasant enough. Quickly, Quinn slipped on his jeans and trotted with Sam to find Rain and Lux. They didn't have to go far, luckily. As they reached them, Sam kissed Rain on the nose and embraced her daughter. "You think this is right Rain? I hope so..." The lithe girl asked, placing a gentle hand on Reno's nose. "God I hope so."

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OMG ITS A JACE IN YOUR FACE!!! (<a href='http://i.imgur.com/gDhQi.png' target='_blank'>This be Enzo :D</a>)

It was a beautiful morning by the beach, the blue waters calm and still and a soft breeze that ruffled his fur as he stared out at the horizon wistfully. Between his paws he fiddled idly with his long wooden flute, the rough hewn instrument had served him well in learning the basics of playing a wind instrument but he was quickly finding it inadequate for his increasing skill. He was in thought about whether to make the trip to Cercatori to ask if they had one in better shape, maybe he could take Juliet with him too, she could visit with her mother while he sear4ched for a replacement. Still, as much as it was becoming obsolete he loved the small delicate looking thing.

Dusty ears flicked as a howl cut through the air. They pinpointed direction and distance within seconds, and the giant pulled himself slowly to his feet, gaining height until he stood at his full tallness, right foot four inches. At such a staggering height his head brushed the branches in the trees and leaves fell about his shoulders, catching in his long hair. His footfalls were heavy and loud and the large and deadly looking mace at his waist jingled almost merrily with each step. He covered the short distance quickly, large strides making for quick progress through Casa's landscapes.

The brute smiled as he caught the sparkling reflection of the rings pierced through the bottom of his right ear. They sucked in the sunlight and threw out shards with a colored jewel like sheen. Time eventually brought him to stand before a group of four, two obviously younger and two older. He looked down upon them, emerald and amethyst, and his deep voice rumbled out, sottish drawl held prominent throughout his speech,

<span style='color:green'>"Haww can ahh 'elp yee tahday?"</span>

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Rain stood his ground as the new commer approached.. Dang this wolf was tall. He had a lilt to his voice and Rain looked up to talk to the male. <span style='color:green'>"Hello Sir. I am Rain Marks and this is my mate Samantha and my son and daughter Quintus and Lux. I am looking for a pack that will protect and love my family and I. I also have things from my travels that I am willing to trade or give away. Things I have made and things I have traded. I am willing to do what it takes to keep my family safe,"</span> he said. He pointed to each one as he introduced them.

He noticed that the man carried a small flute. It looked well used and Rain wondered if the man would want a new one. He had crafted a few during his travels as had Lux and he had found others rather liked the instrument. <span style='color:green'>"I see you play the flute. I happen to have a few if you would like a new one. I craft them myself and test them to make sure they play only the finest tones. If you want..."</span> he said producing three of his best flutes to the large male.

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I been all night drivin' heifers
Closer in to lower ground
Then I spent the mornin' thinkin'
'Bout the ones the wolves pulled down

Word Count → 489 :: I was asked to go ahead and jump in here so we can get this moving. :3 Since there are so many people involved, we should probably have a skip policy so no one's kept waiting too long. <3

The dusty-colored man was finally getting back into the swing of his full duties. After his promotion, he’d only been driven to keep himself and the horses in good shape, patrolling often along the borders, springing gifts of flowers and cooked meat on Dixie when they managed to find a few minutes to be by themselves. Being a Sinistra did not mean more duties just yet, but he knew he had added unspoken responsibilities to better serve Anann and all of Casa di Cavalieri, whether through actions or council.

Today was not quite meant to be a patrol. He’d wanted to hunt instead, but his bad shoulder had prevented the frequency of shifted needed to do that and store the food and care for the horses. He’d started to learn how to make knots and snares, however, from toying with the twine often kept for Dixie’s baskets. He was no expert, but when he rode Fern along the game trail he’d been investigating the past few times, he found one snared rabbit.

Freeing the creature from the fishing line caught around its neck, he held it up for inspection then mounted the horse again. He tied the rabbit to the saddle, setting Fern at a walk again with a tiny tap of his heels.

A howl made the mongrel lift his head, and he frowned out of habit before turning the mare in that direction. They made good time, trotting along that section of border until the grass of the shore came into view. Not simply one, but four luperci stood waiting—with the giant’s shape of Lorenzo Knight standing before them.

Brow furrowed, Wayne bade the flaxen chestnut horse walk closer. They reached the edge of the boundary markings, and Fern whickered as she surveyed the black draft horse. Two of the wolves were children, he could see—a family of refugees?

Lorenzo asked the customary question, and the Labrador cross only stared at the family. He didn’t bother getting won from the horse; he was higher than both the loners and Enzo in rank, and he was still a little uncertain about the state of his injured shoulder. He wasn’t unduly suspicious of every newcomer, but he was still well-cautioned.

He caught most of what the head of the family—a white-grey wolf—answered to the question. He wanted sanctuary, but he was also showing off wares, quickly producing a trio of flutes for Lorenzo’s benefit.

Wayne McCoy spoke in his usual gruff drawl. “You ask for a pack to protect ’n’ love you, but what skills d’you have to offer in return, other ’n making flutes?” He remembered Amy, and he was a bit wary of this supposed merchant. “And why d’you choose Casa di Cavalieri over the other packs?” That was the question that always interested him the most—and it was important to him, he who had the rank to accept them now.

Wayne by Nat; table code from the Mentors!

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The first thing that struck him was how formal and polite the man's speech was. In a world like Enzo's where accents and mangled english were the normal it was a strange thing to behold. But he didn't hold it against the smaller man or his young looking family. The flutes however, they caught his interest, and he looked at them with something akin to longing. Even if whoever came did not approve them to join Casa, Enzo would still be interested in trading for the creations.

Hoofbeats announced the arrival of a mounted somebody and he turned his large head just in time to see the new Sinistra approaching them. He bowed his head respectfully to the higher ranked male and turned to see how this Rain Marks would answer the questions put to him. Although if he could craft other things as well as he could flutes then Enzo saw no reason to turn him away, carving ability was a valuble skill afterall, as he himself knew having failed so many times at it.

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*noms on Jace and Raze* I'm so so so sorry for being late...I suck.

Word Count → IDK

It wasn't long until someone came to their sides, a tawny male with bi-colored eyes. She had to smile at his accent, thinking it very friendly and warmth bringing. Rain took notice to the man's flute, leaving the grey-eared girl to look over, interested in the instrument. It seemed as if her mate was into advertising his trading, which brought on a small smile to the petite woman's face. He was always into business, which fared rather well in her azure eyes. Quinn looked over her shoulder to face the tall man, looking at the flutes curiously. "We came to look for a home..." His large ears drooped, even all the innocence in the world couldn't save him from the saddened expression he wore. "I miss my old home though too...We come from Anathema." Sam's hand moved back to pat the boy on the back, glancing up to meet the eyes of the other "Yeah I miss it too...I'm Samantha Jarret...And this is Quintus..." Large grey ears tipped back submissively, glancing to her family for another few words to supply.

It wasn't long however before another man came to their aid, a rugged cowboy who quickly filled in the rest of the polite words Rain had provided to the man who first greeted them at the borders. Tail waving softly, the young woman piped up In Anathema I was the Furcas. A healer, I have some skill in that division...Other than that, I can hunt? I believe Rain was a craftsman or a carpenter. It was strange to not be living in a cave anymore, not yet accustomed to the feeling of a blue sky over her head, or the lack of drops of water falling from a sturdy cavern roof. We don't know very much of Casa di Cavalieri...But we have been planning for a while to find another place to stay for the most part. Unfortunately our lack of knowledge puts us at a crossroad, yet from what we can see now, Casa must be a nice place to live, with the benefits of strength and good training. With her muzzle, the small wolf gestured to the mace at the side of the man with the bi-colored eyes. Joining your group gives us an opportunity to discover other skills however...My son can fight some, has sparred in the past. That is, if our current skills don't fare well enough. Sam smiled softly and stood back by Rain's side, having enough said after her rambling.


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I been all night drivin' heifers
Closer in to lower ground
Then I spent the mornin' thinkin'
'Bout the ones the wolves pulled down

Word Count → 302 :: Sorry for the awkward post; didn't want to keep you waiting! :3

Perhaps the cowboy was more cynical than he used to be, looking at the four strangers as more mouths to feed rather than mouths that needed fed. Every wolf could contribute something to a pack, though, and he knew that Casa di Cavalieri could make use of more members, especially if it ever came to war in the south like before. He shifted in the saddle and tried to be more open, even though it did nothing for his hard facial expression.

It somewhat surprised him that the woman spoke up this time, but he turned slightly kinder eyes on her. His brows lifted at mention of Anathema, however. “What made ya leave?” he asked, as they met again in a small frown. Selene had left her pack only after a short time, and now she was gone again; he hoped the reason was more substantial than hers had been, so she knew these wolves weren’t flighty, but he also didn’t want the strength of Anathema to come down on them in retaliation for something its former members did. He scratched at his jaw.

She mentioned their skills, and he nodded approvingly. Knowledge of healing would be useful with Regner being the only medic around, while the pack would need greater need of carpentry with the new construction going on. He followed her gaze to the mace and chuckled before looking the whole family over once again.

“Don’t see why you couldn’t join,” Wayne mused. “We could use a coupla wolves like you, and your children would get their training too. We fight for the ideal of peace here, but warrior or not, every luperci plays his part.” The Cavallo patted the horse’s neck and pulled lightly on the reins, urging her to step back so the others could enter the territory.

Wayne by Nat; table code from the Mentors!

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Welcome to Casa di Cavalieri!


Here are some things that we suggest you take a look at, now that you've been accepted:

  • Check out the Game to see how you can start collecting points for fun prizes!
  • Look at the Map and Territory Descriptions to see the various places your character can explore within the pack.
  • Look over the list of Co-Ranks that are available for you character to pursue once they reach the Veles rank.
  • Please read our Policies and IC Laws & Punishments so that you and your character can abide by Casa di Cavalieri's standards.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact either Melissa or and we will do whatever we can to help you! If you're ready to get to roleplaying right away, post in the Thread Requests forum or snag an Open Thread!

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Rain looked the man. <span style='color:green'> "They left because of me. I left the pack with Lux to trade my creations. I wasn't expecting to be gone so long. I am just happy we are together now,"</span> he said wrapping his arms around his wife as his adopted children came close. <span style='color:purple'>"Are we staying daddy? I think I like this place. Warmer then Anathema. People are nice too. Can I become a archer like you were teaching me daddy?"</span> said Lux as she held on to his arm.

When the man on the horse explained that they could stay Rain sighed in relief. <span style='color:green'>"Thank you kind sir. If there is anything you need made just find me. I know how to build things with word and know how to shape metal. I am willing to do what ever it takes to stay in this pack,'</span> he said bowing slightly to the man and stepping into pack territory as a family for the first time

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