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Early morning, Borgata Colotl, outskirts of the Ruins Wordcount: + 3

Dawn broke across the northern sky, pale and fragile, the dim night retreating into the depths of the world as soft eggshell blue spread across the heavens. She awoke, alone - This was unsurprising, for Itachi slept shortly, and rose early. The scent of him still clung to the pile of furs that made up their bed, and as consciousness slowly crept over her, China snuggled tightly into the furs, clinging onto the remnants of warmth where his body might have been.

She finally rose, just as the first rays of soft yellow light burst over the horizon, lighting the strange and mystical world outside. A thick mist had rolled in from the ocean overnight, and it danced between the sun's groggy rays, twisting and shifting and slowly dying into the mild, pleasant warmth of a spring day.

At last, spring. At last, winter had released its grip on the world she knew, the world that haunted the girl inside her own mind.

Nimble fingers straightened the small home. It was a beautiful little place - Itachi still had some work to do, patching the ceiling and mending the walls; But it was homey. It was home. A strange bought of loneliness caught her attention, and the willowy girl straightened slowly, her eyes wistful as they gazed out the door and into the growing daylight. Itachi could not spend all of his time with her. That was just the way of things. She still remembered the day when the monster - The King, Itachi had told her, King Sirius - Had come to them, and punished her love. Her happy glossy bubble, in which they were the only two to exist in the world, had burst, and realization had flooded in. Itachi had brought her to a pack, a Kingdom called Salsola. He had duties here; Had a king to answer to. There had been trouble recently, something about invaders, things that her golden savior had barely voiced; But he didn't need to. She had seen the worry in his face, beneath the blankness of his exterior. He had warned her not to go near the borders, not to wander far. There were dangers out there, in this world that was not just the two of them.

She played at being a good denwife. The bedfurs were taken outside and beaten with a stick, until the dust and dirt had fallen from them, and they were plush and supple again. She tended the tainted prince's belongings, cleaned and arranged; set strips of a rabbit he had brought home yesterday to dry in the sun on a flat, clean stone. There was no salt to treat them with, but the bland flavor didn't bother her. She absently chewed on a dried strip as she worked.

The bandage was tied about her upper arm, as usual, hiding an old scar. But an old friend had made it's way back into her appearance - Tucked into the bandage, as from old times, was the wooden pipe from her past. She had only played it a few times, but already the familiarity of it's presence on her person was welcomed.

The sun was swelling now, bursting over the trees to the east, spilling warm gold light across the rolling hills and pine copses of the borgata. Wrapping a soft doe-hide about her bony shoulders, the silver songbird emerged from her home, and tentatively began her ritual morning trek towards the main ruins. There was a small fresh-water pool nearby that she knew the path to well enough, where she could bathe and was her short grey hair, so that she might be pleasant to look upon for Itachi when he got home. The remaining mist swirled about her as she walked, and the girl clutched the doe-hide closer about herself, willing the warmth of the sun to seep into her bones.

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Draugr is by me!

Draugr was a creature comfortable with both day and night, cold and warmth. The world around her simply was -- immutable as it was, she was powerless to change her surroundings. She could no more force the sun to rise than she could turn her own skin from wolf to bear -- so it was that each season and each time of day went without notice on her part. Sunrises were beautiful, but they occurred daily, and young as she was, she had seen enough of them to begin finding them commonplace.

The sharp chill of morning was not so cold as it was in the depths of winter, and the drab-hued wolfdog knew the cold would disappear with the golden light of morning. Fog clung low to the earth, and she trotted through it in her four-legged form, low to the ground. She sought a meal or a plaything or a conversation, any of the above. Dra had not yet mastered the art of entertaining herself with thought or other quiet activities, and she frequently required a companion to keep herself entertained. Her rank saved her the troubles of the adult world, though she was aware of her pack's current situation. Still, it did not concern her until she undertook her task, and she still felt she was not yet ready for such things.

The deep beige youth prowled close to a small pool, a dip in the earth that was fed by rainwater or an underground stream, but stopped a moment to peer over the water's edge at herself. Draugr had no mirror and was unfamiliar with her own face. The adult's gaze that stared back at her was surprising, and the youth settled to her haunches and leaned closer to the water, lavender eyes narrowing as she studied the darkness of her own muzzle, the pale silver blaze between her eyes, and even the odd color of her fur. It was almost red-brown, almost gray, but not quite either of the two. It almost was the color that ran along mama Siv's belly, she knew, but not quite that shade, either.

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Slowalaine strikes again Wordcount: + 3

The empty hillocks rolled away from her, vast and dotted with copses of pine and crumbling remnants of stone. There was something truly entrancing about the land here, and China allowed herself to contemplate it, as she meandered slowly amongst these relics. The girl had a poetic soul, and noted beauty in most everything - Such was the way she had been raised, back in the days of Juniper Peace. Each dawn palette was a blessing, each birdsong another little joy. Perhaps it was these teachings, this method of life, that had saved her from the pits of despair. Few these days seemed to see the beauty in much. More likely, it was another weakness that made her exploitable, another flaw in the beautiful female's sickly interior.

Her step was light, and silent. The coyfolk were known for such a walk, and China more-so, as for all appearances she was pureblood. Her frame was delicate, almost to a fault; Her facial structure sharp and pixie-like, crown topped with large satellite ears. Even now, her gate had an ethereal elegance to it - Like dancing, but without the intent. As the warmth of the sun spread lucidly through her, she allowed herself to become more fluid, rising from the slow walk into an easy, effortless jog, and from that a gleeful, bounding sprint.

It felt good to run again, to have the ability to run again. Physically, she had mended well, from her prior illness. Even so, it did not take much to tire her, and as the silver dove burst into the small glad which held the pool, she was aware of the ache in her muscles, the burning in her lungs. It took her a split second to become aware of the other presence; Soft, eggshell-blue eyes spotted the seated hybrid and grew round with sudden fear. Her body, previously in motion, came to an awkward stillness - like a doe caught in the headlights, she was frozen. Nobody had ever been at the pool before, not when she had been there - her mouth formed a small 'o' of surprise. The soft doe-hide, which had been grasped in one hand as it fell from her shoulders during the short run, slipped now from the girl's blushing fingers and flopped to the ground.

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(--) How dare you. 8B

Draugr is by me!

The sounds of an approach caught the wolfdog's ears, and she held herself there, seated beside the pool. Her ears twitched atop her head, rotating this way and that as she sought the source of the sound. It grew larger, and as she identified its location, another came sliding through the underbrush and into the opening in the trees. Dra did not startle at this, but looked at the woman with strikingly pale eyes, her face calm. This one smelled of Salsola and was, without a doubt, a fellow packmember. There was nothing to fear here.

Nothing and less, for the woman seemed almost afraid of Draugr. She dropped the thing she'd been carrying, and it slid down to reveal a slight form, more slim and dainty and petite than Dra could ever hope to be. There was no jealousy within the dust-hued wolfdog, however, and she merely looked on the other woman's body with an appreciative glance, entirely lacking in any desire. Dra was not yet a sexual being -- while she had an inkling here and there.

Hello, the youth murmured, pale eyes once again on the woman's face. Her four-legged form was not quite dwarfed by the silver woman, but Dra did have to look up at her, all the same. I'm Draugr, I don't think we've met, she said, introducing herself with an uncertain smile.

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I suck so bad, I don't even- Wordcount: + 3

There was an inherent nervousness to her now, that had not always been there. Once, she had been like her sisters - A carefree thing, a flickering flame that danced and danced in the darkness. But her heat had been doused by a madman with red eyes and a sinner-price who held his blood, and her blood, in his veins. Now she was a flighty thing, taught to be so by their cruel world.

Still, she was not an absolute fool, and no longer totally blinded by her fear. The solitude and quiet with Itachi, in their little hut on the hillock, had done well for her illnesses, both physical and mental. She retained enough of that health now to pause, to remain still rather than flee, as the ghost of that old terror would bid her do.

After a few deep breaths, China became more aware of the situation, more welcoming to the information that awaited her eyes and ears and nose. The little she-wolf seated by the water smelt familiar, with the same tinge that clung to Itachi's familiar musk. She was a packmate, not one of the threatening intruders that her golden keeper had warned her of. The little songbird blinked large blue eyes, docilely, at the other girl, and her large coyote ears pricked forward as speech washed over her.

Draugr was given another startled blink before the frozen statue came back alive. "Oh," She squeaked again, this time in an unsure tune. Rounded, owlish pupils darted around the small glade, seeking any others that might be present. Reassured of the fact that the two of them, at least, were alone, China's gaze returned to the other. "Oh, hello. N-no, I don't think we have," Her voice was soft, shy. She had not spoken to anyone aside from Itachi in a long time. Some familiar instinct kicked back in, and she moved to pick up the deer hide from the ground and fiddle with it, awkwardly. "My name is-... My name is China." Came the songbird's soft coo again, and a fragile smile curved up her pixie maw.

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Draugr is by Haley!

Draugr was not used to the emotion of fear -- it was perhaps her inexperience which led to the delay in realizing just what the silvery coyote was showing her. The wolfdog gawked quizzically at the rust-splashed woman, not comprehending until she took the deep inhales of breathing meant to steady oneself. Then, and only then, did the Associate recognize the fear smell on the silvery woman. She withdrew, scooting back a step or two, pale eyes curious and almost afraid herself. Why was she afraid? She smelled like Salsola, she was was of Salsola -- what did she have to fear? Perhaps they were being attacked again -- but no alarm had been sounded. The air was still and quiet as it had been moments ago.

The drab hybrid was almost afraid the woman would run, but she blinked, and then spoke. It was only a word -- or perhaps a sound -- but it was something. She looked around, ascertaining their isolation, and spoke again, recognizing her nakedness and picking up the hide she'd dropped. Draugr settled to her haunches slowly, a gesture rife with uncertainty. Why are you afraid? We're in Salsola. There's no one who can hurt us here, the wolfdog said, tone far more curious than it was chiding.

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