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Foredated to April. 13. Sorry for the length, I had no idea I liked describing old ruined places so much.

The orange coyote was traveling among the ruins of Halifax. Her bow was carried in one hand for protection, and her quiver was on her back. Still-healing scars marred her shoulder and hip, covered in cloth and dried blood. They stung, of course, but Alma wouldn't let that get in the way of her duty; the clan needed more supplies, if these wolf attacks were to continue. Besides, she needed to learn to ignore pain if she was ever to become a good warrior.

Her eyes scanned the ruins and wreckage, finding very little of use. She would probably have to go inside one of those buildings to find something useful, but she was hesitant to do so. Unlike her clan's buildings, these were unlikely to be maintained and there was a greater risk that one might fall on her head while she was inside. Still, she knew what she had to do, and decided she'd pick one that was made of a strong, sturdy substance like brick or stone.

Alma took a deep breath, and walked through the threshold of a building with an open door. Inside, the bits and pieces of the ceiling had fallen in, though the walls were fortunately still intact. Rotting furniture decorated the inside. The first room held the faint scent of others, as if it'd been picked over before. The coyote stepped carefully to avoid the debris on the floor, and wandered into the next room.

A refrigerator had fallen to the floor, though Alma wouldn't have recognized it as such unless someone told her. A particular smell came from it, and mold grew on the edges of its doors. She wrinkled her nose, and tiptoed past it. There was a stove and an oven, but neither did Alma recognize what those were, either. They just looked like masses of rusty steel. She had to wonder what they were used for, although she knew she would probably never find out.

The wood cabinets were littered with holes from termites and bugs. The hinges had rusted off, and so there were no doors blocking her view of the inside. Alma crouched down beside them, and found herself staring at nothing at all. There were a few rusted scraps of metal inside, but nothing else. If there was ever anything inside, someone else had gotten to it before her. Frustrated, she stood up and went through each and every drawer in the room. Nothing but rust, and bits and piece of things that she had no use for.

She went through the closets and the first bedroom in fairly short order; what was there was rotted, and of little use to her. In the last room, the ceiling had fallen in over the bed and a mass of debris obscured what was underneath. Everything else in the room - the closet, the nightstand - had been picked over, but Alma suspected that if there was anything of worth in this house, it'd be buried underneath that pile. The coyote set her bow aside, and began the long, arduous task of digging through the rubble.

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OOC: Sorry its kind of short, and I wasn't entirely certain what form she was in (assumed Optime, which is what Kit is in). Tell me if I didn't give you enough to work with. :)

Kit wandered through the worn down ruins of Halifax, the black and reddish orange male unsure of what he was looking for. It had only been a few days since he last saw Fleta, but he wanted to see the female again, and sort of hoped he would find the female again, even if it was by falling into another of her traps. All of the buildings looked so similar to Kit, each one potentially full of danger, or treasure, but the particular building he passed made itself stand out. There was the faint sound of something from inside, and after a moment of considering the risk versus potential reward, the male started to sneak inside.

Caution was the theme for his entrance, and nostrils flared at an unfamiliar scent, a female if he had guessed right, but just because they were female, didn't mean Kit planned to just barge in. If nothing else, he figured it would be more fun to surprise whoever it was, and maybe get to see what the noise was about. Regardless of whether it was a good idea, or if the female had noticed him coming, Kit planned to peer around the corner to see just who he had stumbled upon. "Hey there, whatcha up to?" Kit teased before walking out into the open, his green eyes looking the female over, and making no effort to disguise that was what he was doing.

Kit took note of the bow near the female, and decided it was best not to stray too far from the corner, just in case they were the sort that liked adding holes to nosy males. Aside from the potential danger however, the male liked what he saw, and wondered if she would be receptive to his silver tongue, or if he would end up barking up the wrong tree. A distraction, something to pass the time while he waited for Fleta to show up again, that was what he needed.

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Alma is nearly always in Optime form, so you're correct. I think I've rped her one whole time in any other form. >.>

She was starting to make some progress on the pile. Debris flew every which way, although she made a point to avoid her bow. With the speed she was going, it shouldn't have been surprising that her progress was noisy, and rather noticeable. It dampened the sound of footsteps behind her, to the point that Alma hadn't noticed the other coyote approaching until he started speaking.

Her hackles rose at the voice, and she whirled around to face him. Ears pointed up and hair-standing on end, she eyed the male as if trying to determine the threat he posed to her. The attack from the dog, as well as the attack on Inferni had all urged her to a much more paranoid lifestyle. She noticed his red-orange fur and coyote features, and made the conclusion that he was a hybrid like her. She relaxed slightly; although this coyote didn't smell of Inferni, she thought it was unlikely that he would attack. She rarely had trouble with other coyotes.

"Scavenging. The female answered, at last. She didn't pick up the teasing tone in his voice, and took his question at face-value. The rust coyote was better at picking up social signals than when she first came to Nova Scotia, but any flirting simply went over her head. "I am looking for useful... items for my clan." The coyote gave a glance to the pile she had been digging through, and kicked a few more bits of debris away with her foot. "It is not going so well."

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The reaction to Kit's presence wasn't too surprising, since he had snuck up on the female, but it was a little stronger then he might have thought. It wasn't as though he had charged around the corner, or been aggressive in his tone of voice, but Kit just took what he saw as an aggressive stance in stride. What was surprising though, was that after how spooked she had seemed, that she actually told him what they were doing.

"Scavenging huh? I suppose I could see value in some of the junk that pops up in these old ruins, at least for trading and such. Sounds kind of boring though, maybe you could take a break, and I'll keep you company?" Kit spoke smoothly enough, and was beginning to feel a little more comfortable that she wasn't going to try and shoot him, since the bow remained on the ground. That new found confidence led to the male approaching closer, while his green eyes looked over what Kit assumed was a fellow coyote hybrid.

"At least, I certainly wouldn't mind keeping a pretty face company. Maybe get to know one another, or something. To start, you can call me Kit" Kit quickly spoke, the male not entirely certain what he hoped to gain from the female, other then the rise of trying to flirt up a pretty face. He wasn't sure he wanted more then that, but there was the chance some trinket they unearthed might be worth trying to gather up for himself.

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His suggestion to take a break was met with a perplexed stare. "I just star- well. This is the first time I've been anywhere close to success." She recalled the empty cupboards with a slight frown. Once again, she did not get what he was hinting at; she figured if anything, he simply wanted conversation with another coyote. Outside of Inferni, she rarely saw one - then again, she didn't travel outside of Inferni often.

"I am Alma." She replied. Now the phrase 'pretty face' had tipped her off that he wanted something more than conversation, but she still knew not how to respond. His approach, and the closing gap between them, didn't make her decision any easier.

"I apologize, but I can't stop now. My clan has been attacked by wolves with weapons and armour far superior to ours, and I've got to find some way to help." That was true, although she doubted she'd find any weapons here - she was looking for something that might help Inferni's medic, or something she could trade. "You're welcome to stay and talk while I search, however." She was not sure how she felt about him, or whether she wanted the attention, but she did not want to be rude to another of her kind.


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It was a strange concept to Kit, working so hard when something more fun was being offered. At least to Kit, the idea of flirting with one another was more pleasant then sifting through junk on the off chance you might find something worth keeping. So much easier, was the game of letting someone else do the work for you, and then taking the treasure through deceit or quick hands. A lesson that the pretty female in front of him had not yet learned as best he could tell, but he kept the look of a friendly male just looking for an exchange of words.

"Alma, an attractive name for an attractive lady." Kit teased lightly, while managing to close the gap a little more, and intending to not stop until he was close enough that he could reach out to touch the female if he felt the want to do so. "That sounds terrible, and I'm sure you'll find something useful around here somewhere, but its not like the pile of rubble will suddenly vanish if you take a little time to kick back and relax. Somehow I doubt an hour or two will make much difference in your quest.".

Kit sort of understood the desire to protect something that you felt attached to, the thought popped into his mind occasionally with Fleta, but he also didn't like the idea of focusing forever on one goal. There had to be time for fun and adventure, or what was the point in anything. At least that was what the male was convincing himself of, and by extension, trying to convince Alma of as well.


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The coyote crossed her arms, a frown of disapproval falling on her face. It was not his teasing that annoyed her, so much as his lack of responsibility. He seemed the type that would use any excuse to weasel out of doing work, and she could easily image that one hour might lead to another, and perhaps to a whole day. Whatever he had in mind could end up taking all of her time, if she wasn't careful. "I don't know what you have in mind for 'relaxing' but I suspect it will take more time than you suggest."

Her tail flicked, rising upward just a bit, in a wolfish display of dominance - although it was rather hard to see in her two-legged form, while her back was turned away from him. Her ears stood straight up, and her eyes locked with his. "I cannot be idle until my task is done; for all I know, they could be attacking now. Or perhaps in a day, or a week from now. I don't know when, but we need every advantage we can get." Her voice was calm, although her face still held a slight scowl. "Otherwise, Inferni will be wiped out." She paused. This fellow wasn't an Infernian, and probably didn't care whether the coyote clan lived or died. Taking it from a different angle, she spoke again, "And they won't stop with us, I'm sure. They'll move south and find you and any other coyote when they're done with us."

Ironically, Alma had once been lazy and prone to distraction - perhaps not as much as this one was, but enough to irritate her birth-pack. The journey to Nova Scotia and having to survive on her own for two years had done enough to mold the laziness out of the coyote. Joining Inferni had given her a goal and something to work towards, and she had her packmates to consider. She actually liked them - unlike the grumpy old wolves she'd been raised with.



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Kit couldn't help but be amused by the reaction to his suggestions, a widening grin made that much obvious, but the male simply didn't understand why she was so insistent on digging around in a pile of rubble, when he was offering much more fun. "Ya, I suppose it could take a while, depending on just how much relaxing you wanted to do, but just what are you expecting to find in that rubble to help fight off these angry hordes that you say are killing coyotes?"

It was a scary enough bogeyman, someone who only hunted coyotes, which Kit supposed meant would put himself on the chopping block as well. Not that he believed the female, he had heard of animosity between the two species of course, and didn't doubt either one would abuse one another if given cause. Pure hate of the sort Alma spoke of, was rather foreign to the carefree male, and so he simply chose to believe someone had exaggerated along the way.

"No need to get all stuffy princess, I didn't suggest you completely stop your task, but since you are so eager to continue. Maybe I can watch, and you can dig, while we carry on our conversation of course." Kit spoke in a non chalant sort of way, and started moving over to sit rather close to Alma, making it apparent that Kit had assumed an answer before being given one. "Far as your vicious monsters killing all the coyotes, I've yet to see one, so maybe they will just stay up there after all?" was a cocky remark that Kit just felt like throwing in, partly as a way to make a potentially scary idea less scary.


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She had an urge to hit him, then and there. Her eyes looked him up and down; this thin thing, she thought she could hurt if she had to. Alma wasn't an experienced fighter, but she thought for sure she was stronger than him; wood-chopping and archery certainty hadn't made her weak. Yet, he was a coyote and she wanted to give him the benefit of a doubt. Perhaps this one hadn't seen true cruelty yet, and would not understand until it was thrust in front of him. "If you disbelieve, then you are welcome to come north and talk with those who have been attacked." Her eyes were untrusting, and her body language was still dominant - but her face held a neutral expression.

"As for what I wish to find, I need something that could be traded for weapons, or something that might help our Rescario-" She paused, realizing that term probably wouldn't be familiar to the coyote; it certainty hadn't been when she joined, -healer. We have many wounded." That was all she was willing to say on that subject - it had suddenly occurred to her that he might be from another clan, although he didn't smell of one.

The coyote acknowledged his comment of staying and talking with a slight nod, and ignored the rest. She moved to the slide, so he stood beside her rather than behind her while she worked. Alma began once again to dig through the rubble, sending debris flying this way and that.



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OOC: You has permission to PP a bit with him, just no maiming/stuff that wouldn't heal up in a day or two (since he has appointments and such :P )

t was impossible for Kit to read minds, to tell what exactly was going through Alma's mind, but the look in the female's eyes, along with her other body language was not conveying the sort of reaction he liked to see from the opposite gender. Of course, Kit wasn't stupid, and started to wonder if he shouldn't have let his overconfidence move into cocky behavior, some ladies liked that, but it wasn't proving effective at that point.

"Hmmm, I might be convinced to head up north eventually. Though, I won't have anywhere to stay... unless your offering I stay with you?" Kit started to respond, his voice not quite so teasing, but a smile remained plastered across the male's face. It was a test, to see what sorts of pokes, and prods would get the reaction he wanted, to see how he could spark the female's interest in himself. Never did it occur to Kit that there might not be any way for him to get the female to become interested.

One such test, was when Kit went to sit down beside Alma, and intentionally tried to brush against the female as she dug around in the rubble. "Speaking of places to stay, if your so far from where you live, where do you plan to stay tonight?" accompanied the subtle attempt to touch Alma, and green eyes watched the fellow hybrid for some sign of like or dislike.


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He hasn't done anything bad this time, so he avoids a slap in the face. FOR NOW.

One ear turned to hear his question, while her attention still remained on the pile. Scattered bits of ceiling and wood were removed, revealing part of a bed. What was left of the quilt was dirty and rotted, and the mattress was probably approaching a similar state - though she could see it. Instead, her eyes were drawn downward. Unlike the other beds in the house, there wasn't a gap beneath it - it was all wood, right down to the floor. There was a knob on one raised section of wood, one that she'd recognized, from searching through the kitchen and the closests, as a handle. Alma tugged on it, and there came a sound of wood and metal creaking. Little by little, the drawer opened. "I do not know," Alma said while she stared at its contents, "I suppose you would have to stay in Inferni, for your own protection at least."

The coyote pulled out moth-bitten shirt. It wasn't as bad as the quilt, though, and might even be useful for bandages. Alma placed it beside her bow. "I'm not sure whether the Aquila would approve; I'd have to ask first." Somehow, though, she doubted she'd be able to convince him to let in someone that didn't live up to even her standards. "Or perhaps you would have to meet him. That might be better." As she pulled out more clothes, she idly wondered if the other leader, Vesper, might be more forgiving - then again, maybe not. From his behavior, she had the impression that he flirted with all females, and she didn't know how the Optio would take it.

She gave him a wary glance when his fur brushed up against hers, as if she had some idea of what he was trying to do but wasn't sure how to deal with it. "I've not thought about it." The coyote turned her head back to the drawer, and pulled out a small plastic horse, with chipped brown paint. "I was going to figure that out when the sun had started to fall to the west."



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Kit got the impression that if he did go north sometime, getting to stay with Alma wouldn't be impossible, but just require the okay from an Aquila, whatever that might be. At the same time, Kit was starting to suspect the female was rather blind when it came to what he was after, a trait that made his game bother harder in some ways, but easier in others. "Well, you don't sound very sure that I'd have a place to sleep... but who knows, maybe I'll head up that way sometime or another." Kit commented in a pleasant voice, but wasn't sure he really planned to think very long on the idea. If he went, it was just as likely to be a spur of the moment decision, or that he was in the area.

Being allowed to brush against Alma was interpreted by Kit as permission to continue, his green eyes filled with amusement at how the female continued to dig treasures out from the strange container, even while he did his best to get a more interested reaction from her. "Well, everyone needs to sleep somewhere, and the nights can get rather cold you know. Having someone to curl up with can be rather comforting on those sort of nights. You could stay with me?" Kit smoothly tried to make it sound like he was just trying to help, even though offering to keep each other warm wasn't exactly the sort of thing you asked a stranger. To hint a little more at what he was really offering, Kit leaned over to try brushing against Alama again, but didn't plan to move away, and instead stay against the fellow hyrbid.


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-plots evil-

"Perhaps." Alma dumped the toy horse beside the clothing. It didn't seem all that useful, but maybe someone else would want it.

The coyote stiffened as the male pushed up against her. Now, this was quite irritating. She couldn't think of a good excuse to leave - not that she wanted to, now that she had uncovered so much. Her ears flicked back in annoyance. She was starting to dislike him. Alma pretended she hadn't heard his suggestion while she felt around for more items she could carry. She quickly discovered that there was nothing left in the drawer, and that was a good excuse as any to move away from him.

Alma placed herself in front of the next drawer. It was more difficult to open than the first and she had to use both of her hands. The wound on her shoulder was aching after she had finished, and she paused for just a moment to see if she hadn't somehow reopened the wound. She rubbed the sore spot, which only seemed to make the sensation worse.

The coyote withdrew her hand and sighed. "I'm afraid I can't accept your offer," she said at last, "The only man I sleep beside is my mate, and he would not be pleased if he found out." The pause had given her enough time to think of a suitable answer to his question, and now she hoped it would be good enough to discourage him.



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Pressing up against Alma did not give the sort of reaction that Kit was looking for, and if anything had seemed to make her even colder toward him. Most males would have caught the hint that she didn't want him to keep flirting, but Kit was often a bit stubborn when it came to trying to get attention from the opposite gender. He still paused a moment to consider how best to continue, while Alma moved to the next drawer, and continued rummaging around.

The mention of another male, Alma's mate, was a setback to the male's wants, but not one that he believed as an insurmountable obstacle. After all, what her mate never found out about, couldn't hurt either of them, but still required a certain amount of sweet talking to convince most of that truth. "You make it sound as though he would automatically find out..." Kit spoke in what he believed was a convincing manner, and tried closing the gap between them again. "Besides, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if it meant his mate staying warm through the night." Kit continued, and would try sitting down close to Alma once again.

"So, how about it? Looks like your shoulder is already kind of tired..." he pressed, a happy grin evident on Kit's face, and the male listened eagerly for some sort of reply.

OOC: Feel free to PP pinning/roughing up a bit. Just, ya know, nothing more then would become far far less noticeable in a day or two. :P Since timelines and stuff.


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Alma frowned visibly when her answer didn't get the reply she wanted. She gave him a long, hard stare. Her ears tipped forward and stood straight, while the fur on her neck bristled. Although she was sitting, she managed to raise her tail to display her dominance. He wasn't a threat, not really, but she found his persistence distasteful.

"Young man," she said, sternly. Her voice was almost a mimicry of her mother's when she was angry. "You are far too young to be bothering women in this manner." She took hold of his ear, and tugged on it. Her own mother had tried some similar when she was a pup. Being a luperci had many advantages, one of which was the ability to punish children - or immature adults - in new ways. "Go sit in the corner. Right now."

Alma was fully prepared to pin him down and nip him if he did not comply. She wasn't sure how old he was - he didn't smell too old, but she was going to treat him like a pup if he continued in this manner, regardless.



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