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Draugr is by me!

The garden was a familiar place for Draugr. She had arrived too late in the fall to truly experience the magic of planting and watching the flowers bloom, but with the coming of spring, the dark-hued woman was spending more time in the little place, rooting around through the plants. She did could not yet identify many of them, but she knew enough to move through the rows of new greenery, bending down now and again to pull a tiny shoot of green from the earth. Weeds -- these were not wanted in their garden.

The silvery-tinged woman stopped at the end of one of the planted rows and stretched, smiling as she breathed deeply the sweet scents of blossoming plants. These were things she still did not fully understand, but she was able to enjoy them nonetheless -- much like Salsola. Though the finer points of her pack's lifestyle and culture still seemed to elude her, and she still felt very much a stranger, the dark-furred woman loved her home all the same. It was hers, after all.

Pale purple eyes meandered to the river, and Dra studied its flow a moment before she went for a bucket, intending to bring water to the newborn plant life.

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Odessa had retreated to the garden, her only sanctuary. Granted she had her home and clinic. But the walls, th walls. Ugh, she couldn't explain. It was just that she felt so trapped, so constricted. Even wearing her scarf was a huge task. The feeling of it around her neck was like strangulation and it wasn't something she wanted to put herself through time and time again. Tear stains marked the train between her muzzle and cheeks, sharp pumpkin eyes seemed duller and deader all the same. Imhotep could do nothing, she'd freaked out when he tried to hold her, finding no solace in his safe grip. So, Odessa had made her way to the garden. Her fingers played with the strap of her satchel, shivering ever so slightly as she made her way delicately over Salsola's uneven terrain.

Reaching the garden, her dull,once bright, pumpkin eyes found the shape of a girl,younger than her. With dark ruddy fur, tipped with silver and lined with black. Draugr. 'Draugr...' she hummed gently, a pale, lifeless, but friendly greeting. 'Weeding?' she asked softly, managing to muster a thin smile that brightened up her face for a moment. Before she remembered her loss and went back to her previous dead panning with a laboured sigh.

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Draugr is by me!

The hybrid shuffled along with her bucket, still plucking little shoots of greenery. Some she left alone entirely -- Draugr was not well-versed enough in plant life to definitively identify weed from desired plant, and so when she was uncertain, she simply moved along. She was not the only one to do work here: scents of other Luperci, the ranked canines of Salsola and slaves both, permeated the air here. Draugr hummed softly as she worked, a wordless tune she had created herself. Music was an unknown to the ruddy-hued youth, who had never heard an instrument before -- the word itself was as yet unknown, but the concept was not lost on Dra.

It was not a great shock to the drab-colored youth when another of Salsola made their presence known, a soft and unidentified voice uttering her name. The youth straightened and silenced, turning to face her visitor with attentive lavender eyes. The bucket was left by her feet, but Dra shuffled forward a few steps uncertainly, smiling. Hello, Odessa, she greeted. She wanted to start forward and give the true Salsolian greeting, but the youth was not certain as to who should initiate this: was it proper if the lower-ranked canine approached the higher ranks with such greetings? Were Bambino even permitted to engage in such behaviors?

Her uncertainty held her back, but these concerns were not enough to altogether distract her from the withered appearance of her companion. I'm... sorry... your loss, the youth started, uncertainly. She spoke of Larkspur, the tall dark wolf she had not known at all. His absence was felt by the entirety of the clan, it seemed, unless Odessa had suffered some other loss, unbeknownst to Draugr. A faint panic filled her: what if she had missed some vital news of the pack. Pushing herself to continue, the youth made a motion with one hand to the garden, trying an encouraging smile on Odessa. Maybe it helps to get lost in a task? she proposed, her voice more certain than it had been moments before.

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Odessa was rarely, if ever, forceful on respect. While she was higher ranked than Draugr, her forwardness was not an issue as much as it might have been with any other Salsolian. And this wasn't just because of her recent bereavement, though the event did go somewhere towards it. Of course, if irritated enough she would eventually snap. And it would probably be easier for her to do so, but even still it would take a large amount of bother for that to occur. Thankfully, the girl before her seemed in no mood to provoke and only wished to speak and hopefully offer an opportunity to deviate Odessa from her mourning. At least for a few moments.

'Oh' she said, her voice merely above a whisper. 'Thank you'. She'd been amongst the worst hit by the news, aside from Eris, Salvia and Wisteria (she assumed at the very least). And, of course, the rest of her cousins, though she hadn't seen most of them since she again assumed they would be suitably struck by the loss of a parent. Odessa cared more for her uncle than most nieces did, but of course thee medic had grown up without a true father and Larkspur had been the man whom she looked up to as a replacement.

Turning a smile up towards Draugr, she nodded solidly. 'Oh, yes' the gardener agreed, 'It's why I came down here. I couldn't bear being indoors today, it's much too suffocating, you know'. Se let out a gentle sigh and glanced around the garden. 'I fear I may have slipped in my duties recently' Odessa commented with a soft frown, 'It's good to know there's someone up here keeping the weeds in check'. The medic chuckled gently and turned to wait from the younger girl to speak.

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Draugr is by me!

The panic that filled Draugr subsided a little; Odessa did not seem angry with her. Draugr understood death and the dead better than she understood the living, at times -- preparing Larkspur's corpse had been an interesting task, one the drab-hued wolfdog engaged in eagerly. Perhaps it was wrong to have felt such elation at learning these new tasks from her mother at the expense of Larkspur's very life -- she certainly would not speak such things to Odessa. The dead's survivors did not need to think of corpses.

As the orange-eyed woman spoke her eagerness to lose herself in task, Draugr nodded eagerly -- perhaps too much so. She did not know what to say to comfort the woman, and anything she might say was rudimentary and childish. Or, at least, it would seem so, coming from the mouth of one so young. After a moment of debate, she spoke quietly. The sun will heal you just as it makes the plants grow. The dark-furred wolfdog's smile was uncomfortable, and she dipped her head, ears folding in embarrassment. I only wish I knew how to do more, miss Odessa, the youth said, digging a toe into the earth as she said this. You're -- you're very smart with the garden, she added, so perhaps the silvery woman might attribute Dra's statement to the garden or the subject of Larkspur's loss, whichever she preferred.

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Another thing came to mind. How her relationship with the Auxiliary was even looser now. Held up only by the fact her children were Odessa's cousins. Though it didn't mean Odessa felt any less love for the woman, in fact, at times like this Odessa supposed that family was so much more important. And any way, Odessa, who hadn't really had much to do with Draugr aside for meeting her mother once and hunting once also, felt she'd made some sort of a friendship with her. Something which Odessa wouldn't snub. Friends and family were important full stop, but in times like this they could be a the difference between life and death with Salsola one member down.

'Yes' Odessa agree quietly, looking up towards the sunny skyline and then back to Draugr to speak more with her. 'Well, I could teach you more if you like?' In fact, she'd be happy to. She knew little of the ruddy girl's interests but she assumed that everyone would need a bit of knowledge on plants in life. Odessa smiled gently as she was complimented, 'Oh, well... Thank you' she said with a smile, 'I try my best'.

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The dark-furred wolfdog had been fearful of the garden before she had hands. Young as she was, Dra had been absolutely certain she was going to trample over something unintentionally and ruin everything. The drab wolfdog still did not feel particularly graceful, but at least now she was certain of her own strength and knew enough about where to put her feet. Odessa, on the other hand, seemed everything a proper adult woman should be -- graceful, pretty, reserved. She wore mourning beautifully, and though Dra knew its cause to be sadness, the woody-hued Bambino could not help but notice how well it suited her.

Draugr did not yet fully understand envy, but she might have said part of her envied Odessa, at least in that moment. She stood in the pale light of early afternoon, all the silver in her fur seeming to glow like starlight. The Bambino, on the other hand, felt gangly and too-tall, with too-large paws. Certainly, she was no she-giant like mama Siv, but she was not the same as small and womanly Odessa, either. There was hope, though -- she was still young, and she could grow as easily as the plants within this garden.

Anything you want to teach me, miss Odessa, anything, the youth breathed, trying to conceal her excitement. Proper ladies didn't get boisterous and excited, but Dra could not help the puppyish grin that spread across her face. She dipped her muzzle low to conceal it, her small ears folding back into her silver-tipped hair. I mean, she added more quietly, though the white tip of her tail wavered on, thank you.

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Odessa was pleased by Draugr's eagerness to learn, and not at all put off by her childish excitement, because of of course there were times when Odessa was like that even now. When Imhotep asked her to be his mate, the night after making Confidant, when her clinic plans were permitted to begin. Oh, how wonderful those times had been. And she was lucky she had those warmth filled moments to brighten up this most gloomy time. 'Well, you're most welcome' the gardener smiled brightly, and she was also glad that Dra had asked her to teach her. Because it gave her something to focus on, someone to speak to, and perhaps more repute among the rest of the Confidants. While she didn't specifically aspire to reach higher in the ranks, it would be nice to sit high up she supposed. But there was that doubt, would she need to be tougher to get any higher? Now that was something she'd struggle with. Not only would she fail miserably at aggression, she probably look daft attempting it.

'It'll be better in the summer of course, but...' Odessa said, kneeling down and surveying part of the bed. 'There are some hardy herbs around here'. Pumpkin eyes dance over the soil and greenery before the medic let out a triumphant 'ah' sound. 'Here' she said proudly, lifting a green stalk up to Draugr. 'This is a good one. Thyme' she positioned herself to sit more comfortable. 'It's a medicinal herb, helps relieve coughs and colds'. Odessa pulled of a small leaf and chewed it quietly, 'It's quite hardy too'.

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Draugr is by Wander!

Draugr's world had forced her to grow up thinking childishness was not at all a desired trait. This was not to suggest Siv had refused playtime or outright stated such sentiments to the drab-colored wolfdog -- she had simply wished to emulate that powerfully unearthly air her mother seemed to emanate so easily. And so, she disappointed herself with these outbursts, forgetting so easily her own age. She leaned forward and watched Odessa, following her gaze around the garden. Dra stepped closer and settled down closer to the earth, giving the woman enough personal space for comfort .

Someone mentioned you wrote a book about all these herbs. I -- can't read, but when I learn, that will be the first book I read, the hybrid confessed, thinking the idea of a Luperci writing their own book marvelous. She could never hope to accomplish such a task, after all. Thyme, the hybrid repeated, nodding. It seems like it -- it's spring, but it's still been pretty cold. Yet, here it is, the wolfdog agreed, reaching tentatively herself for a leaf, as Odessa had. Its taste was strange on her tongue, but not entirely unpleasant -- she thought she might recognize it from some of the food cooked in the Last Supper. Did -- I mean -- don't they use this for the supper food, too? she asked, curious. She had known plants could be used for cooking and medicine, but that the same plant was useful in both ways was curious.

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Odessa had been somewhat forced to grow up fast, but it didn't show. Mainly because of the fact she'd been settled in Salsola when she was fairly young and still had her cousins to speak with and Salvia especially to hunt with. Although the tigress was far different than her, more cunning, fiercer, they had still enjoy the occasional hunt. Granted Salvia did most of the work while Odessa use her somewhat speedy form to direct the beasts. And there had been, recently, their co-operation with the foaling of one of the horses. Odessa had felt very honoured that she had personally be called to aid Salvia, and even more so when her elder cousin and complimented her.

'Ah, yes. I think it's still in storage, unless someone else has been reading it' Odessa nodded, smiling still. 'I could help teach you to read to if you like? We could tie it in with the garden if you even want to learn more' she added, brushing part of her fringe to the side enabling her to see better. When Dra spoke of Spring, Odessa nodded, 'Yes, it does. Not quite Spring but Spring all the same' the medic sighed. Odessa held the sprig out for Draugr to try it, and then spoke as she asked a question, 'I should think they do, it's one of the herbs in the garden they use for food. Like mint'.

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Draugr is by me!

The dark canine nodded her head eagerly. There was knowledge in books, and Draugr thirsted for knowledge more than anything. Though she was young, perhaps she might develop her intellect to the point of Odessa or even Siv -- these things seemed impossible to the girl, who felt very much a child meandering through an adult's world. I would love that, the woman said, again an almost puppyish eagerness overcoming her. The white tip of her tail wavered and she could only half contain the wriggle of excitement that seemed to, with a mind all of its own, work its way from ears to toes. She had little interest in writing -- her own thoughts were deemed too ignorant to bother writing. Perhaps if her mind was ever sharpened to an edge Dra deemed worthy, she might try learning the trade of writing -- but reading was good enough for now.

I hadn't realized medicine and food is sometimes interchangeable, she confessed, more subdued. That was silly of me. This second declaration was very nearly derisive, and the drab-furred youth shook her head, sighing. I love the smell of mint. It is the best, I think. Which is your favorite smell and how does it grow? Dra's eyes swept over the array of tiny plants springing to life around them, wondering which Odessa might select as her favored perfume. She thought it might be best to associate a particular canine and their likes and dislikes to plants -- it would be easier to remember, for example, bayberry, if it was remembered as Odessa's miss favorite scent or one mama Siv could not stand.

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'Thyme also helps when puppies are born too'. Even though she'd had only brief contact with Dra before, and one of those times being at her own uncle's funeral, she suddenly grown fond of the girl. Perhaps it was her eagerness to learn, and the fact that Odessa had, somehow, imagined her up as a mystic, steely replica of her mother. Which, all in all, wasn't a problem, but Siv seemed a bit of a mystery. But she was different, at least for the moment. She was bright and eager, and despite her sudden bursts of energy (of which Odessa could thoroughly understand, as she was still moving from childhood to adulthood), she was happy to spend time with her.

'It's not that silly' Odessa said gently, letting out a gentle, friendly chuckle. 'Not at all'. It was the same for her as a child, she been near enough oblivious to the plant life. But she always remembered the day she set foot in the garden. She remembered being quite young, not an exact age but it must have been just after her arrival in Salsola. She'd escaped to the garden and had been utterly blown away by all the scents. It had been truly magical. And Odessa supposed that that had been the day she'd chosen to become a medic.

Not that she actually understood the full meaning of the world. After all it'd only been explained to her as 'someone who helps people who are not well or hurt' but even then it sounded fun to help people. 'I guess mine is mint too. I have a huge supply of it just for smelling. Or wild flowers I suppose. The ones that grown in huge fields' she admitted softly, 'Mint likes plenty of sunlight, but not too dry so with some shade and in a damp, well drained place. That's what makes it grown best, but as I said, any soil will do'.

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Draugr's purple eyes widened at the mention of puppies and motherhood. She had never known a pregnant woman -- well, she had, but she couldn't remember it, having been inside that woman -- nor witnessed a birth. While the drab-furred hybrid looked forward to such, there was also a fear embedded there, as well -- would she have to have children someday, as well? The thought turned her stomach in a strange way, and she could only nod her comprehension and offer a smile.

The Associate listened to Odessa with pricked ears, marveling at this wealth of knowledge contained within Odessa. It seemed effortless for the woman to speak on these subjects, and the drab-furred wolfdog wondered whether she would ever understand something to such a depth. So -- some plants, she started, nodding, They need lots and lots of sun. Others -- they need very little sun, and they need to be protected from it with shade? Just like -- some Luperci are morning people, some are evening people? Draugr herself had little preference as to the time of day, but she had noticed others continually rising in the earlier parts, and others seemed to be around only at night.

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Odessa though about the metaphor for a moment, before nodding enthusiastically and smiling brightly to the small girl. 'Yes, I suppose that's a brilliant way to put it. I've never considered it to be like that before...' she mused gently, fiddling with a small piece of uprooted weed in her finger tips. Though there was more that could be added to the theory. 'And just as some people prefer winter to summer and some need extra help during the colder times'. Like Imhotep. 'Like Immy...' Odessa sighed, love clearing her tone. 'He has very short fur and there fore needs a cloak when it gets too cold. But you and I have thick fur and can handle the chills'. Perhaps coming to Nova Scotia had been a bad idea, but Odessa didn't wish it any other way. Because he seemed to be handling it well, it was jsut that a pit fire was an ever present welcoming to there home.

'How have you been anyway?' she asked, remembering that she'd skipped questioning the young girls well being and dived straight into, and there fore been caught up in, conversations of the garden and what grew within it's boundaries. 'And do tell your mother, when you see her of course, that I send my thanks'. This was of course revolving around the glorious (and albeit quite intimidating) send off he'd received. But never the less the sombreness returned to Odessa's gentle tones.

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Draugr's ears twitched and flattened; she grinned an uncertain smile and pointed her muzzle toward the ground, tail wagging. She wasn't used to having anything she said referred to as brilliant -- and this meant a lot, coming from one so well-versed and well-studied as Odessa in these plants. She listened with rapt attention as the woman described Imhotep's fur, and tilted her head to the side, pale purple eyes narrowing. You should have Imhotep come to mama Siv. She can make him something warm to wear when it gets cold out. I'll help her, the wolfdog offered, tail twitching her merriment. She would be glad to do something for Odessa and her mate after this useful lesson.

I'll tell her, definitely. I've been okay, I guess... I don't know, she added, laughing. You were never a Bambino, were you? I feel like everyone wants me to try for an adult rank, but I don't think I'm ready, the drab-furred hybrid admitted, sharing a precious truth about herself with Odessa. She trusted this Family member -- perhaps it was her kindly demeanor, or perhaps it was that Draugr had recently handled the woman's deceased uncle, preparing him for the afterlife.

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