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I know this isn't exactly like we discussed, but hopefully this scenario is fine too.

“Be my eyes, birdbrain,” Vesper murmured as she flung her arm upward, launching the raven. He croaked as he took flight, leaving a dark feather behind; it caught in her cropped mane as a token. She didn’t bother to flick it away, instead swiveling her one ear as she surveyed the woods. Everything seemed quiet, but she had no misconceptions about the danger of this mission. The wolves could be anywhere.

But being cooped up in Inferni territory wasn’t doing the prey population any good. So far, the abundance of baby animals in the spring weather balanced with the added mouths, but there were always those who preferred to hunt outside the territory. She especially wanted to make sure her scouts were fed, feeling almost like a patriarch of a family rather than merely the head of the Lumen tier. The bird knew that she’d been working herself to the bone with the additional patrols.

All she asked for was a deer, one deer that she could share. Her ear constantly twitched as she stepped quietly through the woods, a feral hunch obvious in her optime shape. This was her largest form, and she hoped that would make up for its awkwardness. She needed to be strong on two legs as well as four if she was going to inspire any kind of respect in the clan. Her weaknesses were too obvious.

Stark flew overhead, his claws running through the tuft of fur on her head, and she bared her teeth at him. “You could make noise,” she complained, “rather than touching me. I’m already jumpy enough.” She glanced around at the trees again; any could shelter a foe.

“Doe hurting, limping north,” the bird reported, ignoring her frustration. “Boy being quick, boy catching.” He landed on a branch, bobbing his head and quorking for a moment before adding with a ruffle of feathers, “Stark eating, too. Equal payment.”

“Go eat a fetid fish or something,” Vesper growled, but it was under her breath and in agreement. Both canine and corvine were learning how to get along with each other, and Stark had earned more than his share of an easy meal from dealing with her. She waited for him to take off in the direction of the sighted prey and followed at a steady lope.

It wasn’t as difficult as she’d thought it would be tackling the already injured animal and killing it. As her claws slashed through its shoulder, her jaws at its throat, she tumbled down a small hill and landed with the dead doe underneath her. Brushing twigs and grass from her pale tawny fur, she stood and panted softly.

“Boy!” Stark croaked suddenly, wheeling overhead.

She glanced at him, ear flattening, and followed the angle of his wing to a fawn gazing from the undergrowth. It retreated at the sight of her, and she scowled. Saluting the raven, she left the dead doe and jogged after the orphan. She supposed she might be able to share it with Helotes or Myrika—both ate more than her, and it’d be an excuse to be in their company without looking less manly or seeming overly smitten, respectively.

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Kit had been lazily taking a nap amongst some dense underbrush, his plans to find a meal long since abandoned from failure. A day without a meal wouldn't kill him, and there was always the possibility of finding a half eaten carcass to gnaw on, or a rabbit that wasn't quite fast enough, but for the moment Kit wanted to be lazy. Those plans ended up being dashed as well, when an injured deer burst past his hiding place, with a female of his own kind in hot pursuit.

Not inclined to make himself known right at that moment, Kit simply watched things play out, and especially followed the movements of the female. If Kit had a weakness, it was the other gender, and the way he grinned would have been obvious if not for the brush hiding him. With the distance between them, Kit was not able to make out all of the details that he would have liked, but caught sight of the scars, and other signs that the female had been through rough situations in the past. Not that the scars deterred his thoughts of trying to sweet talk the female, and would have started to consider appearing if the female did not take of as soon as the deer was dead.

Mildly disappointed at missing the chance to see how the stranger would have reacted to his silver tongue, Kit began to lazily remove himself from the cover, and approach the dead deer. Even if he had not got the chance to feed one of his hungers, he at least planned to fill the hunger in his stomach. It didn't really cross his mind that she likely would be coming back, and probably not happy to see him stealing the best portions of the deer, but Kit sometimes had problems of not thinking too far ahead.

"I guess its my lucky day after all. Maybe I'll even be able to take some of you back to Fleta, thats sure to make her happy..." Kit spoke lightly to the deer, before setting down beside her to begin tearing into the lifeless body. It was one of the situations where Kit wished he still had a knife, a tool that would have made eating a little less messy, but a dip in some stream would clean him up from the meal. If she did return, he wouldn't have been paying a whole lot of attention anyways, and be busy filling himself.

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Vesper followed the fawn, her blue eyes sharp and cold and incapable of missing anything before her. It was her duty to reconnoiter for the clan, to spot the movements of the enemy as well as the movements of other canines outside the skull-lined borders. Her skills had become more important than ever these past few weeks, with the hot breath of the wolves ever on their heels. If she missed even a blink, they could swarm in at a weak point and murder one of her clan mates, one of her friends.

Even when the baby deer dropped down, spindly legs folded underneath its spotted body as it curled in on itself, she did not miss it. The killing was a swift thing, and she folded the body under her arm as she headed back to her newest kill’s mother. She could call for another Infernian to help her tow the doe back to the clan, and they could eat. She might even be able to make a false trail for the wolves to follow, if she dared stay out here much longer. With Stark keeping an eye out…

His call was distinct, even if it wasn’t the raucous caw of the raven’s poor cousin, the crow. It was wordless this time, but there was urgency in his tone, and she moved as quickly as she could on two legs with her arms occupied. Breathless, she reached the edge of the trees and stared at the russet luperci that had fallen upon her catch.

“The hell are you doing?” Vesper demanded in a snarl, her lips curled back to reveal needle-sharp fangs. She tossed the fawn down unceremoniously, her fur bristling as she strode toward the other—a lone male hybrid, her eyes and nose told her. She held her hands out at her sides, unsheathing her claws, standing strong as Ithiel and Helotes had instructed her. She understood scavenging and thievery all too well, surviving off it when she had been a loner, but this man was a fool to devour a carcass before it’d even gotten cold.

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Fresh deer was a delicious treat, and given Kit's poor hunting skills, an uncommon one for the male. Kit had become quite distracted by the feast he was partaking in, one that he most certainly had not earned, but thieves rarely cared about such distinctions. Each morsel that he took tore away, and chewed on was better then the last, and Kit's half closed eyes made it obvious that he was enjoying himself.

If the true owner had simply remained silent, Kit wouldn't have been hard to sneak up on, but the male quickly realized he was not alone when a snarl mixed with words reached his ears. Green eyes shot open in mild surprise, while racing to pinpoint the source of the angry sounds. The same female he had seen chasing after the second animal, and approaching him to reclaim the dead deer.

After the initial shock had faded, Kit began to slowly move away from the deer, his eyes for the first time getting a chance to really examine the unnamed female. A variety of scars all over the female were either a sign of lots of abuse, or an experienced fighter, at least in Kit's eyes, and from the dominant way she approached, he doubted a habitually abused female would act that part. Beyond the scars, she was a pretty thing however, and Kit couldn't help but entertain the idea of smooth talking his way into sharing the meal.

"Just waiting for you to come back, I thought I could keep you company, and it didn't seem like you could eat all of this by yourself." Kit spoke in what he hoped was a disarming tone, while his hands were lifted palms facing the female as a sign he didn't want to fight, but didn't move terribly far away from the deer. "I'm Kit, can I get a name for the pretty lady I just met?" was added almost seamlessly, a subtle attempt to gauge how receptive the stranger was to compliments, and of course if they would take his words as a benign compliment, rather then the flirting he intended.

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The ruddy-brown thief glanced at her, his movement sharp, and Vesper let her bristling tail drop when he shuffled away from the carcass. Her thin lips cut a frown into her muzzle as she surveyed the damage for a moment, knowing even a few mouthfuls could go a long way for the clan-at-war. She knew such a meal might have meant a lot for this mutt, too, but any sympathy at his thinnish body had been frozen away by her darkened mood. He didn’t smell like he had children to look after, and had he been starving, he wouldn’t have backed away from the deer so meekly.

Some of the violence faded from her body as he attempted to placate her with lifted hands, but she growled at his remark. “I can’t eat all of it by myself,” she confirmed, striding closer and swishing her tail behind her. She still would have been more comfortable on four legs than two, but she didn’t show it. Her lip curled as she finished. “It was for my clan. Many mouths could have been fed.” Her blue eyes remained narrow.

The male smoothly introduced himself as Kit before asking for her name, at which point her ear flattened against her head and her small body stiffened. However, the moment passed. If she bit every man who tossed a compliment her way, she wouldn’t have made it as long as she had. She tried to swallow her biases and answered gruffly. “I see no pretty ladies here.”

Certainly, Vesper did not think herself beautiful in any way. A woman had called her cute, once, and others had tried their hand at referring to her beauty. All she saw when she looked in her reflection was a scrawny hybrid, pelt patchy with different markings and deep scars, streamlined in lupus but more androgynous than anything in optime. It didn’t mean that she had a bad self-esteem, but she didn’t have any opinion on her appearance. There were simply many women who actually deserved to be called beautiful, and she was not one of those women.

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The attempts at soothing the situation had worked, at least it seemed that way to Kit, and the male didn't approach while the female announced what her intentions for the deer had been. Food for a pack, which meant it would be all the harder to weasel himself into more of the delicious meat, but that did not mean Kit wasn't going to keep trying. It gave him the idea of maybe feigning interest in joining to get a meal, maybe even a chance to flirt some with the scarred canine.

Flattening ears, and a gruff response were not the best of reactions that Kit could have got from his initial testing of the waters, but she hadn't attacked him either, that was something. "I guess you wouldn't be able to see her, since there's nothing to see your reflection in." Kit responded in a smooth voice, a grin evident on his face at what he thought was a good line. With the initial hostilities seeming to have died down, Kit slowly started to approach the female, his tail lowered in a respectful manner, but not quite submissive.

"I guess if there are a lot of mouths to feed, there won't be much for me huh? But maybe I can still keep you company for a bit? I won't try and take any more without permission, honest! Of course, having your name would make keeping you company easier." the male cheerfully added while the distance slowly closed, unless he was s topped or warned off. It was Kit's plan to move close enough that he could reach an arm out and touch the other Luperci if he felt bold. The scars that crossed the as yet unnamed female were not attractive, but Kit wasn't put off by them either, if anything, he believed that it would mean less competition from pickier males.

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Vesper did not like being unduly cold to strangers, but if they caught her in the wrong mood, all of that flew out the window. She knew when she was being unreasonable, but her anger was more or less justified now—and she wasn’t flying at him trying to kill him, right? She could always act worse, went her grouchy mantra.

She crossed her arms in front of her dark-dappled chest, although she wasn’t closing herself off because she was uncomfortable this time. Glacial eyes widened at his smooth answer to her flat remark, and then she laughed. It wasn’t a nice laugh, more of a sharp bark that would have sounded more natural coming from Stark. “I used that line when I was a kid,” she replied snidely, approaching the deer while keeping her good ear trained on him. She didn’t know if the remark was true or not, but hopefully it’d put him back in his place a bit. Even if he stepped up and wanted something from her, however, he was sorely mistaken.

She tolerated his approach, even if her body was stiff. She began to survey the damage he’d done to the deer, hoping that she’d be able to drag it back without its entrails all falling out. His jabbering was an annoyance, but she glanced at him thoughtfully. “Vesper,” she said, deciding that giving out her name wouldn’t kill her. She offered him an unkind smirk and held up a claw as a sign to wait, walking back over to where the fawn lay collapsed. She grabbed it, throwing it over her shoulder until she reached the dead doe; she dropped it across its mother’s carcass and put her hands on her hips again.

“Even if I denied you, you’d bother me anyway,” Vesper stated. “You’ll help me carry the food back to the border.”

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Kit was interested in the scarred hybrid, at least in the sense that she seemed like a challenge to sweet talk, and had so far not given any indication that she would attack him for trying. Perhaps a little colder then Kit was used to, and his subtle attempts to test the waters rejected more hastily then he was used to, but the male wasn't ready to give up just because it was a hard game. Her mention of his line being similar to one she used as a kid was not one the enjoyed though, reminding him of another female that had insisted on calling him a puppy. She had been a challenge too, and one that Kit had failed to claim victory over.

Making a conscious effort to avoid that topic, Kit simply smiled, and listened to the name she gave him. Following the name, was the piling of fawn upon it's mother, and Vesper's hands going to her hips. While listening to what seemed to be permission for him to continue his flirting, and the matter of fact statement about helping her, Kit still found time to admire the pose she had struck. "Well Vesper, that sounds like a plan to me. I get to help out an attractive female, and spend more time getting to know them as well." Kit responded, a mischevious grin plastered across the male's face.

Not content to only show his interest verbally, Kit walked closer to the female, as though going to start helping with the food, but hoped to intentionally brush against the female. He wasn't sure how she might respond to his touch, and his scent so close, but being a risk taker, had figured the chance at piqueing her interest was worth the chance of getting slapped, or scolded. "I'll grab the back legs, you grab the front?" Kit would speak during, and after. The tone of his voice playful.

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The male coywolf agreed to helping her (although she would have likely beat him until he carried out the labor) as well as getting to know her (although she turned her eyes away at this statement, her jaw stiff). She did not play stupid this time as far as knowing that he was referring to her, even if he didn’t say “you” or her name. While not many men saw her as attractive—as malnourished and scabby as she often looked when she met them—there were some, and these were always the ones who saw her for a certain piece of her rather than as a whole.

When she felt his fur on hers, she flashed threatening teeth in a way that could not be misinterpreted. Moving swiftly away, she nodded distractedly at his suggestion and positioned herself at the front of the deer. Having the entire animal between them would keep any more accidental touches from occurring.

Vesper did not delude herself further, but she knew that if he tried anything more than what he had, he would die. It was as simple as that. She had been frightened and helpless and desperate when Helotes pressed her into the dirt; the memory made her jaw tighten as she grabbed the legs of the doe. Now, she had two deaths under her belt, and it would be simple to cause a third.

“Start heading west,” the scarred woman ordered, pointing with her nose. “You can walk backwards; I’ll tell you if you’re about to trip over a rock or run into a tree if I feel like it.” That said, she started to shove, which would push the meat into him if he didn’t get his ass moving. She remained hard and silent, focusing on moving and reaching her territory.

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Kit had hoped that his touch would lead to a favorable reaction from Vesper, and his experience with others had him almost expecting it, but that was not the reality of things. The flashing teeth, a threat that Kit recognized, and the way she moved quickly away from him was enough to make it clear his touch was unwanted, at least right at that moment. Ears laid back out of irritation, his wants very clearly denied by Vesper, but the male wasn't willing to press too far in a place that could bring a pack down on top of him.

Before he could think of something to say, the scarred female had started ordering him around, and for a moment he hesitated to comply. Kit didn't like being bossed around, especially after effectively being scolded for his attempt at affection, and he overlooked the fact that he had been the one to suggest what Vesper was ordering. His reluctance was pushed back as Vesper pushed the body toward him, and made it obvious that she expected him to comply.

Stooping down, Kit grabbed the other half of the deer, and started to help carry it, his green eyes filled with frustration, but still finding time to roam over Vesper. Even if he didn't find out a way to convince the female to let him touch, he still planned to look, and hope she might become less cold toward him. "Don't like being to touched huh? Still don't need to snap at people when they are just trying to give you attention..." Kit grumbled while trying to walk backwards, which was not something he often did.

It was something to continue talking, maybe leading to some chink in the female's armor, but it also served as a way for him to show that he wasn't happy about being snapped at, and denied even the the chance to flirt with the female.

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Sorry she's such a bitch. xDD

She could sense the male’s irritation, but she was not empathetic enough to understand it. Touches had never been denied to her, of course, but that was because she made a habit of reading body language before she pressed herself onto others, even if it was a pat on the shoulder or a non-luperci equivalent. Why he didn’t understand the concept of personal space was beyond her, and her scorn only grew with his frustration. At any point, she knew that he could get fed up with her bossiness, drop the doe, and leave, and she looked forward to that moment only for it to never come.

His green gaze seared her where it landed, but Vesper recognized her own mind overreacting and managed to tune the staring out. Unless his eyes were shooting beams of flame at her, they shouldn’t bother her, she reasoned. Soon only a slight prickle remained where she’d been terribly uncomfortable before. She looked at girls, too, and they didn’t always want to reciprocate; she would forgive him this.

His grumble almost went ignored, but she made an effort to speak. “There are many kinds of attention. If I knew you, things might be different, but I don’t—and anyone who trusts a stranger farther than they can throw them won’t last long in this world.” She scowled, shifting the carcass slightly so the prone fawn would not fall off. She wouldn’t belabor her message, knowing that a lecture on a relatively simple topic would only infuriate him more, and secretly she feared what that might mean.

“So, do you come from, Kit?” Vesper gave him a smirk, but it was far from a kind one; there was no misreading her scorn. “An island where you stop to fondle every wolf and opossum you pass?”

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Kit had for the moment, decided to settle on simply enjoying the view as he carefully walked backwards, and was impressed that she had not yelled at him immediately for gazing so directly. The male would have much preferred to be holding Vesper, then the dead animal that he had been bullied into carrying, but he was at a loss on how to get what he wanted with the strangely aggressive female. The lecherous wandering of Kit's were interrupted temporarily, by Vesper's words, and the coywolf listened for what he expected to be a demand to stop staring.

Vesper's words felt like a lecture to Kit, a rationale of why he shouldn't have showed interest in the scarred female. The advice ran counter to what Kit had experienced with most of the opposite sex, that touch was the best way to show, and create interest. There had been exceptions, and Kit doubted Vesper would be the last to reject him, but it seemed to work more often then not. He was about to say as much, when the burden he was carrying shifted slightly, drawing his attention to clumsily avoid dropping the would be meal. When Kit's eyes returned to Vesper, he noted the smirk, and scornful comment.

"That was my way to showing I wanted to get to know you, but I guess you were too busy being afraid I was out to get you..." Kit responded, his own smirk forming at the suggestion that she had been afraid of him, rather then disinterested in his attention. "As far as where I come from... I'm from far south, and I don't chase after just anything that comes along, only the pretty ones." Kit added, his tone, and the way his eyes returned to Vesper, suggesting that she happened to fall into that category. Kit wasn't quite ready to give up all attempts at turning things back to his favor, but he was also readying himself to drop the deer, and run. He had got his fill of the deer after all, and wasn't willing to stick around for a beating if the scarred female reacted poorly to his continued attempts at getting into her favor.

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A shadow fell across Vesper’s face, but this time it was a literal one; the raven flapped overhead, his beady eyes keeping tabs on them. No doubt it would look like no more than a scavenger following the coywolves for a quick meal, but the woman was comforted by her partner’s presence. Even though he’d be of little use in a fight, they were not far from Inferni, and Stark would go directly to one of the Bellum coyotes or anyone else who might help should this turn nasty. Though once completely above help, she beginning to learn; pride didn’t mean much when you were dead, although she’d rather die standing than on her knees.

She was thinking of the territory, and how her sparse cavern at Grimwell would look almost haimish once she got back, when Kit answered her accusations. Her ear snapped back at mention of her being afraid, frustration clear on her face for a moment before it went away. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t a little afraid, but she took most of it for caution.

“If you wanted to get to know me,” Vesper answered coolly, “perhaps you’d act with some class rather than eying me like a piece of meat, and try not to look like you think with your little head. Then again, I doubt that’d get you far; you seem like the type of personality I’d just hate anyway.” Her false smile curdled.

Once again, she was apparently pretty, but she did not deny his categorization this time. Instead, she chuckled. “Do the not-pretty ones not deserve any attention? Are they really lower creatures?” She quickened their pace slightly, to get closer to the territory faster. “Besides, surely the pretty ones are all taken,” she hinted, baring a canine tooth. She hadn’t really thought of herself as happening to be taken so much as taken with another, but any excuse worked for her at this point.

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