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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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Rain had been coming down, starting shortly after New Dawn's alpha left. She felt better about the pack now, if still full of the knowledge that she would never truly be accepted the same way by the members the way she had been before they had joined. Alone in the den Terra curled up, watching the rain fall. It was a pretty sight. Terra was tempted to crawl out into it, just play out in the water. Her leg was almost better after all.

She decided to wait for Kit instead though, and curled up. Her green eyes watched steadily, waiting for him to return. He was sure taking his sweet time. Bored Terra stood up, wandering out. Rain pelted down her coat, looking around as she moved. It wasn't fast, but her limp was almost completely gone at this point, if still bad enough to slow her down. It wasn't long before she took cover again, this time to fall into a deep sleep.

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It had been an exhilarating adventure, one that part of him wished had been experienced with Fleta, but Kit was also glad that it was only himself that had been in danger from the very anger merchant. In one hand he carried the pretty collar that was to be a gift for Fleta, and in the other, a small pot of red dye that he planned to use for another purpose. By the time Kit reached their temporary den, his fur had stopped dripping from the rain, but was still damp enough that he was looking forward to curling up with his female friend.

Upon reaching the den, Kit discovered that things were almost perfect for what he had in mind, with Fleta fast asleep inside. Slowly the male approached, green eyes watching for some sign that his cautious advance had been detected, but if he succeeded in reaching the den without Fleta noticing, he would set the necklace down beside her, before attempting to carefully move inside with her. Kit hoped that Fleta would remain asleep while he worked, wanting to surprise the female with his name dyed into her leg, and of course the pretty collar that he had laid down.

Silently, the jug would be opened, and if Fleta remained asleep, Kit would start to use the tip of his finger to dip in the dye pot. Before beginning to write his middle name in large, if crude letters on the female's thigh. Since meeting the female, Kit had started to become more and more possessive of her, a trait that he normally did not feel toward the opposite gender. Sure, he wanted attention from them, but if he got what he wanted, and another male came along later, it just didn't bother him, at least with anyone besides the one that was sleeping beside him.

Once his work was complete, Kit's muzzle would move toward Fleta's, whispering softly "Rise and shine beautiful" before sending a light lick at her face.

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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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Terra's ears twitched at his approach, nose working to see who was there. As soon as the approaching canine was recognized as Kit Terra relaxed again, sinking into an even deeper sleep. She was safe. Terra was completely unaware of what he was doing. Terra flinched slightly at the touch before settling down, moving closer to his warmth. It felt a little strange, but Terra's sleeping mind told her it was nothing important, that everything was how it was supposed to be.

The sweet words didn't earn anything more than a flick of her ear, though the lick did draw her. Terra yawned, stretching a little. Her leg hurt less each time she woke up, able to stretch further before she had to pull it back in pain. Blinking she sat up, looking over to Kit's glad face. Hey. Where you've been? Something felt damp. Terra knew she'd been out in the rain, but that was no reason for the feeling to remain. Confused she looked down, jaw dropping open at the sight. What? What was that on her leg?

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Kit felt comfortable with the female beside him, it just seemed like the natural place to be, next to Fleta in a den all their own, even if that den was temporary. She had remained asleep throughout the process of Kit visually marking her as his, the dye staining his name into Fleta's thigh for anyone to see. When she awoke to his soft lick, he was greeted by a question of where he had been, something he wasn't entirely used to. After all, he normally wandered around where ever he pleased, without anyone knowing or caring where he was heading next, and to have Fleta ask felt strange.

The confused look that followed was enough to draw Kit's mind away from dissecting just what the strange feeling was, and instead grin ear to ear at the discovery of her mark. "I was off having a little adventure. I would have taken you, but I wanted to surprise you." Kit teased, before nuzzling into Fleta's neck, and continuing "It's my name, I wanted to mark you as mine, and I brought you this gift that I stole from some merchant.". Kit's tail danced behind him at the mention of marking Fleta as his, and only more so at reference to the collar that lay beside them. Something about making the world know that she was his, whatever it was, sent a delightful warm feeling through the male's body.

"Try it on!" he eagerly suggested, while moving to offer the collar to go along with the necklace he had already given the female.

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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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An adventure? Without her? Terra felt a little disappointed that she had been left behind. Terra was sure she would have enjoyed what he had done. Her tail did thump a little at his words of a surprise though. She did like surprises. She nuzzled along Kit, tail wagging slowly. She could spend all her time with him. Of course, that still didn't explain the giant mark on her leg, Terra pulling away to stare at the red lettering again. Why was it there?

Her eyes rolled at the next statement. It was pretty obvious that it was Kit's name. She wanted to know how it got on her, and why. Her body stiffened slightly at the claim. His? She was his? Terra didn't want to belong to anyone! Well, Kit was fantastic. It couldn't be that bad. Still! Terra was a free spirit, and the thought of being owned terrified her. Hackles raised she looked at the beautiful gift he was holding out. That was very pretty. Her hand reached out to grab it before pulling back, looking up at him again. She shook her head at the offer, face set stubbornly. Yours? I don't belong to anyone!

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Kit felt proud of having his mark on Fleta, of having a visible sign that she was his. When he had mentioned marking the female as his however, he noticed the subtle change in her body language, the stiffening of her body, and the hackles that raised even as she seemed interested in the shiny gift he hoped to place on her neck. Instead, she started to shake her head, and became stubborn about something. A look of confusion came onto Kit's face, with a little bit of hurt at being told she wasn't hit, and that she didn't belong to anyone at all. "Why would you say that Fleta? Don't you like curling up together every night?" Kit asked, his muzzle reaching out to try placing another soft lick along the female's neck.

"I just want the world to know that I'm who you share a den with, who you go on adventures with, and of course, the male that keeps you warm at night..." Kit spoke softly, while his arms went to try wrapping around Fleta, so that he could pull her close against him in a fashion similar to how they often slept. Feeling his fur against Fleta's had become something that Kit almost expected when he went to sleep at night, and its absence the unusual scenario. Whether she felt the same way, was not something that Kit had every thought would be the case. While waiting for a reply, he would continue to shower the other Luperci with nuzzling licks, and kisses in an attempt to get a more favorable response.

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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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Kit seemed pretty puzzled at Terra's reaction. She looked at him, fearful. Of course, that made her want to seek him out for comfort, a very contradictory action. Terra feared being owned, having anyone hold claim over her beyond her pack. It meant going back, checking on him, never being able to do anything without him saying it was okay. Terra didn't want to give up her freedom, her ability to do whatever she wanted. His words made her hesitate even more, wondering what she was doing.

Terra did like curling up with him, nice and warm. She wanted to do that all the time, have someone that she could sleep with. She didn't move as a soft lick moved along her neck, slightly comforted if still weirded out by it. Pulled into his arms Terra twisted around, looking up at him. All of that sounded a lot like being mates. It had been happening this entire time, and yet she hadn't realized. She hadn't even told him her name. I'm not Fleta...

The words were hesitant, knowing that she might drive him away. Still, it was time. My name's Terra. Fleta's just the name I use so people don't connect what I do with my pack. I...didn't tell you, because I wasn't sure you'd be staying. We both like to wander after all. Terra glanced off, looking past the den. The rain was slowing, kisses pressing into her. Would he stay? How had it happened, letting this become so natural for her?

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Kit was thankful that she didn't resist his embrace, and instead twisted around so that she could look up at him, and the male did not hesitate to lock eyes with his den mate. Just as the confusion started to give way to a content look, Terra threw something new at him, the revelation that she wasn't Fleta. At first, he wondered if maybe she had a twin, or some other strange scenario, but the hesitant words explained what had been going on since they met. There was a little disappointment that after everything they had done together, her name had still been kept from him. Hearing her reasoning though made him a little more sympathetic, since he had in fact not really planned to spend so much time with the pretty female in his arms.

"Fleta, Terra, it doesn't matter what your name is. While were on names, my full name is Inocencio Kit Victor... but just go by Kit since its easier for people to remember." Kit whispered next to Terra's ear, while a hand moved down to run along where his name was emblazoned in red. "As far as staying, I'm laying in this den with you, trying to get you to wear marks that tell everyone that I'm staying with you." Kit continued, and reached for the side of Terra's neck with his teeth, the plan to place a soft possessive love bite. The movement would be short, a simple display of his want, before pulling back slightly to present his gift a second time. He didn't verbally ask for her to accept it though, Kit felt a need to have Terra put the collar on herself, to accept what she had stubbornly rejected only a little bit ago.

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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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Terra was glad that Kit wasn't worried about the lie. Her name was pretty important to her, something that she really only gave out to those that she held a level of trust for. Not all of those she associated with even knew her real name. The only reason why Shadow found out was when a traitor revealed it when she almost died. Terra was surprised to learn that Kit actually had three names. She was still adjusting to others having two, not counting aliases. She nodded her head softly. Kit. Nothing more, nothing less. The one she had gotten to know.

His hand ran over the dyed fur, a slight shiver running over her body. It was so close, so affectionate, yet nothing like how it had felt before, new meaning there now that his name marked her. A soft laugh slipped out. It did make sense when put that way. But there was still the fact that they weren't mates. Didn't only mates do this kind of thing? Were they mates? Did she love him? Shadow had said that love was what happened with mates. She growled softly, arcing her neck as the teeth nipped at her softly. The beautiful jewelry was held out again, Terra examining it softly. It was very pretty. Reaching out she held it in her hands, not yet putting it on, just looking at the beautiful gems. Mine?

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It was such a wonderful feeling for Kit, to be cozied up inside of a den with Terra, a female that he had gone to the trouble of trying to claim, and make exclusively his. Any other female, and Kit would have cared less what they were up to after a night with him, but Terra had sparked a new possessive want in the male. Placing his name on Terra's thigh had been one expression of that, the collar, and necklace he hoped she would always wear, even the soft lover's bite that he placed on Terra's neck.

Terra's question brought a smile to Kit's face, as he wondered if it wasn't obvious who the collar was meant for. "Yep. I hope you'll wear it often Terra, just like I hope you'll always be beside me at night," his words paused a moment to try planting a gentle lick on Terra's cheek, before continuing "go on adventures with me often," Kit nuzzled at her again, his arms trying to pull Terra even more firmly against him, before finishing "and always wear my mark.". Kit sought to end his words by pressing his muzzle against Terra's in a kiss, his tail thumping loudly against the den's walls, while his heart sped up.

It had crossed Kit's mind to more bluntly claim Terra as his mate, but old habits died hard, and the male was still wary of committing that much. There was a sense of being trapped, of all his father's warnings looming over him, but also the not so recognizable fear of rejection. So he stopped just short of it, even if his intentions were the same thing.

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Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always

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Wearing the collar was a hesitant thought. Her hand reached up to fiddle with the silver necklace she already wore. Terra wondered if she should get something for him as well. The idea of getting him a jeweled necklace struck her as a brilliant idea. Something to tell him how much she liked the shiny jewelry he gave her. Hesitantly Terra fingered the collar, smiling as he spoke. Her cheek was licked softly, a soft almost purring growl coming from her. She really did love being with him, even if she didn't understand everything he did.

She returned his nuzzle with one of her own, moving closer so that her legs were partly overlaid with his. The last part was a bit shaky for her, but she accepted it as a kiss was pressed in, hands reaching up around his neck. Her tongue pushed in, soft and sweet, and the night enveloped around them, a private show just for them.

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