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<p class="ooc"><span class="wc">Word Count → 544</span> :: This post is exceedingly random, but whatevs.</p>
<p>Hoarse, awkward barks sounded across the stretch of saltwater. He crouched on the beach, arms dangling as he let out a bark of his own. When he looked up, the seal was regarding him suspiciously from her little island rock, dark-splotched blubbery body tensing as she cried out one more time. This only served to amuse the wolf, who broke out into a wicked grin before cupping his hands around his muzzle and howling at her.<p>
The seal blinked, twitched her whiskers, and dove into the water. Her tail sent a wave toward the luperci, who yelped at the splash of wetness and curled into an exaggerated ball, peeking fearfully at the water.<p>
And Levent laughed again.<p>
<w>“Glad to see you’re overcoming your fear,”</w> Wilson mewed idly, perched on a large piece of driftwood well out of the way of the water. He stretched out a hind leg and licked it, yellow eyes resting teasingly on his companion.<p>
<b>“I’ll remember it soon enough,”</b> the Turkish wolf replied, brushing water from his coat. But, really, his prolonged exposure to the ocean on the northern isthmus—along with the distraction the seals provided—had truly helped. He knew he would retch and pass out the second he set foot on a boat, or if more massive wave dragged him a few yards out to sea, but he was fine hunkered safely on the shore. <b>“I think I’m starting to understand the seals, too,”</b> he added with the enthusiasm reserved for immortality, good trades, and adorable animals.<p>
The cat laughed and went back to grooming. <w>“So you’d fancy turning into a seal and leaving me here to the wolves, hmm?”</w><p>
<b>“<alt title="Perhaps, but... I would weep for you forever.">Belki, ama… Seni sonsuza dek ağlamak olurdu</alt>,”</b> Levent purred.<p>
He could see the cat weighing this statement, although he had no idea how much Turkish the feline had picked up on during their years together. He grinned crookedly, was pleased to see the tom look flustered, and plopped his butt down in the sand as he returned his attention to the vast ocean. It was too easy to tease his friend who got <i>weird</i> about the littlest things, but he truly did care about the cat. He’d probably be dead if not for the kitty nagging at him every step of every day.<p>
<w>“What are we doing next, anyway, mate?”</w> Wilson asked, jumping down from the hollowed, rotting log and trotting over to the canine. <w>“You said you had an idea.”</w><p>
Levent shrugged. <b>“Nothing more than going from pack to pack, truly this time. No more sitting around on our rear ends.”</b> He shot the feline a glare when Wilson dared to smirk at him. <b>“And yes, I know you’ve been saying so the entire time. I just needed to…to realize that I need to do this.”</b> Blue eyes scanned the blue horizon. <b>“First, this pack right next to us. We’ll go from there, to Ichika, to the caves I think, and loop all around until we get back here. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to skip the coyotes, though.”</b> He straightened with resolve. <b>“We’ll see what they’d do with us, and…”</b><p>
The seal resurfaced, barking at him, and he flattened his ears sheepishly. Wilson stared at him, and he mumbled, <b>“Something about sailfish, and not polite.”</b>

<p class="template-credit">Levent by <a href="http://sleepyglow.net/sleeps/art/">Sie</a>; table code from <a href="?viewtopic.php?t=17301">the Mentors!</a></p>
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WC :: +000</br>
Sky's in her lupus form. :: </div>

<p>Sky needed to get away. She hated leaving the pups behind, fearful they'd be hurt or something. Still, New Dawn promised to be a safe home for them, so leaving the pups in Deuce's care for a few hours couldn't hurt. She'd fallen in love with the pups and with all of the cheerful words, Sky felt better leaving the two siblings with her for a bit. Besides, the tired mother needed some time away. Ever since they'd been born, she'd been beside them all hours of every day.

<p>This was the first time she'd been without them. It felt as if her world was colder now, without the young voices of her Lena and her Cody to keep her occupied. Whatever would she do without them, now?

<p>She wandered away from the packlands, exploring this new area. The first place she intended on going was the beach, to see the seals she'd heard so much about. She'd seen them from afar before, smelt their fishy, blubbery scent and heard their hoarse barks, but she'd never been up close to one.

<p>Of course, it appeared as though she wasn't the only one interested in the blubbery animals. Beyond the lip of grass that overlooked the rocky coast, she could see an auburn colored fellow and a cat. The two were talking, and for a moment, Sky wondered if Fella was still following her. She'd noticed his scent a few times but since they'd come to live in New Dawn's territory, he'd kept himself hidden otherwise. No matter. She'd find him later.

<p>Curious to see if this man knew anything about seals and who he was and desperate to find something to do, the girl trotted down towards the beach, her four paws and long tail keeping her balanced as she hopped down the rocky shoreline towards them. Getting closer, she decided it was time to alert them that she was there.

<p>A sing-song series of barks, making out a tune that meant hello. She paused on a rock nearby and sat, tilting her head curiously to see how he'd react. She had nothing to say just yet. For now, she'd let these two men, feline and canine, do the talking for her.</p>


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