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POSTED: Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:26 pm

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Leaving the pack behind for some peace and quiet was a good idea. She could go out, admire the world, come back and play with the small items that she owned, and wouldn't have to deal with others that might scare her. Dalgina had changed a lot, growing much further withdrawn into herself. The boldness she'd once had was gone. That was alright though. Dalgina didn't mind. Her dreams were still pretty, and she could do her best to recreate it, even if working with paws was difficult.

At least, she had thought it was a good idea. After all, she'd done this before and nothing had gone wrong. Dalgina had forgotten that she was still young, not even qualified as an adolescent when she left, and had ended up getting herself lost. Wandering the territory Dalgina found herself wishing that she was back in the pack that she refused to call home, thoroughly turned around. Where was she? Dalgina hoped that she could figure it out soon. Being lost wasn't fun.

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The day seemed like a good one for wandering a bit, or that was what had gone through Kit's mind when he set out in the morning. He didn't have any sort of destination in mind, but was simply hoping something interesting might jump out in front of him, or perhaps net himself an easy meal somehow. What he had not imagined doing however, was running into a lone pup, seemingly lost in the wilderness.

Kit had not made much secret of his traveling through the area, a confident stride that would have likely been spotted, or heard by the young pup, but Kit still stopped to observe for a moment. His first instinct was to just keep wandering on through, since the puppy wasn't anyone he knew, or related to anyone he knew, and was unlikely to have anything of interest for him to try stealing or conning them out of. Before he could continue his walking though, a hesitation struck him, and the male felt a bit of nagging concern over just leaving them alone.

"Hey, whats a puppy doing out here all alone?" Kit called over to them, almost hoping that they would tell him of their parents who would be back soon, and free him of any guilty feelings. Kit remained where he was, not yet approaching closer, but also not walking away.

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Rustling in the bushes grabbed Dalgina's attention. What was that? Visions of horrible monsters crashing through, blood dripping from their fangs as they came to harm the pup and kill her family washed through her mind. The sun felt cold on the dark female, shaking as she crouched down. She backed away from the source of the sound, pressed as low to the ground as she could get. The noise continued closer, her heart pounding so loud she knew the monster could hear it.

A coyote stepped into the room, and the sun's warmth washed over her again. The shaking stilled, leaving her on the ground, exhausted. That had not been fun. The male stared at her, brown eyes meeting his green ones. He didn't look dangerous. Maybe he could help her. She flinched a little at the words, looking down at the ground. Dalgina hadn't behaved. She knew she wasn't supposed to be out here, and had done it anyways. I-I left the pack to see the birds and got lost. Her paws scuffed at the ground, feeling rather foolish.

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Almost as soon as Kit had announced his presence, the male felt regret at doing so, but held out hope that the puppy would tell him something that would let him continue on his way. Instead of what Kit sought though, he was given the exact opposite, in the form of confirmation that she was lost. Kit started to think, his green eyes considering the puppy while he remained rooted in place, and thought of what he should do. On the one hand, he knew that a puppy all alone in the wilderness wasn't exactly safe, and that if he just left them to their own devices, it could end poorly.

Even if he tended to be selfish, and had probably stolen food from older wolves, that was intended to feed puppies, it hadn't been quite as clear cut his responsibility as the one in front of him. After the few moments of awkward deliberation, Kit finally let a frustrated sigh escape from his mouth, and started to walk closer to the so far unnamed puppy. "Well, its not really safe out here for kids your age. Do you have any idea at all where your pack might be? I'm Kit, whats yours?".

Being on two legs, rather then four, meant Kit was looking down when he closed the distance, and also left open the option of carrying the lost puppy if he needed to do so. Kit wondered what he would do if she didn't have any idea where their pack was, and if he wasn't able to find someone to push the responsibility off on to.

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A frustrated sigh came from the coyote. Her ears pinned down flat, knowing that she was in trouble. The nice adult had to help her now, instead of doing what he probably wanted to do. Feeling immensely guilty about that she kept looking down as he moved closer. At the last moment she glanced up, head craned to see him. She nodded her head in agreement about the danger. Blood monsters were out here, terrifying creatures ready to tear her apart.

No. Dalgina. She was as truly lost as she could get, turned around completely. If she headed east for a little while she would return to the pack, but Dalgina didn't know that, as turned around as she was. In her mind the pack was miles and miles away. Stepping forward Dalgina whined, pushing her head against Kit's leg for comfort. Will you keep the monsters away? She looked up pleadingly, brown eyes large and adoring.

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Kit wondered just what to do with the pup, while listening to the name that was given to him. She seemed to have no idea what direction he would even need to lead the pup in, and the male wasn't fond of the idea of having a pup around for longer then he had to. Everything the male was interested in, would be that much harder with Dalgina around. A returning desire to flee was lurking in the back of the male's mind, but he instead responded "Well Dalgina, I don't know what sort of monsters your worried about, but I can try to get you back to your pack at least...".

Turning his attention away from the smaller canine, Kit decided to just pick a direction, and hope that he ran into someone that would either know them, or know about the pack she was in. "Well... I suppose we should start moving. Maybe we will run into something that looks familiar, or someone who knows where you should be." Kit spoke in a soft enough tone, but was a little awkward, not being too sure if he shouldn't say or do something else. After Kit began to walk in the direction of choice, he looked to be sure the pup was following, and added "What kind of birds were you looking for?".

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Tail wagging happily the pup perked up, glad to have someone out there willing to help her find her way home. Well, back to Cercatori at least. Dalgina still refused to acknowledge the fact that she was slowly adapting to her new pack and beginning to consider it as home. She still longed to see Kiara, and Neela hadn't been seen for a while either. They must have been busy taking care of the puppies that were supposed to be her friends...

Dalgina happily trotted behind him, unaware that he was just as confused as she was about which direction to go in. Nodding her head Dalgina agreed with the wise sentiment. Something was bound to look familiar sooner or later. They couldn't remain lost forever. There were these little ones, bright red feathers covering them. They kept flying away whenever I got close though. She didn't know why. Dalgina wasn't going to hurt them. She just wanted to look at them.

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Kit noticed the change in Dalgina after his offer to help was given, and while he still was wary of the possibility of being stuck with a puppy around, Kit also felt some satisfaction at helping the younger canine be a little less afraid of her current situation. The older male did his best to pay attention to Dalgina, and also think of some course of action, maybe someone he had met that would know if some pack was missing a pup. Of course, he knew that if he had to wait for some pack to come looking for her, it would probably mean a few days, and that would be a few days of no adventure, no fun.

Hearing Dalgina's innocent statement about the birds avoiding her caused Kit to chuckle lightly, his attention snatched away from what needed done, and pushed back into the present. "Of course they kept flying away, anything bigger then them, is liable to be looking for a quick meal. So unless your quick, and don't mind hurting them, your probably not going to get very close to them. Like dumb canines, dumb birds don't last in the world very long." Kit spoke in a neutral tone, giving what he thought was an informative lecture to the young pup. Occasionally, his eyes would scan the area for anything that stood out, that he might question the pup about, a potential landmark.

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A chuckle met her statement, Dalgina looking up curiously. Maybe he knew the secret of why they always flew away. That would be good to know. If she found out about that then she could get close to the birds and they wouldn't be scared of her and they could all play together. Dalgina giggled herself, imagining going home with all the birds and sharing them with her family and telling them about everything she'd seen. The pup slowed a step at the explanation given, eyes wide with the explanation. Eat the birds? Yes, it made sense, but Dalgina hadn't been thinking of that. Dalgina had just thought they were pretty. Didn't anyone else think about that kind of thing?

How disappointing. Dalgina didn't want to hurt them. That was the last thing on her mind. It looked like Dalgina would have to be satisfied with keeping a distance. His words were rather harsh, explaining that dumb animals quickly died out. Dalgina was glad that no one she knew seemed particularly dumb. She didn't want any of them to die. Tail swishing Dalgina trotted over to a nearby stream, staring happily at the babbling brook. If she got lost, did that mean she was dumb? Worry filled her, quickly trotting over to where Kit was. Am I dumb?

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