New Lands, New Faces [J]

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It had been a while since Biff had really run into anyone of significance, but he couldn't help but feel optimistic about his new direction in life. He had left Vedauwoo, which was located far to the south in a place which was once known as Wyoming, many months ago and had gone north in search for a purpose. Why north, thought? Why not east, out onto the plains, or westward to the coast? North was cold and potentially dangerous, so why in that direction? It was a leading, of some sort, which he had felt and it could only be described as being something instinctual. It could not be explained and there was no plausible logic behind it, all that the coyote knew was that north was where he had to head.

Not too long ago he had stumbled across a group whom he stayed a week with to recuperate and gather his strength up again, and they pointed him off in this direction and gave him a name: Casa di Cavalieri. Biff did not know what that meant, but the strangers kindly told him that it was one of the safer packs in the region and that he should look into them if he planned on staying for longer than a year. One of them had mentioned a pack full of coyotes, like himself, but Biff did not really feel a strong urge to join a group of individuals that sounded as conceited as they; for some reason it just did not strike him to seek that pack out; but Casa di Cavalieri had somehow hit a note within his soul and it almost beckoned to him.

Stepping carefully, Biff finally came to a stop. He could smell the presence of others and knew that he was trespassing onto someone's owned land, and the coyote did not want to go too deep as to cause alarm or alert. Biff instead stood where he was, heaving a deep and nervous sigh. He was a smaller fellow, not too dreadfully tall for either his race or wolves, and where he stood he was in his optimus form. Almost always was the coyote in the optimus form, and it could be seen why, too. Over his chest was slung a satchel, on his hands and feet were glove-like leather covers, and in his left hand he held a small black case which housed what could only be a violin. All of these things would be impossible or ridiculously difficult to cart around in any other form, and so that left Biff to wander the world as a biped.

It did not bother him too much, though. Sometimes he wished he hadn't grown so attached to the musical instrument and the books (which he could not read, anyway) that he toted in his satchel, but he felt that by walking on two legs the world would come at him slower and he would have more time to enjoy it, and more time to think.

With another sigh, this time with relief mixed in there, the coyote set his black case down and removed his satchel, also placing it on the ground. He wanted to sit, as he had been traveling all that day, but he decided against it. Biff did not want to seem like a careless fellow when whoever-it-was that would meet him did so.

With a few huffs of air, Biff filled his lungs and raised his nose to the sky. He let out a series of sharp, yappy-barking howls that could easily be described as very annoying and anything but elegant. Really it sounded more like some creature getting beat over the head repetitively with a blunt object, but such was the way of Biff the coyote. With luck, someone would show up and meet him (presumably a member of this Casa di Cavalieri), and with even more luck, they would not want to smash his face in to make sure that dreadful sound was never heard in the area again.

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Awesome! Another new person. :D
Wayway is a grumpypants, but don't let him scare ya off. x3

Wayne had been making more progress with his snares. Everything he made was still inelegant and worked more because of flukes than his skill, but slowly the fishing line tangles and traps caught more and more prey. Setting and checking the snares was something else to do—on top of feeding and grooming and riding and training the horses, patrolling, offering advice and reporting to the Guida, mentoring, and staying on top of events within and without the pack. Needless to say, this new self-imposed duty did not help his stress.

He went along the rabbit track to check his traps, finding nothing on the first three, the last a mess of fur and blood and bones that suggested someone had found it before him. He growled until the smell of stoat, and he gathered up the trap to put somewhere else. Shoving the tangled wire in his jeans pocket, he walked onward.

What he needed to do was get away from all of this for a while, but the Labrador mongrel knew that catching up on his duties after an absence would cause even more stress. Only the thought of Dixie-May and the expedition they’d promised kept him sane in moments like these, and he sighed as he stopped and regarded the trees. He would have to get used to it, or delegate some responsibilities to the new, promising members of the pack. It wasn’t as if he was going to recover from his workaholic nature anytime soon.

A yapping cry made him look up, his brows meeting. The call could only come from a smaller canine—a coyote, most likely. His father was in his head again, lamenting the loss of some of their livestock from one of the thieving brutes, but he pushed that image away and chose to think of Ithiel, instead. Coyotes were not just thieves in the south, and they weren’t even just Infernians.

He let out a doggish howl to let the caller know he was coming, and then he made his way toward the border. It would’ve been faster on horseback, and usually he was ahorse when going on patrols, but he hadn’t expected yet another stranger already. They seemed to have an influx of new members these days—not that he was complaining.

The other appeared sooner than he expected, perhaps a little over the scent markers. His brow furrowed disapprovingly, but Wayne knew there was no clear-cut dividing line such as a fence or the fort walls. He stopped, thrusting his hands in his pockets and lifting his chin as he looked the coyote over. He wasn’t remarkable—smallish and colored like most of his species, even if that was interesting compared to all the hybrids in the northern clan—but the case grabbed his attention somewhat. A violin, he knew; the Sole had one himself.

“What brings ya to Casa di Cavalieri’s borders?” the Sinistra asked in his usual drawl, brown eyes fixing on the other’s. He remained somewhat tense, imposing his dominance only subtly on the loner.

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Biff waited for a moment, straining his ears to listen for any sound in return, be it the call of another or the quickening pace of feet toward his position. One or the other would tell him the need to high-tail it away quickly, for the last thing that he wanted was to have come to the wrong pack and agitated a group of cannibals or something of the strange and extreme sort like that. Luckily it was the long howl of another, and as he heard it the coyote guessed that, by its tone, it was not threatening. Though, perhaps, not exactly wolven – perhaps this was a good sign.

All of a sudden Biff became nervous. He had traveled so far and for so long that the idea of even finding a possible 'temporary' home made him somewhat giddy on the inside. What more, if this group of individuals were right enough, the coyote may even find a home for himself here indefinitely, and perhaps he would never have to venture out alone again. What if they rejected him, though? All Biff knew was that his instincts had drove him north, but how much further could he go? If this pack did not want him or were rude to him and unnecessarily brutal then would he continue to travel in that direction?

Oh how he hoped that they would not turn him down.

At last the sound of footsteps could be heard and Biff struggled to keep his nerves. At last his eyes fell on the individual that would meet him and possibly lead him further into the packlands. It was surprising to behold him, at first, and Biff's ears locked forward as he took in the sight. The fellow was a golden color, but still had very wolfish features – a mix, perhaps? Besides that, he was also somewhat imposing. Either it was the way the guy stood, the tone of his voice, or the look in his eyes that caused that sense of protective possessiveness to emanate outward, and already the coyote found himself being slightly submissive in his body language. There was also a good chance that it was just Biff's own nerves getting the best of him, but either way he hunched slightly, making himself even smaller than he already was, and laid his ears back instinctively.

“This is Casa Di Cavalieri?” Biff mumbled, but his voice perked up with a little joy. “Good – good! I have found the right place! Uh...” The coyote glanced quickly at his violin case, and then back to the fellow in the cowboy hat. Momentarily Biff wondered where he might find a hat like that, it would be a nice little item to keep the sun out of one's face while they traveled.

“I uh... my name is Biff. Biff Williams. I came from a very far ways southward and recently came into the area not but a few weeks ago.” The coyote cleaned his throat and stood up a little straighter, trying to show a tad bit of confidence. “I heard of a safe pack, that is to say, you guys, and after some consideration I decided to visit and... well... possibly join?”

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The coyote exhibited what submission he could in optime form, and Wayne let his stiff shoulders droop slightly as he decided this wouldn’t be a violent encounter. Even though most border-callers wanted to join, he still remembered the raiders and the slaver who had come threatening his new home. The raiders had been run off or killed, and Amy’s supposed authority had been crushed under the weight of the Cavalierites, but the assurance that this was a pack of warriors did not make it any easier for the suspicious Labrador mix.

It sounded like this loner had heard of the pack before, much like the others, and that was reassuring. Word of Casa di Cavalieri had spread, positive word, and it wasn’t attracting many wolves ignorant of their name. It’d always bothered him when someone approached the borders with no clue of who they were.

A hint of pride softened the hard squared-off lines of his face, and he nodded when the other introduced himself as Biff Williams. “Where south?” he asked mildly, his tone making it clear that this was a casual query and not part of the interrogation. He didn’t sound like he’d come as far south as Wayne and Dixie, but it was good to know they weren’t alone nonetheless.

The cowboy smirked slightly. “Yeah, we’re pretty safe. Casa is a home for warriors, those who fight for peace. It’s our job t’ make sure wars don’t break out in the other packs; we were formed after one of these wars.” He cleared his throat. “Certainly, all of us ain’t warriors. I’m the Cavallo, master of horse.” He didn’t want the coyote to be scared away from contributing to the pack if he couldn’t fight.

“If you wanna join… What skills d’you have t’ offer us?” He glanced at the case. “Besides playin’ that violin, I mean. One of our alphas plays violin too.” Although he was sure that it’d look more proper with Biff playing it; giant Jazper all but dwarfed the petite human instrument.

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”Oh...” Biff took himself back to where he had come from in his mind. The place he had come from was little-known, but he thought that he would give it a shot. Perhaps the human cities nearby would help give the fellow he spoke with a better idea of where it was he came from. ”Near the large plains, but in mountains that overlooked it. The place was called Vedauwoo, by the humans, and there were two old human settlements nearby called Laramie and Cheyenne, if I recall correctly. I'm not sure just how far south it was, but I've been traveling for a few months now.”

The coyote listened as the Labrador explained what the pack was and what it stood for. A warrior pack, then? It was intriguing, and Biff found himself interested more than he was concerned. Fighting seemed to be a means of survival for this bunch, but it was for the better good. Not only were they fighting to keep themselves alive and healthy, but also for the safety of other packs. In a way, it was selfless violence – and while the violence part slightly frightened him the selfless part actually drew him in. Perhaps this was to be his new home.

”Skills?” The coyote paused a second, glancing down to his violin case. Really that was the only thing he considered a skill, as he was still very much just learning the ways of the world. Biff wished that he could add literacy to his short list, but the two books that he carted around with himself were as cryptic as an unknown language. ”I had been taught how to hunt with a bow and skin with a knife, though I would not consider myself particularly good at it.” Biff's brown eyes returned to the other's. He really did not have that much skill – ever since infection he had mostly just been interested in exploring the world and finding out all that he could about it.

”But I would be more than willing to learn anything, actually.” The coyote added with a more chipper attitude. If there was knowledge to be gotten in this pack then he would undoubtedly absorb it all. ”Weapon use, farming, horse riding, reading – especially reading. Wherever you guys have a vacancy I would gladly cover down on it for ya'. I mean, as long as I were useful I think I would be pretty content.”

Biff smiled slightly, hoping that his non-existent resume would not disqualify him from joining the pack. In all actuality he had been traveling for most of his new life, and there were only brief periods where he had been with others and picked up things like hunting, making fire, skinning, and minor threadwork and toolwork. Basically he knew the necessities to survive on his own, but almost nothing to better the advancement of others.

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Welcome to Casa! We can continue this thread if you want,
but you're free to post elsewhere now. :3

The names of the various settlements didn’t really ring a bell for the cowboy, although he had a vague concept of where the former American states lay. He nodded anyway, thoughtfully, and decided that the world was too large for him to know where absolutely everything was. He didn’t think that the coyote would have heard about Texas. Even Nova Scotia had a lot of landmarks and settlements, and it was small compared to the States.

Wayne waited for Biff to consider the question, although he’d learned that most canines had something to offer if they were used to wandering alone. Hunting, at a bare minimum, was usually necessary to survive outside of the region. It was nice to know where the newcomers lay, however, as far as skills—and what co-ranks to nudge them towards.

The coyote offered hunting and skinning as something he knew how to do, but when he professed his interest in learning more, the cowboy smirked and nodded. “We can teach you jus’ about anythin’,” he chuckled, his voice low. “Maybe once ya learn how t’ read or swordfight, you could give me a few pointers.” He was hopeless at using weaponry, and reading was a tedious process of slowly sounding out words and scowling until his brow had permanent furrows. “As for horses—got no lack of them.” He grinned at last.

“I reckon you could charm us with that violin of yours until you learn more,” the Labrador mongrel said half-jokingly. He tipped his hat then stood aside to let the newcomer cross the border. “But I’d be happy to welcome you into Casa di Cavalieri.”

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Welcome to Casa di Cavalieri!


Here are some things that we suggest you take a look at, now that you've been accepted:

  • Check out the Game to see how you can start collecting points for fun prizes!
  • Look at the Map and Territory Descriptions to see the various places your character can explore within the pack.
  • Look over the list of Co-Ranks that are available for you character to pursue once they reach the Veles rank.
  • Please read our Policies and IC Laws & Punishments so that you and your character can abide by Casa di Cavalieri's standards.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact either Melissa or Katie and we will do whatever we can to help you! If you're ready to get to roleplaying right away, post in the Thread Requests forum or snag an Open Thread!

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At last the golden fellow seemed to behave a little more warmly, and Biff allowed himself to recover from his somewhat submissive demeanor. The guy's mentioning of learning how to read brought even more joy to the coyote, and he even allowed his tail to wag as the thought of finally figuring out that strange cryptic language which humans spoke wrote in. At last those two books inside of his satchel would open up to him, and the whole past of the mysterious humans would become known.

”Oh, my violin?” Biff glanced to his black case, and then back up to the other fellow. This was the second time the fellow had pointed out the instrument, and the fact that he was able to guess what was inside told the coyote that his new friend, here, was not a stranger to musical instruments. ”Yes, I can play it a bit; I don't know how to read any sheet music for it, or read at all for that matter, but I spent many evenings since I found it playing.” Biff seemed to fade into his thoughts for a quick moment. Music was something he enjoyed thoroughly, and ever since he began his travels he had always loved to hear it play. When he stumbled across the violin he was so excited that he nearly dropped it the first time he had it out of the case.

”You know, that is something I would like to learn how to do more than horses and swordplay, though using a weapon is something I look forward to knowing how to do: I want to learn how to read.” The coyote was being honest; perhaps a bit straightforward, but honest nonetheless. It looked as if he were going to ask another question, but hesitated and decided to change the subject. Biff seemed to be all over the place; ”...I never did catch your name.”

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I'm sorry for the wait; I had final exams to deal with.

The coyote looked at the case that carried the instrument then talked about sheet music, which was something more foreign to Wayne than words. It made sense that you had to read something to learn the language of an instrument, though—or at least learn a phrase more intricately than just fumbling at the keys or strings. The same went for learning things from books too.

“The alpha male, Jazper, might be able to give ya pointers,” the dusty-coated man offered, waiting for the other to phase back into attention. He knew he daydreamed when talking about horses, so he wouldn’t keep the man from a moment of thought. “Dunno if he has this sheet music, but he plays a purty tune.” He smirked at himself.

“Like I said,” he went on as the other professed his desire to read, “got plenty of different skills in Casa, so I’m sure we could ask around.” He started to step backwards and turn, gesturing for the man to cross the border and walk inward. Naturally, the cowboy headed toward the fort that was the secure heart of the territory; the other man would want to know about where he’d stay.

He was somewhat embarrassed at forgetting his name along all the other introductions, but he never had been good at small talk. “Wayne McCoy,” he answered, and adjusted his hat lightly as he walked.

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