One More Down

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Amy camped down at the setting sun. Her wagon was set up carefully, everything rigged so that she would know the instant it was touched. Soft furs laid out on the ground as she stretched out. A meal would be here soon, when Raoth came back from his hunt. She had unchained him, and made it clear that he would be hunted down if he wasn't back within an hour with something for her to eat. There was to be no escape attempt.

Grudgingly Raoth returned, clutching a kid in his mouth. Amy smiled, retrieving the small goat. Raoth growled as he moved back, hating that he was forced to serve her. At times he felt himself drawn to her only, to have Amy violently strike him. It was on purpose, as she could tell when he started attaching to her. It was no good if he did so. Then she couldn't sell him. A knife was drawn, working on skinning the goat for her meal.

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He roamed through the land familiarizing himself with the new pack locations and hoping to find something to do outside of his family's pack. He wondered if he would find his lost friends when he came across the scent of two canines. Curiously he moved toward their scent and his eyes found a curious scene. A slightly attractive woman and a slightly rugged looking male..also fairly attractive. Aro wasn't sure if he was interested in males, but he was quite curious about them, and he couldn't forget Gotham, who he swore he felt sparks there.

Watching them for a moment he then cracked his neck and stood up more straight, his blue eyes looking at them casually as he strode over with nothing less than confidence and charisma rolling from him. "Hello, miss and sir...I'm Aro Marino, part of the Knight family. I am from Casa di Cavalieri..." He bowed gentlemanly before the woman, his left hand on the hilt of his sword as he bowed. He would be ready if anything were to go down. One could never be careful and something about these two said he should have his guard up.

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The scent of a male reached her. Amy's ears trained on the stranger, tracking him as she continued on her work. There was no need to acknowledge him unless he approached after all. Raoth eyed him warily, moving against the wagon. One of Amy's customers? He hated that whole lot. Despised how easily they bent to her will, playing her game. He wasn't any better, but at least he had fought for a long time before being forced to surrender.

With his steps drawing nearer Amy glanced up, the skin of the goat partly hanging off. She nodded her head regally at his greeting. Casa di Cavalieri. A pack of liars and traitors. Sebastian had broken the contract they had, a fact she wouldn't forgive. He had set Hadley free, and displayed open disdain for her, despite the fact that they had traded together. The entire pack disliked her because of him. Amy Sunders. Can I help you?

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The young Marino, recently back, had yet to hear of this woman, but he wouldn't have taken what any of the member's had to say until he saw it himself. He was an independent thinker. Judging things for himself, and not based off of the words of others. Inferni members didn't seem as bad as they're reputation, Dahlia was the same in his book. So, it wouldn't be any different when he heard the rumors of Amy Sunders, he would judge her for himself. However, he hadn't heard a thing about the woman, yet. He hadn't met too many of the members within his father's pack, yet. He only knew his family for the most part. His brothers and sisters, his cousins and his father. His eyes looked over the wagon, and then the goat. The woman said nothing more than a name and if she could help him. He grinned and looked back over her blonde colored coat, and then to the male who had yet to introduce himself. The tuxedo colored male let his ears perk, an eyebrow lifting to the other male, "...and..him?" He asked wondering why the male didn't speak an introduction.

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The touch of the sword hadn't gone unnoticed. The wolf was ready for a fight. Amy could certainly take him, confidant as she was in her abilities, but her interest in battle at the moment was slim. A good meal was more at the forefront of her mind. Under his gaze Amy moved softly, shifting to a more attractive position. She was beautiful, and fully aware of the weapon that beauty could be used as.

Why was everyone so fascinated with her slaves? Growling she shook her head, glancing over at Raoth. Just a slave. The coyote bared his teeth at Amy, hating the dismissive way that she'd spoken. The dog simply smirked, tossing the peeled skin over to the slave to dispose of. Catching it he stalked off, wishing to curse at the unfairness of the situation. He couldn't even make a noise past a garble sadly, not without his tongue.

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He watched the dog before him shift her body into a position that almost said she wanted his attention...and not the clean kind. He smirked almost amused by her flaunting. Her words turned him off almost immediately. 'Slave' that is all she called the male. His eyes looked over to the coyote as she tossed goat skin at him. He caught it, but the expression on his face said he didn't enjoy being treated in such a manner. His oceanic eyes narrowed as the male walked away and Aro's eyes looked over to the woman, Amy Sunders. "...I'm sure he has a proper name! What is it?" His voice became stern as he took a step forward, his body tall and tense, his chest puffed out a little.

How could she treat another being so poorly? Why couldn't he speak? Why was he forced beneath her, not that Aro was racist, or sexist, but she was a dog! A female at that! His hand grasped tightly around his sword but he wouldn't draw it, not on a woman. The tuxedo male thought of what to do, he couldn't walk away from someone in need, even if it was a male. His narrowed gaze relaxed for a moment, still stern, but less fire within them. "'re a slave trader, then? What do you want for him?" His words short, and demanding. He could easily take her down, he was sure of it. Maybe she would put up a fight, but if he could avoid a battle, he would. He wasn't a brute, he was a gentleman.

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Honestly, the entire pack of warriors seemed to be filled with the most moronic creatures. Why would they care about what she did at all? Amy didn't have any connection to them. They most certainly shouldn't stick their noses in other people's business, least alone hers. Stiffening at the stern tone Amy shook her head. The name doesn't matter. He's none of your business, is he? As long as he's mine, you can't touch him. She stared at him, threatening if he tried to approach her property.

Barking with sharp laughter Amy shook her head. You really think you can rescue them all that way? First your pack purchases Hadley, and now you want Raoth. What do you do with them all? Your pack will be weak if you fill it up with useless beings like them. They did have their uses, which is why she hadn't killed them, but the way the pack seemed to try using them was completely futile.

Well, it wouldn't do any harm, selling Raoth to him. After all, Raoth wasn't an all purpose slave like Hadley had been. He was a bodyguard, designed to imprint and bond to a single master for life. After Aro purchased him, the only way to stop Raoth from being with him and set him free was for one of them to die. Your sword. I'll take that as payment.

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Aro didn't mean to come off as angry as he was, and for that he got the response he didn't want. He took in a deep breath to keep his head clear as she proclaimed 'ownership' of him. He wasn't property, he was a living soul. No soul should be another soul's property. Aro had to do something, had to get this woman to see what she was doing to others was wrong. She could sell birds, horses, or whatever, but not other was twisted. Her didn't understand what she meant by all of them...he only saw one, had she more? Where were they? His eyes looked around casually, but quickly before she spoke a few names. Hadley? His eyes darted back to her with anger, but controlled anger. Then she spoke Raoth, that was his name. "...I thought his name was none of my business...but now that I'm wanting to buy him, it is? Simply asking for his name I get spat at...but the moment I talk business you wish to give it up with ease? Isn't that stupid.." He chuffed as she had spoke more, and he was very willing to speak on, "Now, missy, you think Casa is weak, stupid, and whatever else...but Hadley...he's being trained to fight, and we're building his Raoth, obviously...if I buy him from you...I could use him for many things. But...none of that is your business is it?" His eyes narrowed and his arms folded over his chest as he stood tall, but always ready to dodge or fight. A smirk over took him as he waited for her reaction.

Payment was placed and Aro tried not to show how the payment bothered him. His stomach felt a twist and he tried to not let his smirk go away. His sword has never left his side since his father gifted him with it. No. She wouldn't get his sword. He had many other things, and the sword wouldn't be one of them. "...the sword would be no use to you...nor would you appreciate it as is should be..I have other things that would be of more use to you. I see you have knives...and other assorted metals...I have a great polish that I've made, and works wonderfully at keeping rust away. It also helps keep the blade clean, blood wipes away easily. It's priceless really, and I know you'd make good use with it..if you like it and want more, I will gladly supply you with six months worth...I find that fair." His face remained straight, concealing his strong feelings toward his sword. Only in death would he part from the sword.

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Amy had mentioned the name casually, not as a gift but simply because it was easier to differentiate between the slaves that she had kept and sold by their names. It hadn't been something given to him, though Amy didn't mind if he took it that way. Her ears raised sarcastically, listening to him rant. He didn't seem to have very good control over his temper. Making him snap would be far too easy. After that, taking him down would be child's play.

Shrugging Amy accepted. If he purchased Raoth, it truly was none of her business what he did with him. She did smile at the thought of Hadley as a warrior. The foolish hybrid was a coward, unable to hurt anyone. She'd challenged Hadley to kill her once, and the hybrid hadn't been able to do it. The tug on his smirk at her words brought a smirk to her lips. She had chosen well in asking for the sword. It seemed to have great value to him.

The offer of the polish was intriguing. Amy did want that. She wanted the sword more though, a way to keep this male in her control. Turning the words over in her mind Amy smiled. I guess you believe that sword to have more worth than the coyote. As expected. I did think he was at least worth that, trained up as he is, but the customer is right. So I'll settle for holding onto the sword, until you deliver me six months worth.

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His brow quirked, she was confident, really too confident. It seemed she had a false sense of him, but that was fine, he'd let her think she was in control. She spoke on the payment he offered and about not wanting to give up his sword. He smiled at her phrasing, and his smile grew even after it sunk in more, "As a matter of fact, yes...this sword is worth many lives, not just one coyote. I wouldn't give this sword to save a pack...if that is wrong of me, so be it. I would fight for the pack, and I would fight for that coyote...but fighting isn't on the table, or necessary. Nor you holding onto the sword till I give you all of the polish. I had different plans, Amy." He turned his neck cracking it both ways. "I figured you could come to Casa di Cavalieri when you need more polish. That way you can see your slave is still being used as you have trained him...which, I still have not been told what your slave was trained for....Hadley, I don't know what his purpose was, but obviously he isn't a slave anymore...Raoth, though..I would like to know his purpose.." His arms unfolded to get to his belt and unattach the two gourds of polish. It was easily two months worth on his belt, maybe a month in a half if used heavily.

The gourds in hand, one completely full, the other three quarters. "Here, there should be a month or more if used heavily, saying you beat the hell out of your weapons, but if polished as needed, then two months easily. The polish is useful on many things other than weapons. Can be used on armor, shields, and such.." He held them out for her, hoping she'd settle on that.

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Amy was surprised at the admittance. She studied the sword even more closely. She wanted it, so badly. Unfortunately, it seemed that he could not be dissuaded to part with it. The only other way was killing him. Since he was giving her polish, and purchasing Raoth, Amy had no reason to attempt that. His offer was intriguing. Smiling she nodded her head. Clearly he had no idea of her reputation, but it was a good deal.

Shrugging Amy whistled. Slowly Raoth returned, reluctance clear on his expression. He's a bodyguard. Will bind to you for life. Only death will separate you. If you can accept that, he's yours. Taking the polish Amy examined it. She would be looking at it more closely later on to see if she could replicate it, but for now she just wanted to make sure that it was alright. Raoth bared his teeth at Aro, not pleased with the arrangement at all.

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Aro waited, and the woman seemed to have come to terms with the fact he wasn't parting from the sword. He was ready for her to try something as he saw her eye the sword more. The celtic designs along the blade were fairly visible, and it was obvious he took very good care of it. He kept any nicks from the blade by sharpening it when needed. It was his pride and joy, and his to stay. Amy didn't make a motion to fight for it, Aro was almost disappointed but glad. He didn't want to fight a woman, but if he had to, he would. She let out a whistle and the coyote came into view. He wasn't happy to come to her call, but that was fine, hopefully, he would be happier once he knew what Aro had in mind for him. He would keep him as a 'slave' only to not break the nonverbal agreement they had made. Raoth would remain a bodyguard, but he wouldn't be treated like dirt. "I don't plan on dying anytime yes, I agree. Come when you need more..." She took the gourds and looked at the polish. He wondered if she could figure out what all he used.

The smell of the oil was a little flowery, but had a slightly fishy smell to it. That was because there were many different types of oils involved. The flower oils were only to be able to deal with the small amount of fish oil he used. The greater portion of the oil were from various seeds, tea seeds specifically. It was hard to make, and that was why he had so much, but it would be worth the time and effort to make more in order to get his hands on the coyote.

His eyes looked at Raoth as he lifted his lip at him, "..really?" He said lifted a brow to the coyote, then looked over to Amy, "..does he not speak?" He had made purchase of another, it felt weird to know he just bought another canine, but he now wanted to know what he just bought.

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Reaching over Amy smacked Raoth on the head. Mind your manners. The coyote glared at him, but obediently stepped over to Aro's side, eying his new master warily. At least he was finally free from that demon. No matter how many times he'd tried to kill her it hadn't worked. Amy wasn't too sure how long it would take for Raoth to bind to his new master. Perhaps a mere week, perhaps a month. If something drastic happened the binding would be instantaneous, but she wasn't counting on that.

Amy laughed at the question. No. He lost his tongue when he proved incapable of learning silence. The coyote opened his mouth to demonstrate, the large muscle missing from his mouth. Raoth closed it, knowing that it made Aro uncomfortable with his silence, and enjoying it. Raoth could communicate with gestures and the like, and Dhiate and Amy were both fluent in what he said, but Aro would be on his own to learn to understand the damaged youth.

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His oceanic eyes glance from Roath to Amy as she smacks him in the head. He didn't mind, the coyote needed to know that was unacceptable. Aro's eyes looked back to the coyote, meeting his eyes seeing the glowing amber of anger within them, a hint of a smile tugs at the tuxedo wolf's muzzle. This coyote was going to be a handful, and he would need to probably show him what Aro expected of him. Granted he never wanted a slave, and never approved of slavery, but he wasn't one to break a promise either, and he didn't want Raoth in the clutches of Amy Sunders. He put himself in a hard predicament.

The younger canine came to his side and looked at him with wary eyes. Aro put his hand firmly on the coyotes shoulder, giving a firm grip. "..Roath, is it? Well...we're going to have some fun...and perhaps we could do some sparring appear to like a good fight judging by your attitude..." His oceanic eyes seemed to beam with thunderous waves of emotion. The contact of touching the other canine seemed to send a shock of tension in the air. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing...but he would surely find out.

His grip on the coyote released and he looked over to Amy, his peripheral vision staying cautiously on the coyote, but his demeanor remained calm and cool, " any advice? It seems he needs a firm hand..." He smiled finally, his charming smile hoping to disarm and possibly get Amy to open up on how to handle Roath.

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His eyes widened with shock at the touch. The coyote was rarely touched in such a manner. Dhiate had only touched him to tease and practice seduction, Amy's touches being of the more violent nature. Tense he looked over at the male, wondering what he wanted. Amy watched curiously, idly thinking about how rapidly Casa was filling up with slaves. Raoth nodded his head, tail daring to sway a little. He did love battle, the violence trained into him as an outlet for the rage kept inside.

Laughing Amy nodded her head. You won't need to worry about that for too long. He'll bond with you. Feed him, make sure to give him limits, and keep him close. If he tries anything stupid, hit him hard. Fists don't usually work. Claws, torches, and knives work best for his punishments. Amy doubted Aro would need to do such things, as Raoth was going to be his bodyguard, a special type that never betrayed their master.

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