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Word Count :: 421 Dated 14th :3

Through ignorance and naivety he'd hurt her and been too ashamed to honestly admit to his actions, not that he'd actually laid the trap out with the intent of catching another canine; he'd just foolishly assumed no one with any intellectual thought would walk into such an obvious animal trap. Laying there he couldn't help but wallow within his own guilt, trying to justify his own actions by pinning the blame on the woman, although he understood it was his fault for being so careless with his traps; further proof that maybe following the path of a hunter wasn't the best choice for him, that with everything being thrown to hell in his life he may as well change his role within the pack to something he was more suited for; the question was what thought.

Rolling onto his side he covered his muzzle with a silver arm, groaning loudly with frustration, unsure what the hell he was meant to be doing. It wasn't as if he had someone who he could consult with, someone to get a second opinion on. Within his own home he was isolated, living along the borders to avoid interacting with the tribe, still unable to go to the heart of his pack and be overwhelmed by memories of the family he once had, the family who threw him away like some rag doll. Turning onto his back he threw his fists onto the wooden floor and pushed himself upright, muscles tense with irritation.

Rolling his shoulders, he stretched his neck before pulling himself up onto his feet; shrugging on a pair of black cargo trousers and making his way out of his cabin, forest coloured eyes seeking out the black form of Lokni, but not seeing the guide around he collected his bag and began to head down to the borders, intending to disarm the last of the traps he had laid within pack grounds as well as check and see if they'd snared any prey first.

For an hour he checked; a string of three rabbits hung from his shoulder, only one small pit trap remained, located just outside of the pack borders. Keeping to a leisurely pace the traps location came into view, marked by a small protruding stick, half of which painted black. Dropping the rabbits he crouched down beside it, removing the covering layers and plucking the spikes out, tossing them away and leaving the hole remaining; the most damaging part had been removed and he cared little about the hole.

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The great trading trip was over and done with and had stopped its wandering. Sebastian, on the other hand, hadn't. They hadn't spent a great deal of time in any of the packs they had stopped off in and, ever the curious creature, Sebastian was always interested in learning more. More, more, more. In this case, Sebastian wanted to find out more about certain individuals he had met on the trip. Two individuals, really- the handsome redhead Strelein and the other handsome male- Ahiga, hadn't it been? He didn't remember names that well.

Still, he could most certainly remember AniWaya. A while's travelling and here it was. Sebastian was clad in his new clothes- a reddish-pink shirt and black pants. It was somewhat at odds with the bow and quiver of arrows slung across his shoulders, though it went well with the satchel he carried across his shoulder. He no doubt made quite a spectacle from far off, this slender moving patch of pink and black.

The Italian reached AniWaya with little trouble, thankfully. It wouldn't do to show up all scuffed and rough. That impression worked well with some men, but not him. He was a creature of refined grace, after all, not one of those hulking brutes he so adored.

Sebastian had skirted the border delicately, wondering how he would approach this.

"Hello, handsome."

"I wanted to get to know you better."

"I promised Jazper I wouldn't have sex while on the trade mission, so here I am now!"

Not very smooth.

Sebastian spotted a fuzzy white body through the trees, a pretty fine ass obscured by black pants. Yes, that was definitely his pale beauty. Sebastian padded quietly behind him, his years of acrobatics and sneaking paying off as barely a whisper betrayed his presence.

Sebastian loomed over the crouching male's shoulder, looking into the pit inquisitively.

"Whatcha got there, handsome?"

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Word Count :: 341 His speech and attitude is rather confrontational/bratty, but he's a huge wimp/pushover xD

Placing odd coloured hands upon his thighs, the moon coloured Nishant went to rise from his crouch, thoughts consumed with the past and running through a mental list of traps to confirm he'd disarmed them all, the strangers approach had gone completely unnoticed until the male's voice called out from behind where he was. Acting on reflex the lad rose quickly, spinning around to face whomever had caught him so of guard, chest rising along with his hackles as a irritated growl escaped his maw before he recognised the male; not that knowing the stranger made much of a difference to the lads irritation. White ears flicked back, green eyes narrowing with obvious agitation about the surprise the other had given him, the 'handsome' comment at the end of the red males sentence was completely disregarded, not even registering within the lads mind.

Breathing in slowly he tried to calm himself before speaking, knowing that the male was from a foreign pack that it wouldn't be wise to make a bad impression. “Was that fucking necessary. Make some noise when you approach next time” the words that came from him reflected his thoughts, not in the slightest bit tempered by the 'deep calming breath' the lad had made a point of taking. Rolling his shoulders back he shoved his hands into the front pocket of his trousers as to not vent his frustrations further. “So, you have business here or just get a kick outta creeping others and scaring the living shit outta them?” with the words spoken his silver tail flicked behind him, awaiting some sort of explanation as to why the male had returned. Despite the harsh words, the lad didn't mean ill towards the male, it was just his way of speaking, often saying his thoughts and voicing his honest emotions most of the time.

Now that his irritation had been voiced, green eyes finally registered the pink shirt; so vibrant and colourful compared to the Nishant's usual attire that it made him mentally pause for a second.

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Oh god I've been so sick for the past few days. Really sorry about holding this up!

Poor guy. Sebastian watched with more than a little amusement as Ahiga jumped and startled, his hackles rising and a grumpy scowl on his face. He was sort of cute when he was angry, despite the height advantage he had over the Italian. Sebastian smiled breezily as the pale male steamed, choosing to ogle Ahiga unabashedly instead of paying much heed to his words.

Sebastian chuckled gently and crossed his arms over his chest, his hips deliberately tilting to one side as he kept his gaze on Ahiga's face.

"Someone's feeling grumpy," he said with a wink. "If you don't mind, Ahiga, I stopped by here because I wanted to see you." By "see" he meant "have sex with," but Ahiga didn't need to know that just yet. The slim artisan took a small step closer to the pale beauty, a half-smirk flickering on his face as he observed Ahiga peacefully through half-closed eyes.

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Word Count :: 347 No worries <3 Poor innocent Ahiga due to be tainted by Seb xD

Flicking his tongue to the roof of his mouth he repressed the growl that had been burning it's way up his throat; as much as it annoyed him that he had been snuck up upon, especially by such a... flamboyant male in pink, the moon streaked Nishant understood it wasn't the most mature nor welcoming way to respond to another. So instead he brought himself up to his full height, squared his shoulders off and simply stared at the fox coloured male for a moment in silence... which ultimately was an equally childish response but one that wasn't as out-right rude as growling at another’s face.

And yet, the male simple chuckled and slumped his hips to the side, the motion drawing his forest coloured eyes down for a moment before he drew them back up, oddly embarrassed by having looked at the other and unable to look him in the eye and so he simply focused his gaze just above the male's eyes, praying that the strange male hadn't noticed his glance, again his reasoning for such things was unknown to him, only that he felt embarrassed by his actions and didn't want them to be noticed.

“Um, er” he stuttered, struggling to think up some form of intellectual response to the others words, “Well, yeah. Pretty sure no one likes someone appearing out of nowhere when they are disarming traps” he mumbled under his breath, eyes moving to the floor and then back up to just above the others eyes. Then the males last words clicked, the moon lads head titled in thought for a second, “Is there something I can do for you? Why'd you come all the way down here for me?” to the lad it seemed out-right strange for someone to come down this far south just to see him, oblivious as he was to the others motives he could only think that the other may be interested in trading for something or asking about the tribes culture, things he believed that others held interest in and came to the pack for.

“And i'm sorry, but I really can't remember your name...” once more his eyes darted to the ground, embarrassed by his own incapability to remember anothers name this time round, when the other so clearly remembered his.

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Shhhh he'll enjoy it. >.>

Of course Sebastian noticed the way Ahiga's gaze dropped to his hips for a moment. It was just the sort of sign he was looking out for, after all. His smirk grew slightly wider, his sharp black claws tapping against the skin and fur of his arms as he shifted his bodyweight once more, lean muscles shifting and rippling beneath his skin.

"Traps, hmm?" the Italian peered around Ahiga's torso to glance over the trap with interest, looking between the trap and the bunnies that the pale male had caught. "You must have nimble fingers to set a trap like that," he complimented Ahiga artlessly.

Oh, and the pale beauty was wondering why he was here. Gods, he was innocent... And he couldn't even recall the Italian's name.

"I am Sebastian," he purred deliberately. "Sebastian Auditore," he continued to drawl, his voice kept low and personal. "Pleasurable to make your acquaintance, Ahiga." The Italian took a step closer and bowed deeply, his ears flattening as he did so. His ears were close enough to brush against Ahiga's abdomen before he straightened up with his omnipresent grin still alight on his face.

"Didn't I just say I wanted to see you?" Sebastian rested one hand on his hip, tilting them to the side once again. "I thought you seemed like an interesting man and I wanted to get to know you better." Sebastian's grin flashed brighter for a moment. "I hope you don't mind?"

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Word Count :: 447 Ahaha :') But he's so innocent!

At the mention of nimble fingers he shrugged his shoulders; hunting to him was an essential skill and he didn't particularly see himself as the best or most talented at it, considering it was such a common task anyone could learn to do given time. Admittedly it had taken him longer then it probably would of others to be able to reach the skill level he was at, considering he wasn't the most attentive student out there. Once more the fact that the male's words were a compliment and not the norm were overlooked, the moon streaked lad simply putting it down as the males own way of speaking rather then an attempt at flirting with him.

When the fox pelted male spoke his name it finally clicked with the Nishant; it surprised him he hadn't recalled the others name right off the bat, considering it wasn't exceptionally exotic or hard to remember. The fact that he'd forgotten such an easily remembered name just added to his unease and embarrassment, the pale male wanting to hide away and never have to speak to the other again to avoid dealing with the mass of embarrassment he seemed to keep quickly racking up in the company of the other. Dipping his head slightly he relaxed his stance and smiled a fraction, still unsure how to quite deal with the strange male, but at least it was apparent the other meant him no harm and as such the lad decided not to sulk over the matter of being caught off guard.

Just as he mentally worked through things a little, the red male bowed in an extravagant welcome, soft ears tickling across his abdomen briefly before the other straightened, the lad instinctively taking a step back to create space between himself and the other, arms unconsciously wrapping around himself where the red male had touched him a thoughtful frown sitting upon his face.

“But why, that makes no sense” he responded, still confused as to why someone from another pack would seek him out for the simple reason of getting to know him better. “I don't mind, though. I guess nice to meet you again?” once more he hesitantly smiled, confused as heck as to the others purpose but generally feeling as if no harm was meant towards him. “If... If you want you can come back to my cabin? Got food and stuff there, beats standing around and chatting along the borders at least and you've travelled awhile...” he drifted off to the end, wondering if his offer was really appropriate or if the red male would even accept his honest attempt to be a good host of sorts.

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Not for much longer! >:D

Sebastian chuckled softly, his bottle-brush tail flicking behind him as he spoke. "What do you mean, it makes no sense?" he asked breezily. "I'm sure plenty of people have lusted over the possibility of getting to know you better, hmm?" Really, who wouldn't? Ahiga was tall, handsome, adorably innocent.

The Italian's grin widened as Ahiga offered him shelter, not in the least put out by his step back.

"Sounds lovely," he said warmly, taking a small step closer to the pale beauty. "Food is especially welcome, and I have some wine I could offer you." Sebastian jerked his shoulder to indicate the satchel on his shoulder and the wine bottle he had secreted there. His shoulders were growing rather sore from lugging his bow, quiver of arrows and satchel all day.

"Lead the way, handsome." Sebastian sidled up next to Ahiga, his hip bumping against Ahiga's waist as he glanced up at his young host expectantly.

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Word Count :: 373 Sorry about the wait <3

The words the red male spoke caused him to pause, brows drawing together in ever growing confusion in regards to what Sebastian meant and wanted from him, although naive as he was he understood what 'lusted' meant, just not as to why the other had brought it up into conversation. Shrugging his shoulders slightly he cast green eyes downwards, embarrassed and feeling awkward with the subject that had been breached. “Who would? No one around here is there now” he muttered to the floor, feeling all to embarrassed about the fact he had somewhat just announced his virgin status to the male who no doubt would laugh at him over it. But it was the truth; who in this pack would be interested in him? Most of them were older then him by a fair bit or simply saw him nothing more as a strange rude brat, which he was more often then not but that was beside the point.

Ignoring the others less then subtle step closer, the pale lad began to lead the way back to his cabin; it wasn't much, but he could at least provide basic hospitality and messing around with things would keep him busy for the mean time. “Wine?” he parroted as a question, “Never drunk before, not sure if I like it all that much” he mused allowed, not really asking for an opinion on drinking itself but simply voicing his thoughts as they popped into his head. Picking his way through the land he chose to ignore the other's use of the word 'handsome' again, for he was sure the other was just making fun of him now.

Following a somewhat worn trail it wasn't long until he reached his home, the fire outside his cabin was still burning slightly, surrounded by three small stools along with a long thin tree trunk which acted as a longer seat and skins and tools scattered all over the place. Inside his cabin was bare compared to the outside, just a bed, furs and things to keep him warm at night. “This is it he announced” waving a hand at the stools to see if the other wished to sit down “Anything I can get you?” he asked.

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oh god i am so sorry for this wait. and argh, short because laptop is being stolen D:

Sebastian chuckled as he strolled beside the pale beauty. "Oh, but haven't you travelled? Or made friends in your pack? You interest me, at least." The Italian winked playfully up at him, increasing his pace to compensate for his lack of height and the fifteen inches or so Ahiga had on him.

He let out a theatrical gasp. "Wine is as varied as people, my good man. Some you just don't like, some you instantly click with, some you love to have in your mouth..." Wait, that last one went a bit too far. He rolled with it and had a small coughing fit. "Regardless, you should try what I have."

"It's cosy," he commented, settling down neatly into one of the stools and settling his luggage on the floor. "A bit of meat will do me some good, I don't doubt." He pulled out the wine and settled it on the stool beside him as he stretched out luxuriously.

It was clear which one was thinking more about the situation. Ahiga might be analysing his every move, but all Sebastian was interested in was testing out how that bed held two people.

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Word Count :: 353 Sorry about the wait <3

“Not much. I did before I... returned home. I was only a pup then, so the details are vague and the actions I did them more often then not meaningless. As for me pack... I like living on the borders just fine” unsure how to address or even interoperate the others statement about interesting him, the young Nishant moved on. Tightening his jaw he stopped any retort that came to mind at the fox coloured males theatrical retort, for he himself didn't see it as a big deal that he had never drunk before, or taken drugs or participated in many other things. Sure, he was old enough he supposed and more then capable of finding some and taking the substances, he hadn't since they simply did not interest him all that much and he wasn't inclined to take anything that would effect his judgement.

Considering the offer the pale male couldn't resist now that the chance was directly before him, that and the way the other spoke of wine made it seem all the more innocent and enjoyable then others had led him to believe. “Sure, if you have enough to go around. I'd offer something in return but I don't have much” he was a poor host, lacking in sufficient food and drink to go around, it was embarrassing almost if he didn't take as much pride in his home as he did. It was built for him, not for others and the male should count himself as lucky he caught the Nishant in a more or less welcoming mood. Turning the stranger away would have been a lot easier then inviting him in.

Dipping his head his lips twitched into a fraction of a smile, the expression brief before it faded away. Padding over to the side he picked up some dried meat. Nothing fancy but it would do to fulfil the males request. Turning back to face the other he closed the distance between them, stopping before the male and offering the meat silently. “Here” he spoke the word as he seated himself on the stool beside the other.

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...*sidles back into souls*

"Ah, right." So, the lad hadn't had too much fun in his life? Well, not the more adult sort, regardless. Though judging from his grumpy demeanour, it seemed likely that he didn't have much fun anyway. Perhaps the Italian could help him change that, with a bit of luck. Living on the borders would be lonely. Surely the young, handsome man would be a bit pent up. Sebastian's nostrils flared as he took in the scent of the cabin, memorising it and searching in the myriad of scents.

"Ah, I have plenty to go around." The foxy male smirked and swiftly pulled a bottle of deep red wine from his satchel by the door, popping the cork with a prominent canine tooth. He took a small sip, savouring the sweet-tasting wine. As Ahiga approached with the dry meat, Sebastian neatly snapped a strip directly out of his hand. Mmm. Not bad at all. "Thank you, Ahiga," he purred warmly, his orange eyes brightening thankfully.

[b]"Here, have a drink. Try to savour the sweetness, hmm?" Sebastian held the bottle out for Ahiga to take and shifted over a little, his slim thigh pressing lightly against the pale wolf's more muscular leg.

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