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flesh is burning you can smell it in the air cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal

Word Count → 458 :: tl;dr just walking down the street with his bag and his cat :|

Decades ago this place was bustling full of cars rumbling on the streets and pedestrians walking briskly on the sidewalks, and the street lamps like trees gleamed and lit the way. Few, of course, could remember that now, when the world’s machines were quiet and the humans were gone. Some luperci might theorize about the vehicles driving past, while a wolf more set on survival would see them as the empty husks that they were: lined up and dented and dusty like they were when the world stopped.

The streets were barren of life, other than the telltale movement in the alleys where rats skittered. The moon illuminated the city, and the single canine striding down the streets regarded the waning orb thoughtfully. On his way from the north to explore the city, he had met with two of the five supposed northern packs (with Ichika no Ho-en mysteriously absent and Inferni avoided). There was but one more to search, but he would travel south from the city and meet with the supposedly weak southern wolves first.

Think any of them would like this? Levent asked, pausing to take a seat on a car hood and pull the case from his satchel. He flipped it open and smiled at the pistol within. Touching it, he amended his question. Think any of them would think it’d work?

Wilson snorted. He’d recovered from meeting the other cat in the city, back to his cynical self. The whole world isn’t full of gits, he cautioned. He leaped onto the hood beside him, curling his tail around his small paws. Can’t we live here? he asked after a few moments of silence. Not much nosh, but we can go out hunting in the woods, and the buildings are cozy enough. Might be able to get forty winks in one of these if we have to. He tapped the windshield with his tail and glanced at the canine.

The Turkish man smiled gently at him, and the feline looked away as he recognized the look. I won’t find what I’m looking for here, Levent said simply before closing the case, stuffing it back in among the tangled jewelry and books. He would need a proper place to keep his things, something with more room he didn’t have to lug around with him all the time, but until he did find a permanent home he wouldn’t risk it. Any fool could break into a window and steal his things, his living, while fewer dared to snatch something from pack lands.

We can find somewhere to rest, though—bigger than this araba, he said, standing and beginning to walk down the pavement again. I saw one of those long ones on another block. More room.

so stand in line while they ink numbers in your head you're a slave until the end of time here

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Draugr is by Alaine!

Though Draugr had visited Amherst before, the sprawling, low-slung town did not compare to this city. Dra felt she'd been walking through the suburban streets for hours, always able to see the rising spires in the distance. Now, amongst them, she felt utterly dwarfed and somewhat lost. With evidence of this dead civilization rising all around her, it was difficult -- to say the least -- to find her bearing. Huffing quietly to herself, the woman stopped before a building, peering into the ruined interior curiously.

It was within this low-slung building the youth first heard the sounds of voices. She froze, peering curiously into the street. A tall wolf, brown-furred, strode down the street, careless as one pleased. Beside him strode a pale white cat, also seemingly completely at home within these human ruins. Draugr did not so much as breathe as she watched them, but neither had she any time to hide herself -- there she crouched, exposed, in the wreckage of the former storefront, gaping at both the Luperci and his companion.

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flesh is burning you can smell it in the air cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal

Word Count → 197 :: Hooray for forward and friendly Lev? Assumed her pack scent was hidden; the "familiar" smell is because he met Siv briefly. Lemme know if I should change!

Even in this empty shell of a city, there seemed to exist life. It was a desert of luperci compared to the deteriorated streets in Europe, and there wasn’t enough prey to sustain anyone who relied on more than a few mice or sparrows, but the merchant had consistently run into other canines here nonetheless.

So, when he caught sight of a woody-brown creature hunkered in the entrance of one of the smaller buildings, Levent was not surprised. He woofed a universal greeting, which alerted Wilson to the stranger; the cat wound behind his friend’s legs for protection as he watched warily.

The Turkish wolf came closer, still careless, although he didn’t have so much as a swagger as to be intimidating. His posture remained open, friendly, the slump of his shoulders and swing of his arms casual. He inhaled the other’s scent to find it altered, reminding him of those patrons in Eurasia who could afford to decorate and perfume themselves. There was something else underneath it, something familiar that matched her large build, but he couldn’t place it.

What are you doing here, menekşe? Levent asked gently, not sure if she was surprised or afraid.

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Draugr is by Wander!

This was her first real encounter with an outsider. She'd seen them at a distance before and greeted them on the borders of Salsola, but this was a different beast entirely. She did not have the protection of the pack, and Draugr was a little bit afraid, staring at the man and his small, pale companion. His greeting was friendly enough, and Dra decided to stand, rather abruptly. Beyond that, she didn't know what to do -- most of her education had taught her these outsiders were insidious creatures, meant to be taken advantage of wherever possible. She was frightened -- but Salsolians did not run, either.

He asked a question of her in soft tones, his voice accented with the exotic flavor of some faraway place. Her ears swept forward at the sound of it and pale eyes appraised him from afar. I'm -- looking for something, she said, hoping her voice did not betray her fright. Salsolians weren't supposed to be afraid either, but she was pitiably sheltered, and though he seemed friendly enough, her indoctrination told her otherwise. What are you doing here? she asked, trying to make the question sound demanding and strong. Dra was not sure how successful that effort was, and licked her muzzle nervously.

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flesh is burning you can smell it in the air cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal

Levent was somewhat surprised to note the tension in the wolfdog; although he wasn’t sure if it was strong enough to be called fear, her body language betrayed her discomfort and nerves. Perhaps that was a normal reaction to a complete stranger, but most of the luperci he’d met in North America were brazen, assuming he was a friend before he was a foe. At six feet tall standing straight (which he rarely did), rather unremarkable other than for his foreign accent, and meagerly armed, he was not used to intimidating others. In fact, it was easier to disarm them with a smile, whether flirtatious or stupid, and win them over with the assurance that he wasn’t one to be concerned of.

He was careful to make no sudden movements, his gait easy as he came a little closer, and he stopped a couple yards from his normal conversational distance. He nodded at her explanation and grinned at her demand. Dipping his head in a bow too low to be considered respectful or serious, he replied, I am looking for many somethings. He grabbed his satchel by the strap and rattled it lightly, enough for the shells and chains to click and the books to knock against each other and the pistol case.

Maybe we can help each other, the wolf added warmly, seemingly ignorant of the cat hunched at his feet.

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Draugr is by Haley!

Although Draugr wanted very badly to step back and away from him as he came forward, she held her ground and kept her gaze on him, trying her hardest to appear calm and indifferent to his presence. As he bowed low, a laugh welled up from somewhere within, surprising even Draugr as it came from her muzzle. She clapped a hand over the front of her snout and appeared rather annoyed with herself, even as the tall wolf rattled his bag and spoke. She decided then and there he probably wasn't the type of outsider she had to be wary of. The nasty kind didn't joke and bow to children such as herself.

At his offer, she tilted her head, considering, and finally nodded. Okay, she agreed. But you can't hurt me -- my mother's a... princess, she said, deciding this sounded much better and more important than priestess. It wasn't entirely untruthful, either -- the Völva were princesses, of a sort -- princess priestesses, and the latter certainly more important than the former, but it wasn't exactly a lie. And anyway, why should she mind lying to an outsider? Someday, I will be, too, and if I go missing, they'll know where I went and they'll smell us together. What somethings are you looking for, exactly? She took a few steps toward him, and zeroed in on the cat, pale purple eyes appraising him. Who are you?

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flesh is burning you can smell it in the air cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal


His low, sweeping bow had its intended effect. He smiled toothily as the girl laughed, glad that playing the part of the fool had helped. It was easy for him to coast through life under the radar anymore, not that he was really someone to be worried about anyway. He was motivated for only selfish reasons and had nothing to gain (yet) from harming others or cultivating dark, manipulative plots. As such, the teenager before him had nothing to fear, although she obviously didn't know that.

She agreed to his offer then added that she was a princess. Cream brows drew up, but that was the only betrayal of his disbelief; he managed a smile and nodded in acceptance. It sounded like a last-ditch effort to secure her safety, and he could understand that.

I wouldn't dream of hurting you anyway, menekşe, Levent said amiably, and considered the question for a moment. Anything interesting, really. I'm a trader. He reached into his satchel and pulled out a tangle of necklaces, gold and silver chains and one made of twine with a shell hanging off.

He followed her gaze to the cat crouched behind his legs and smirked. This is Wilson, he introduced, my best friend. His voice became more genuine as he bent to scratch the cat behind the ears, although the tom didn't look any less wary of the wolfdog before him. And I am Levent Kartal, he finished, giving another little bow of his head. What's your name, princess?

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Draugr is by Haley!

Dra supposed she didn't act very much like a princess -- and anyway, what kind of princess was sent off on her own? These questions occurred to her now, only after she'd already spoken the words, however, and it was too late to change them or take them back. It didn't matter much, anyway -- he claimed he wouldn't hurt her, and Draugr thought this was the truth. She smiled again, the silver tip of her tail wavering behind her. There was the strange word again -- menekse -- but Dra did not wish to pelt him with questions -- and anyway, the necklaces were more interesting. She leaned forward to appraise the tangle of them clutched in the man's hand, nodding. This is a good place to come to find things, the hybrid said. Everyone had told her that -- unfortunately, the wolfdog wasn't absolutely certain just what she was seeking. That was the whole conundrum for Draugr.

I'm Draugr Helsi, she answered, wondering if it sounded much like a princess's name. Perhaps she should have added a few adjectives and titles to it, or at least appended her rank? But that might be sharing too much information with him, too. She fidgeted, shifting her weight from one leg to the other, gaze focused on the ground. I'm -- not really a princess, she admitted. My mom's a priestess, not a princess. I'm not sorry for lying, though -- you're bigger than me and you could hurt me, if you wanted. She said these things matter of factly, but she was still looking downwards, her gaze flickering from her own paws and up toward the cat. But if your friend is that much smaller than you, I don't have anything to be afraid of.

OOC ENDING: Draugr and Levent went poking around and scavenging for stuff together!

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