stepping up on the high horse

POSTED: Thu May 17, 2012 12:36 am

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<p>Alyssum had a good rest when Jazper had finished showing her the most essential parts of the inner territory of Casa di Cavalieri, which took up the rest of the afternoon and went on a bit, and it did not come to an end until the sun had recently sunk. Though it was a long tour, she thought of the Sole as pleasant company, and by his persona alone she could tell that the rest of the pack must have been generally friendly. So when she awoke in the tree she rested in (She rarely slept on the ground, slightly fearful of what night creatures could come in her sleep, and felt more safe in a high area than a low one.) she decided to go out and see if she could meet any of the pack mates, in hopes of making new friends with the people she will be staying with.
<p>She geared up Antebellum and got Macbeth to eat his day meal by the time the sun was rising over the horizon, the morning now becoming old but far from becoming the afternoon. She asked the horse to head west, knowing that the Fort laid in that direction; it seemed to be the central hub for the Cavaliers, and the best place to find another instead of out in the territory. The mare obediently obeyed her request, and went off in the point direction, her gait slow but steady. The magpie, as always, fluttered ahead, a small black figure against a blue-and-white sky. When she guessed they were about a mile’s way from Kingsbury, the white-shoulder shadow return to her faster than the last time he reported that nothing was out of the ordinary, but he did not seemed rush with his findings.
<p><b class="m">“Horses ahead. Running in a big group, like somewhere to be. No wolves around, must be free. Did not seem too hostile, though. Must be Casa’s horses.”</b> Macbeth croaked, and Alyssum nodded, replying, <b>“They must have a herd that travels around their territory.”</b> The mare under her seemed somewhat interested with the words “herd” and “horses”, but otherwise did not seem to care much for the two’s conversation, as usual. The hybrid continued their path, though she became curious about the herd, so kept her eyes open. Like the magpie stated, they soon came to the horses, but it seemed they paused to graze in some grass, perhaps it being more to their fancy than the one patch they were previously in.
<p>Antebellum seemed to follow their lead when Alyssum paused her, allowing her to rest a bit as she watched the herd. They were clearly uninterested in her, telling that this was not the first time they saw a canine, and did not think of her as a predator looking for prey; well, with her riding one of their own, it could have sent that signal as well. She never saw this many horses in a herd before, and wondered how they became this large, and had to congratulate the pack for collecting this many steeds, seeing that most of them were in good health.

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