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Sorry for the slight wait, love. <3 Takes place right after she is given the tour of most of CdC; you can say its mid-evening for time.

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Though Alyssum was not as active that day as she wished she could have been, it was tiring, and the tour that the Sole had just completed wore out her energy, since she decided to give Antebellum a break from all the riding she had to do to get to Nova Scotia. The hybrid must’ve been riding the mare more often than she should have had, she guessed, as she began to feel a bit worn towards the end of their tour. “Aly need training again,” Macbeth had chirred when they left Jazper, “Or else grow fat and wrinkled like old wolf.” She attempted to swat the bird away half-heartedly, since it was in all fun, but she knew the magpie had some sort of a point; she needed to start her practices again, to whip herself back into shape like she had been in Montana.

But, the sun had just sunk below the horizon; the sky still alighted with its rays, and decided it could wait until tomorrow. Antebellum trailed behind her while Macbeth roosted on her head. It took forever for the mare to give up when the bird started that habit, but the woman knew that she liked the attention, and knew they shared a close relationship with each other anyway. It was not long that they wondered around the trees before they found a suitable one—it had low boughs, its lowest limbs a mere five feet from the ground. The coywolf grabbed onto a particularly thick branch and tugged down hard, and smiled in approval when it did not even move an inch.

After explaining to Antebellum they were sleeping there for the night in her speech—“tree”, “sleeping”, “stay nearby”—the mare trotted off to do whatever, though Alyssum knew she would not go very far. Macbeth remained with her, nestling himself near her as she sat on the lowest branch of the tree, just simply sitting. The woman enjoyed to relax before she actually tried to go to sleep, allowing her thoughts to turn off their lights before her body does itself. With closed eyes, she breathed slowly, quickly slipping into peace.

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She hadn't expected that. Adelle had been climbing the trees, looking out over the land and pretending to be scouting far off enemies. Several battles had risen and fallen that day, Adelle working as the general that lead them to victory. The cries of her pack rose around her as they had chased off the evil wolves that had tried to break through their borders, Adelle standing high in the tree. With the sun setting down, the black and gold pup was nearly invisible against the tree, a black shadow from below and golden light from above. Very difficult to see in the twilight.

That didn't mean she had thought someone else would climb into her tree. Adelle had stared with surprise as a new pack member climbed into the lower branches of the tree. She was smaller than Adelle, which wasn't too difficult as the pup was quickly growing into one of the giants in the pack. Adelle watched the female settle in comfortably, finding herself treed above her. Hesitantly the adventurous pup clambered back down, her large frame making plenty of noise with the cracking branches. Only practice would help her grow more quiet. Pausing just above the coyote Adelle stared, wondering what she was doing.

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At rest, Alyssum could have probably dozed off right then and there, but her ears turned in the slightest degree as they caught at first faint noises of movement. But, she disregarded it, thinking it perhaps some tree rodent or some other small being. The bird also became aware of the sound, and turned his head to the side to see a giant, looming shape above them, unclear exactly what it was in the light. “Aly,” he half croaked, half whispered, trying to be as nonchalant as possible despite the slight rise of his feathers, as he turned back to the coywolf.

Again, the woman ignored, not wanting to lose the inner contentment she reached, assuming the bird was only bothering her for more food. He started to roughly preen at her fur, and chirped something in his own tongue, an insignificant sound if untrained ears heard it. But, Alyssum taught him that bit as a warning, and became alert, though only the sudden opening of her eyes showed that his sounds meant anything important. The noises became louder, and she turned quickly to face whoever it was, but a bit too quick.

She lost balance on the branch and easily slipped off, and let out a surprised yelp as she went off. Macbeth also let out a strangled squawk, surprised by his friend’s movements than the being above them. Luckily, she managed to hang on with her arms, and though the fall wouldn’t have harmed her in reality, she let out a sigh of relief, and looked hesitantly above as she scrambled back up, swinging her legs hover to straddle the branch. “Who’s there?” she called, her words confident despite the blunder she just performed.

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It looked like she was going to sleep right then and there. What was Adelle going to do? She couldn't go around her, unfortunately. Adelle was trapped in the tree with the stranger. The blue eyed pup stared down, nose taking in the scents. It looked like she was pack, if still relatively new. That was a small relief. At least Adelle wasn't stuck in a tree with someone dangerous. The soft chirp of a bird woke the hybrid up. Her tail wagged softly, thinking now was a good time to ask if she could move so Adelle could get out of the tree.

Before she could speak though the female tumbled. Adelle yelped with surprise, worried as the female twisted below her, scrambling for the tree. Luckily she managed to grab a branch and hang on. Adelle moved so she could watch better, worried for her pack mate. As soon as she was comfortable again Adelle sighed with relief. I'm Adelle. You climbed into my tree. Adelle presented the facts as bluntly as she saw them, not realizing this might be normal for the hybrid, unused to others being in the trees first.

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It did not seem that her fall did not jolt just the two of them, and the figure above let out a sound to show that it was not expecting that either. Though the event scared her more than anyone else, Alyssum could not help but find her half-smiling at the yelp in amusement at the comedy of it all. Now feeling unthreatened, though the magpie that roosted by her side could say otherwise for himself, she looked above her at the large shape, now gaining a better look at it. It was rather canine in appearance, and came to the conclusion that it must have been a member of Casa. But, as she further investigated by scent, she discovered that the figure was female, and better yet, very young, which shocked her since neither trait matched with the example above her.

“Greeting, Adelle. My name’s Alyssum—sorry for climbing in your tree. If you want, I’ll get down. I was just looking for a place to sleep in the night, but I’m sure there are other fine trees to rest in.” With that, she slid off of the branch, being much more graceful than the fall she nearly took. Macbeth followed after her, being unusually silent as he stared cautiously at the young girl, finding his place on the woman’s shoulder. She opened her mouth to speak again, but before any words could come out, she heard the thuds of hooves, and her mare slowly came around the corner, just as tense as the bird. But, the horse relaxed as it seemed everything was all right, the magpie even going as far as to explain things to her, “Aly nearly fall. Dell scared Aly from tree.”

The hybrid snorted at his words, and said, a bit pouty, “She didn’t scare me… She just caught me off guard.” With that, the de Fonte looked back up at Adelle, and gave a somewhat embarrassed smile. “Anyway… What were you doing in the tree, if you don’t mind me asking?”

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The hybrid was very calm in accepting Adelle's words. Much calmer than she would have been if she'd been knocked out of a tree by surprise. The words were spoken very prettily, smooth in nature, Alyssum, It was a nice name. Her tail wagged at the apology, happy to have Alyssum out of the tree so that she could get down. As much as Adelle liked climbing trees, her weight was too much for the higher branches, and she liked running around on the ground. It was time for her to come down and start heading back to Casa before Grandpa began worrying. She wasn't too sure why Alyssum was sleeping in a tree, figuring she'd ask her after she followed her out.

Adelle came down more clumsily, deft muscles letting her move through, but not without a fair amount of noise. She dropped down heavily, grinning over at the new Casa member. A beautiful mare came out, Adelle's tail swishing. That's a nice horse. Not the best speech, but for someone who had english as a second language it flowed fairly well. Adelle giggled at the bird's speech, agreeing with the bird. It certainly seemed that Adelle had been terrifying for Aly, as the bird dubbed her. Adelle decided that she liked her own nickname, tail swaying a little. I was scouting for enemies. Wisely she decided to leave out the part where she was pretending to be leading the pack to victory against hoards of enemies. Why are you sleeping in a tree? Why not in the fort?

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Alyssum glanced again at the palomino mare as Adelle pointed her out, and had to smile as she found her words true. “Yeah, Antebellum was bred well. Though, I’m not quite sure what she is—probably a mix of all sorts of horses from America. Nonetheless, she is a good horse.” The mare simply stared at the two females as they conversed about her, and went their talk seemed to be over, started to graze, pulling up mouthfuls of the greener patches of grass. The woman smirked at little at her coyness, and added, “She looks dense, but don’t let her fool you. She’s smarter than she looks.” A huff followed her words, but Antebellum continued to feed as if she did not notice her comment.

The tawny hybrid nodded in approval as Adelle spoke of her reason of being in the tree. It was logically enough; if it were not for Macbeth, she herself would climb more trees than her usual number to see what was ahead. Luckily, though, fate brought the magpie to her, and found no need to scour up trees than what she needed to do. Her own question came to no surprise to Alyssum, and answered clearly, though her tone was wary, thinking that the girl might think of her strange from her explanation, “Well, after sleeping in from for a couple of weeks, I feel more comfortable being in the air than on the ground—don’t get me wrong, I’d love to move into the Fort soon enough. But… I don’t know, really. It just feels safer, I guess.”

“Aly wants to be like bird. Nest in tree like swallow, wish could be like Macbeth,” the bird added, his tone both confident and mocking. The woman again pouted, and rolled her shoulder to shake him up a bit. “Now you’re just being annoying,” she grumbled, but she couldn’t stay mad long, and looked back at the girl. “So, Adelle, are you training to be a warrior like most of the pack? Or, are you learning some other abilities?” she asked, curious of the answer; she assumed she was, since she was looking for enemies, and Alyssum knew it must’ve not have been to idly chat with them.

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The mare watched them as they spoke, probably wondering what they were saying. Adelle's tail swished, listening with curiosity. Breed had never seemed particularly important to her. All the horses looked the same, did the same job. home were bigger, some were smaller, and there were lots of color differences, but that didn't occur to her to be part of breed. Simply a fact about horses. It was like canines in her mind, with some growing taller and some being smaller, not yet occurring to her that who the parents were decided such things, just accepting it without realizing it as actual thought.

Adelle's eyes widened at the explanation. The horse had understood what they were saying? She giggled at the thought, amused by the horse's actions. That was a very smart horse. Adelle wanted one of her own like that, smart and pretty. Strong too, as a warrior's horse would have to be. Adelle was confused by Aly's answer, wondering how to respond to it. You fell out of it though. You can't fall off the ground. Very sharp logic. No amount of reasoning could change that fact. Adelle thought the bird's explanation made a lot more sense.

Asked whether or not she was training as a warrior Adelle's chest puffed out. I am a warrior. I have shifted, and entered into my true strength. I'll train hard and prove myself in battle. I will become accepted when I bring home my first trophy. Not Casa traditions, but traditions from her family, garnered by stories her grandpa had told her.

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“Well, true—that’s why I usually tie myself with a rope, so that won’t happen. I’m a restless sleeper anyway, and I learned fast that it was pretty necessary.” She remembered sleeping the trees for the first time back in Montana. It was that pack that taught her the importance of advantages of resting up than down, but on the first night she refused the rope, thinking that she could somehow balance herself on the branch even when sleeping. “I nearly fell into a fire, well, burning embers, once when I went to sleep without securing myself. Best lesson than anything else, if you ask me,” she stated, smiling a bit at the irony that had happen.

“Besides, I usually don’t have giants scaring me out of them. Though,” she continued, being a little more solemn with the words she spoke, “there are worse things to find on the ground. The worse that can happen to you is a squirrel biting you in the trees, while other creatures could attack you.” In honestly, she never heard of a Luperci being jumped by a creature of the night, but she was at times paranoid, and didn’t want to be the first person to experience such a thing. But, she had a better reason than just that. “There’s also other people out there—thieves, slave traders, and—well, you get the picture. They would find it harder to look for their target if she was above them.”

She smiled as Adelle spoke so proudly of her training, and nodded when she spoke of how she would complete it. “That’s good to hear. People need to learn how to defend themselves and, more importantly, others, probably one of the most important skills next to hunting.” She paused for a moment, a thought coming to her, and added quickly, “Well, that, and reading the books—the best things the humans left behind. Don’t you agree?”

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Hearing that she tied herself in the tree Adelle looked back up at it. It was a very strange idea for Adelle. Maybe she'd try it out. See what it was like. First, she'd have to get some rope from the storage. Then she'd have to find some branches that she could actually lay out in. Adelle wasn't too tall yet, but she was already as large as a full grown adult, and hitting another growth spurt. Her armor was getting too small for her, she'd need an upgrade soon so that it'd fit her again. Her fists still fit her gloves luckily, but it was getting tight around her arms.

Her eyes widened as the dangers of out of the pack were listed. Those were the ones Adelle wished to battle. It was a little more frightening to think about now that she was older, and starting to understand what battle actually entitled, but the cockiness being able to shift had given her made her think she could handle it. There was no way that she was going to end up fighting and not come out victorious. After all, she was a Casa member and a Vilhelmsen. A warrior through and through. Confusion crossed her face at the last words. Books?

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Alyssum saw her confusion, but could not help but show her own doubt. “Books? You know… Flat, sometimes a bit thick. Made of paper, stuff like that. Has words in its...” The woman frowned at her own poor explanation of what a book was, and nickered something after a moment of being quiet. A huff replied to her speech, and Antebellum lifted her head away from the ground and walked over to her, and the de Fonte fished around in the saddle bags for a moment. She pulled out a few bits of clothing, settling them on the horse’s back, even a plant that was kept in a jar was dug out from her belongs. She smiled when she finally found it, and pulled out a thick, worn item, and shoved the other trivial things back in carefully.

“This, is a book. It was the first one that I found after leaving my home, and it helped me to read a little, too.” She handed the object to Adelle, in case she wanted to inspect it herself. “I’m going to guess you don’t know how to read since you don’t know what a book is…” For a moment, she was quiet, looking at Macbeth. The bird just stared simply back, but gave a slight nod, the two sharing a silent conversation. “I could teach you—or at least the basics. It took me a while to even realize what letters were what, but then again, I was learning by myself. It’s worth it though; one is able to read so many things, like messages from packs, letters from family, and adventures of characters.” She sighed a bit at the end, remembering a visit to Halifax that seemed to long ago when she and another were discussing the advantages of reading. The nostalgia was strong, but she kept her attention on the tall girl.

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Aly's words were hesitant, doubtful in nature. Adelle listened to the explanation politely, trying to figure out what it was she was talking about. The description made no sense to her, trying to imagine flat words piled up. She didn't really know what words were supposed to look like, as she'd never seen them. Perhaps a flat rock with a bunch of sounds captured inside? Different sizes for different sounds. That sounded about right. Then one could pick it up and release the noises, or restore it back up.

She watched as Alyssum called the horse over. Did she have a book in there? Tail swaying Adelle stepped closer. She patted the horse as the hybrid rummaged through, digging through the various supplies. At last a very weird object was pulled out. Adelle stared at it curiously. It looked like wood wearing clothes. How extremely odd. That didn't look like what she had been picturing. Her ears flicked forwards at Aly's words, studying it closely.

Handed the book Adelle turned it over. Opening it up she peered at the flat pieces with black scribbles on it. Where were the words? She flipped through, ears pricked for anything she could make out, but nothing was there, just more of the black scribbles. Told about reading she looked up. Letters? Her eyes were beginning to glaze. The book seemed to have no purpose to her, and there were plenty more interesting things that she could do than stare at scribble covered wood. Can't you just howl to let others know?

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Antebellum merely stared at the tall she-wolf as she patted her, as if she was sizing her up. As Alyssum finally found the book, she huffed and bent down to continue to eat. But, she stood near Adelle, to show hints that she liked the girl’s company, at least going as far as to acknowledge it. Seeing her point about the howling, Alyssum agreed, “Well, yes, I suppose you could. But, what if someone is too far away for someone to hear you? What if you don’t want to be overheard in the first place? With letters, you could plan things without the big risk of someone over hearing.” She found that more practical, like sleeping in the trees than on the ground, though it could have been another streak of her paranoia showing.

“I just find it a really important skill if you’re in a certain type of area—and you can learn so much more if you knew how to read,” she added, hoping for Adelle to realize how great of a thing it was. “Brain power can be just as necessary as bodily power; one can win a war with the right strategy and the smallest force.” Again, she became quiet for a moment. “I’d like to teach you, if you’ll let me. I have to warn you though,” she said, a slight grin on her face, “it’s a tough opponent, reading. Only the most patient and most dedicated of warriors are able to defeat the confusion that comes with the learning, and I only recommend it for the best. Seeing how you are keen to become the best, I think you could handle though. What do you say?”

Of course, she was blowing it out of proportions a little, describing the teaching as some grand adventure. Alyssum thought that perhaps the girl would find it more exciting if she saw it as such, the same way the woman viewed it so long again.

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OOC Ending: Alyssum teaches Adelle the basics of learning how to reading (The spelling/wording of simple words, most of the alphabet, etc.) until there was not enough daylight to continue. They decided that the de Fonte will continue to teach her how to read on later days when they have the time to get together.

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Too far away? Adelle might have traveled in her youth, but she couldn't imagine those she cared about being farther than a howl from her. If they did go that far, she was going to miss them greatly. Howls could travel for miles, the thought of someone missing it from leaving her rather sad. She'd never thought about it before, but maybe she'd meet someone. Someone from another pack, and she wouldn't be able to howl to them. Travel was the first thing that came to her mind as a solution, but maybe this writing could help too.

She still couldn't see it as important as Alyssum was making it sound, one hand still stroking the horse absentmindedly. Brain power and strategy, yes that was something Adelle understood. Something she strove to learn, beyond her boisterous wish for fighting. Her ears twitched as the words came more quiet. Adelle opened her mouth to decline and say that she could learn strategy from her grandpa when Aly continued, turning it into a challenge. Her ears flattened, straightening tall. She wasn't going to give up like that! Opening the book again she pointed it towards Aly. Show me!

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