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Hey all! So this is the Agriculture plot thread #2. It’ll focus on gathering the seeds and getting everything ready. We’ll be planting corn, alfalfa, beans, oats, and sunflowers! The corn will be for all of the animals, while the alfalfa and beans will be for hay for the cattle and sheep, the sunflowers are for the chickens, and the oats (and corn) will be for umbrella companion planting so that they’ll shield the alfalfa and beans.

Your character can either choose to help prepare the seeds or help prepare the tools. We’ll be taking stock of our inventory (this includes both seeds and tools). We’ll need to make sure our harnesses for our animals are working and not broken. If they are, we’ll get Simcha to fix them! Feel free to find something that is broken so that we have something to fix!

This thread is set a few days after the first Agri thread. There’s no set date, so fit it into your timeline wherever is convenient.

Location: In front of the Great Hall
Date: A few days after thread #1
Time of day: Sunrise
Claudius' form: Optime

No tables, please! :}

Claudius was glad to have such a reliable group helping him, Ulilohi, and Luna with the planting season. He was even happier to see that Hadley had turned up from Casa di Cavalieri. All in all, their somewhat ragtag group (though, he supposed the entire tribe was a bit of a renegade group of rascals if he was being honest) would certainly get the job done.

“Thuh-thanks fo-o-or all co-oming to… help,” he began. He grinned at everyone who had already arrived and paused for a moment, hoping a few more might turn out. He was standing in front of the Great Hall, where most of their supplies were stored. He’d brought a few of his own personal tools—notably his carving knife if they needed to fix any of their tools—for the occasion. As always, he’d stowed them safely away in his satchel, which sat a few paces behind him, leaning against the wall to the Great Hall.

“Wuh-we-we nee-eed to take stock… of what we… have… and what we-e-e-e need… to get. Si-si-i-i-imcha… here… will help me wi-ith any repa-a-airs,” he explained, and then gestured to the other wolf, who grinned widely and nodded his head in approval, “and we-e-e-e will… need… someone… who can wr-r-i-i-ite… and keep… a tally… of wha-a-a-at is broken… and ho-o-ow many we-e-e-e have… of each tool…” He paused and then took a deep breath. “I a-a-a-also… need someone… who kno-o-ows… how to account for… the seeds. The-e-e-ey a-a-a-are in… pots… ceramic… pots… in the Great Hall… we nee-eed to make sure… they’re still good. We’ll… be planting… a-a-a-alfalfa… beans, co-o-o-rn, beats… oats, and… sunflow-w-w-wers. Whe-e-e-en we’re… done… we can plo-o-ot… out… where we’ll… plant… for the next group…. Who… will do the planting. A-a-a-and… anything else… you guys… can think of.” With that done, he took one massive breath, glad it was over. Once everyone picked their tasks, this would be much, much easier.

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Payne mewled unhappily as Gemma strapped her close to her chest along with her brother. The pale mother tutted good naturedly and whispered to the small black and white child,

<span style='color:blue'>"Hush now my darling. We're going to help now, we're going to be part of the tribe."</span> Her own eyes stared back at her, too large for the face they sat in but oh so adorable and innocent. They blinked and Payne gurgled to herself, still silent in terms of speaking. Her equally as black and white brother was more talkative, uttering short words here and there. It was an amazing transformation from small blind, deaf bundles, though they were still small bundles. Nate was asleep, not phased at all by the movement of his mother or his sisters soft whimpers. The woman was adorned in the blues of good luck as she was constantly now, holding fast to the AniWayan beliefs.. no, to her beliefs that it would bring her good fortune, she would need every miniscule amount of it to raise her children right.

She made her way quickly towards the town hall where the Great Fire burned fiercely. Their newest leader, the oh so deserving Claudius was there to greet them. At the heat of the fire and the noise of the others Nate too woke up and blinked with his huge black eyes at his fellow pack-mates. She couldn't see Frodo from where she was standing so moved closer to better hear the stuttering co-leader. Nate chose that moment to let out an inquiring wail, and Gemma hushed him quietly, looking about herself, afraid he might have disrupted proceedings.

When he was asking for who would volunteer, her hand was surprisingly the first one up. Amongst her rudimentary hunting skills were something that Giuseppe and Matteo had managed to teach her in her long months in Anathema, the ability to count and write.

<span style='color:blue'>"Claudius, I can keep the tally, and write down what needs to be fixed."</span> Emboldened by her speech the woman's fluffy tail waved back and forth tentatively. She could help, she knew she could, this was a skill she owned.

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Claudius was leading this group. His tail wagged happily at seeing the wolf that had helped him start carving. It had been a clumsy task, making a wooden bowl together. Hadley had ended up almost breaking the bowl, but with luck they had been able to repair it, thanks to the white wolf figuring out how to make glue from some sap and fat. He listened to the request carefully, nodding his head at the words. As he had his own stutter at time, it was no difficulty for him to piece together what was being said, even though he had come far from that shy withdrawn male that had first come to Aniwaya.

The scarred hybrid looked over at the delicate white female volunteering for the writing. It was a relief for him to see that, as he couldn't actually read or write at all. The pups she was holding were rather sweet looking as well. Would that be what his children would look like, tiny bundles cradled in Isa's arms? The image almost made him smile, only stopped by the fact that he didn't feel like he loved her, something that he would always have to pay for. Stepping over to where the tools were laid out Hadley silently began to run his hands over it. The harness he was examining seemed in fine condition, if the leather was more chapped than was trustworthy. He silently indicated for it to be written down by the white female, moving over to a shovel.

That was a tool he could understand! His tail wagged behind him as he worked through the pile, the tools that he was used to gaining more care from him, more carefully recorded for scratches and rough patches in the wood, than the ones that he was unfamiliar with, only able to denote large faults that anyone would be able to spot.

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Aranck was rather excited that they were going to have plants in the field like in the Great Tribe. He was glad because it would mean they could have more livestock and it would also make AniWaya much more like home, even more than it was before. He was rather early to the gathering and leaning against his walking stick. He might not wish he was old but there were times when his body made sure that he knew that he was getting up in age. So he was extremely grateful for something to lean on.

He listened intently to what the newly made councilman had to say about what they were to do. Lists particularly caught his attention. But a fellow Aniwayan beat him to writing down what needed to be fixed. So he offered to help with writing as well. "Councilman, I can take stock of the seeds that we have and also help plot out where they need to go." He wasn’t sure if his body was up all the bending and straining. No, writing would suit him just fine. Plus, his knowledge of the Great Tribe and how they did crops should help with plotting out what goes where.

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Perhaps it hadn't been a very good idea to wake up that morning in the first place. A bad dream night had drained Luna's energy so bad that she was led to plunging her head into Adagio river's cold waters in order to fully wake up. A short run was also needed to unmake the knots in her muscles, but there she was. A bit wet, but fully awake to go on with the next step of the agriculture project.

At the Town Hall she saw a small group gathered, Claudius standing between them all, indicating what had to be done for today. The mahogany female approached the crowd, examining the many tools displayed there. A white-colored female offered herself to keep the tally of the tools in good condition, and another male joined her to check them. Since she was no connoisseur of that sort of tools, she stepped forward to the next task: counting the seeds with Aranck, who had also showed preference for that task. Many of the plants used to feed AniWaya's cattle were familiar to her, and she had even seen them a couple of times growing in abandoned cities. Luckly they had chosen spring to start planting these, for the cattle and poultry had increased dramatically. If these didn't grow for winter, then there would be serious trouble. Horses would survive, for they had a strong instinct of survival, but the smaller birds, she doubted it. Especially Chika, since she had noticed that the hen loved to eat. A lot.

Cautiously, she approacked the elder. "I can help with that as well, shall we go?" She said, offering her arm to the wolf and pointing at the building with her muzzle. The Town Hall was still a strange place to her. Only a couple of times she had entered, and only to change a few words with the council members. Also, she was not sure about the conditions the seeds were kept in, especially humidity. If there was a lot, then that would make them unuseful for any purpose.

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At sunrise, there was yet another gathering for the agriculture project that everyone had been working so hard on. Frodo woke from his hut and gathered his shirt and cloak around him, buttoning them both at the chin before setting out into the day. He'd woken early and yet there was already a steady crowd of people willing to help out of the goodness of their hearts. He didn't expect anything less from AniWaya. The black wolf spotted Gemma up ahead, babes in arm, and he lifted his gold-flecked face to get a good look. They were all fine, all three of them. That was good to know. He was with them almost all the time, but every morning he woke up worrying.

Frodo scurried over to his friend and children, and smiled warmly. He watched as Gemma volunteered to help out with the writing, and he felt glad that she was finally gaining some confidence. Their stammering co-leader looked very confident too, he noticed, despite his way with speech. That was something Frodo admired, and strived to be like.

Calmly, he raised his hand. I'll lend a daisy where I can. Plantin', fetchin', carryin', you name it. he was confident in his abilities, and more than willing to be told what to do. He'd never been a dominant sort of guy, and had grown up in a community where he was commanded to do something. It was no different here. He'd grown up here, practically, he'd come a boy and now he was a man.

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Whoever goes into the hall with Claudius can just write them carrying out the pots of seeds and someone else can try to find the tools! The writers can find writing utensils in Claudius' bag. :D Since they don't have paper, they can use paint (in the hall) to mark the pots and mark the tools with what does and doesn't work. Claudius has some homemade paper and some ink in his bag they can use. I think that makes sense for post-apocalypse writing tools? Let me know if you have any better ideas. XD

Claudius grinned at Gemma’s pups, knowing that they wouldn’t notice him grinning, which made him smile all the more widely. They were adorable little fluffballs of noise and smell, but he liked them despite this. Knowing that there were children in AniWaya after being without them for so long made him feel warm and happy. Jiva brought new life to the tribe and he hoped that the older puppy would be a good playmate for these new ones. He liked puppies, he realized, and was a little jealous that Gemma had been blessed with such a gift. The spirits did smile upon her and saw her through her hard times in the end.

His grin widened, naturally, when Gemma volunteered to keep a written log of what they had. He hadn’t realized that she knew how to read and write. He could, too, but he thought his skills would be better utilized in keeping everyone organized and overseeing the project, so he was grateful for her help. He nodded quickly in response, but wasn’t able to say much, since Gemma’s offer of help was quickly followed by many more.

He saw Hadley move to find some of the tools that were laid out. He knew that there were more hiding in the hall, so they’d have to carry everything out.

Like Gemma, it seemed as though Aranck could read and write. Claudius was surprised, since he didn’t think many could, but realized that it suited the older wolf. He would be one to know how to use such skills. Claudius quickly nodded in agreement and replied with a quick word of thanks.

Luna also volunteered to help Aranck and Claudius nodded encouragingly and added a quick, “guh-great,” before scanning the group for more volunteers. Frodo was the last, but offered to help in any way, which made Claudius grin. He was so positive! He was glad to have his help.

“Guh-great, tha-a-at all sounds f-i-i-i-ine to muh-me,” he replied generally. “O-okay, Juh-Gemma… will handle… too-ool ca-a-a-talo-uh-guing… A-a-a-ranck… will cover… seed ca-a-a-taloguing… wuh-with Lu-una… Haa-a-a-dley, you’ve… already started o-on exa-a-a-amining the tools,” he continued, laughing, “Fuh-Frodo, we have muh-more in the ha-a-all. Thuh-huh-huh see-eeds… are still… in the hall… so we wuh-will… have to cuh-carry them… out… I think… to see-ee them… better…” he mused. “Wuh, whe-e-e-en… we’re duh-done, Fuh-frodo… Luh-luna… and Aa-a-a-ranck… wuh we ca-a-an… puh-plot the fields… I’ll tuh-try… to find some… sticks… and branches… to mark them… after… but first… we nuh-need… to find everything… in the town hall.” With that, Claudius entered the hall and began looking around. There were some pots of seeds in a corner. He beckoned for whoever had followed him in to help him carry them out.
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Uncle Aranck had explained to he red wolf mix that today they would be helping to plant a garden of sorts for the tribe, one like they had back hoe in the Great Tribe. Although the pup did not remember anything about the old tribe the fact that she was still filled with excitement of becoming more like the old tribe. Jiya was started to grow, though it seemed she would forever be a thin and lanky girl due to her lack of nutrition early on in her life. She was still very small, even for a four-month-old pup. Around her age it was time for her to start eating meat but she had yet to experience the sensation, though it would certainly help the sickly looking girl bulk up.

The summer weather was particularly hot for the little one and she wondered if the sun would heat up the earth so much for the rest of her life. She had heard rumors that there were times of cold and white stuff falling from the sky but she thought that perhaps that had happened very long ago, when Uncle was her age maybe. Her Uncle had left ahead of her and the small wolf padded along slowly, following his scent to the gathering.

Upon arriving she immediately took notice that the odd looking man that Ulilohi had announced as a leader was speaking. Not paying him much mind as he stuttered orders she made her way to side quietly beside her Uncle. Silently her now bright emerald eyes scanned the tiny gathering and quickly landed on two strange figures in the arms of a white woman. They were very small indeed, and fluffy. Ignoring them for the time being her grey masked face turned upwards towards her guardians face “Uncle Ara’k,” Her soft voice started, “can I help?”

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His ears flattened a little, slightly embarrassed that he'd leaped directly into the work. He couldn't see a reason why not to, but maybe he should have waited for Claudius to finish speaking. He wanted to help though. He knew what needed to be done, and whether or not he was very good with identifying what was wrong he would do what he could to help Aniwaya. He didn't spend much time going through, the pile of tools that was broken carefully noted.

He couldn't write. The marks that he made to track the tools were indecipherable to anyone other than him. Hadley knew what was wrong with each one, or at least a general idea of it, but someone else might not be able to make sense of it. As calmly as he could he continued sorting through. The tools that were useful were sorted according to what he could understand the use. Shovels were easy. Rake things, harder. Some he didn't even recognize, but he still did his best to understand.

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