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Word Count:600+

The evening was upon them and the constant noise of chatter filled the Great Hall, the voices echoing above in the vaulted ceiling. For much of the afternoon he had been patrolling the boarders closest to the Artisian pack and greeting Skye’s members into the territory. Now they all gathered in the heart of Casa di Cavalieri, in the very building where his family slept in the protection of the Fort walls. The guests had been free to explore the lands as much as they pleased, being exposed to the green overgrowth, the flowers, their free roaming horses and much more. Jazper took great pride in Kingsbury. At this time of year it was flooded with beautiful flowers, long grass, and vines crawling along the stone pathways.

In the evening hour they had been gathered into the Great Hall, the main floor of the Courthouse. Torches and the last hours of sunlight lite up the massive room. Above them his young owl Alena perched on the edge of the railing of the floor above them, yellow eyes watching curiously. In the corner a group of traveling musicians played softly, the sort of music one talked to. On either side of the room sat tables assigned the duty of holding any gifts that members have brought for their new allies, and at the far end of the hall opposite of the entrance a long table lined with various treats awaited the guests.

The Cavalieri stood on top of a small stage made from thick wooden planks and looked out at the crowd, motioning for the Cercatori leader to join him. This particular evening Jazper had made sure to dress his best. His fur was well groomed and his outfit was quite elaborate. He wore his cleanest beige pants,, ripped a quarted down his calves, a crimson button up, and his chocolate brown bear fur cloak. But what he was most excited to show off was the presents Ismeme had brought him from Freetown. Two leather gauntlets brand new wrapped around his wrists and perhaps the showiest part of his formal uniform was the matching leather paildron, which covered his right shoulder and was held on by a strap wrapped around his upper torso.

“Greetings family and friends.” His booming Scottish accent easily carried over the cheerful chatter of the nearly forty canines before him, all knowing well enough to listen. Although in appearance the warrior was very dressed up, looking like the true Knight he was, and his pure size was often quite intimidating there was a charming smile on his muzzle, one of true happiness. Those that knew the Sole knew him to be a big softie and his gentle cheerful words certainly displayed this to those listening,

“This evening we welcome Cercatori d’Arte into the very heart of our home not only as guests but as friends. Casa di Cavalieri is home to many a fighter but strength is not at the forefront of our values. Today we celebrate a much stronger value, the forming of bonds with another pack. From this day forward when you greet an Artisain, or an Artisain greets a Cavalier, you will know they are a friend.” Pausing he looked out over the group, his grin reaching from ear to ear. “I encourage you all to feast, drink and enjoy the music. Get to know one another and enjoy yourselves. Casa is home to you all now.” With the end of his words he turned his golden eyes to Skye, eye brow raising as a signal to speak now or forever hold her peace. A glass of wine waiting the end of formalities. His golden eyes shifted to the rabbit fur cloak that sat on the table behind them, a gift he had made for the Artisian leader, but he would wait until after her speech to give it to her.

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Aylu was excited to go to the neighboring pack. He had many things to offer them and hoped to meet some fine warriors like himself. He had spend a good portion of the night carving a staff for the Alpha of the pack. He hoped the alpha liked it. He had just walked in to the Great hall when a voice with a Scottish lit to it boomed its way across the way. He was howled his excitement and after the speech was finished, made his way to the stage the alpha stood on. <span style='color:teal'>"Greetings Casa Alpha. I am Aylu, Guerrerio of the pack. I have brought you a gift. It is tradition to give Alpha's a staff in times of peace. I offer you this one as a token of my alliance to both my pack and your own. If you ever need anything, staffs, arrows, bows... you name it and I will either make it by hand or find it for you. Please... take this gift and I hope you enjoy your night,"</span> said Aylu with a sweeping bow. He himself had brought his best daggers and his staff. He had smoothed out his fur and had decided to not wear robes anymore.

He was still a monk at heart, a peaceful warrior and he hoped to meet others like him with in this pack and make friends. Maybe he could learn a thing or two from someone. A different fighting style. He had so much he wanted to explore and find and learn while he was here. He hoped to make many friends by the end of the night. He was in for a long night.

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Being told that an alliance pack was coming to visit actually managed to relax Hadley. It was something to help keep his mind off Isa's pregnancy and spend some time with members of the pack. He had thought about the members that were coming to visit before making up some carvings. He had considered doing weapons, but decided that wasn't very good. Instead he had spent the past few days carving Casa's horses, in all their forms. They were in various poses as well, if just tiny carvings to hang on a necklace. Enough for each visiting member to take one.

Making a carving for the leader was more difficult. Remembering the trip that they had gone on, Hadley had settled on making a wagon, and hoping that she would like it. Her beta was given a carving of a flute, hoping to maybe inspire some of the creative nature of the pack, and that he hadn't made one large mistake by just doing that. Carrying his carvings in a bag he walked over to the table and dumped it out. Picking up the two carvings he'd made for the leader Hadley stopped, watching a dignified male approach Jazper. Ears flattening he looked at the two carvings he had made. They weren't nearly as great as the staff. Maybe he shouldn't give them to the leaders. He didn't have anything else though.

As quickly as he could he stepped over to Skye and Taliesin, giving each one a pendant, accidentally switching them in his rush. Skye, wagon for your trade. Taliesin...enjoy. As rapidly as he could Hadley returned to the crowd and Isa's side, nuzzling her neck softly. At least she wasn't going to judge him for being so foolish.

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Going to another pack sounded fun. Dalgina was disappointed to learn it wasn't Skoll's pack, but she was still going with her family. She'd stayed close to Keldava when they arrived, Tehu twittering happily in her ear about all the new sites. Every single last pack member was there, and they were in the presence of a much larger pack. Dalgina had done her best to look nice, brushing out her hair and putting on the most pretty set of jewelry she owned.

Music played in the background, a beautiful noise that drew hums from the young artist. In her arms she clutched a painting she'd made. She'd been informed they were welcome to bring gifts to their allies, and Dalgina had spent some time on it. The colors were still a motley of red and green and blue, no other colors available yet, but she thought it looked nice, reflecting the field of flowers she'd discovered. Timidly she placed it on the table before backing up, watching everyone from by a wall.

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Adelle bounced around with excitement. Allies were coming! Together they would be able to keep anyone from intruding. Not that Casa really needed help. Still, it was good to know that the pack was reaching out to others and making alliances. Those were really important. They could make or break a war, especially if the enemy had allies as well. Adelle wanted to make sure that the guests were made welcome, and went out hunting for something to share with them.

It took some time, Adelle tracking through the woods. Enzo's hunting tips came in handy, guiding her along until she found a pig. It was a large ugly old beast, Adelle fighting against it's tusks. Despite it's age it had quite a fight in it, Adelle returning to drag the pig behind her. Realizing that showing up covered in blood was not the best way to go Adelle quickly dipped in the water, removing all but the bits that had already managed to dry in. Entering the hall Adelle deposited the pig at the feast table, tail swaying. She'd done well.

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Ah, a ball, how pleasant. :3

Word Count → 250

The evening was more excitement than he had been accustomed to but he was glad to be part of the alliance. He still had training to do and if he had any hope outside of the library he would have to put in a lot of effort. Though, for now he would focus on mingling with the other pack. When he had joined Casa he had thought there had been a lot of wolves, now there was nearly twice that number. Smoothing down the thick fur on his chest, he maneuvered through the crowd to make it to the table that held gifts. To him, his offering was of great value and he hoped some educated canine would take it up and enjoy.

Held in his light paws there were two books, well read and concerning scientific matters spanning a great amount of content. Coeus had practically memorized them and decided it was time to give them up. From what he heard, Cercatoi D'Arte enjoyed an artful life, he was positive the colorful, even if slightly faded, pictures would be inspiring to look at. As he set them down, he pulled out his other gift which were just simply rabbit pelts. Though as he felt them, he believed they were some of softest he had caught and set them on the table happily. Pulling away, he looked at faces familiar and unknown. He pulled on a welcoming smile, maybe he would meet someone worthwhile this evening.

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because I had to make Aly a table just for this event even if its not as fancy. |: <3 edit: Also, this thread's title reminded me of Quest for Camelot's song. :D Oh God, now it so reminds me of Casa.

Word Count → 424

When Alyssum had discovered that Casa di Cavalieri was soon hosting a ball for the local Cercatori, she had suddenly become busier than ever. The woman was hunting more than ever, and being pickier with what she shot down in attempts to get the most appealing pelts and feathers. While she was being precise with her game, she was also stuck in her room at night, working hard on what she would wear in the evening; the process was familiar and easy, but she had to start from scratch, and the skill was rusty. It was more often than not that she stuck her finger while she sewed the clothing, which earned Macbeth a laugh at each.

She had finished her dress earlier that day, and somehow managed to give everything tidy and prepared. She had laid out her gifts to the Artisans on the table where fellow pack members had; clean, unscarred pelts of young squirrels, rabbits, even mice and stoats was flattened upon the table, and even one buck’s hide, his antlers laying close by it. Various feathers were also lined, some dull but some colorful as well. The de Fonte was proud at the number of game she had caught without ruining their hides, though some were spoiled by ragged shots, though they did not go to waste; leather was also piled nearby. She hoped that d’Arte would find some use with the items she had worked hard to gather, but was happy either way.

The coywolf finally slipped into her dress, and after checking her hair, she made her way up to the grand room. It felt odd to her as she walked around without pants on, but she enjoyed the way the dress hung over her; even she had her feminine moments. She had small snippets of talk with various canines, some simple greetings and commenting about how grand the gathering was. She started towards another wolf when Jazper finally spoke, and paused to watch and listen to the Sole. She grinned as she saw at how spruced up the male was, unusual from his simple look.

Alyssum smile turned softer as the Scottish voice spoke of friendship, and when he finished speaking, raised a glass that was held in her hand and cheered with another wolf that had howled, and took a gentle sip of the drink and sighed as it bubbled down her throat. She believed it was going to be a glorious night, and it was a beautiful start Casa di Cavalieri’s and Cercatori d’Arte’s alliance.

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(425) Gettin' in my post before vacation. Also, Wilson is probably hiding in a corner and freaking out, or he might just be outside. And yes, a Wayne is there and is grumpy and probably only dancing with Dixie. :|

Levent and Wilson are by me!

Levent knew little about this alliance with the honorable warrior pack, but he could not complain about the opportunities such an occasion brought. His newly-chosen pack would be safer than ever with a large band of goody-goody mercenaries (most of whom were giants compared to the short male, especially if the handsome dark leader was anything to go by) standing nearby with their non-sword arms outstretched in friendship. His and Wilson's positions would be secure for that much longer, as long as he didn't do anything to screw this up -- and he had no intention of doing that. He liked Cercatori d'Arte and was glad to share the prosperity.

It was also a great occasion for getting to know his pack mates. He'd seen most of them from a distance by now, but his loner's nature meant that he hadn't acquainted himself with a lot of them. Well, besides Hotaru. His ears fell back into his dark mess of hair, and he did his best not to steal a glance at her. He'd get a better idea of what had happened between them and how he felt about it (besides exhilirated, and unbelieving, and scared), but now was not the time.

Now was the time to schmooze.

After flirting with some of the musicians, almost getting the violinist to drop his bow in the scramble to keep composure, Levent scanned the giant table of gifts. He could only imagine what he'd do with most of those treasures, but he suppressed his greed long enough to step toward it. The old human bow balanced against his chest, the wine bottles in his hands and arms, he managed to get there without incident and placed the treasures there. Though the wine might not make it the rest of the night.

All he could do now was go back and drift through the crowd, introduce himself politely, leaving an imprint as the foreigner with the silly bow. Eventually, he'd break off with another d'Artisan or Cavalier and make friends if they were interesting enough. He'd eat what delicacies he could stomach, poke around the gift table, and avoid the alcohol at risk of WIlson materializing from the shadows and tearing out his liver for him. He grinned at the thought, unbuttoning the top of his white dress shirt to let his pendant from Budapest show, and moseyed on over to a mongrel cowboy sulking at the corner of the grand ballroom.

Enjoying the party?

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Anti-social Rurik is anti-social...but with what he thinks is a justifiable reason! =D/570 words

"So many guests..." Rurik said to himself from the railing of the balcony on the second floor. He was laid out on it on his side, his katana and staff propped on the wall behind him, and was watching the pack members mingle and talk below. He was dressed in what he always wore, a black shirt and pants with his necklace and bracelet, since he lacked any dressy cloths. He had however, groomed himself so he was at least semi-presentable should anyone see him laying there. The crowd below him was a large one, and large crowds made him anxious. It was far too easy for someone to slip a knife into your back while you weren't looking and then fade away into the crowd. He knew this was suppose to be a peaceful and happy celebration of two packs coming together in an alliance, but his paranoia wouldn't let him enjoy himself. "And I have every right to be paranoid." He said firmly to himself. And he did, sort of.

Had it been any other pack than the Cercatori he probably wouldn't have minded, but he had a small, or he hoped it was small, history with Cercatori. Back in 2011 sometime, long before he joined Casa, he had been venturing around and heard the packs name. It had sounded interesting, and to him an interesting name meant interesting things to steal. He never got around to the stealing because a large male wolf had stopped him just inside the border. One thing led to another and Rurik ended up trying to turn their Border Tree, and was caught again by the same male. They fought, Rurik was hurt pretty bad, and he left, but that wasn't the real kicker. Stupidly, Rurik had given the male his full name half way threw the fight, and he didn't doubt the male had returned to his pack alpha to report what had happened, giving him Rurik's name and description. He wasn't positive that he had, but with the way his luck run there were probably wanted posters all over the Cercatori pack lands. If they had found out, he seriously doubted they would forgive and forget, and now the entire pack was here.

He let that train of thought go for a bit, until he realized that he was starting to think it was a huge conspiracy to get him to answer for what he had done and everyone on the floor below him was looking for him right now. He shook his head to clear it. "Get a hold of yourself Rurik!" He said firmly to himself. "This is a ball dang it, you're suppose to be having fun!...Yea...right." He let out a sigh and glanced over to the slowly growing pile of gifts. He could just make out the butt of the ruined stainless-steel Beretta he had put there as soon as the table was set out but before the guests had started to arrive for anyone who had wanted it. The outside of it was only a little rusted, but the inner workings were completely beyond repair, plus the clip was empty. He had no use for it, why not let someone else have it? With a huff and another sigh he returned to watching all the happy pack members talk and laugh and mingle below him, doing his best to blend with the stone he lay on.

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OOC here! WC: 416

Isa made sure to look her best, knowing Cercatori d’Arte would be arriving soon for the ball. She didn’t wear anything though, she didn’t even own any clothing and she liked it that way. Her fur was well groomed though so she still looked nice. The idea of a ball sounded fun and exciting to Isa since she had never been to anything like it. She had never been around so many others either. Being around so many people wasn’t exactly the best idea for her since she was still getting sick often because of the pups slowly growing inside of her. She would more than likely have to leave every once in a while to get some fresh air so she wouldn’t get sick during the ball.

She had carved a pendant for Skye the day before, wanting to present the alpha with a gift, even if it was rather small. Isa made sure to put great detail into it, wanting it to be perfect for Skye. Heading over to the hall while carrying the buck Isa was presenting to Cercatori d’Arte proved to be at least somewhat difficult. She managed to carry it in well enough though and placed it on the table with the other gifts to the pack. She held onto the pendant though, wanting to give it to Skye herself.

Her eyes focused on Jazper as he spoke, noticing he was wearing the gifts she had brought back from town. He seemed rather fond of them, which brought a smile to the silver woman’s face. She should speak with her Sole later, she enjoyed his company and would like to get to know him better but for now she should probably get to know some of the others. She noticed Hadley talking with Skye and moved over to stand beside him, holding up the pendant she had made. Skye, I made a gift for you as well. I do hope you like it.

After she had mingled with the others a bit, Isa began to feel a little nauseous and decided to step outside for a moment. Feeling a little better, Isa decided to go up onto the balcony for a bit. Perhaps it would be best to sit down and relax for a bit, and she could still see everyone from the balcony. She wouldn’t stay up there too long anyways. Isa was about to sit down when she noticed Rurik. Hey Rurik, you all right?

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Nervous girl looking for Lorenzo, your turn girl :3 come make her feel better Lorenzo.

Word Count → 447

The flowers in her home were at the height of their beauty, most were in bloom and filled the air within the protective stone walls of the fort. The smell was almost overwhelming but she was use to it, a fleeting smile appeared on her features though it vanished as fast as it came. This was her place, she was always in love with how they smelled, how they looked, even how they danced in the gentle breeze. But this was not where she needed to be, the girl watched as the sun began to disappear from the sky. Already missing his gentle embrace.

With a soft sigh the girl headed to where all the commotion was going, the knight pack was having a ball for her birth pack. She was happy that they were finally friends with each other but she could not help but feel out of place in such a setting, she had changed so much since her innocent days on Cercatori d’Arte. And the setting, parties were something she was not too comfortable with. She would be around strange people, canines she did not know.

The girl may have been out of place, but she remembered what Lorenzo had told her. She was to dress her nicest, and that she did. The only dress she owned was fancy enough that she had only worn it once, and tonight would make it twice. The color of it was a soft indigo, one that matched her eyes and it flowed down to her bare ankles. Though it was not made just for her it seemed to hug ever curve, something she found a bit uncomfortable. The straps were even more strange to her, as they were tied in two thin bows. Leaving her shoulders bare, even the neckline caused Juliet to blush as it was a swooping cut that almost showed some cleavage.

She did not do anything thing different with her hair though, still she had it pulled to the side in a bow, the only accessories she wore was the necklace her mother gave her and small violets decorating her auburn curls.

The chatter in the ball room caused her to avoid almost everyone, being more shy than she had ever been before. Almost scared to attract attention, instead she stayed against one of the far corners, not really doing anything but watching. Something outside of her nature, but so many canines in one from almost scared her. When the speech was over her eyes moved around the room to find her beloved, hoping he was here to calm her nerves. Anything to make her less jumpy, more comfortable in her skin.

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WC: 305 OOC: Nervous eclipse is nervous.

Eclipse was exceptionally nervous. She was new to the pack she belonged to and to be at such an event made her all the more skittish. The woman had donned her scarf in her hair, the long purple scarf was tied tight, but went down the middle of her back, she didn’t mind as it kept the hair out of her eyes. She watched things from the sidelines. She was quiet and would try to memorize all the pack’s members. She had enough trouble with the ones she was learning in her own pack. In any case she had brought food that she made, it wasn’t much, she hunted quite a bit and took so much time to get it all seasoned and cooked just right. The meat was warm, and she even added saffron to it, giving it a stronger, more luxurious taste. She still had much of her jar left and only used it in special occassions. The meat had been treated with a special oil from a plant that helped cook it better too and she was sure it came out great. She would serve it alongside the other foods that was available for the other members. She herself, wasn’t hungry at all. She was far too nervous to eat, lest she threw up all over some Casa member breaking the treaty and running for her life. That was the image that went to her head. She could possibly single handedly do that she knew. She was far too used to customs that were strict and the way of life she had lived could easily offend other wolves, she was still learning that not everyone went by that code nor did they get so offended easy, especially in the easy going d’arte pack. She was just not use to it all.

Table by Sunny

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She's a maniac, maniac on the floor

Neela Garcia

And she's dancing like she's never danced before

Neela is wearing this dress. and has her hair down

Word Count :: +472

Clothes, Neela had decided as she tugged at the dress she was wearing while crossing the short distance to the courthouse, were annoying. The black dress she was wearing had been the least constricting piece of clothing that she could find while still leaving herself time to wash the dust off it. It hung awkwardly over her form, all the little differences between a human and a Luperci becoming all the more obvious as Neela moved about. Humans had weird leg structures for one thing! The dress didn’t have enough slack at the front and often caught her knees when she walked.

She had to made a concentrated effort to keep her tail tucked beneath her legs or it would bulge up the back of the dress. Getting her long chest hair to not stick up comically through the dress' split - it had been like a white Mohawk extending from her chest when she had first put it on - had taken more water and combing than she liked to think about. Overall it had been a lot of trouble getting ready, Neela had no idea how humans had apparently done this every day! "Got a perfectly good coat'a fur, don't see why it needs decorations" Neela muttered quietly as she passed through the door.

Still she couldn’t argue that the end result looked nice. Neela's concerns about her appearance usually ended at keeping her fur brushed and clean and her ponytail neat but she couldn’t deny slightly enjoying the way she looked in the long dress with her hair out of its normal ponytail and brushed straight. With her wounds all healed aside from an occasional twinge in her ribs and the thinness that had taken her when she stopped eating fought back with a while of healthy dining Neela was healthy and back to normal to go with her decorations, only a thin scar on her left arm showing any sign of the events that had passed just a few weeks ago.

There was a slight hint of hesitation in Neela's step when she entered to find the great hall half full of strangers. Neela snorted and forced herself to continue. The attacks had left her a little timid at the moment but the ball was in celebration of the alliance between Casa di Cavalieri and Cercatori D'Arte; it would be ridiculous to have one of Casa's Famiglia appearing nervous of their new allies at the event celebrating the alliance.

Forcing a smile onto her face Neela dropped her gifts - two sacks of fish and an old human-made flute she had found - down by the table that had been set up and then she turned and walked into the crowd, head twisting as she scanned around the room for a familiar face, or a friendly unfamiliar one.

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Ooc Here/ 190 words

Rurik had moved from the laying on the rail to sitting again the wall next to his staff and katana, laying on the stone had started to hurt his back. He could still hear the happy sounds of dancing, laughing, and friendship coming up from the main hall below him. He sighed a bit and closed his eyes, keeping his ears and nose open for any signs that someone else thought the upper level would be a good place to hang out. It wasn't that he didn't want to join them, he just didn't think it would be a good idea for him to. He crossed his legs and hung his head, intent on taking a light nap, when he heard someone say his name. He looked up and saw Isa near by. "Yea, I'm fine. I've never been one to attend parties like this. I'm only here because Jazper said everyone had to be, if I had my way I would be napping outside somewhere." He said with a small grin. He didn't want to tell Isa why he was really up here, and hoped she didn't pry.

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OOC here!

Meeting Neela and sharing her news had been a weight off of her shoulders, also a great surprise to find out that her fellow dog hybrid had a mate of her own now. Jace often worried about her like she did with Kiara although for different reasons. Neela could protect herself but what Jace worried about with her was her tendency to blame herself for things that were not her fault. But she seemed to be coping now especially with the recent fight against her family.

She stayed close to Temo's side as they entered into the impressive looking fort. The woman was looking her best with her hair brushed straight down her back and her usual braids left out for tonight. She wore her coat made of polar bear fur, that she only saved for special occasions or when she really needed it. Her arm was pressed into Temo's and she grinned up at him when he looked down at her. Her gift for the Cavalierans was clutched in her other hand. Jazper's speech was short but inspiring and helped to lift her spirits about the whole thing a little.


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