{AW} Curious as a Feline

POSTED: Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:00 pm

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He wondered about, oblivious to life in his absence of feeling. Fang had drained him of all hope these days, making him hate his life and wish he were dead in some instances. Yet at the same time the crazed personality would drive him to wish for something better and find it within himself. It was best, he had found, to look for happiness in the ocean water where he felt washed clean and his mind could center on the joys of life rather than the darkness.

As he wondered along, confused as his location was never what he thought it was after Fang took possession of the body, and searching for a sign. Something to tell him where he could find his next salvation. There was a strange quietness to his thoughts since Fang had had the body for most of the week whlie making chaos come to life in multiple ways. He hadn't bothered to search for real meanings but rather decided to put Fang's thoughts out of his mind. This was something new to try; see what he could do instead of focusing on things that Fang had done.

While walking along in his optime form there came to a line. A border was a more appropriate term for it. He tilted his head and squinted past the forest. What pack was this? The smell wasn't familiar though he'd visited quite a few packs in his time in the area. Surely these people were new or they would smell more familiar. He doubted they were old because of his knowledge of other packs and curiousity began to grow within him as if he were a feline. He sniffed along, walking parallel to the border for what seemed a while then threw his head up. A howl bellowed from his core and it called to the pack members for an explanation. For something to give him a hint as to where the new pack had come from.

Then, in his naked optime form, he sat along side the border to await a greeting. Not once, however, did he stop to wonder if he should have been more cautious. What if the pack was an angry one? What if they hated new comers? Questions started to form in his mind as he sat with great patience, listening to his howl echo across the vast territory before him.

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16.06.2012 . 2pm . borders . lupus form

Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

There had been so many newcomers in the past weeks that it often made the young boys head spin. Remembering what it was like at the Lakes, where they had been a small family group made him wonder at where all these other people had come from and why they wanted to live in their home now. The pup wasn't resentful of them- by no means, but he hadn't properly met half of them yet and in his mind, they floated around Vinátta without names or faces. In these moments, the boy thought that they might not exist until someone spoke to them- of course their strong scents were testimony against that theory. In the mind of a young one, it made plausible sense however and he continued on like this for as long as he could. In just a few days he would be six months old and officially not a puppy anymore.

Perhaps it was this fact that had him closer to the borders. Whenever a call went up from this area of their lands, Temeraire ignored it. There was nothing he could do about it anyway and it was better off just staying where he was, playing with Eli most of the time. Eli was preoccupied today and that caused the dark Stormbringer to become bored and restless. He'd tried to get closer to the near wild mare in one of the stables but as always she'd lashed out and nearly caught his front leg. He'd decided to walk away after that, disappointment on his pouted lips.

When the demanding howl rose from the borders this time however, a curious look came over the boy and he started to move with surprising speed to where he thought he'd heard someone. It was perhaps foolish, but it never crossed the boys mind that whoever was out there could be dangerous. In that pup like way, the young boy bounded out of the trees, gangly body unco-ordinated and clumsy. He came to a stop as sparkling blue eyes caught sight of a luperci sat just outside their borders. 'Lo there, I'm Temeraire Stormbringer. This is Vinátta He informed the male, hoping he was doing it right.

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Protective Nier butt. Optime form. Ciaran the cat is with him. /341

Niernans morning had been uneventful, he had tried to find new members to the pack to introduce himself but he had gotten caught up a myriad of other activities that distracted him. So when he heard the howl at the border of the packlands he sighed, knowing that his afternoon would be spent not meeting new pack members.

He straightened from the log pile outside his house, throwing a handful of kindling onto Brans log pile as he passed his brothers house. He whistled for Ciaran, finding the cat already trotting at his heels, he smiled at his feline companion pleased with his presence. He broke into an explosive sprint, making his way through the village of Jordheim, aware that he would be nothing but a black and tan blur to anyone who saw him.

It didn't take him long to reach the border and as he skidded to a stop he saw two things; a lounging, dark furred Luperci, and Teme. He brought himself to stand very straight and tall, his hackles bristling with a little unease at seeing his young nephew alone with a stranger. He was aware, and very proud, that Teme was now considered and adult, but he was still young, and Nier was over-protective. For that brief moment Niernan allowed politeness to slip, sending a heavy 'huff' at Teme, his cyan eyes fixed on the young wolf. Well done on your quick reaction Teme, thank you for greeting our visitor. While his words were cordial his tone held a hint of ice, and a promise that he and his nephew would talk later.

He let another heavy breath escape him, this time a sigh; he couldn't stay angry at Teme for long, and was now content to let the boy remain and learn of the greeting process. The Irish Stormbringer turned his attention to the newcomer, offering a small bow in apology. Sorry for my lack of manners. I am Niernan Stormbringer, I see you have met Temeraire, my nephew. Welcome to Vinattan borders. Was there something you needed?

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