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morning, June 17, in their house? Let me know if you want me to change anything. =) And thanks for the thread!

Word Count → 387

The summer solstice was very near; the days were longer and warmer as the sun lingered those extra moments before setting. Hati was excited by this, for it would be his first summer ever, and once the new season drew to a close he would be a yearling. He had already received his adult rank in the pack, but he did not feel much like a grownup; he hoped that once he had been on this earth for a full cycle of the seasons, it would bring him some measure of bravery and maturity. Skoll had his adventure with Terra outside the court, and Lottie had been accompanying their father on his patrols, but Hati still found himself biding his time around the house and shadowing their mother. He felt like his lack of ambition meant he was too childish, or slow -- by now he should have found a talent or a goal to chase, shouldn't he? He had no idea what co-rank he would pursue, though he had scoured his books for an idea that would set him apart from his siblings. The stables were a fascinating place to him, and Alder was a wonderful teacher, but Hati was still a beginner rider and felt too outclassed by Skoll to try and become a stablehand...

The wolfdog set his book down, running his fingers through his dark mane to comb it back from his eyes. It was mid-morning, and he did not feel like staying in the bedroom reading all day, not with this indecision weighing on his mind. He should talk to Mother -- she always made him feel better, especially when it came to his brother. Perhaps she would have an idea of what he should aim for, a calling, a way to serve their kingdom. Father was too intimidating at times to ask for advice, though he admired his king's stoic strength. Hati rose, padding lightly down the stairs to look for Ayita. He assumed she would have told him if she was heading out, so she must be home somewhere. "Mother...?" he called hesitantly, peering around the doorway. If she needed help with her daily chores, he would be happy to lend his assistance. It would not be the first time, nor the last; Hati was very much a mama's boy.

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Ayita Catori
But you never can run from
Nor hide what you've done from the eyes
The very eyes of Notre Dame

Word Count :: ### Sorry for the wait huge muse issue

Ayita Was busy cleaning today. she thought that the house was empty so she was making herself do some much needed things. She pulled a book or two down from her shelf as she dusted them and the shelf sliding them back into place. She noticed holes where her children had taken books. She had a feeling that a lot of the books that were missing had something to do with Liam Leaving. She sighed as she pulled more books down.

As she pulled more books down she heard Hati calling for her. She turned her head accidentally pulling a whole shelf of books down. The sound jumped her as she flinched and sighed. Hati I'm in here she called as she started to laugh at the mess that lay on the floor. Oh well she was cleaning anyhow. Stopping she chuckled as she waited for her son to appear most likely he'd be worried about the crashing sound.

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oh noes! Ayita won't be going anywhere, will she? :-) And congratulations on the wedding!

Word Count → 355

Hati wondered if his mother ever got lonely. Father had many duties that kept him busy, patrolling the border and such, but Mother usually busied herself with domestic work like cooking and cleaning. He was starting to see his parents as individuals now, with their own histories and personalities and secrets he did not know about them. As a child, it was easier to see his parents more as entities that cared for him instead of people with feelings of their own. His parents didn't speak much of Noah, but he knew he did have a mysterious older brother somewhere else in the world. And Liam had left recently to find his own fortune, something he knew must make their mother sad. But Ayita had been in good spirits ever since Amaranth's return, and he hoped that the presence of her grandchildren would keep her optimistic. His mother's smile could light up the room, and he wanted to keep her happy. He wouldn't leave her like her older children had.

The crashing of something collapsing sent his heart leaping into his throat. What just happened?! Was she okay? He surged forward, pale eyes wide as he skidded into the room. Books were scattered across the floor, and his mother stood over them, seemingly unharmed. He caught her by the shoulders in an instant, white fingers squeezing lightly in concern. "Are you all right, Mother? Did you get hurt?" He paused, only just realizing that she was laughing. Did she think that was funny, scaring him like that? He huffed, realizing he had overreacted, and let his ears fall back in embarrassment. It was also strange to realize that she was no longer taller than him; he had grown a lot this season, nearing his adult height as his shoulders broadened into something masculine he was not sure he was ready for. "Let me help you pick them up," he mumbled, releasing his hold on her as he knelt to the floor. He was more comfortable when she was hovering over him, as she had done when he was small. It was awkward to grow up.

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