To the earth we shall return

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Hello everybody! This is the Agriculture plot thread Número 3. In this thread the land will be planted and irrigated. The first seeds that will be planted are corn and sunflowers, and later on, the oats, alfalfa, beans and oats, so the taller plants have time to outgrow and serve as a support for the smaller ones (if people is still interested, I’ll do a second sowing thread where the last bunch of seeds is planted. If not, it will remain as an OOC event). At least one person is needed to irrigate the land after the seeds are on their place. Then others may join him/her.

Location: The planting fields, near the Town Hall
Time of the day: Sunrise
Date: A couple of days after thread #2

Free posting order and no tables please! XD


Everything was prepared for the sowing. Laying at Luna’s feet there were several baskets, each with a bunch of seeds. She had also taken the time to fill a couple of big jars with water, which she had managed to tie to one of the horses so the irrigation process was easier for the wolf that chose that task. Only the animal’s patience had allowed her to fix the jars with straps around its body until the equine was comfortable with the cargo. Also, following Ulilohi's example, she had brought some food in case that somebody needed a recharge as they worked.

Not long ago the sun had appeared behind the horizon, painting the earth golden, as well as the seeds. Judging it a good timing to call the pack, the healer threw her head back and howled. It felt odd, though, how such a low ranked wolf as her summoned her pack mates as if she was one of the council members whom had done the same thing only days ago. But this had been her idea, hadn’t it? And she had the authorization of Ulilohi and Claudius to lead this activity.

As she interrupted her call, she spotted Mihewi examining the seeds, selected by her and Aranck. These had been the healthiest they had found and that would provide enough nourishment for both the tribe and its working animals, like the horse a few paces away from her, and she was glad that they had both done such a good job. The horse seemed to thing the same, because he suddenly moved forward, and attempted to nibble on the contents of the basket. She managed to grab the animal's mane (tying him seemed unnecessary, for he seemed tame enough as to follow her) and pulled him away from them. "Easy boy, you've already had your meal." The gelding swayed his head in annoyance and tried to reach for the grain once more, but was pulled back again by her heasitating hand. "Easy boy. You just had your meal. This is not for you." As if he could understand the Luperci, he quit his attempts to steal the seeds, but that left Luna with a stronger wish to have somebody else with her to help her with the animals that she was slowly starting to understand.

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Her Spirit Guide Atisia (male American Marten) is visible

She heard Luna's call loud as day, and Atisia jumped down from his seat in the Town Hall and moved to the door. "Must I?" The councilwoman was not one to skip her duties, but the project of their crops was one where she felt utterly useless. She had been the organizer when they plowed the fields, but other than taking the lead, she really was quite useless. The marten looked at her disdainfully and she reluctantly got up, as if a stubborn child. "You said it yourself; no crops, no animals, no delicious food to keep us safe come scarcer moons." She hated how he was always right, not at all being used to being led by anyone. The brown female was in the oldest litter in her family, and it showed. Only the expression it led to today was more of the younger sister, the one who will do the opposite of what they are told time and time again.

Atisia slipped out of their door and Ulilohi followed, if for nothing else than eager to trot over there and make use of her body. She was fairly certain that she would fail miserably at whatever task Luna had in store for her, though, and attempted to convey this to the marten, who now spun along the path ahead of her, rather than sitting on her shoulder. He arrived to the fields and to Luna minutes before her, and she brushed up her mood before coming in sight of her, one arm raised in greeting. "Unalihelitseti, Luna. How can I help?" Atisia eyed her from the ground at her feet, and she imagined it was a smirk that she could see, one of his corner teeth poking out over his lip. Avoiding looking at him, she focused on Luna, waiting for something to do. This was not Ulilohi's field, and she knew nothing of how it worked.


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