What Lies Beneath

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WC: 462 OOC: She's in Lupus form for now, her bow and quiver are next to her and she has a purple scarf around her neck :)

Eclipse had been flustered by the whole of the party that had gone on in the other pack. She wasn’t one for thick crowds and it showed. She was finally back home, yet it still didn’t feel like a home. She hadn’t even picked out a house for herself. She had been sleeping near the trees in her lupus form, not sure what to do about it all. Her sleep started to become restless and worrisome, at least for her.

She caught a scent, it was so familiar and she brightened at it as she knew exactly who it was. She ran through the fields full of snow, her tiny puppy legs hurried through the parts of the snow that had already been walked upon. Her eyes were bright her tail was wagging furiously.

“Daddy! Daddy daddy!!”

She cried in happiness and was filled with the purest of joys the little girl would ever be. There he was the beautiful golden brown coat of her father, his purple eyes welcome and his arms stretched out wide as she tried to run faster. Then a black wall rose between them just when she was about to reach him. She had almost stepped into it, but her instinct made her stop before she could, then she saw the sadness, and she cried as her father turned away from her. His eyes pleading, and she cried out screaming his name asking him to come back, knowing if she went into that black void she could never return.

Her eyes shot open as she heard her own terror coming from her living lips. The woman was still by the tree she had fell asleep. Near the garden where she was keeping an eye on the growth of the plants. Her heart pounded and her eyes wide. It was daybreak and the sun was just barely over the horizon. She couldn’t see from here but because it wasn’t entirely light out, she knew where the sun was compared to the earth. Sitting up she shook herself of the leaves that clung to her body. She had to let her heart stop beating so fast before she could think of moving too far from her spot. She only had that dream when she was a pup, and she thought she got over it, but now it was coming back full strength, and she had almost touched the darkness, what would happen if she touched it? Would she become like her grandfather? Was that what happened to her own father, he had let the darkness touch him. She couldn’t say for sure, and all she could do was stare at the bow she lay on the ground after she changed.

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Robert rolled over in his bed so that his back faced the window, away from the morning that wished to light up his room soon. The boy had been up most of the night, as usual, reading a new book he received at the ball. Well, he really just saw it on the table and grabbed it, and was not too sure who placed it there. Nonetheless, it was a book, and he was not hesitant to jump right into it. It was some ramblings about the world, which were things the Collins had already researched about. But, like any other book, he studied it into the late hours, and only sat it down until the dark sky had begun to lighten.

He grumbled and covered his head with his wool-stuffed sack, and tried to make himself go to sleep. Just when he thought he was starting to doze off, a cry echoed outside, which only made Frost press the pillow against his head in attempts to block out the noise; in his insomniac state, it was at first nothing but meaningless sound. But, he mulled over what he heard. It sounded like a canine... which did not entice his interest one bit, if not deterred it. Sliding his head from under the sack, he rested his chin on it, eyes still closed as he grumbled nonsense to himself. He went quiet for a moment, and then pressed his face into the pillow as if to savor it for one last moment.

“Fine… Fine! I’ll go see…” With that, he stepped out of bed, dressing himself, taking his time to groom his mop of hair to look at least presentable in this unholy hour. Taking a lit lantern, he quietly left his home, and started off where he thought he heard the cry. If it was really a person and not some beast, he thought of some choice words he would say as he walked through the trees, his small fire lighting his path. “Who's out here?” he called out in a tested tone, followed by more muted remarks and grumbles.

He scented someone out there, and knew that he would stumble up them soon. No more than a minute later after finding the scent, he crossed over some underbrush, and shined the lantern on a lupine girl. He had expected a trouble making male, or some other heathen, but he was certain that the cry came from here despite his initial assumption. He glanced away from her, all insults that had brewed in his mind falling quiet, and muttered instead, “Sorry, miss.” He started to shuffled back into the trees, wishing that he did not bother himself to get out of bed; the last thing he wanted to do was to annoy a girl this early in the morning, and hoped that he did not disturbed her with whatever she was doing.

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The shock of the dream was ending and she heard someone come through the trees. her ears perked unsure if anyone heard her cry... who couldn’t? The whole village must be awake because of it. Through the trees came a young man, lookign quite grumpy indeed and she wasn’t sure who he was though he had the look of a young man not any older than she. She rarely met anyone around her age, though the ones she had met always left her or she left them. Whatever the case when the man came she felt a piece of mind she hadn’t when she was alone, but it seemed it would end soon. She couldn’t have that not now, she couldn’t be alone.

“Please... don’t go, I’m scared.”

This wasn’t something the woman would normally admit, but this was the first time she had such a dark dream that felt so real, and the first time she’d “seen” her father in over a year. It was disheartening and she didn’t want to be alone. She bit her lip and looked with pleading eyes. Whatever he did she wouldn’t blame him at all if he did just turn around. She probably was the one who woke him. She was lost for words now, but if he could stay at least for a little while untill she felt herself again she would never ask anything from him again.

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It was not like he did not want to help the young woman, it was just that he did not know how to help her. It was obvious that she did not mind his appearance, but when he saw that nothing was physically wrong, he wanted to leave. He was tired, and more over uncomfortable; he had not talked to anyone that was not his mother or sister for a long time ever since Nathaniel disappeared, and more or less wanted to keep it that way. It was better in the end, he'd tell himself, and wished his family did the same, so that nothing bad would happen to them.

He was about to turn around when she spoke, and it was only the manners that he was taught that made him stop and listen. Robert was at first stumped about how desperate she looked, and he felt a little ashamed that he had tried to leave her even after knowing that she was the one who cried, though this only showed on his face as a grimace. He frowned even further at her words, and began to rub his face to get rid of some of the sleep that hung over him, grumbling something to himself that lacked coherency to all but him. He seemed to think about it for a moment, and with a final huff, stepped back to the woman. He placed the flickering lantern on the ground near the woman, and sat down about a meter away from her.

He was silent for a few seconds, just simply lost for words. This situation was a first for him, and he was not too sure how to go about it. The Collins looked back at the girl, and asked, his words distant and tone showing how unsure he was, “What's… scaring you, miss?” He did not know if he could help her or not, but at least he could try.

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He was making his way off to wherever he had been before her outcry. Now she felt foolish as the sun grew over the horizon. He saw her rub at his eyes.... he must still be tire... and she considered letting him go back home, but she wanted to talk to someone and as he turned and moved back towards her she sighed with relief.She looked down letting the silence fill the air. He didn’t have to talk, just staying there letting her calm down from the dream was enough for now. His question made her cringe a little and she looked at him, her face sad.

“I’m scared because... because I almost stepped into the darkness. Because …. I know i’ll turn bad if I do.”

She left out that her father had already been immersed in it, in the dream he had been and it didn’t have to be her father it could have been someone who looked like him, but she FELT it was him. It didn’t matter now the dream was gone and so was he. all she had now was the memories of him.

“I I know that it is bad but every time i get closer, what if I turn bad? Like my granddad, and what if I hurt people I don’t want to hurt people.”

She said loudly. This was the first time ever she let out any type of feeling to anyone about her family's past. She didn’t even know this mans name and here he was hearing the worst of her fears right now. What he must think of her!

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He frowned as she looked back at him with the same sad look on her face, and had to glance away. He wished he could take back his question, since it seemed more personal than what he first suspected. But, before he could tell her to forget about it, she went on to tell him what was frightening her. Robert was slightly appalled that she was telling him that despite their unfamiliarity, and wondered for a moment if that woman was that open with other people normally. Though no matter how much he wanted her to stop sharing, he knew he couldn't just tell her that when she seemed in need for some sort of closure. The Collins may not be the friendliest canine in the artsy pack, but he was still someone who was not completely heartless to someone in distress.

In simple words, he was confused about what her problem was. She kept mentioning the darkness, and his mind automatically went to the literal term instead of the idealistic one. Robert also wanted to snort at the idea of the dark turning people bad oe making them hurt others, but ge decided to keep that thought to himself. "Well... You don't have to be scared now. The sun is about to come up, and the darkness will be gone. And... we have my lantern, that makes the dark go away." He guessed he could somewhat relate to her fear of the dark in some way; he was uneasy about the darkness himself, though it was entirely different from the woman's case. He was nervous that something would come out and take him away wherever they took his brother. Luckily, he kept enough candles on hand to keep those thoughts out of mind.

"You don't have to... listen to the darkness. It can't make you do anything bad if you don't want to," he added logically, again dismissing the spirituality of the situation.

Maybe if they would stop talking about it, all this "darkness" business would leave her mind, he thought. "In any matter, my name is Robert Frost Collins. You can refer to me in any way that pleases you the most. And, what may I call you, miss?"

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She felt horrible as she finished... she looked down and tried not to look at the man. He seemed to think she feared the dark itself, which was not entirely untrue, but she faced that fear well enough. She was sleeping outside after all. She shook her head..

“I am terribly sorry, I shouldn’t have burdened you with such talk...”

She said and looked down. He seemed extremely uncomfortable as he tried to make her feel better. Never in her life had she let that slip from her mouth and she knew she should have shut it when she started, and yet now he knew, but in a way didn’t know. The darkness wasn’t the night but a part of her spirit, something she knew she could never get rid of because of whatever happened in her family history. She wouldn’t elaborate anyway and when he changed the subject she felt grateful.

“I am Eclipse Soulstorm. I have been nothing but Eclipse to everyone else.”

Just thinking about her name just proved that her life would be an endless amount of turmoil Why did her parents name her such a thing? Whatever the case she smiled at him in a manner of thanking him.

“So.. you are related to Skye? I met her, she helped me... if it weren’t for her I don’t think my horse would have made it through her birth....”

She said, remembering the very first day she joined. Now the colt was older and lively. She smiled, though it wasn’t her doing that helped bring him into the world, though it seemed natural enough that the horse was able to do most of the work on her own and Eclipse was just scared at the time and didn’t know what to do, she never had any experience with that situation whatsoever.

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While part of him agreed with her, that she shouldn't have talked about something that seemed personal about herself, he did not outwardly expressed this. He didn't like to see people sad--whenever he met someone by accident, they were usually over the top friendly and nosey. But, the woman was different, or at least her fears subdued her if she was actually peppier than then. Whatever the case, it inclined Robert to try a little harder to comfort her. Just a little.

"Please, miss, it is of no trouble for me," he said in a slightly chiding tone, but it was also slightly comforting, or at least he wad trying for it to be; he never really had to comfort someone in his life, so it was another first. "I am more than happy to be of oblige. I never heard anything like that... darkness, before." Again, the way she spoke of the dark confused him, but he decided to try to play along. "The most reasonable thing you can accomplish in your situation is to avoid the darkness as much as you can, since you are aware of its influential powers. If acknowledged that something has unfavorable traits, then isolate it. It works for me." That was what he did everyday, though the last part was a bit tweaked; he disliked people so he outcasted himself for privacy, and thus far has proved flawless, at least until now.

"Yes, Eclipse, Skye is my mother. I am pleased to hear that she had helped you with your companion. Are they in good condition now?" He could recall reading a little something about horse care, though he never got interested in the book since he lacked one of his own. "If you wish, I could go fetch a book that can allow you to grade your horses' wellbeings, if you wish. I read it before, so I do not mind to lend it to you for a while.

"But... do you normally sleep out here?" he asked, finding it rather curious that one would sleep out here when there were perfect living conditions nearby. It was simply illogical. "What if a cold front comes and it proceeds to create rain and it comes into the area?" One of his books told him that, and thought that Eclipse needed to be aware of that fact.

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His words were wise, though he didn’t know how hard it was to run from the pulling drag of such a force. She only nodded and he seemed to be trying to get her off the depressing situation. It would help she knew. His mention that Skye was his mother she wagged her tail a little. She nodded at his question of the horses being well. They were thriving and happy, that was good enough. She had thought she was bringing them to the woman that once owned them only to find out that the owner had passed on and her family somewhere else. So now the two were in her care. She brightened a bit as he mentioned a book she could read.

“That would be lovely! I have never known about such things before.”

She said her tail wagging a little. Of course she couldn’t read now and she didn’t feel much like changing quite yet. She enjoyed her lupus form every once in awhile and she wasn’t sure how the culture of this pack would react to her changing in front of them. She tilted her head as he spoke of …. what was he speaking of? Rain? She smiled.

“I have not really found a place of my own yet... I don’t mind sleeping outside. Rain doesn’t bother me I have been.... how should I say it... “roughing it” for a long time.”

She said with a quick nod of her head as she couldn’t really shrug her shoulders. She wondered if he never slept outdoors before. It was wonderful to just take time off and be a wolf and just go wild. She wasn’t going to ask him that though she didn’t want to offend him in any way.

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She seemed to perk up when he mentioned the book, and smiled when she seemed eager for it. "There are many things book can tell us, miss Eclipse. You just have to search for them until you come across the information that you need. I found that book in one of the houses near the stables. While it is of use to me now, I hope it will serve you well."

When he asked about her sleeping habits, he found it strange that she was even out here. He never met someone that slept outside--not that he met many people in general, either-- like some wild beast. As far as he knew, all wolves were capable of better. So when the Soulstorm explained that she had been roughing it out, he shook his head side to side.

"But, that will do you no good, miss Eclipse. Sleeping outside has so many variables of dangers, and it would best for you to find a shelter as soon as possible... In fact," he stated, his words slow and precise as he thought them over, "I have nothing to do today that is of any importance. If you are free, we can look at the houses now, since I know which ones are already inhabited. Again, I highly suggest it, especially before the storms come."

He guessed it was because she was so open to him was the reason he wanted to be really helpful, but at the moment he did not think over his motives for his offering. Instead, he waited for her answer silently. He glanced at the lantern, noticing that it was flickering more than usual. "If you decide to join me or not, I will have to return home for another stick of wax. I rather not be out here without a light, miss..."

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“My mother taught me to read and about most books that there are. I just didn’t know there was a book about the mood of a horse and how well it was in words. I do find that fascinating. I usually read fiction books. I like the stories as they make this life seem … well easier to live.”

She said. As he pointed out his concern she laughed a little. She didn’t want to be rude, but it was not something she heard everyday. A wolf saying it wasn’t good to be living outdoors. “Don’t be silly where do you think we lived before we had hands? But if you insist... I suppose you can help me look for a new home.”

She said. The main reason she didn’t pick one out was because she didn’t know whos’ was who’s and though they marked their homes in one way or another it wasn’t always by scent marking. Not the kind one claimed a spot. She stood up smiling.

“I hope you don’t mind me changing first, it’s far better to go around the town on two feet.”

She didn’t normally hide but she didn’t know the customs of this pack. Ichika it wasn’t seen as offensive to change in front of family, though she didn’t care to change in front of strangers and no matter how much of a pack member this one was, he was still at least an aquaintence. She hid behind the tree to change. Her limps growing and changing form, the fur on her head grew long as her neck slimmed down and her back straightened and flattened. She untied her scarf from her neck and tied her hair up as she walked back out from behind the tree.

“The sun is almost up, you shouldn’t need a light anymore.”

Eclipse said. She didn’t think about how dark the houses would be but being a wolf she had night vision and a speck of light could easily help her see in the dark. Him being a wolf as well must have the same thing. She looked at him quizically not sure why he felt the need for a candle but she shrugged.

“Nevermind, you are helping me, you can do whatever you want.”

She said with a smile and waited for him to lead her to where he needed to go.

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He found it interesting that her mother was the one whom had taught her read, Sky as well being his teacher in that department. For a moment, he thought about asking where her parents were, but thru question never surfaced. He remembered her talking about her grandfather, and still wanted to keep that talk away for now. "That was very good for your mother to teach you to read. I think that those without the ability to read are missing out on a lot..." Realizing how naive he was speaking, he cleared his throat and added in a more stern voice, "But, not everyone can be as privileged as some. It is regrettable." It was a slightly depressing outlook on it, he knew, but that was the reality of it. And he was a canine of reality.

He furrowed at her comment about the time before hands, but he smirked a bit at it. He supposed she was right, but he did not have to tell her that. "Well, you have hands now, do you not? You may as well as make use for them.

"I also have a few fiction books that you can look at, if you want," he added as he waited for her to change, picking up the lantern in preparations to explore Thronbury for her home. Despite the distance he seemed to hold for that genre, he also enjoyed it, though he wanted to keep the outlook of a mature gentleman, even though he was barely a man at his age.

When she came around from the tree, he became a bit stumped. Though she was not technically undressed, the side of him that strived to be a gentleman told him to be meek as she approached him. He was an advocate for clothing, so to see another without any gear on made him a bit uncomfortable.

"If that is the case, then may I ask for a favor?" he inquired after she was finish speaking. He began to shoulder of the waistcoat that was adorning him, and a moment later he was left in nothing but a plain white shirt and a simple tie. "Can... you wear this?" Robert could not met her gaze, unsure how she would take his request. It was not meant to be anything personal, but... it'd be easier on him.

"And, we just need the light if we're going into some houses. They're dark, and would break something or hurt ourselves." He would not tell her, but he was actually a bit afraid of the unused buildings in Thornbury. His sister, mystical and odd, told him once there were strange things in them, and while he acted like he did not believe her, he was wary. A light would keep his doubts away, though, and keep him from backing out on Eclipse then having to explain his irrational behavior.

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His posture changed entirely as she walked out from behind he tree and she could see as he looked away and started taking off his coat. She tilted her head a little and took it frowning. Did they really care about dress around here? Did they not enjoy the freedom of their own fur? She sighed as she put it on and closed it. If it would make him happy she supposed.... but what about what made her happy? She shoved that thought away and gave him a pleasant smile.

“I don’t normally wear this stuff, didn’t know how hot it got.”

She blinked at the man. He was such an odd creature indeed, but she said nothing. How could he not be able to use his own night vision? Even within a house the sun can enter it and brighten any room. She shrugged and waited to follow his lead, now clothed in a strange coat she would be glad to give back as soon as they parted. She wasn’t used to such articles and this one kind of made her itch but she looked happy and wagged her tail hoping he was now comfortable with her around him. She was ready to explore and see what she could get.

“I did see that the houses were well taken care of... how is that, I see human houses all the time and they are well... they are all in bad shape, but here it seems they are near new!”

She said trying to make idle conversation with the strange man. The more she got to know him the more she wanted to just pull him out into the wilderness to show him that it was fun to be just a wolf. To frolic play, get dirty. She was one for staying clean but there were occasions when the need to let one’s hair loose was there and she allowed it and went wild. It seemed this boy barely ventured out of town. He was afraid of what the outdoors could do to him... and that the wolf body was something that needed covering. She sure hoped that the world didn’t fill with wolves who had thoughts like this.

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From all the books he read, he had gathered much knowledge, and he could see no downside from the way his books shaped him, but one. He wanted to be as human as possible that he had become forgetful of what a quote and quote a real wolf was supposed to behave and dress, and overall a bit disilluational. He believed that all Luperci should adapt to what the humans left behind and to evolve from their primitive ways, but he was not going to go tell Eclipse what to do because of what he thought. All he could do was try to let her see the advantages.

"But it is very useful during the winter, to keep you extra warm, like your scarf but even better. Some clothing can even protect you from things--but, alas, I do not have any such thing. But, it does have a good purpose." What he owned could be called drab by the more artistically clothed canine that ran with Cercatori, but he knew they were durable, and barely went without clothing for personal image. If he was going to be smart, he may as well dress the part as well. Besides, he thought as he glanced sideways at her, he believed the waistcoat was fitting for Eclipse, and wondered if she ever wore clothing often besides her scarf.

He listened as she spoke of the houses, and nodded in agreement. "My mother told me that the houses were recently renewed since a snowstorm destroyed many that some were not living in. I would not know, since the storm happened a few months before I was born... Anyway, a lot of these houses did have people in them at one point or another, and sometimes they leave things behind. They might be dangerous, or useful, so we should keep our eyes out for anything interesting."

He led her away from the woods and back into town, making a straight line for his own house. He paused when they reached a wooden dwelling, and looked back at the woman. "If you can wait here for a moment, I'll go get a new candle." With that, he stepped into his home, and a minute later came back out with a more fiercely lit lantern. "Now that is out of the way, which way do you want to go first?" He was not sure exactly where she wanted to live, unknown to him if she wanted to live near a certain location, and thought she may have a general idea where she wanted to start looking.

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Eclipse was a mingler. She did not deny human things, but neither did she renounce her wolf ways. They were a part of her as all the human things that littered the lands. She would utilize everything, though she said nothing herself. It was not her place to tell this man what he should do. He did argue that it would make it warm for her in the winter and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ah my fur keeps me nice and toasty. But this scarf was a present from a woman whom I met in the Ethereal. She had met me before and it was in AniWaya, she escorted me out. We met again and she gave me this scarf. I cherish all my gifts.”

Eclipse said, brushing her hand over the purple scarf, yes it had plenty of power in the fact that it has been a gift from a near stranger. She smiled happily remembering the meal they shared together that night. She was brought back to reality as he explained what happened to the houses. She nodded, could he really be that young? He was younger than she?

“I remember that, it was chaos in Dahlia. I was only very young but I got into trouble and not just by my parents I ran into a building that caught on fire because something happened. It was a bad winter. Though after... the snows were taller than me.”

That time was her first memories. She had very few but of snatches here and there. No she had been two months at that time and she was as curious and always into deadly things as ever. She waited for him outside his own home, thinking about the time she was strung up in a tree from one of her fathers traps. She was lucky it was a live trap and Saul had been the one to find her quite quickly. Upon Roberts return Eclipse thought, but she wasn’t sure herself as to how she could answer his question.

“I...I have only always shared a pack home. With my family in Dahlia, it was quite big and there were so many... and then in Ichik.... well It was a hotel my cousins and other family lived there... I don’t now how these small houses are suppose to really work.”

The woman shrugged but she looked around to see which area could hold the best potential.

“Lets.... go this way.”

She pointed straight through the house that Robert had just exited from, but she knew there were houses back there and she could take a look at something to see if she could actually choose one. She wondered if she didn’t choose one if he would keep telling her it would be for the best.

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