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Setting Location Form
Location: Cape Hopewell
Date: 22 June* (Okay with changing)
Weather: Clear, warm, slightly muggy
Time: Dusk


Draugr is by me!

The strange city loomed up all around her. It was not so grand a city as Halifax, and it seemed in more disrepair, but it was no less a city, for all that. No matter where she went, the dark-furred hybrid heard the crash of waves against the shore, seeming to echo through the empty streets. That was comforting, at least -- the coastline and water were familiar to Draugr, who had spent most of her adolescence within Salsola, always in close contact with the water. The landlocked earliest months of her life, traveling eastward, were sparse memories, else she might have felt differently.

Dyrne moved beneath her, carrying the wolfdog and her supplies with ease. This was one of the more marvelous advantages to owning a horse -- Draugr had traveled more hours away from Salsola than she ever had before, picking her way along the eastern coast. Once, she thought she might have passed quite close to a pack's border, and she wasn't certain if she'd trespassed or not. The thought was less troubling than it might have been otherwise -- the axe she'd gotten from their attackers was strapped securely behind her back. Dra realized she'd need to dismount in order to use it and she hadn't ever actually fought with it, but it was a comforting thought nonetheless.

Presently, the city began to fade, and she carried along the coast, soon moving past the suburban sprawl and into forested highlands. Only the occasional barn and farmhouse -- most dilapidated and falling in on themselves -- remained as evidence of humanity. Soon even they disappeared, and she moved through thick wilderness. The shadows grew deeper as the day progressed rapidly toward dusk, and Draugr soon began thinking of stopping for the night. Camping out like this was positively exhilarating to the young wolfdog -- already, she'd encountered a stranger or three. Two had run away on the sight of her, and the third had been insistent upon trade to a frightening extent. Draugr took her own leave of that last one hastily, and had spent a few harrowing hours hoping the trader girl wasn't following.

When they came across a small stream, the drab wolfdog pulled the horse to a stop and tied her lead rope around a tree, within drinking distance of the stream and with plenty of long, vibrantly green grass nearby. For her part, Draugr undid the horse's various fastenings and baubles, setting the saddle on a fallen tree, and only then undid her own straps, leaning her axe against the same tree as she sat there, stretching out her arms and legs and grinning toward her mare. Dyrne busied herself with the grass, and Draugr set about eating her own food. She had dried meat from Salsola's stores, and though it was less tasty than fresh meat by far, it sated her well enough.

When she was finished, the hybrid meandered a little closer to the coast. It was only twenty feet or so from her camp, and upon seeing the view, Dra was infinitely glad of her decision to have a look. The drop down to the muddy shore was far more severe than the raised beaches of Salsola, and there were strange formations in the rocks, looming out of the shadowy sea. Pines and other hardy plants seemed to grow outward from their uppermost extremities, and even in the fast-disappearing light Dra could see the sharp tide line. She leaned against one of the trees and gawked for a few long moments, pale purple eyes wide and wondering at the beauty before her.

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I've never had a Sie thread :o In honor, I thought I'd use an old Sie table <3 Hope you don't mind, lovely! I'll try and be relatively quick with my responses so I don't drag this. (: The date is perfect for me! It's also unnecessarily long - the last two or three paragraphs are the only important ones. :) WC: 749

It had been some time since she was not a wanderer, the dark and arrogant Queen mused as she moved calmly on four paws through the unfamiliar territories. Niccolo was not far behind her, but his movements were nearly silent - Linquilea knew of his presence only because she was so confident he would not abandon her. The chocolate man, like the niece and nephews he knew so little about, was blindly devoted to her; he would not stray unless she asked him to. It was one of the great luxuries of having such a commanding and domineering presence - Lea could rest assured that those whom served her would not risk their lives by fleeing. And, anyway, Niccolo loved her in some blind, perverse way. She supposed that was good enough. Love, she had learned long ago, was the best way to destroy someone. It happened to her, it happened to Shandom - at the end of the day, those were really the only two who mattered anymore.

He was close, but he was in the North. Linquilea had gathered such from her quiet excursions to the southern tip of this strange land. She would have been able to find him if he were there - despite years of separation, the two still possessed a strange awareness of the other, despite miles of distance between them. Linquilea, though she had obviously not asked him, was arrogantly confident of this fact. When he was near her, she would know. Then, of course, she would kill him. Slowly, probably, but he would die, and she would drink his blood and eat his heart. Her deteriorating mind thought this might make her immortal. So few managed to live to see their ultimate conquests - Linquilea was sure she would.

Lea came upon the scent of a girl mingled with an equine - she would never understand the purpose for taming the beasts when they were so tasty - and followed it rather mindlessly. She was far from anything that resembled a pack, and she assumed she must have missed something on her travels. It was an unfortunate fact; it meant several days had been wasted, but there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. It had, at least, given her several days to think without the interruption of others, something the dark Queen desperately desired. Niccolo was wise to keep silent. He was safer that way.

The scent grew stronger, and Linquilea took several minutes to shift. It was an arduous process, time consuming and irritating due to her massive bulk, and the sun was noticeably deeper in the sky when the woman finished. Niccolo stayed upon four legs, more confident in his fighting abilities that way, and also as a sign of subservience to his mistress - she preferred him lower than she unless absolutely necessary. The mismatched pair padded along quietly until a shape, silhouetted against a tree, grew in Linquilea's vision. Niccolo, seeing the girl, braced himself for the inevitable pain that would come later. Such was it always when his mistress saw young, dark girls. It was her weakness.

Linquilea blanched slightly as her golden eyes drank in all she could of the child. The fading light did nothing to assure the woman of her true coloring, and where this girl sat Lea only saw who Kora Dy'Nix might have been, in another life entirely. It was her madness that gave her this illusion - Kora would have been larger, perhaps slightly darker, and likely not able to shift to the bipedal form. What reason would Linquilea have had to stumble upon the strange and cruel Adrien Gauthier, who forced her into this life with his cruel touch? Kora had been born as normal as the rising sun. But a madness soaked mind does not understand these things, and Linquilea's heart leaped to see her daughter before it realized what cruel tricks light and insanity could play.

Such young girls should not wander far from their mothers, the woman murmured, her rough and deep voice softer than it might normally be. Her arrogant, cruel demeanor had melted slightly, and though the woman still carried herself with pride she did not mean this young woman any harm. You do not know what dangers lurk at night. Somehow, Lea's voice remained steady as she passively regarded the back of girl - she was situated behind the child, so that she was still mercifully cloaked in the falling shadows. She is near, I hope. I do not envy her worry if she does not know where you are.

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(412) Yesssssssss <3 I was going to have the trader lady who pestered Draugr earlier show up later and cause trouble or something, if that's okay? O:

Draugr is by Wander!

Draugr was not afraid of the night -- in the early months of Salsola, this was the only time her mother permitted her any sort of freedoms. As a child, she had played through the silver moonlight and beneath the vast black of the night's sky, the stars as her companions. Dra still did not understand why her mother had been quite so protective -- the world wasn't such an awful thing. Though she'd seen war already and her life wasn't yet a year gone, the drab wolf-dog had more positive experience with the outside world and strangers, those she'd been warned so sternly against. For every wolf that had attacked Salsola, there were others Dra met who were kind and helpful -- if not perfectly neutral, neither friend nor foe.

She was thinking she might take Dyrne down to AniWaya on her lonesome when she felt ... something. Dra was drawn from her thoughts, confused a moment -- the night air was still and without a breeze even on this sharp coastline, and yet it felt as though one had just brushed her fur. She was busily puzzling over this when a voice, soft and half-muttered, joined the forest noises of chirping birds and rustling insects. She turned quickly, pale purple eyes searching frantically for the source of the voice. It wasn't until the woman spoke again Draugr saw her -- or, rather, saw her eyes. The rest of her was invisible, swallowed up by the looming shadows of the trees. Only two gleam of fire-gold in the black told Dra where the stranger stood.

Her ears, half-mast with apprehension already, pressed fully into the coal of her hair. Mama Siv knows where I am, she said, not knowing if this was true. Dra couldn't remember if she'd told anyone about her plans to depart, and the thought that no one knew where she was, her distance from home -- well, without her axe strapped on her back, this was a more disturbing thought than it had been. The drab wolf-dog took a small step forward and hesitated, ears swept forward. She thought she knew what to say. I like the night, it brings the dark -- you're hiding in it, see? She still couldn't see more than a gleam of golden eyes and the faint play of moonlight on the woman's fur, only a sparse flash of silver where the moon touched her.

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WARNING: This thread contains: tables with images and graphics of an explicitly violent, gory, or racy nature. Sensitive readers are advised to disable images or to read in a text-only format.

Certainly! :) Lea's not particularly fond of traders, it'll be interesting. WC: 501

What little the woman could feel, she felt right now - staring at the girl, alone in the falling dark, reminded Linquilea painfully of her daughter. Kora would have been grown now, a proud and beautiful wolfess ranked in Etienne. She would have been commanding, like her mother, and personable, like her father. She would have grown up among family and friends, if the world liked to play kindly with its subjects. She and her brother would have had the most wonderful life, and they would have been together. Perhaps there would have been more siblings, smatterings of gold and sable and everything in between. It would have been a life led on four paws without the knowledge that the world was entirely wrong. It would have been a life worth leading. Linquilea wished she could have given her daughter that. Instead, she had failed - and quite miserably.

She drank in the sight of this young girl, and in some recess of her mind she knew that the similarities between she and Kora ended at the darkness of her fur. This girl's pale eyes were strange, and perhaps a shade unsettling - Linquilea had never seen something like that before, though she did not comment on it. But still, the pale violet seemed to know more than it should - perhaps it was the strangeness of the color, but the dark Queen felt slightly exposed underneath such a strange stare. Golden, browns, and the occasional blue made up Linquilea's spectrum of knowledge when it came to eyes. This was different. This was unsettling. Perhaps this girl was some sort of shade, sent to her from Kora as some sort of message. Yes, that would be an acceptable answer. She could live with that.

But she did not allow herself to shift physically, if not for the movement of her golden eyes around the girl's smaller form. Much smaller, actually - but Linquilea was used to such a reality. Your mama Siv might not be so happy to know you have run into someone like me - the night hides my kind too well from girls like you, she whispered, voice lacking any kind of malice. Instead, she merely spoke facts; she did hide in the dark, cloaked in its familiar and camouflaging embrace. She was at her most dangerous in this manner - having nearly perfected the art of moving silently, Linquilea became more snakelike than ever. But she was vulnerable, though she hid it well, and would not lay a hand upon the girl except to discern her from smoke and reality. Tell me, child, what is your name? I have not seen eyes like yours before... Linquilea's voice trailed off as she took a step closer to the child, stepping in a moon beam that cast a silvery glow across her massive body. She still remained partially in shadow, however, and looked to be some sort of broken image. The night did strange things to women like her.

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(544) Draugr usually likes them, but this one was a pain in the arse and will continue to be, ahaha.

Draugr is by me!

The Salsolian did not think she ought to tell this woman her mother was a princess or a priestess -- those who lurked in deep shadows were likely to have their own concocted stories, and from the glimmer in the woman's eyes, Dra simply did not think she could hope to begin matching wits with her. There was a quietness and softness to her voice, true enough, but beneath that, too, the drab wolfdog thought she could hear the twang of metal against metal -- cold steel, it sounded like. She could see little enough of the stranger, and the voice was all Draugr had to go on.

The ruddy hybrid considered the words, though, concentrating hard on the conversation at hand. Would mama Siv be angry with her if she knew Draugr met this stranger so far from home? Probably. And then Draugr might not be allowed to leave Salsola anymore, Dyrne or not. Well... please don't tell her, the Associate tried, smiling nervously and flicking the silver tip of her tail in a brief wag with the feeble jest. This stranger probably didn't know mama Siv, after all. More seriously, she continued, answering the woman's question promptly. She didn't want to be discourteous to this woman -- though all Dra knew thus far was her smell, faint as it was with the still air, and her voice, the wolfdog thought she might like the bearer of that silky voice.

Draugr Helsi, she answered. Mama Siv... she trailed off herself, aware that the shadow was moving. All of it, it seemed. The blank spot in the world seemed to expand and take the half-shape of a Luperci, albeit one larger than Dra had ever seen. The youth thought, at first, it was simply the play of strange light or perspective between herself and the stranger, but she quickly realized that was not the case. Her own mother ran large, but this woman was bigger. She swallowed and continued her answer, determined not to be intimidated. Mama Siv gave me their color, and daddy Reykr gave me their paleness, the hybrid said quietly, unaware her family's eyes were mostly pale yellows and purple -- not just her parents. She smiled, nonetheless, and looked up toward the shifting shadow.

A sound of movement caught her attention, and Dra's dark head swiveled, ears pricked upward toward the sound. She glanced toward the shadow, preparing to ask it whether it had friends, when she realized this couldn't be the case. She hadn't heard this woman's approach at all, but whoever was coming now was crashing through the underbrush. They weren't moving quickly, but the noise they generated was sheer carelessness. Draugr stared hard in the direction of the noise, frowning and thinking of the trader. She would have outpaced the woman throughout the day on horseback, but she'd been still for some time now. Could it be?

I might know who that is, she breathed, ears flattening with annoyance. She wanted my horse, the wolfdog said, more concerned with the prospect of her incoming "friend" than with the hulking shadow. She didn't want to be interrupted now -- the shadow was more interesting by far than the trader.

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in a pipe she flies to the motherland, and she sells love for a couple grams

Word Count → 437 :: Literally spent so much time making this table do right. Also, omghorrible.

Try as she might to suppress the cruel instincts that boiled beneath her veins, Linquilea could not help but register the weakness of the girl before her. Behind those off-putting violet eyes was a creature of lesser importance than she; this, slightly, comforted the dark monster. The girl was smaller as well, and just that - a girl, nothing more. She would be inexperienced in the ways of the world, and Linquilea's black lips considered curling into a sneer if not for the twisted grip of the Queen's personal madness. What was this hell her mind had decided to twist itself into? What new variation of torture would her demons give her? It was not something she would consider at this moment, confused as she was by this shade-child, but it would be something to contemplate later. Perhaps she would unleash her frustrations on Niccolo, who had been thankfully silent. The boy knew his mother, and he knew when his words would simply cause more pain than it was worth.

I imagine your parents have quite the eyes, Draugr Helsi, Linquilea said, her voice regaining its booming confidence, though it was still kinder than usual. The name, however, did not appear as honey-smooth as the rest of her honey-snake vocals. Draugr - the formation of the letters were unfamiliar to the woman, and her tongue felt strange curled around the name. Another reminder, then, that this girl was not her Kora. Rather, a stranger with eyes that made Linquilea remember the Gods and Goddesses of her childhood, before she ascended to their heavenly and barbed-wire thrones. It was a burdensome thing, being a deity, and exponentially so when she encountered girls with violet eyes that seemed to pierce her without even knowing their power.

The black woman shifted uneasily on her feet, unaccustomed to polite conversation, and so she was relieved at the shift in the wind and the presence of a new, likely unwelcome, scent. Linquilea's poison-gold eyes narrowed in their malicious way, and a contemptuous sneer lifted at her black lips; she was thus transformed back into the monstrous shell she so loved. It is remarkable, the arrogance of the creatures in this land, Linquilea sneered, eyes searching for the intruder. Is it someone who is hungry, and taking advantage of a young girl on her own, or otherwise? Regardless, the black Queen would relish an opportunity to sink her teeth into the flesh of another, fatal or otherwise. It had been too long since she tasted blood, and saliva welled beneath her salmon tongue as she nearly quivered with anticipation for a possible confrontation.

lea is by james; table code from the Mentors!

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(369) Buh, it may not LOOK like it considering all the Inferni going on up in hurr, but all I want to do is play Draugr. >___> DRAUGR DRAUGR DRAUGR DRAUGR O_O. Also, kind of awkward with the speech here (should have just dropped the eyes convo, I think), but I felt it was a Very Good Idea to slip in the incest tidbit for Lea? 8B

Draugr is by Requiem!

I think so. She wanted to give me pelts for Dyrne, Dra lamented, wishing she had her axe. Even if it wasn't that trader, the heavy feeling of it was a comfort to Dra. Though the incoming stranger was a distraction, there was something she felt she ought to say: some unknown compulsion drove her to speak it, though even with this strange drive, the wolfdog hesitated. She knew her mother's eyes well, but she had only looked on her father's face once: Reykr was still a mystery to her.

She understood Rekyr's relation to Siv, and therefore her own heritage -- would this stranger understand? She bit her lower lip, looking down at the earth between herself and the shadow. Mama Siv and Daddy Reykr are... they... she trailed off, looking up at the shadow with sudden fierceness. Their fathers were brothers, she said, almost defiantly. She did not dare act in flagrant defiance of the shadow, but a small undercurrent of it was there, all the same. While she herself was Salsolian and raised above the natural revulsion of such relations, she could not know how this stranger would feel about it.

The stomping through the trees grew suddenly loud, and a figure stomped through the bushes. There was a pack slung over the hybrid's back, stuffed full of uselessness Draugr would not want in exchange for her horse. Wrinkling her muzzle in frustration, Draugr took a little sidestep toward the shadowy figure, glaring toward the trader as she did so. Dra knew the trader-woman was half-mad -- perhaps sunbaked, perhaps just damaged goods -- and she was more fearful of that madness than the steel-voiced shadow. What do you want? the hybrid asked, courteous and almost pleasant despite the woman's obvious intent.

The trader unslung her bag, which hit the ground. She seemed not to notice the shadow, or perhaps she simply did not care. Trade? she rasped, untying the knot holding the top of the pack closed. Horse? Trade? Pelt? she asked again, and Draugr only shook her head, glancing toward the shadow. Trade? the woman repeated, unfaltering and determined as she'd been the first time she asked.

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in a pipe she flies to the motherland, and she sells love for a couple grams

Word Count → xxx :: Lea <3 incest!!

Draugr Helsi spoke further on her eyes, and the revelation that she was a child of incest brought a quick, sardonic smile to the dark Queen's lips. The love of family, twisted in such a perverse and inappropriate fasion - it was the best way to manipulate a group, she'd learned. How horrified Shandom would be when he discovered how desperately Halaki, Zeneca, and Twensu loved each other! How he would be repulsed to know that the three would lie together at night, tangled in a rainbow of whites and browns, reeking of arousal as they spoke of their father's imminent demise. Linquilea had brought them together in the fashion they now adored, though the stupid creatures would never realize that. But she'd nurtured their love, spoken of how lucky they were to have such attractive and caring siblings. Linquilea made sure that they would never love another - besides her, of course - as much as they loved each other. The powerful, twisted, ties that bind.

But it was not time to dwell on such thoughts, and the loner Alphess drew herself to her full height as the girl who looked like her daughter might have spoke to this inappropriate and boorish trader. It nearly made Lea cringe to hear Draugr speak so pleasantly to the interrupting cow, but golden eyes remained singularly focused on the unwelcome intrusion. You are not wanted here, trader, Lea spat, uninterested in whether or not this young girl she'd encountered actually wanted a transaction. Take your things elsewhere - we have no need of you. Linquilea's voice was cold and dismissive, threaded with malice and the promise that her words were utterly true. She wanted to monopolize the time of this girl and speak to her candidly, as she would have once spoken to her daughter. For a few moments, she wanted to lose herself in the overwhelming sadness and remember what it was like to briefly be a mother.

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Draugr is by Alaine!

The hybrid shook her head firmly, willing herself to remain silent. She'd refused -- it was time for the woman to move along, and if she did not -- well, Draugr knew what she had to do, but she was anxious at the thought. The shadow beside her addressed the trader and Dra looked toward her for a moment with wide purple eyes, nodding her agreement with the massive woman. She felt much a dwarf beside the taller creature, and her small, wolfish ears laid flat against her head as the trader took a step forward, shaking her bag insistently at them.

Trade, she barked. There was the stink of poorly cured pelts rising from the bag -- rot, as it was. Draugr recognized it and crinkled her nose, putting a hand over the end her muzzle. Again she shook her head, taking a step off to the side again. This time, she moved away from the shadow, sidling sideways to avoid the trader and her striking bag without being immersed in the shadow -- or bumping into a Luperci, either way. Dra wasn't sure which would happen yet. The shade might very well be a ghost-shadow in truth, and if she stepped into it -- well, this was also something Dra didn't know and couldn't consider in the moment.

What she said, Dra breathed. I do not want your badly-cured pelts. Mama Siv makes things more lovely in her sleep. Dra herself was no accomplished leatherworker, but even she knew better than what the tradeswoman offered. The insistent creature took another step toward Dra, and the hybrid growled her warning, short and simple and the deep, rumbling growl of a dog. It was a voice that did not fit her appearance, to say the least -- much like her howl. This growl was the only warning Draugr delivered, the last the woman would have to turn and go.

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in a pipe she flies to the motherland, and she sells love for a couple grams

Word Count → xxx :: sorry for the wait D: my lea muse has been minimal.

Arrogance, it seemed, was bestowed upon those who did not deserve it; Lea's sensitive nose crinkled at the scent of decaying flesh and pelts. It made her hackles raise and skin crawl uncomfortably, despite her intimate knowledge and love of death. But this was death in an impure form, death pickled and rottted and tried to be made beautiful; Linquilea could not help but be repulsed. Her tongue curled around red-stained teeth as her lips lifted further into a snarl - the dark Queen took a step closer to the insistent trader, her muscles rippling slightly as she walked through the early moonlight.

She said no, trader, Linquilea began, her dark ears perked steadily upon her oversized skull. Dark curtains of hair fell around her face and slightly concealed her sharply golden eyes, though they still managed to glow eerily through the silky locks. Lea was incredibly irritated by the lingering presence of the overly obnoxious woman, but before she could make a move to bodily remove the creature, the trader instead signed her own sentence and made a step towards Draugr.

Whether or not there were any lingering maternal feelings in the black woman could not really be argued as the large woman stepped quickly towards the trader, teeth flashing and body poised to kill. What exactly, do you think you're doing? Linquilea hissed. Are you so stupid so as to cause such a scene when you are so greatly outnumbered? Saliva pooled beneath her tongue and the cruel woman itched to lock her sharp talons around the throat of this trader. With a black and white flash, Linquilea whipped her alabaster hand towards the trader's neck - with any luck, she would catch the creature around the throat tightly enough to teach the thing a lesson or two.

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(307) fkjkdlf I've had to sit on my hands and avoid posting as Draugr for liek THREE WHOLE DAYS because my post counts were all fucked up and IT WAS SO HARD I WANTED TO POST WITH DRA SO BAD ;____; and I'm gonna mark this mature now Kthxilu! 8D ALSO, pls PM and let me know if needs changing -- assumed Lea was gonna choke?

Draugr is by Haley!

Draugr had watched the fire consume Larkspur; she'd watched it leap and dance until the warm caress of morning touched smoking ash. She'd seen bloodshed and death with the attacks against her pack, but she had not killed as a part of them. Her pale eyes followed the movement of the hulking shadow, now starkly real and less a shade than ever before to Dra, and she inhaled sharply at the size of the she-wolf. Even the madwoman shrank back, though stubbornly, the woman did not step back -- she refused to acquiesce the ground she'd gained, and with a flurry of words and movement, the trader was suddenly caught, her throat in the massive shadow's hand.

Draugr hovered, a ghost of a different sorts, near the woman. She did not fear the weak kicks and flailings the trader gave when the bigger canine lifted her from the earth. The trader was thin and frail and weak, and here she faced the storms of the ocean, the winds of the tundra, the rock of the mountain. Breathless, Draugr could not tear her eyes away from the shadow and her prey.

Kill her, the silver-tinged wolfdog murmured, voice tinged with a child's plead. She could no more command the storms, winds, or rock than the scrawny tradeswoman, but she yearned to see and experience death. She wanted it free of Salsola's empty rituals, without the smoke and confusion of battle, without fire and the stink of old death. The trader's life was forfeit -- she could not defend herself from the dark shadow, she could not prevent her end. What little struggles she gave were meek and ceasing even as Draugr watched, wide-eyed, waiting for the life to go out of her in a gasp or a gout of red.

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