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10.06.2012 . 10am . commune of the salmon . lupus form

Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

Excitement didn't quite cover the feelings in Teme at the moment. He and Eli had wanted to explore a bit further into the Commune of the Salmon but knew it wouldn't be possible without an adult with them. The land might be in their territory, but Temeraire understood that there were those who held no respect for others lands and would wander into Vinátta and hurt them. It was a far fetched idea, but his father had told him often to be careful until he was able to shift and defend himself properly. Logically this made sense to the boy, but there were more than a few times where what his father said to him just sounded too much and he didn't believe half of it. He'd asked Eli, who had been excited about it.

Perhaps that was the reason Ezra was going to be accompanying them today. The hulking secui husky had never intimidated Temeraire... or he had when Teme had first arrived in Hilsburn. But now, the boy understood the older male a little more and looked up to him as one of the family. He understood he wasn't blood related, but that mattered very little to him. Of course, the newcomes that Temeraire did not know were a little confusing to him and he didn't really know how to treat them. He wouldn't concern himself with that though- they had some exploring to do.

Exiting his house, it took him only a few moments to weave through the humps of other houses before he reached the sprawling mass that was Ezra and Eli's house. With a grin, Temeraire scratched at the door until it opened and walked in. The boys were close enough that doors didn't mean anything and they'd been entering each others houses since they'd plucked up the courage. With a grin, Teme looked around, before calling out Eli? Ez? Are you ready?.

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Hold still Eli! Could be heard outside as Ezra kept pulling out the undercoat of his son outside. Eli had done nothing but complain about how is undercoat was making him uncomfortable in the summer heat. Ezra was dutifully trying to pull out the hair, but the little one was wriggling around so much that it made it hard. Eli saw it as a game, just like everything else in his mind, and the Hollr was getting impatient. Eli ran around in tight circles as his optime father ran around with him, Eli yipping and running around in glee. Fine. Be hot. I’m not helping you again.

Eli pouted, and gave a loud whine, complaining. But Daaaaad… the little one complained, just until he heard Teme’s paws on the front door. He barked happily and ran inside to greet his dark friend. Hey! the pup exclaimed, running out to the front garden. Hey Teme. Let’s go! Ezra smiled at his son’s best friend, ushering the boys out and closing the door behind them.

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Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

From within, the young Stormbringer could hear the commotion his best friend was creating. He could also hear the adoring frustration in Ezra's voice. A giggle escaped the young boy, his thin but slowly growing tail flashing back and forth. He'd enjoyed his tail much more when it was more whip-like, Eli had been a victim of his 'special weapon' more often than the boys cared to remember. Unfortunately, he was growing up and longer, guard hairs were beginning to make his tail softer and less of a lethal weapon than the boy was appreciative of. A whine came from further inside the house and Teme let another giggle out, just as Eli burst from the room. His greeting was met with a playful bat to his friends face, before Ezra came from within, exclaiming that they should go.

Come on then! He barked, excitement making it squeaky and loud. He gave a playful growl, pouncing after his best friend. He caught up, his larger body colliding with his friends. Teme might be good few months younger than him, but Eli was smaller. It could have been a combination of genetics and the fact that Elias was naturally stunted, but it was the truth none the less. ELISTEPPEDINMUD! Yelped the boy, just before his friend planted his paw in a larger puddle of sticky mud. A shrieking laugh escaped him before he glanced back at Ezra, hoping the man wasn't too mad.

We're gonna find some bears today Uncle Ezra! He called, giving his best impression of a growly bear. He didn't think about the title he'd given the black and white male- it was an interchangeable title in itself. He would sometimes refer to Ezra as 'Uncle' and he would just as often forget to say it. Ezra was family, no matter whether he shared the Stormbringer blood or not. His attention was distracted however, a squirrel racing up one of the many trees that surrounded them. This way! The boy exclaimed, running forward and into the forest with a youthful exuberance that always seemed to surround both boys.

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Awww, so cute. :)

Ezra watched as Eli’s tried to fling the mud he had gathered on his paws away from him, but it seemed to just make the russet boy dirtier. Ezra chuckled and chose to let his son struggle, finding a valuable lesson in it and some amusement.

The group continued on, and after some time the dark non-Rosen mentioned seeing bears. You think so? Ezra indulged Teme in the idea, but knew that was highly unlikely. If Ezra smelled any bears in their vicinity Ezra would go in the exact opposite direction. He enjoyed taking care of Teme but wasn’t about to put his life in danger. Bears and wolves didn’t interact much and Ezra preferred to keep the beasts as far away from him and his family as possible.

Ezra hadn’t yet ventured this deep into the packlands, so he was unsure of where to direct the young boys. The other members had mentioned some of the beautiful land outside of the Commune, but between babysitting and fixing his house he hadn’t much time to explore his new home. Where to, boys? He left it open-ended; perhaps the boys would prefer to direct where they went and Ezra just quite frankly didn’t know anywhere special to go.This way! Eli shouted excitedly, suddenly turning right and heading into a particularly dark patch of old-growth woods.

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Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

The young boy glanced back at Ezra, momentarily worried that his almost-Uncle would be mad that he'd found Eli's slip in the mud amusing. The low, throaty sound of Ezra's chuckle reassured the boy that all was not lost, a mischievous grin washing across his lips. The sight of Elias trying to rid himself of the mud was a funnier sight and as one, both boys giggled at the mess they now found themselves in. It was always like this was his friend- they didn't have to voice their opinions to think on the same wave length. Teme might have been the more dominant of the two, and occasionally he showed a darker side to his personality but it had never been directed at his friend.

Ezra's question elicited another giggle from the boy before he nodded his head vigorously. We's going to find the bears, aren't we Eli?! He turned to his russet friend, that childish need for reassurance flashing up when he'd asked. In an instant, that need was gone and he bounded forward once more, leaping spectacularly over a log. Ezra's low, rumbly voice caused him to look back and it was Eli who answered this time, bounding away from him. A small whine escaped him, to see his friend run away like that before he was off, trying to catch him.

Teeth closed on the very tip of his friends tail as Teme caught him and he heard Eli's yelp a milisecond before he released the appendage. He gasped softly before moving forward and gently headbutting the russet boy in the belly. S'rry 'Li He mumbled softly, before the sharp tug to his ear, courtesy of his russet playmate, told him he'd been forgiven. I bet I can find a bear afore you can! He exclaimed, hyping up once more and bouncing around his friend and onewards. They were going to find this creature- he'd never seen one before and he had no idea what they were like.

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