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20.06.2012 . 12pm . jordheim . lupus form

Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

The young boy walked through Jordheim, chest puffed out and a spring to his step. Today was an important day- perhaps not so important than a month from now, but important none the less. He was now no longer considered a puppy- adolescence had descended on the boy and his father had greeted him with a secret smile and a soft congratulations. He enjoyed these moments with his dad- neither of them were particularly talkative and they got on well when they were just going through their own morning routine. Temeraire had not inherited his fathers love of rising early and had rolled out of bed at around nine, when the sunlight washing through his windows and irritated him enough to actually move.

He moved through Jordheim, trying to spot any of the newer members of their little community. He had no idea where any of them lived, but they weren't his destination. He hadn't seen his Uncles in a while and it was high time he informed them of his new status. With a cheeky grin, Teme had set off across the residency. He knew that Niernan and Bran had claimed houses close to one another and as he approached he realised that their dwellings actually faced each other. He chuckled, moving towards the older of his two Uncles and scratching at his door.

UNCLE NIERNAN! OPEN THE DOOR! He called out, a slight whine to his voice as he knew his uncle couldn't resist when he got a little whiny. He stepped back, sitting back on his rump as he waited for the black and tan wolf to appear and invite him inside.

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Word Count :: 394 Oh Grace. So curious about a certain someone.

The house she had chosen had been at random; it was somewhat away from the bulk of the village but at the same time not completely isolated, this way social interaction wasn't something she encountered daily but when desired she could find, that and her place happened to have an enclosed wall foundation which required some work and tidying up, but with time would provide her with her own little garden... a safe place to keep both Turnip and Jason rather then holing them up inside, aggravating both birds and leaving them irritable and restless.

She had plans for this house, visions of how each wall, space, room would look with some more time and work; she even intended to make the effort and dedicate time to all three rooms, allowing herself a bedroom, a personal library along with a social space compared to her all-in-one room she had had back in Anathema. It was different, but a good different, eyes roaming around her own new space with pride and great visions for it.

Pushing open her door she gave it a few experimental tugs, testing it's strength to see if it too would need replacing or patching up. Crouching down she ran her hands over the worn wood, placing her face directly in front of the area of which connected the door to the main frame and allowed for it to move, eyes assessing and taking note of the mechanisms and designs used and comparing it to other styles she had read about.

Sounds of life filled the village, others doing as they pleased and being likely more productive then she was at the time. Leaning back she allowed herself to sit upon the ground, back resting on the opposing part of the door frame as she closed her eyes and simply listened, trying to familiarise herself with her new home; and nosy on her quiet neighbours. Moments passed and the woman lost track of time, doing nothing more then sitting and to an on looker she may have appeared asleep; that once until a name called by an unknown voice reached her. Ears perking up she jumped to her feet, jogging over in the direction of the voice and stopping when a dark coloured boy appeared before her. “Hey, did you just call for Niernan?” she inquired, keeping her voice generally friendly.

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20.06.2012 . 12pm . jordheim . lupus form

Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

A pout etched its way onto the young boys face as he sat outside his Uncle's door. He could hear nothing from within and this surprised him- Niernan had nothing better to do than wait for his favourite only nephew to turn up for a visit. This was just not acceptable. With the temper of a young pup, completely harmless and often amusing, Teme slapped the door with his front paw and growled. It was perhaps as threatening as it looked, but Teme felt better for it at least. Maybe, when Uncle Niernan finally returned home, he would sense that Teme had been here and that he'd been angry and disappointed that his uncle hadn't been here. He turned to go, but halted in his tracks as a golden female erupted from a house nearby.

Her voice, au contraire to her entrance, was calm and friendly. Cocking his head to the side, he wondered who she was. It was quickly eclipsed as her question actually registered and he nodded enthusiastically. Yep! My Uncle Niernan lives here.... I wanted to see him today but he's not in... I dun think anyway. His voice lowered an octave and he sent a glare at his uncle front door, as if he could somehow let the older Stormbringer know that he wasn't happy about his absence. Who's you? I'm Temeraire! He piped up, whip-like tail slashing across the air. He was always up for meeting new people and the gold lady seemed nice enough. He bounded towards her, before remembering his fathers words about that thing... 'personal space'. Reigning himself in, he stopped just short of her toes, his bum wiggling in his excitement.

Teme and Grace have a pleasant conversation before going their separate ways.

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