Just One Of Those Mornings

POSTED: Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:20 am

Hello! :D Dust is being naughty today. XD

[html]<font size="2"><blockquote>The sun was only just cresting the tops of the trees as Kenna set about preparing to head out on a leisurely ride to explore the pack lands better upon her Stallion, Dust. The Buckskin equine was particularly lazy today and being rather uncooperative as his companion attempted to groom him out in front of the stables. He didn't want to pick up his feet when she clucked her tongue at him to do so, he kept trying to nip at her when she tried to comb his mane and kept side stepping her as she used a brush on his coat. Normally very willing to ride out with her, Kenna was growing a little irritated with the horse's attitude this morning. <b>"What's up with you today boy? Getting too cozy here in the luxuries of the stables are we? Not ready to work till the sun's fully risen hm?"</b> She mocked and scowled at the stallion, tightening her previous knot in his lead rope since he'd been attempting to chew through it while she worked. Sighing, Kenna Foxleigh turned away from Dust to put away her tack. But upon her return, she found her horse was no longer standing where she'd left him tied. A soft growl rose in her throat and she huffed, stalking out of the stables to look for her mischievous mount. <br><br><b>"Damnit Dust!"</b> She cursed softly, seeing him socializing with another mare over the fence in a small pasture nearby. Coming up beside her companion she grabbed his lead, finding it not chewed through, but just simply untied. <b>"I knew I shouldn't have taught you that trick. It's only for use in emergencies and you know it boy."</b> She said annoyedly, referring to teaching him how to untie himself, pulling his halter and leading him back into the stables. The stallion reluctantly followed, looking back at the mare and nickered softly to her. Kenna rolled her eyes. <br><br>Normally Dust was far more well behaved. But apparently, being among other horses was starting to fog his mind a bit. Retying Dust (this time out of his reach) she finished cleaning his stall quickly before coming back to him. He gazed boredly back at her as she approached. Pausing with her paws on her hips she shook her head. <b>"No more games Dust, I mean it. You'll have plenty of time to make friends now come on...we're going ridin'."</b> Kenna then untied her companion and started to walk him out of the barn and towards the forest outside Thornbury, grabbing her stetson from the railing of Dust's stall as she passed. The stallion dragged his hooves and Kenna had to gently snap the lead rope against his flank to make him behave. <b>"Quit it."</b> She growled and the stallion seemed to listen. His antics were really making the usually well mannered and in tune with animals gal look bad. As Kenna prepared to climb up onto Dusts's back and ride him the rest of the way out of the little village, she couldn't help but wonder if being part of a pack would change her beloved horse for the worse. She'd raised him from birth, and they'd always gotten along well, but for some reason, today he was just being a jerk.<br><br>As she started to pull herself onto his golden-brown back, Dust neighed and darted forward, pulling the rope free from Kenna's grip and trotted away leaving the woman sprawled and slightly winded on her back, a growl in place on her face. Covered in dust now, her hat threatening to catch in the soft breeze, she slowly sat up with a groan and glared after Dust as he returned to the mare's pen and continued to pester her. <b>"Stallions..."</b> She muttered darkly, just staying where she landed on the ground a moment, trying to figure out what to do next. Her exploring would likely have to wait another day at this rate...</blockquote></font>[/html]

POSTED: Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:19 pm

[html]<center><div class="KMTT24611_LevCat1"><div class="inner"><div class="ooc"><b>Word Count :: 406</b> Sorry for the wait! ;__;</div><p>Levent Kartal was a merchant by blood and trade, but his other true talent lay with animals. He could be himself with the less intelligent creatures more than he could be himself with his pack—and even with his best friend, sometimes. It was a simple existence, lounging in the grass around grazing horses, listening and watching them communicate with each other and sometimes him. Most of them didn’t care about anything but a little bit of socializing and when they’d be fed.
His arms folded behind his head, the man stretched out in the grass and closed his eyes against the sunlight. He knew that Wilson was keeping guard over him, probably sitting on a fence post at the edge of the pasture, and he didn’t fear getting trampled by hooves. He was far enough away from the bulk of the herd, anyway, and he occasionally recited lines from his tattered Quran aloud so that they were constantly reminded of his presence.
<b>“<alt title="By the morning brightness">Andolsun kusluk vaktine,</alt>”</b> Levent murmured almost sleepily, <b>“<alt title="And the night when it covers in darkness, your Lord has not taken leave of you, nor has He detested you.">Ve sakinlestigi zaman geceye ki, rabbin seni birakmadi ve darilmadi.</alt>”</b>
The soft nickering of a horse caused his dark ears to swivel, and the Turkish wolf raised himself onto his elbow, glancing toward the fence. He didn’t recognize the buckskin stallion, although he’d yet to really memorize all the equines in the pack. Remaining in the grass, he waited and watched as the stallion’s handler—a pretty patchwork girl—struggled to reclaim his attention and get him to do what she wanted him to do. The brown-furred luperci was rising to better see what was going on when the stallion suddenly lurched forward, leaving the woman sprawled on the ground.
Levent couldn’t help it; he laughed. It was a low sound, and he quickly fell silent as he walked over to the fence where the pair of horses talked. Leaning on the fence, he lifted his head and ears then nudged the mare lightly in the shoulder. <b>“Come on, nothing to see here,”</b> he drawled, managing to nudge the mare away enough that she placidly turned and walked off. Without her as a distraction, maybe the stallion’s handler could deal with him. With her gone, he shot the buckskin a no doubt obnoxious look then stepped back from the fence slightly.
<b>“You okay, <alt title="patches">yamalar</alt>?”</b> the Venditore called to the collie mix, crossing his arms over his cream chest. <b>“That looked like it might leave a bruise.”</b>
</p></div></div><p class="template-credit">Photo courtesy of <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/jay_que/' target='_blank'>john curley</a></p>
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