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Jordheim was like nowhere that Andara had stayed before. The homes were built into the rolling, green hills, surrounded close by the forest. She felt safe here, hidden beneath the canopy of earth above her. Her mind still ran incessantly, wondering whether she had been right to come here.

Lilin had entrusted Andara to stay with another member of Vinátta, Miskunn Stormbringer. She had that same powerful name, but this woman kept more to herself than Lilin had. Her fur was darker, too, and her eyes a bright silver. In the beginning, whenever their eyes met Andy could feel the small hairs on her neck stand up. As it turned out, though, the Godja was a nice woman who let Andara wander as she pleased.

At first, she didn't wander far, preferring to acquaint herself with the new sights and smells in the Commune first. But it was that time of the day where Miskunn wandered off, leaving Andara alone for hours at a time. She didn't know where the Godja went, but she was curious. The urge to explore grew irresistible, and the petite young girl took off on four legs.

Miskunn's home was to the south of Jordheim, and so the Ethiopian hybrid had to maneuver around the other homes in the tiny village. Everyone was either gone or staying inside, though, and her trek into the surrounding forest was a quiet one. The youngster's nose recognized the scent of the Godja, but it was not as strong or noticeable as she had hoped now. Nonetheless, she followed the faint trail for a while before giving up, now finding herself in the heart of Vinátta's packlands, a wary curiosity taking her farther and farther from the Commune of the Salmon.

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He felt taller. It had been almost a week since he'd officially turned six months old, and he'd definitely become a giant. Looking down at his paws, he was almost certain he couldn't touch them... until he leant down and tried. His neck must have grown too, because that gap was huge! Not only that, but his paws were giant as well. He was going to have to have words with his father about this- how was it that he could be little one day and then a week later, just because he'd turned six months old, he'd shot up? It just didn't make any sense. What made even less sense was the fact that Eli was getting smaller. The young Stormbringer had been distressed to find that he could rest his chin on his friends head without stretching his neck out- something was happening to them all. His blue eyes had been wide and fearful as he'd moved through Jordheim- what if everyone else had shrunk?

He slunk around the side of his own house, hoping his father didn't see him before Teme had had a chance to figure out what was going on with him. He knew his dad to be incredibly protective and it was likely he would overreact to his son having suddenly become a giant. A small part of the not so young boy was amused by this- surely he could squash anyone who was mean to him now! Not that anyone had ever been nasty to him- even Uncle Niernan had softened up when he'd gone to the borders when he knew he shouldnt. He thought he'd been in real trouble then! With a boyish laugh, he bounded forward, helter-skelter away from Jordheim.

He didn't notice the willowy female close by as he shook his head in mirth, snapping at the grass. He also didn't notice the tree branch until it had bitten him. He yelped, bring his giant paw up close to his giant body. He must have been a giant, because his weight was too much to support on two legs and he toppled over, crashing to the ground in what seemed to be an almighty noise. "Gah!" He cried as he landed, his paw held aloft to keep it off the ground.

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Andara's exploration wove her through trees and over grasses, her footsteps confidant and bounding. In spite of her reservations about joining a pack so soon, and after she'd already been let down once, the Ethiopian found herself liking this place. Although she knew she was never fully protected, she felt safer in the company of Lilin and her pack. The life was still odd to the wandering child, though, and she found herself restless despite the abundance of activities.

It felt good to run, and she sprinted around bushes, trees, and fallen logs with ease. It wasn't until she came to a clearing that she decided to pause, now out of breath from the hurdles. The expanse of open land was intimidating; she didn't like to feel so exposed, and so she slowed her pace and crossed the green more warily. Her tongue lolled, black lips pulled back into the pseudo-grin of happy exhaustion. Small, dark russet ears pinned to her head, though, and her footsteps froze at a sound.

A yelp followed a thud, and he head whipped around at the noise. Bright lilacs narrowed as her body lowered in the tall grass, instantly tense. You're still on packlands, she reminded herself to calm her worries of attack. She was safe here. Curiosity came to her quickly as the sounds of distress continued, and the scent of the stranger hit her. Clearly Vinattan, clearly male. Andy couldn't smell any blood, but she trotted over to find the source of the cries anyway.

The young girl's lavender gaze found the dark wolf sprawled over the ground, clutching one paw dramatically. She stopped several feet from him, staring down as he writhed. After a moment, she sat before him, her tail flicking once. "What're you doing?" she asked, her face scrunching up at his antics, eying his paw. He was making an awfully big deal about it, whatever it was. His dark pelt was familiar, as was the scent that clung to his fur and his bright, deep blue eyes. I wonder if he's a Stormbringer, too, she wondered, knowing that Lilin's eyes were the same color.

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He didn't know what he was going to do- his father couldn't see him in this giant state, he would surely have a fit about it. But his paw hurt and he wasn't entirely sure what he was supposed to do with it. The soft whimpers that escaped the boy were pitiful, but he supposed he'd never really hurt himself away from his father or Uncles before. He remembered the attempt at a treehouse his dad and Niernan had made back at the Lakes, before they'd moved again. Teme had taken a tumble out of the platform that had been laid down- he'd landed on his back. His screams had been terrible and his father and Uncles had been there almost immediately. The young boy hadn't understood at the time that his injury could have been serious.

His thoughts were drawn from his own previous injuries at the sight of an approaching canine. Temeraire shifted, moving from his back to laying on his side, his head still rested against the ground in a self-piteous state. The canine confirmed herself as female when she spoke, curiosity sparking in Teme's deep blue eyes. He'd never seen this one before and he perked to attention, still lying on the floor but with his head up and looking at the female. Her question didn't quite compute for a moment, before he recognised the words as familiar and responded. "I tripped and fell, I think I hurt my paw." He responded, voice smooth and innocent. He knew that he often played up to his Uncles, but he didn't really know how to act.

"Who are you?" He questioned, slightly rounded ears flashing back and forward as blue eyes took in the female. She was slim, her body was clearly nothing like his. He thought perhaps she might be a bit coyote- his father had explained the differences between coyotes and wolves, but he didn't think he'd ever met one. Still on the floor, Teme allowed his head to cock slightly to the side, gaze fixed on the strange canine.

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This guy is weird, Andara thought when the dark wolf didn't get up. His paw couldn't have been hurt too badly; there was no blood, and his squirming and whining was enough to tell her that he would survive. He had no trouble moving his head around, either, and when he spoke she realized that she was probably right. If he only tripped and fell just now, he would be okay. A quick glance at the ground revealed an offending tree limb, improperly placed directly in his path.

"You should be more careful," she said and rose, slinking forward and sitting down again beside his much larger, lanky shape. "Are you bleeding?" Andara couldn't see it or smell it, but his fur was black and there were lots of strong scents around. If he was, she would try to help, but she only knew basic first aid, and her skills at that were shaky at best. "I'm Andara. Are you a Stormbringer?" she blurted out the question without regard for the timing; she wanted to know. The name attracted her, and in turn so did its owners. So far, Lilin's family was interesting and exciting; but this one was closer to her age, and she wasn't quite sure what to think of him yet.

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Blue eyes looked up at the willowy female, guessing that she was close to his age, wondering where she'd come from. She seemed relatively comfortable in her surroundings, but Teme was sure he'd never seen her in Vinátta before. They seemed silent for a moment and they looked at each other, almost sizing one another up. Her words were gentle, he could see that, but he gave a pout at being told what to do. Still, she'd moved closer and came to settle beside his paws, which meant they were at least closer to the same level. Her next question caused him to actually consider his injury and he looked at his paw, shaking it experimentally. No drops of blood hit the floor and he could smell none either.

"No blood... But I'll try to be more careful." He agreed rather begrudingly, although his tail gave a few thumps on the ground as testament to his good nature. With a grunt, he shifted up to a sitting position, gingerly placing his injured paw on the ground. After an initial flash of pain, he pushed further down and was pleased to see that it wasn't too bad. "Its not that bad..." He commented, adding a soft chuckle on the end. It wouldn't hurt to try and make some friends and despite her quietness, the female seemed nice enough. His question was met with a quick response and Temeraire was just able to register her name before a question of her own was given. It was a strange one, but he nodded softly.

"I am... I'm Temeraire Stormbringer. Its nice to meet you Andara." He added, the words learned from his father. Saul didn't often interfere much with him, but it was little lessons like these, subtle but memorable that stuck with the boy. Learning from ones elders was easy, because it often never felt like they were actually being taught anything. "Why?" He questioned, wondering why she'd asked about his family.

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Just as Andara had suspected, once the dark boy had calmed down, he came to realize that he hadn't really been badly hurt at all. She allowed dark lips to twitch into a smirk, her scrawny tail flicking once behind her. "Good," she conceded, nodding her head as he put weight back on the injured paw. She stood then, and circled around him, looking towards where he'd been going. "Where are you headed?" she wondered, "Maybe we're going to the same place." Andy shrugged, vibrant lilacs looking back at him curiously. She didn't want to just sit here; after all, she'd come to explore. Making friends hadn't been on the agenda, but maybe she could do that, too. She needed some, after all, no matter how clumsy.

"Lilin was the one who brought me here, and I stayed with Miskunn for a while... you reminded me of them, that's all." The boys eyes in particular had stood out to the observant child, and his dark pelt and wolfish shape didn't hide his lineage either. "I'm Andara," she offered in turn with a flick of her russet tail. The scents on his fur were familiar, and she wondered if she knew his parents. Her own seemed so far away, and so long ago.

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Her brusque answer to his affirmation that he'd be more careful was received with the slightest of frowns before he dropped it. She didn't seem a sociable type and he supposed he could forgive her that. He did catch the swing of her tail and the slightest twitch of her lips before her answer, which perhaps gave him a little hope that there was something a little friendlier in there somewhere. As he'd stood, her willowy body made a lap of his own before her own questions caused him to look back at her. "I was going out towards the Commune, I still want to find a bear" He declared, unable to stop the toothy grin that widened on his lips. Perhaps she could help him out- maybe she knew more about bear hunting than he did. He took steps forward, hoping she would follow.

His question was answered shortly and he nodded his head eagerly. "Lilin's my cousin I think... and Miskunn is my dads aunt." He confirmed. Although most of the Stormbringers he'd met were referred to simply as cousin and he didn't really know how Lilin was related to him exactly. Miskunn was easier- he was told early on that she was Saul's aunt and therefore his own great aunt. Her name was taken with another grin and the shake of his tail as he attempted to lead her through Jordheim and towards the Commune. "Nice to meet you Andara" He offered softly, though he thought perhaps he'd prefer to call her Andy instead.

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