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Forward-dated to June 29. [WC: 420 | Pts: 3]

The wolf had turned into a raging lunatic over the past hour. He was calm and dandy this morning, but seemingly one of his episodes had taken over his body. His personality was a lot more careless now, and he was looking for someone to hurt. The slave was too easy to hurt, what was her name? The personality that took over Tyko’s body didn’t know, which meant it wasn’t really him in there. Tyko would have known the girl who he saved from death, but this man didn’t. He didn’t care about her, and he left her there, wherever she was.

The slave woman followed the crazed man at a safe distance. She sported a large gash to her face; the blood kept leaking down her muzzle and she kept wiping it off. She followed timidly because she had nowhere else to go but follow the man. He was sick, she knew this. She always kept a safe distance when he got like this. She witnessed many murders along their trip to these lands, one of them almost being herself, all done by Tyko’s voice. She secretly hoped he would snap back out of it before he did something else crazy.

”Leave me alone, bitch!” The voice yelled back at her, seeing her following him, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t leave, and she knew it, and he knew it too deep down inside in his former mind. The female that followed now attempted to hide whenever he seemed to look back, but he still knew she was there. ”Don’t you have someone else to fuck?!” He threw it over his shoulder, back at her because she was Tyko’s personal concubine and anyone else’s concubine as long as they asked first. She gave up hiding, and followed him at a slower pace with her head hung low. He would know she was there no matter what.

The male’s hormones were raging. He wanted something to fuck, himself. There was nothing around with the proper reproduction parts he needed, though. Squirrels weren’t suitable for a wolf dick. The scent of a female coyote caught the male’s nostrils, and he stopped abruptly circling around in his spot trying to pick up her scent. There was no use to it, though, it was impossible to tell where it had been coming from. It did smell like it was coming his way, and so he hid himself in the brush, cursing the coyote to conceal herself too. She did, but less willfully than usual.

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The pregnant coyote walked along the dark forest carefully, eyes wide and hands resting on her belly. The pregnancy wasn't horribly pronounced, but if one looked one could tell. Lately she had been feeling like someone was watching her, and it creeped her out. Maybe it was her paranoia kicking in and she was feeling overprotective, but the eyes constantly trained on her back sent shivers running up and down her spine. The lack of a mate or father figure certainly didn't help her case, and Angel was pushed far from her mind on this day. Her tryst outside of the borders was more then that, she had left the pack for a few weeks to get her head on straight. Alma was supposed to be with her, but the other coyote had been a hard face to find and so Emma left on her own, not wanting to force her ginger haired friend into accompanying her. Maybe it was stupid of her, but she did it anyways.

A new scent swirled through the area she was in, and Emma stopped in her tracks. Her eyes narrowed as she considered it's decidedly wolfish scent, but there was coyote mixed in there too so she did not fret too much. Besides, it was familiar. She continued forward while debating the owner of the scent, what wolf had she met that would be near here? Could be. The woman hadn't recalled a coyote with him that day, but in the land of 'Souls anything was possible. " Hello? Tyko? " She called in a sing-song toned, decidedly more friendly then she had been at the borders. She had been a hateful thing, but it was slowly receding. The hybrid had to learn to accept not everyone of her mother breed was out to get her, and the girls sunny personality was allowed to peek through her cautious exterior. The forest grew more dark, then. Her bi-colored eyes sought upwards and she saw that leaf canopy became much thicker and blocked out more sunlight. For some reason she shivered and wrapped her concealing cloak around her tighter, her flaxen colored curls spilling over her shoulders and bouncing at she looked around.

Worry creased her brow as the elusive wolf remained hidden, was he purposefully doing this or had she missed him entirely? The woman wanted to check on how his leg was doing, it had been pretty bad when he had come to her borders. Fear fluttered in her stomach as she looked ahead and saw a smaller form duck into the bushes, what was this? A big game of hide and seek? Suddenly she felt very small and vulnerable and she stepped backwards uncertainly.

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Tyko’s ‘other’, Calix, had insane stealth. Somehow, he managed to weave through the back of the brush he hid in without making any possible sound, and pop up behind the female. He silently crept up behind her, and grabbed her, holding a dirty hand over her mouth so that she wouldn’t be able to scream loudly. ”Tyko’s not in today.” His voice was a lot more sinister than normal, and a sick grin played at the ends of his lips. The fact that she was obviously pregnant gave him no incentive to stop what he was about to do. He didn’t care, just like he didn’t care that he had killed two others that were supposedly of those he ‘loved’.

Abella now hid carelessly behind a tree, not really making much effort to hide anymore. She sobbed loudly with her face cupped in her hands. Her body heaved with every new wave of tears, and she attempted to drain out the noise from the assault with her crying. She rocked herself back and forth and kept herself busy, trying not to pay attention to Calix and her fellow coyote sister. Her purple eyes peeked up at the obviously frightened woman, but she quickly hid her face and began crying again.

Calix, using one hand to wrap around the woman’s muzzle so that she couldn’t open it to emit any loud sound, and using the other arm to wrap around her neck so that she was in a strong headlock grip- he lowered his ugly sinister mug down to the female’s ear, ”Here’s what’s going to happen, Princess: You’re going to give me all the sexual desire I need without question, or else I’ll kill you,” he lowered the arm that held her against him to poke harshly at her stomach, ”And your pups.” Tyko wasn’t an ugly dude, but the way Calix contorted his normally decent face made it seem ugly- like it was the Devil’s own face. This silenced Abella’s sobbing. She sat in silence watching the scene. She wanted to help the coyote woman badly, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against the man. Calix seemed to forget about her now as he focused on his target and his ‘goals’.

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The fur on the back of her neck rose to attention as she heard the tell tale crunching of someone in the bushes, and without her being able to turn around and see who it was a hand was placed over her muzzle. Her eyes widened with fear as she struggled, trying to wrestle her head out of his grasp. Tyko wasn't in today? What the fuck did that mean! Her breathing was constricted as he made so she was in a stronger head lock and she rose her hands, them clasping around the males wide wrists, trying to pull them away from her throat. As he spoke more though, she stilled. Anger began to mix with fear, the deadly combination seeping through her veins. Kill her? Her pups? She gulped, feeling his arm against her throat more so. Fearfully she looked over and saw the other woman, clearly coyote, and begged with her eyes. Please help me! The coyote woman thought furiously, tears beginning to prick at her eyes. She didn't deserve this, and neither did her pups. In response to the harsh poke to her abdomen there was stirring within her, and a growl rose into her throat. Don't touch them.

However, Emmanuelle remained still and nodded to the bastards demands, while formulating a plan in her mind. He had to turn her or loosen his grip on her at some point, and she knew his weak point. It didn't matter how long it had been, he would always favor his leg. The coyotes slender fingers bunched up into fists at her sides as she stiffened, willing his touch away. A fire burned in her eyes and her lips peeled as much as they could under his grip away from her teeth, daring him to continue. Don't fucking underestimate me. I killed your bretheren, you sick fool. However, he was larger then her. Larger and therefore stronger, and he had gotten the element of surprise on her. She pushed her upcoming fate away, and concentrated on her plan. He wouldn't get away without some serious repercussion.

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Tyko’s leg had been healed for weeks, and he had felt no pain since then. A slender scar lingered, and no one had touched it since. He was able to walk on it without handicap. Calix felt the female’s lips curl back in a snarl, and he moved his hand away. They were far enough away from anything so that even if she were to howl or scream, no one would hear her or come to her rescue. Calix manhandled her into a quick spin, to make the female now face him. He now had her forearms in his vice grip, and she wasn’t going anywhere. "Good girl.." His deep, malicious voice cooed her, congratulated her, praised her.

Abella watched the scene with terror-stricken eyes. She knew she couldn’t be able to do anything to help the female – she knew that if she were to come out from behind her tree that she would be as good as dead anyway. Abella stared back, but she couldn’t do or say anything to the female. A saddened expression was clear on her face for the pregnant woman, but she wouldn’t be able to help even if the female was of her own kind.

Calix now attempted to knock the female off of her feet by tripping her backwards with his good foot. If that were to work, then he would have her and she wouldn’t be able to move anywhere. Then he could do his deed and be on his way, but if she were to fuck that up – he would have to punish her.

OOC Ending:
Tyko's double personality, Calix, rapes the pregnant Inferni woman. When he's halfway through, Abella jumps on top of him - distracting him - and allows for the woman to get away. Then she deals with Calix herself, recieving a horrible beating for that.

THE END. (I took it upon myself to make an OOC ending even though it was not agreed upon - Emanuelle is dropping her character and I would like this thread to represent what it was originally meant to be. If there's a problem with me doing this - please let me know. Otherwise, then ok. I just didn't want to leave it without an ending - drives me NUTS.)

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