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<P>Medusa thought as she wandered along, wondering about the merits of joining a pack when she could just wander around like this, finding things she liked or thought that Ksenija might like. She kept seeing sparkles in the dust and would crouch down to look at them and touch them, but they were just chunks of broken glass. Still, she picked them up and put them carefully in a little bag. It had been a while, but she still remembered how to make glass safe. The female would make jewelry and perhaps give some to Ksenija.
<p>She held a piece of glass the color of the sea and as she turned it around and around, Medusa knew it would be perfect for her love. She could imagine melting down the glass and reshaping it into something... Something... She shook her head wildly. The woman had no idea what to turn it into, her thoughts were scattered so much. She crouched down once more and poked through the rubble, finding poison-green glass and putting it in the pouch with the sea-colored glass. She knew those two were special, but she didn't know how much so yet.
<p>She stood up and continued on, sifting through rubble and pocketing small things as she found them. Until she and Ksenija joined the pack, there was little for the female to do, and Medusa was bored.

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<p> Tall buildings rose up high on either side of him, giving the wolf the impression of being in a rat maze, dwarfed by the walls he needed to navigate. Halifax was full of twists and turns that could easily confuse a luperci not familiar with its streets, but it only took some sense—both of the common and directional variety—to find your way back out. The real challenge was finding something worthwhile in the city, sniffing your way through deteriorating buildings and vehicles to grab valuable and useful items.</p><p>
But it was worth it just to be far from his pack, taking a deep breath of fresh air and letting his worries slide, at least as much as they could. Quite a revelation had been sprung on him the other day, and while he wasn’t going to shirk his responsibility about that whole development, Levent did want some time alone.</p><p>
Or, at least as alone as he ever got.</p><p>
<b class="npc">“What about this?”</b> came a thoughtful meow, and the man turned to see the white tom picking up a dirty silver chain. Holding it gingerly between his teeth, Wilson twitched his whiskers back then dropped it. <b class="npc">“Probably not unless we find or pinch something pretty to put on it, right?”</b></p><p>
The Turkish wolf nodded slightly and smiled in agreement, but he wasn’t as forthcoming with an opinion as usual. He turned quietly and continued to stride down the street, casting the occasional look at a dirty window or mislaid brick. Flattening his ears, the cat stepped after him, his expression troubled although Lev moved casually enough. The once-silver necklace dangled and scraped the pavement as he padded onward.</p><p>
Truly, though, the merchant’s state of mind was a hazy and too-calm acceptance of the news he’d learned earlier in the week. His blue eyes looked for the usual goods he liked to have on hand, but they looked for a few specifics in addition. He wanted to get Hotaru something to show her that he cared, and some supplies for the upcoming miniature wolves could be useful too. He swallowed, setting his shoulders and pressing onward, and tried not to let the thought that he’d created something in the she-wolf’s belly overwhelm him.</p><p>
Distraction came in two forms—a sharp pain in his pad, and the sight of an off-white luperci ahead. Levent quickly balanced on one leg, removing the piece of glass from his foot with a wince, and then blinked as he noticed it wasn’t completely blood-soaked but naturally a reddish tinge. Other glass scattered on the asphalt was similarly colorful, greens and blues and oranges.</p><p>
The stranger looked like she was hunting for such things, and the male grinned as he fully noticed her. <b>“Nice find,”</b> he praised, even if he’d run into the glass independently of her. He straightened, putting his foot down gingerly, and shoved his hands in his pockets. Wilson sat down on his toes almost possessively, eyes the color of sun-baked and staring across at the wild-haired woman.</p>

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