Teaching Teme

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16.05.2012. Borders of VN. Optime form / 412!

Niernan glanced down at the pup trotting at his side, he felt a smile tugging at his lips; the boy was growing so fast. He knew that Teme was almost six months, only four days from being considered an adolescent and therefore somewhat responsible. He supposed that he'd have to be taught of the border procedures sooner or later, but Niernan didn't want to step on Sauls toes by doing so. Instead he felt that warning Teme of the dangers at the borders fell to him, as he had been present. He assumed that Temeraire was expecting it now anyway, after the way Nier had greeted the pup before their odd but brief meeting with the dark dog.

He stopped walking then, sighing and schooling his face into a sort of frown, he wasn't truly angry with the pup, only disappointed that he hadn't thought before blindly rushing ahead. At that thought he realised that he probably wasn't the best person to tell the boy not to rush blindly considering his childhood had been spent doing exactly that. He glanced behind him to make sure that there was a convenient boulder before sitting down, he didn't want to fall flat on his arse, certain that doing so would remove any credibility to what he was about to say. He was now closer to Teme's level and felt that he could get his message across to the boy more effectively.

He cleared his throat and proceeded Temeraire He started, the tone of his voice stern and telling the boy that this was no time for jokes and play. This must be strange for the boy, he thought, the black pup was used to the playful and somewhat ridiculous Uncle Niernan. I know you're growing up now but you cannot just go running off to the borders. You never know who is going to be there. He eyed Teme, trying to ascertain whether any of this was going in, What if I hadn't of turned up today? What if Toby had become violent? Or tried to capture you? How do you think your dad would feel if you got hurt? He said.

He felt himself softening, he knew he couldn't stay mad at the boy for long, and he was scaring himself by thinking of all the terrible things that could have happened to Teme. Not everyone's a good guy Teme. He sighed, his cyan eyes now softer than he had meant for them to be.

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Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

He thought he'd gotten away with it. The ice in his Uncle's tone hadn't been forgotten, but nothing had happened and Teme thought Niernan might have forgotten about it. Walking side by side with his dark uncle, the young male was boisterous. Pouncing on rocks and ripping up the grass, he did his best to ignore the quietness that surrounded on of his favourite family members. Bran was usually the most care free and Teme had spent a lot of time with his younger uncle, learning a few tricks from him. Niernan was a bit of a worrier, like his father, but there were many times his uncle had lightened up and teased him. He was hoping for that reaction now. When Niernan paused, reclining back on to a boulder he'd just scaled, Teme paused.

His full name was enough to tell him he was in trouble. Immediately he hunched over, ears laying against his skull and tail tucked. His father rarely told him off, but the youth had been taught respect and how to show it from a young age. Yes Uncle Nier? He asked, bright blue eyes fixed on his Uncle's knee so as not to offend. Niernan didn't take long to get to the point of it and Temeraire flinched.

He hadn't thought about any of those things. He'd just been too excited to find out who was out there. But as his Uncle pointed out the danger, the young male looked up and met his Uncle's blue eyes. The width of his own were testimant to the shock he was feeling at his relative's revelation. I don't want to hurt Daddy. And I don't want to get 'napped either... He whispered, really thinking about it. He didn't want to leave his home and being removed from it by another was even worse. I didn't think Uncle Nier... I won't do it again, i promise. He stammered, his body relaxing out of his submissive position. The males soft final words were accepted with a solem nod.

Have you ever met a baddie, Uncle Nier? The boy question, his faith restored for the moment. Curious as ever, the youth used his best coping mechanism- asking questions.

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Silly Nier. This is totally a Mufasa/Simba moment... but with an uncle instead of a dad / 358

Nier had watched as Teme assumed the position of scolded puppy, impressed that he knew how to submit to punishment in the wolf way, considering he knew that Saul was not one for punishment. Of course, he and Bran had learned it at a very young age, having been constantly in trouble. He also saw Teme's little flinch at the use of his full name and the tone in which it was said, that tugged at Niernans heartstrings, but he knew he couldn't stop, the boy had to learn. He smiled softly as the dark furred pup thought over everything he said, he nodded slightly as Teme allowed a shocked whisper to emerge, I know you don't want to hurt your dad, you're a good boy Teme.

Teme's automatic response was to ask questions, and it successfully diverted Niernan, the elder Stormbringer chuckled and reached out a hand-paw, aiming to ruffle Teme's headfur. I don't think I've met a baddie...Yet. He said. He thought back over the encounters he had had in Nova Scotia, they were few and far between but most of them had resulted in a new acquaintance. His mind ran over his meetings with the russet Oak, the mohawked Takekuro men, the Turkish Levent and his cat Wilson, and then he thought of the time he had run to the borders to offer protection and safety to Lilin when the trader came. His cyan eyes flashed as he thought of the yellow dog, Amy Sunders. He was unsure of her, she had a strangely ominous presence that had made both Niernan and Bran bristle, but Teme didn't need to know that. He looked down at his nephew and smiled, the pup had all the innocence and exuberance that pups needed and he didn't want to cloud that with complicated thoughts.

A glint of mischief twinkled in his eye now, Teme had learned the dangers of the borders so Niers job was done. The pup needed cheering up and he knew a good way to do so. He suddenly launched himself from the rock, flying in Teme's direction, hoping to wrap the boy up in a rolling tackle.

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Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

While it sucked that he was being told off, a more intelligent part of Temeraire's brain registered that Niernan had to do this. That didn't mean he couldn't resent the telling off slightly. He didn't think he could ever resent his family- he would love them unconditionally for as long as he lived. In the naive way of pups, it was as simple as that. His position held until his Uncle spoke once more, his words more reassuring than the last. His tail began a soft wag and he slowly straightened from his submissive position. It seemed his scolding was over with, because Niernan's expression lightened and Teme gave a grin as his head was ruffled.

His Uncle's answer to his question elicited a giggle from the boy that belied his exclamation of nearly being a not-pup anymore. It did surprise him however, that his Uncle had never met a baddie... he was sure Niernan was about a hundred years old by now. You's protect me against the baddies... if they do get here. Temeraire proclaimed with a nod of his head. His trust in his Uncle's skills were blind, but that was a job of a puppy. There was no need to question his Uncles, his father, Ezra- they would always be there to protect him.

Silence lapped at the for just a few short moments before his Uncle's shifting body caused the boy to glance over. He was treated to a sight of the Stormbringer launching himself from the boulder, arms outstretched to scoop him up. As he felt his paws leave the floor, the boy gave a shrieking giggle, wriggling his body in an attempt at escaping his Uncle's embrace. UNCLENIERRRR! He shrieked, his words broken by the giggles that overtook his body.

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We can finish this one up soon too if ya want. / 272

Pride and happiness swelled within Niernan at Teme's blind faith in him, he hoped that he would always be around to protect the boy, just so he could live up to the boys expectations. It was his feelings of wanting to protect that led him to patrol and to respond to strange calls at the borders. He was hoping that his actions had been noticed and that he would get promoted eventually, that would lend him more authority and more chance to protect his family.

But for now he had his nephew tucked in his arms, sheltering the boy as he rolled over, popping up to his foot-paws as he exited the roll. Teme wriggled fiercely in his arms, giggles shaking the pups body as he squealed with delight, Niernan could just about make out his name among Teme's giggles. TEMEEEEEEEE! He countered, raising his voice to a puppy like pitch, his own giggles joining his nephews. He struggled to keep the boy in his arms; he had forgotten that Teme had grown considerably since they had last tussled like this, and he wriggled so much that it was like holding on to a worm. He dropped the boy, falling to all fours. Being on all four paws in Optime form was weird for Niernan, but in his play with the pup he didn't have time to shift, this would have to do. He skipped around, providing Teme with a moving target. A foolish, open mouthed grin spread across his face and his tongue lolled from his mouth. He loved playing with Teme, the boy was a ball of energy and constant fun.

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Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

This was what he loved more than anything about his family- no matter what had happened between them, they were always willing to indulge him and that was usually in some form of play. Wrapped up in his Uncle's arms, this was the safest and best place that Teme could think of to be. The rolling embrace was over far too quickly, his climbing frame straightening up. It was all Teme could do to stay in Niernan's embrace, his giggles and the natural wriggling of his body coupled with the fact that he was steamrolling towards six months old and his body was no longer the small puppy body that he was used to.

He gave another squealing laugh as Niernan mimicked his words before he dropped to the ground, a humph escaping him. It was short lived, his laughs started as Niernan pitched forward onto all fours in his Optime form. It was an awkward position, but Teme couldn't help pouncing up to tug on his Uncle's ear, a playful growl rumbling from his chest. In the way of an over-excited puppy, Temeraire bounced back and took off, running as fast as his growing legs could carry him. Hopefully he would reach Jordheim before his Uncle, effectively winning the unspoken, unagreed-upon race that he'd instigated.

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Aaaaand finish. / 329

Teme's high puppyish laughter filled the air, joining Niernans own, deeper laughter. The boy took being dumped on the ground well enough, giggling as Nier fell to all fours. Cyan eyes widened as Teme made a sudden lunge forwards, grabbing hold of Niernans ear, Owwww! The elder Stormbringer moaned through his giggles, not expecting the sharp little teeth that came together in his thin flesh. He flicked the bitten ear as Teme detached himself, a drop of blood flying off to splat against the grass. Niers face was momentarily distraught as he contemplated his new 'piercing' but he laughed again as Teme disappeared, his long juvenile legs carrying him away from Niernan at speed.

A split second passed before Niernan exploded into forward motion himself, staggering slightly as he straightened from the floor. He caught himself and was saved from sliding on his face in the grass, but only just, his hand-paw skimming the verdant stems briefly before he found his stride and sprinted after the black pup. He knew he could catch the pup if he wanted to, even pass him, and easily, but he didn't want to demoralise his nephew. He let his long and easy stride bring him to Teme's side and he made a show of huffing and puffing, falling back slightly as the earthen humps of Jordheim hove into view. They passed many of the empty houses, flying by occupied ones too, and Niernan knew that soon they would be in the centre of the village and the possibility of dodging pack members came to him. Not long after he had that thought, in his moment of distraction he collided with the tall and brawny form of his brother. Bran and Niernan rolled to a stop, coming to rest at Teme's paws. Niernans cyan eyes blinked up at Teme's own bright blues, You win Teme. You little rascal. He panted, his tongue lolling from his jaws, looking like the joker he was reputed to be.

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