when the world beckons your approach

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Short posts ftw? This is long (800 words exactly long), just to get things back up to date. I also have no idea how Marlowe is supposed to act so weoijwefoijwefoij.
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_____Sixteen weeks ago she had been in the thick of a blooming rainforest in what was left of South America's Brazil. Sixteen weeks ago, she come to stand on the shore to take in the rising of the sun when the crow had come walking down the shore. Had she been in any other place in the world, Corona may have shrugged of the sight of such a funny thing. The little bobble in his steps, the wet sand no doubt being very awkward to wander about in. But that little bird had a determined sort of look in his beady eye as he had paced down the shoreline towards her, not wavering despite the fact that she was watching him just as keenly as he was watching her. Marlowe was just as out of place in the world as she was, only he hadn't been living in the fringes of a rainforest. He had seen rage and he had seen fire and he had seen the wolves and coyotes rise out of the ashes and smoke. _____But it was this strange little out of place bird with his queer little stare as he walked right up to her feet, peering up as she peered down, that baffled her so. Of all places, a crow in a tropical climate? She had seen hundreds if not a thousand crows in her lifetime but it was that tame sort of behaviour that got her attention. “You're someone's pet,” she had said with a certain convinced tone; the bird only reacted by pulling at the sandy fur on her foot in an irritating fashion. When she left the coast, he followed, and thus began wondering and relationship between the bird of the Firestarter and the Lady in Gold.
_____It wasn't until some time later when Corona had finally begun to understand the bird's babbling and learned of who he was and just who he belonged to. So by the time summer began to take a furious hold on the world, she was fast back on a ship going to the north. She assumed something had to have gone wrong if Gabriel's bird had ended up finding her. Marlowe didn't give details, only tempted her and baited with quips such as “see for yourself,” which no doubt she gave into. All the way back to Nova Scotia, all the way back to where her roots had once been so firmly planted. _____But all of it was gone when she had gotten there. The trees were bare, the vegetation only beginning to crawl back in some places. Even the air still had a tinge of smoke in it, or so she thought she could smell. Parts of the city remained, but all of it was as bare and desolate as could be. Nary a sound or soul to be seen for miles around. Marlowe instructed her and told her where to go and what to look at it to get a sense of it all. Corona had never felt so disoriented in her life, partially because the landscape was different, but also because the bird couldn't account for everyone. He remembered the places and he remembered the running of those who dared to escape the flames, but he couldn't tell her the names. He said to go over the southern mountains, and so she did. _____Like it's counterpart to the north, the south was not that much different. She could smell the ocean, she could see the same kind of trees that had been in equal prime on the other side, and she could tell that life bustled right along. By then the crow had settled on turning lazy circles in the sky high above her, occasionally making himself seen through the canopy of then-nameless forests that she was wandering through. After a while, smell started to guide her rather than his vague instructions and shortly thereafter, sound. Water. There was blood in the air and as she rose out of a small gorge, was greeted by the borders she knew all too well. _____Adjusting the small pack slung onto her back, the short-statured Lykoi breathed a partial sigh of relief but still had unconfirmed fears and concerns, even after the crow had come to settle on branch above her, not speaking a word but cawing instead. She dawdled for a couple of moments, listening first to make sure no one was going to explode through the scenery around her, and then drew her head skyward to call for Gabriel, as she did not recognise the second male's smell along the borders. Once it was out of the way, Marlowe perched himself on her pack and joined her fully in waiting.

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indent His body ached from the week spent doing little resting. The attack had been sudden and unpredicted, and now Gabriel was assured that there would be no more. Anselm, in all his wisdom, had taken one of the wolves and thrown her in a shed near the abandoned house. They had realized Talitha was gone too, which meant someone had her—and Gabriel was furious about this. Still, he would do nothing rash as long as his daughter’s life hung in the balance. Ahren had disappeared too, but this did not concern the hybrid. His father was an adult, and his father had started disappearing long before he and his siblings were born.
indent It was then that a call for him drew the hybrid back the way he had come. The voice was just too damn familiar, even though he had never expected her, of all people, to ever come back. The doggish hybrid, on two legs while his wounded arm healed, made his way along the dirt trail that had been carved by the constant and seemingly never-ending patrols. As soon as he spotted her, a stupid grin broke over his face. At that point, a black mass erupted from her back and came towards him, and the raven let out a cawing cackle and pulled at his long hair. “You look terrible,” he laughed, letting go and settling on the Aquila’s broad shoulder. “Yeah, you too, asshole,” Gabriel retorted, and then closed the distance between himself and his sister. “Fancy seeing you here.”

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_____He looked a little weary, a little banged up; things that told her something had definitely been going on since they had come there. Though she didn't know just how right she was, it explained the blood in the air. Marlowe easily left her for him, wasting no time in harassing her sibling just he had relentlessly done to her for months. Tug of the hair, beak to the snout, sarcasm, anything to garner attention. “Tell me about it,” she said with a soft smile, “he showed up and started to follow me around after I was halfway across the world. Took me a while to figure out what he wanted.” At least now she could understand him, for the most part. But after that, she was glad she picked up what was being said, otherwise he would have just been an annoying bird that wouldn't go away. _____“It's good to see you again.” Especially alive and not some burnt up skeleton that was left strewn back in the waste on the other side of the mountain. It gave her some comfort in knowing someone had made it out, though there were still many questions left on the tip of her tongue. “Is everyone okay? I saw what happened back north and thanks to your bird, came here.” Even after everything that had happened, after she had gone away, she couldn't have imagined ever coming back to what she had. Or so soon either, but when the world beckoned their approach, it definitely did swallow them all whole on the spot.

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indent Gabriel knew why Marlowe had found Corona, though now how. The bird wanted the comfort of a constant supply a food, though he was large and able to take this from other birds had he so chose. Still, though, that Marlowe had left Nova Scotia and gone so far out of his way meant something had happened with him. Gabriel doubted he would ever find out. “He switches in and out of our tongue and his,” he explained, having spent so much time with the raven in his younger years.
indent “You too,” he said, smiling. He liked to imagine all of his family was alive somewhere, but it was the truth of the world that some of them had died out there. Only the strongest survived. “We’re fine. Inferni made it out of there, though Arkham went missing. After we settled here Rachias went to find him, I think.” Of course she had. She wasn’t made out to be a part of this madness, and neither had the boy. “We’ve gained and lost people, but we’re here.”

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_____Knowing that some of those siblings had gone missing or were otherwise gone didn't surprise Corona. She had come and gone herself, as had most of the others in her family. Some came back, others find something else to occupy their interest and stayed. Like Conway, who as far as Corona knew, had never left France to come home. “I didn't see her there, but I didn't stick around long,” she said, wondering where the two could have been while she was there. Or one, at least. “And judging by the look of you, I'd say that the wolves aren't taking too kindly to Inferni again.”

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indent They all had the impulse to wander, and they all had the instinct to return home. It had drawn Gabriel back when he had nothing left to lose. Instead, he had gained everything—the clan included. He offered no thoughts on the disappearance of their siblings, knowing that if they wanted to disappear, they could. “We’ve been having issues with a wolf pack south of us, Dahlia de Mai. They’ve killed several of our members, including a mother and her child. They attacked up a few days ago. They also kidnapped my daughter. We’ve got one of them locked up near the abandoned house, and I’m hoping to end it soon.” His eyes betrayed the fact he wanted nothing more then to slaughter them, though he was unable to do so as long as they had Talitha.

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_____Her expression waned considerably as he started talking, partially at the fact that he had a daughter (clearly things had changed since she had left) and at the fact that she had been snagged by the supposed other side. It was that kind of notion that sent a chill through her and stirred the sickness in the pit of her stomach. She didn't think about what they could have been doing to her, but only because she didn't want to; they both knew just what could have been and had seen it through their siblings having the life stolen out of them. Her lips pursed for a moment, but she also made her own decision and found her voice. “Is there anything I can do to help?” Gabriel had wanted her to stay in Inferni before she had left again and though she kept it unvoiced, she wondered if that offer still stood. Corona was hardly one to stand around when someone struck so close to home.

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indent The man (who was more wolf then coyote, and looked like neither) regarded his sister with a quiet gaze. A long time ago, they ad made each other a promise. A long time ago, he would have done anything he could to protect her and make her happy. He had been left out of the crucial bonding that the others had experienced, but he clung to his family with something like desperation. In some way, he knew that they needed each other, and in some way, he didn’t want to see anyone else leave him. “If you want to stay, you’re more then welcome,” he said lowly, hoping she would catch the underlying message.

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_____If it was one thing that Corona had never given up on, it was family. She still retained the things that her parents had taught her and said to her and on any given day she had proudly defended all of them. She still wore the ring that Gabriel had given her, just like she still wore the necklace that Ahren had passed onto her. They were material things, but they reminded her deeply of the bonds that were there. Essentially, those things were apart of her. In the end, she always came back to where home was. “Yes, of course,” she said with a sure nod, not hesitating and not thinking about how her original plans had changed. “There's a lot to catch up on and now that I'm here and given the circumstances, I can't walk away.”

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