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Desired Profession Path: Animal Care

Guen's biography contains clarification of her history with the Aniwaya pack. </span>

<span style='font-family:arial'>"Hoh, Copper. Good girl..."

Guennéan, sitting atop her chestnut mare in Optime form, pulls up at the fence that marks the border of the Aniwaya territory. Her stomach is in knots and her hands tremble with anticipation and anxiety. This is the place, she thinks, this is where I came from, where I was born, where I drew my first breath and drank my first milk. Yet I remember nothing and no one.

It has taken her several weeks to travel here after leaving her parents in a fit of bravery and rebellion. The journey was pleasant enough; Copper is a good mare - steady, strong and sensible. Guen wishes she could borrow some of that calm self-assurance now that her journey is at its end. She has dreamed of this day her whole life: dreamed of coming to her true home and finally finding a place where she is rooted down by unwavering love. But now that she is here at the border, worst-case scenarios are running through her head: what if she is chased away like a common trespasser? What if no one remembers her birth the previous summer? What if the reason for her parents' abrupt departure from Aniwaya was because of some terrible deed committed by them, and she herself will be painted with the same brush...and hated?

But she has come all this way - she can't turn back now. For all she knows, her parents, with their travelling lifestyle, have wandered leagues beyond where they were when she left them, to a place very difficult for her to find on gut instinct and faint scents alone. Besides, despite all of her fears, this is her rightful home. She was born here, the first faces she saw were those of the Aniwaya pack members. She wants this so badly. She wants to be part of something. She wants to connect to the spirit world. She wants to find love, friendship.

Bracing her hands on her mares neck, hoping to draw some of the horse's strength into her, she howls: I AM HERE. </span>

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art by crypsis

Anatole himself “owned” two horses, as much as one could own an animal, though neither were ridden very often. One was in fact not ridden at all—it was a filly, long-legged and bright gold, and a cheeky little thing if he had ever seen one (which he had, but only in passing). The pair would not see work for several months, as he had been told by those who knew better that the baby would need time to suckle and feed and grow. It was a welcomed excuse for him to take to travel on four legs, and he did so happily.

He was doing so now, trotting along with the easy lope of the wolf, head and tail even with the length of his spine. At three feet he was big for a wolf, but most of his true bulk was in the muscle mass that formed a broad, compacted and hardened from long travel. It was lean mass but accentuated by thick, plush fur that even now betrayed his heritage. While his colors certainly reflected a fair blend of both parents, his mother’s bloodline had given it the weight. He did not look half-so-large as he would come winter, but his size was still apparent. Of course, even he was smaller than their leader, though this was in part due to her extra weight as a whole.

A howl broke his endless pattern of walk-sniff-mark, and Anatole hurried towards it. He did not need to go far before the scent of a horse reached him. After several more moments of skirting through trees he found the source; a dog, perched atop a brown-red horse. Anatole lifted his head and approached boldly, stopping a fair distance from the equine. “Can I help you?” He asked, green eyes lifting to her face.

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<span style='font-family:arial'>It doesn't take long for someone to answer her call - before her stands a tall, muscular male wolf with the most piercing green eyes Guennéan has ever seen. He has a bold presence, and Guen wonders if he is some kind of gate keeper. Unlikely, she thinks, from what I know the Aniwaya are not the type to have sentries and gate keepers.

Her nerves are jumping, her muscles twitching as they often do when she is nervous or excited. This handsome, imposing male is the first Aniwaya member she has seen since she was too young to know what she was seeing, let alone who. She wonders if she will get to know this wolf. Will they become friends? Lovers? You're getting ahead of yourself, Guen.

"Can I help you?" he asks her, a reasonable enough question that Guennéan isn't quite sure how to answer. "Um." she starts, lamely. "Um, yes. Yes, you can help me." Copper reaches her head around to nuzzle Guen's leg, as if to reassure her. She takes a deep breath and continues:

"I don't know if you remember me. Probably you don't. My name is Guennéan. I was very, very young when my parents left Aniwaya. That was a little less than a year ago. I'm here, well...I guess I'm sort of coming home, though I don't remember the place very well." She finds herself unable to meet those green eyes any longer, and looks down at Copper's long mane. </span>

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