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WC: 315 OOC: Because you offered it, and I accepted and we are pretty much done with the other thread :D. I just initiated it hahaha, if you feel you dont' wan to though let me know I'll have it taken down ^^

So she was a bit late... it had been many weeks since she challanged him to hunt with her. She had been so busy what with her competition with Frodo and then stuff with Grace, Titania, Halifax and again falling off grace yet again, Eclipse had little time to think of her new friend. But he was not forgotten. Taking the few books, and putting on the waistcoat that he had let her have, as he seemed quite embarrassed by her nudity, she headed off to find his house. She was sure he would like these books, a man had helped her after she came in contact with a rat and broken glass for the first time. She would have come even sooner if she didn’t let her foot get infected. As it was, she wasn’t healed and still had the bandage on her foot, but was able to keep it clean and it felt far better than it had only a few days ago.She found a few books that described the stars, a way to remind the man that she was certain the real skies were far better than those that were in the books.

Finding Skye’s home she gave it a light knock hoping it would be Robert to answer, though she wasn’t shy that she was visiting a friend, she just didn’t feel like people thinking she liked him more than that. That was her own self conscious thinking though. She was far too self aware now after that night with Moss but it was not something to think about right now. She was here to offer up her challenge and possibly have a good laugh or two. And to get the man out of the house. The books she held were behind her back, though they were quite bulky and could be seen from behind her petite form.

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(322) These two entertain me too much. <:I <3 Also assuming this was before the trading voyage!

He stared intently into the book he held within his hands, the light splashing brightly into his bedroom as he laid awkwardly on his bed; while his back laid flat, his legs were hanging off on the side as if he was sitting. He was in one of those moments where his body unknowingly shifted around as he read, as if it could not find the most comfortable position. When a knock sounded around the house, though, he suddenly rose, and his back received a wave of stiffness from the improper sitting. With a grumble, he set down the book and peered out the window slightly, just so that whoever was outside could barely see him.

He was caught by surprise when he saw Eclipse standing near the door, and wondered if she came for him or his mother; if it had been any other person, he could always assumed the latter. But, now he was unsure. He guessed it did not hurt if he answered her even if she had come for Skye, and quickly went to the door while the book he had been reading laid on his bed, page marked for it to be continued.

He opened it to her, and gave a little nod in greeting. "Hello, miss Eclipse." He paused for a moment as he saw that she held her arms behind her back, obviously carrying something. For a moment, he thought about asking what it was, but decided that it would be revealed in due time if it was important. He noticed that she was wearing the waistcoat, and was glad that she was putting it to good use. "Do you need any help with anything?" the man asked curiously, all the while trying to guess what she was up to and what she was hiding. He had forgotten about the hunting proposition, and was blissfully unaware of what she had planned for him that day.

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WC: OOC: oh forgot, about that, Well then can make it so it's the day eclipse had her fall, since the voyage is the day after that, and Eclipse has her bow and arrows slung ovre her shoulder, her foot is bandaged. SO COME ON LIL BROTHER >:D

She did wait a bit longer than she thought she would have, her mind wandering a little as she watched the sky in wait for someone.... anyone to answer the door. Her eyes first wandered to the roof and then the partially cloudy skies before the door finally opened to reveal Robert and Eclipse grinned happily, though said nothing until he asked a question and she shook her head no.

“No actually I came here for you to fess up and show me those hunting skills, AND on top of that IF you prove worthy enough... I think I found some books you might like.”

She said holding the books she had behind her back and waved them. The titles showing for him to see. Her eyes gleaming with mischief. She never had a brother before and it felt like the opportunity to adopt Robert as her own, and she knew this was the kinds of things brothers and sisters did for each other. She knew about his sister, though she was strange to her in any case, she was sure he would need a …. well as normal as one could get kind of sister.

“This will help you get outside at night and actually look at the stars I think. Nothing better than to actually be doing the things the books say. They are only reference after all.”

She kept the books away from him at arms length. He would, of course have to show her his skills he said he had first of course. She looked at him expectantly waiting for him to deny everything he had said. It was too late and he’d do it even if she had to drag him out of his house and park him in the middle of the woods.

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(360) Ugg these two. What are we going to with them?

He blinked in confusion as she denied that she did not need any help, and tried to wonder what she needed exactly until she mentioned "hunting". Immediately, his mind zoomed to that morning, in the empty house that was now Eclipse's, and how brashly he had spoke about his abilities that he did not have. And that he told her that he would prove it to her. He quickly covered his face with the hand that did not held the door, and groaned in annoyance at himself. How stupid could he have been! He could say that he had been joking, but he was a terrible liar, and would not even attempt to sway her that she had been imaging things.

He wish he was spiteful and mean so that he would have the guts to close the door in the other's face. But, a man of his word, even if it was misspoken, and hardly a person to go slamming doors in people's faces, he stood there regrettably with a hand over his face. He only pulled his hand away when Eclipse pulled out what she was hiding--books. He became a bit more interested as she waved them around, but he was still not liking the playful gleam in her eyes. Of course there was a catch, and he sighed as he mulled it over. He did have only one book about stars, and it was only a mere mention of them... And he was still curious about them.

Robert wished the woman was not this devious to torture him so.

"Fine," Frost sighed, closing the door behind him as he stepped out of the house, leaving what dignity he had behind him. He stood beside Eclipse with his arms crossed, and refused to meet her gaze as he spoke, "Where are we going? I want to get this over with as soon as possible..." He noticed the bow, and asked, a bit unsure, "Are you going to be using that?" He knew how a bow worked, and how deadly and useful they could be when hunting. His chances of coming out of this with some honor was dwindling.

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WC: 216 OOC: This I do not know but I think he does well for her, bahahaha, she's learning she has a far more outgoing spirit as she use to when being a pup. No longer shy anymore >:D

She knew his taunt towards her was not at all what he said and this proved it entirely as he put his hand on his face and groaned. She crossed her arms, carefully so not to catch an edge of a book on her and gave him a sly look.

“Now no need for that! Besides, you want the books don’t you? All you have to do is just catch a rabbit, or even a butterfly.”

Ok.. yes she was now taunting him, but he HAD to get out of the house sometime. He finally said fine, and closed the door. With that she grabbed his arm and hurried out into the forest, her htoughts on the prey, thinking he’d have to change so he could hunt, as he didn’t have anything to hunt with other than his own hands and feet and those were hard to use as an optime. She spoke to answer him quickly.

“It’s my weapon of choice, but I can always hunt on four paws too.”

She said, walking briskly before finally letting him go as they were further into the wilderness where the animals could be scouted from here and stared at him expectantly. He should know what to do now.

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He wanted to glare at her when she told him there was no need for his complaining. But she had tricked him, so he felt he had all the right to cry over how easily he stepped into her trap. Again, she looked at him slyly, and could only screw up his face in further displeasurement when she teased him with the prize of books if he could catch even a measly butterfly. Those were hard to catch, too, he thought, believe it or not. He tried to start a bug collection, but that project proved to be futile when he could not catch anything and the fact that some of the things he found gave him the willies. In any case, he knew this would end in disaster when he could not even successfully capture an insect, much less an animal.

He blinked in surprise as she suddenly grabbed his arm, confused for a moment, but then yelped once, holding onto his hat on top of his head to keep it from falling when she yanked him, when she proceeded to bring him away from the safety of his house, and into the woods. At least he knew the territory well enough to know how to get back to Thornbury without getting lost, he thought, as Eclipse dragged him deeper and deeper into the forest.

"Oh," he remarked. He had hoped that she was only an expert with the bow, and nothing else. He thought that perhaps he had the slimmest of chances to avoid the hunting trip, since he did not have any weapons himself, but his hopes flew out the window, and he finally admitted that he was in the deep end, and there was no other way to get out. All he could do was walking along dutifully with her, having enough sense to at least keep up with her instead of making her drag him all across the territory.

When she released him, he grabbed his arm and rubbed it as if it was sore, but really it was not; dramatically, Robert believed it was. He did not notice the silence nor that Eclipse was staring at him until he looked back at her, with a questioning look upon his face. "What?" he asked after a moment, not sure what she wanted of him now. He had come out here without much of a fight, right? What did she expect now?

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WC: 167 OOC: Ok short but SO EFFING WORTH IT!!!

It was easy to get him out into the forest, he made no resistance and though he was making unfortunate noises *for him* he still moved his feet but when she stopped and figured he’d want to hide or do whatever to change he stood there, and when he looked at her and asked a question that made her gape she rolled her eyes and folded her arms again, books still in hand.

“Well... take off your clothes!”

She said, not thinking about how that would sound to him. SHe was never one who had such social skills as to know what to say at the right of times, well this was probably the worst to say anything like this, but he did have to take his clothes off to change, though she didn’t really tell him to go behind the tree and take them off and change, but she just stood there waiting for him to figure out what she meant.

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(337) This is Robert.

She rolled her eyes, as if she had expected him to know what to do once they were out here. He raised one eyebrow right back at her, still confused and unsure what she was up to. Maybe she expected him to just go off into the bushes and start looking for prey, he thought. He could perhaps sneak off back to his house, and ditch the whole mess altogether--

"What?" he repeated after she spoke, though his voice suddenly went up a few pitches and his tone was of one of disbelief. His stare was one of equal shock, and his mouth remained open as if he had more to say. But, nothing came out, and he just stood there for a moment as if he was processing what she had said. "...What?" Finally, as he analyzed what she had said for a few good moments, it occurred to him to have some other reaction other than shock. He grabbed at his sleeves of his shirt as if he expected it to fly off.

A few seconds later, though they seemed to go by way too agonizingly slowly, he realized, or at least hope, what she meant. He looked away hurriedly, even turning his whole body so that his back faced her, and murmured, "Oh. Y-yes, I see." Now he really wanted to go back home, and forget that this even happened. She could have at least said something that had a less chance of being... misinterpreted. Like, you should shift, or, go change into lupus form. She could have said so many things but that.

Feeling guilty and ashamed that he thought of her words as something else, his face feeling heated, he disappeared quickly into the trees without looking back at Eclipse. Minutes started to past, and a lean, somewhat short wolf stepped out where Robert had entered. Even in his four legs, he was sheepish, and avoided to look at her, as if he found the sky and trees around them more interesting.

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WC: 301 OOC: You don't expect her to hunt in that really hot coat do you?!

His reaction wasn’t waht she expected at all. What was his problem? She scowled and covered her ears as he spoke only one word so loud it hurt her ears. He didn’t have to be so loud. She was used to nudity and he ws the only one who ever had a problem with her being naked so to say take off your clothes meant little to her than just that. Aparently it meant something to him, though soon he seemed to figure out what she meant and hid to change. She waited patiently knowing that it didn’t always take a quick snap to change into lupus form. Smiling at him as he came out from his hiding spot she moved to where it was. Finding his clothes and wordlessly putting her books on top of them as well as taking off the coat. She could not hunt in a coat, but kept her bow and arrows. Eclipse was quick enough to stay in step with Robert and still be as quiet as the wind.

“Alright, now lets find us some food.”

She said straightening up and waiting for him to go into a job or sniff around and find prey. She could do it, but this was his hunt not hers. She wasn’t going to do anything unless he asked.. Though deep in her head she wondered why she really was making him do this? To see him squirm, or to show him the real world was not all that bad? She waited in thought, forgetting entirely that she had a cut pad and now it was bleeding deeply and the bandaged had leaked through, but that was not on her mind, only the hunt was and the foot would have to wait for later.

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(428) He is so lost and dorky and confused its unbelievable.

Eclipse seemed oblivious to her own words, and he at least was thankful for that, now knowing that she did not really know why he freaked over what she had said. It relieved some of the guilt he had, but he was still pressed with embarrassment at his own self. He could have handled the situation better than he had, but he was caught off guard, and could not think of anything to say or do besides to get emotional. He was glad to have the excuse to be pardoned from her presence if for a couple of moments to shift, to allow to get his thoughts in order. But, even after he was done changing, he still felt as awkward as ever.

The man gave a half-smile in return as she disappeared into the bushes, and he supposed it was good that she was shifting into lupus form too... or at least that was what he assumed. She mentioned that she could hunt on four legs, and with him being in this form, she would do the same as well. He had sat down on his haunches, prepared to wait a couple of minutes like she had with him, but he was surprised when it only took a few moments until she returned.

Robert only managed to hide his look of disbelief this time as Eclipse came from behind the trees and bushes, still on two legs, and only wearing her bow and arrows. Ultimately, he was unsure and confused, though there was embarrassment and other emotions mixed in. First, he told him to take his cloths off, which was somewhat understandable after he figured out what she meant. Then, when she had expected to do the same, she only took off what cloths she had, and did not even shift. Like before, when he came across her in the woods, he made a point not to look at her, and took the chance to stare at the ground, all the while his face getting hot under his fur.

"Okay," he said, nearly squeaking, and began to sniff around the air, only to scent fresh blood. Puzzled and now more serious, he pointed his nose towards the ground, and it only took him a second to realize where the smell was coming from. "Miss Eclipse, you're hurt." He did not notice it before, but her foot was wrapped in cloth, which was now stained in red. He looked up to meet her gaze, not needing to say words to show that he wanted an explanation, and soon.

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WC: 257 OOC:

She looked at him as he turned his face away when she left the hiding spot and had to resist rolling her eyes. Was he a wolf or wasn’t he? Did Skye really take to the whole “you must wear clothes” thing seriously. She swore if he could dress himself in lupus form he would be wearing a full set of clothes. She said nothing though but wanted to shout something like “Am I not worth looking at?!” but she thought better of it, especially when he started sniffing. Then he spoke and she looked down... damn it.

“Well would you look at that, give me a second.”

She said sitting down, though she could see him demanding answers with his eyes and she was the one to avert her eyes on him this time.

“When i was in Halifax, a rat attacked me and uh... I threw a pan and smashed the window. I cut my foot trying to get my pan back’

She unwrapped the bandage, the cut had clotted and she shrugged, having no other bandage on her she could only rety it so that’s what she made to do. She could clean it later. It was still yellow with infection because Taliesin had showed her how to take care of it better, but it was not an enormous cut, just tender, sore and infected.

“It’s clotted it should be fine.”

She said as she began to wrap it back up.

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(385) Rob, what are you doing? Stop being a gentleman. Stop it.

He kept directing his gaze away to anything else up until the time he noticed her wound. It was just the way he was; he normally saw others in their optime form, fully clothed or at least wearing some form of covering, and he constantly read books with people adorned in such material. He was about as human as a wolf could become without being one, and he played the part pretty well. They found that not wearing clothing was socially unacceptable, so he felt the need to look away, for that was what he believed he was expected to do, since it was not like he was going to tell her to wear something against her will.

But, he forgot about pardons and expectations as he looked at her foot, obviously injured, and soon at her. Even when she turned away, he continued to stare at her face, his eyes stern as she explained what happened. He wanted to demand a reason for why she was out there, getting attacked by rats and stepping on broken windows, but he remained silent. He knew it was not his place to ask such things, for it was her own business. "You need to be more careful. You can get many diseases from rats and glass," he said instead, his voice distant.

He furrowed his brows as she began to wrap her foot with the bloodied and old bandage. Though it was not his field of experience, he knew that having a clean bandage must have been better to treat a wound than one that has already been used for who knew how long. Without a word, he briskly padded into the undergrowth where they placed their clothing. Some ripping could be heard, and a moment later, he reappeared with something white hanging from his mouth.

He set what was once a sleeve to a part of his undershirt in front of the woman, and stated, "You need to dress the wound properly if you are going to hunt, miss Eclipse. The soil can be contaminated with many things, and we cannot afford to have a pack mate with a fever or something worse." He looked at her for a moment, and turned away to look at the undergrowth, though, this time, not because she was unclothed.

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WC: 318 OOC: :D

She rolled her eyes way too many times with this man as he told her how bad it was to be careful. She mocked him by pretending she was him and opened her mouth as though she were talking..

“What would the fun in anything be if I did that, besides it got those books didn’t it? If I were too afraid because of some stupid rat... then I wouln’t have gotten anything.”

She said as he moved to go back in the bushed. Great now he gave up. She thought but she could hear ripping in the distance and he came out with a strip of cloth. He spoke of dressing in with a clean bandage. She took the bit of cloth, shaking the old soiled one off and wrapped her foot carefully. He was infuriating, but very kind, though she wasn’t going to tell him that. She was very grateful though and she’d at least let him know that.

“Thanks, this is very kind of you.”

She was actually shocked that he didn’t take this as an excuse that they should go home, but instead it seemed he would continue on their hunting expedition. She stood testing the bandage out and nodded. She didn’t doubt it would start bleeding again, but she wasn’t telling him that. She was going to participate no matter what.

"There that’ll do.”

She said, and as she waited for him to find his scent he wanted she hurried to bury the soiled bandage, figuring it would eventually become a part of the earth like many things did and stood, unslinging her bow and holding it, ready to follow the man through the forest. Now she will finally get to see if he was what he said. If not she wasn’t going to rub it in his face... much.

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(542) you know what my otp is ROBERT AND FASHION.

His stare became incredulous as she justified her reasons, which in his opinion were not very good. "Books are not worth getting injured, miss Eclipse," he said sternly, his eyes narrowed. He wanted to feel bad that she got hurt because of him, in an indirect way, but his mind only tuned his emotions out as annoyance and impatience for the woman. "If they were, you would certainly see me out and about in a trouble-ridden place like Halifax." He could have went on and rattle about it, but he made himself silent, knowing it would only be an endless circle of backs and forths. Though he did not talk about it, he could not help but think about all the worse dangers she could have had faced besides rats and shards of glass. His face screwed by as he became resigned to the fact that he was a bit relieved that she was only attack by a rat and nothing bigger, and that she only had a minor wound.

"It is of no bother to me," he stated simply in reply to her thanks, and made something that was like a shrug of the shoulder, though it was a bit more awkwardly performed because of the form he was in. He waited quietly as she wrapped the wound once more, and he wondered if she felt better with a cleaner cloth to dress her injury in. He hoped so--this was the second time he was giving away his much loved clothing, though this time he was tearing them up like some wild beast. He sighed through his nose at the thought of his depleting closet, but he knew it was for the greater good. Robert just wished there was more things besides his clothing around to be handy.

He blinked as the woman stated she was finished, and once again the man sighed at the thought of his coming doom. The reason why he did not take Eclipse's injury as an excuse was mainly because he knew that she would just butt heads with him until he gave in, and the fact he was wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. Even as much as he wanted to go home, he put on a quivering brave face and stepped into the undergrowth. The leaves brushed over his pelt and face, and the familiar smell of the familiar plants he read about calmed him down a bit, and at least found a little enjoyment in it.

But, it did not last long as a new scent suddenly waved off of the ground, and he pointed his nose towards it to get a better smell. It was a rabbit, and recalling Eclipse's words from earlier about catching at least a rabbit, he began to follow the trail, his gait becoming a bit faster. But, he stopped suddenly when he nearly stepped into a small clearing, lush green grass sprouting without much competition. In a clover patch sat the prey, unaware of the hunters that were nearby. He glanced up at her, as if half hoping she would shot it, and tracking a rabbit would have been enough to satisfy her. But, he had the faintest of feelings that it wasn't.

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WC: 277 OOC: Well she'll just have to ruin all his clothes now won't he... i suppose it's a good thing she knows a tailor :O

“Oh stop calling me Miss, just Eclipse, you make me feel like an old woman and i’m your age.” She said and his argument against her pain made her laugh a little. “I suppose that you think your other books were gotten by easier and less dangerous ways? Why I bet your home was a castle full of mice for a long time.”

She said. Clearly the homes in Cercatori were human made, which meant when the humans died the houses became just as untame as the whole of the forest around them. She wondered if Robert knew that or if he was playing a fantasy dream in his head. She wouldn’t let it go, she would probably start up another argument just for the sake of it but she knew there were better things to do. Hunting. She was trying to figure this wolf out, but every time she thought she got something another thing threw itself at her. She scowled but when she was finally done and he caught a scent she was right behind him, her bow out, but it was only when he stopped that she took an arrow ever so slightly from the quiver on her back and knocked it. Then she looked at him and gave him an expectant smile. She wasn’t going to do his hunting for him, though she did look like she expected him to fail the chase just from having the arrow already in the position, though she did this with all her hunts, with or without anyone around. Animals were fast, and one must have fast reflexes to hit it.

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