[AW] Wocks Are The Best Kind Of Friends

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Set after Sura's joining thread, she is introduced to Hael, and runs outside to play.

Sura was still adjusting to her new life in this strange place, but the richness of the homes, the vibrance of the fauna, and the transparency of the atmosphere here were all welcome things. However, due to a miscommunication issue upon acceptance, Sura had promised to not to use the restroom unless she was given permission. And she still hadn't gone. Her bladder began to ache and moan, and when she giggled, droplets came out. She wasn't going to be a baby and pee all over things. She'd be an "adult" and wait for permission.

She waited for some time in an intersection in paths, but when nothing happened, she quickly hatched up her own plan. Carrying the biggest stones she could manage, she scattered them in the middle of the pathway. Some of the stones were smooth, others extremely jagged and pointy. In her mind, it would surely be impossible to walk on the path without stepping on a rock and stubbing one's toes. Of course, in Sura's mind, walking off the path didn't exist, because that was coloring outside of the lines, which didn't also didn't exist.

"The fewal Sura waits siwentwy for hers pwey to kwills it siwentyies wiek a NINJAS!" (Translation), she exclaimed in a half-whisper, as she scrunched herself into some nearby bushes. Technically, if she was looking for someone, hiding would be the least efficient think to do. As she waited, her head swiveled from rock to rock, each of them her new friends, with a name and a favorite color and a favorite animal. Which were all made up by Sura, all having the favorite color of green, and all having the favorite animal of a wolf. "Urrrggg..." , she moaned as her bladder complained again, squinting and crossing her legs for a moment.



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<33 hope you dont mind me joining, Sura is just so adorable! have my baby!

Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

Niernan's telling off had stayed with the boy, even thought that had been nearly a month ago. What he'd done had been stupid, rash and irresponsible. Of course, nothing had actually happened to him and Niernan hadn't been able to stay mad at him for long. Teme had moved on from that event, but he kept a healthy distance from the borders. He didn't want to upset his father or his uncle, and putting himself in 'danger' was sure to do that. He'd concentrated on his games with Eli and he'd tracked Andara down a few times as well.

This morning was gloriously bright and the afternoon was pleasantly warm as well. For once, the young Stormbringer was not with his side kick and he trotted through Jordheim. He wasn't particularly looking for anything, but he knew he was close to his own house. He rarely came out this way- Eli's house was the opposite direction and so was Niernan and Bran's respective dwellings. Still, he knew that any kind of exploration was better than nothing and he trotted along, barely aware of his surroundings.

The sharp bite to his paw made him yelp and snatch his foot back up. Confusion swept across his face before he glanced down and saw the line of rocks along the pathway. A slow grin lit up his face as he stepped back, nose working furiously to place the scent around the trap. He hadn't met this person before, but he assumed they were young. Ouuuchhh... He whined, holding his paw theatrically close to his body as he pretended to wobble and sway. Perhaps he could entice them out of hiding.

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As Sura hid herself in the bushes, her mind was blank, her stellar eyesight set on the line of rocks and her super olefactory senses trained on the path. In reality, she couldn't really see much because of the leaves and the bush put off so much of its own scent that it was hard to smell anything else. Not to mention that having a blank mind made her impatient, which made her bored, which made her sleepy. As soon as the idea of taking a nap kicked in, so did the urge to pee. Her heavy eyelids batted back open. She would have to work hard to stay awake.

What were elephants like? Were they green? Did they exist, or were they just a fairy tale? Another child had told her once that elephants wore clothes and liked socks. Sura liked socks too, but not really that much. One time her mother had tried to dress her up in clothes, but Sura had hated it so much that she threw a fit and ripped them all up. She'd gotten into big trouble for it too. Technically, it was mother's fault for not asking permission or checking Sura's schedule before trying to take it to their weekly religious meeting.

A noise interrupted her thoughts and her mind snapped into full power. A smaller black wolf seemed to be hurt, holding his paw and making noises of being-hurt-ness. Sura's eyes lit up and a wry smile crept on her face.

She rushed out of the bushes and tried to pounce on the wolf. "I WETS CHO!" (Translation), she screamed in her "battle" tone, as she aimed to knock the stranger over. But by now she had been holding her urge to urinate for so long that she couldn't help but spill a few drops accidentally. Realizing what happened, her face became aghast, her lip trembled in a threat to cry, and her mind spun. Just as soon as her demeanor had changed to frightened, it raced right back to aggressive. "Wook wat yous wone! Wou wetteds!", she accused him, trying her best to feign a snarl of disgust.



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Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

He thought it might be only a matter of time. The rocks laid across the path was not an accident- his Uncle Bran had taught him enough to notice the signs of a practical joke. He supposed it would have worked well, there was nothing stopping someone from charging through Jordheim and slashing open a paw. It was the puzzlement of whom had laid the trap- he and Elias had nothing to do with it, which was unusual. And he figured it was too rudimentary for his Uncles to stoop as low as laying rocks out for others to trip up on. He thought maybe Andara, but she was too nervous to try to hurt anyone. His logical mind told him that whomever it was, they weren't that far away.

His intelligence was rewarded just moments later as a black and white blur streaked out of a bush near to him, an almost unintelligible battle cry coming from the obviously young pup. He could see that she was very small, less than three months old he was certain. The small body collided with him and he gave a wordless 'oof'- she was certainly stocky despite her youth. Temeraire couldn't help the amiable laugh, just before the small body in front of him stopped her onslaught. He caught the subtle whiff of urine and saw the splatter of pee across the floor, just as the look crossed the pups face. Before he could laugh it off, he was being accused.

I peed? Well I's must have been holding onto it for too long. Maybe I should go to the bush and pee He pondered, because he could clearly see the effort this little pup was exuding trying to hold something together. He could only assume that it was the need to urinate, due to the attempt at a disgusted snarl and the words from the little madam. She certainly had an attitude. With that, Teme trotted over to the bush and cocked his leg, peeing against the leaves and sighing in content. With a smirk, he looked back at the girl. You need to pee? He questioned, lazily scratching his ear with his back paw.

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In her upbringing, there hadn't been many pups, and most adults preferred their optime forms. As a consequence, it had created a virtually segregated environment where Sura pretty much kept to herself and her mother, with her father trying to stay as far away as often as possible. She had never had much interest in boys, but this one had sparked her attention. Instead of being horrified, he seemed to take the whole thing in stride, and even upped the ante by lifting a leg over some bushes. Curious, she padded around his back to see the ongoings, her expression one of impressed amazement.

It was her turn now, so she found herself a different bush and cautiously lifted a leg, as standing on only three was a very tricky task for one who had never done such before. She closed her leg and pushed at her bladder, producing the desired stream of liquid.... which promptly trickled down her other leg. When she realized this, she had already finished, and began to flush with embarrassed anger.

"You cheateds! You has special wick! I not habs one, is nots fairs! " (Translation), she complained, and gestured towards his manly area. "I know! Dis all a wick! You tweats me wike a widdle baby! I nots a baby, I knows hows to pees! You dumbs!", she continued as she had an epiphany of brilliance.

"When I gwows up, I gonna be biggers dan you, and I'm gonna picks on you! I'm gonna hab big woobs and a stick too! I shows you! And den I does it better dan you and I wins and tweats you wike a baby! Yeah! You sees! You dumb dooter!" , she stood there now, quaking with anger, her eyes full of fire. Her damp leg stuck out, as it was the only portion of her body that was wet and not thoroughly coated in mud. "


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Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

He did not expect, however, the young black and white pup to move closer, her body scooting around his to look at him peeing. He'd never had anyone look at him before while he was peeing and the young male fought to keep his leg cocked. When he'd finally finished, he dropped his paw to the ground, trying not to stand on the pup who had been so interested in his activities. Stepping back, he watched as she seemed to consider the motion for a moment before moving to another bush. Blue eyes watched as she cocked her leg, watching the pee come from a different place to trickle down her leg. He couldn't suppress the laugh that came from him, before the black and white pup began to speak.

He just about managed to understand what she was saying and he glanced down between his leg. He couldn't deny it, she was right. But that didn't mean he'd cheated and he couldn't help the giggles that escaped him as she started to decree her intentions when she was older. Perhaps she didn't have the foresight to realise that while she was bigger, Temeraire would be growing at a proportional rate and therefore he would still be larger than the female. He was trying his best to stifle his giggles, when her insult came. His roaring laugh came, despite his knowledge that laughing at someone wasn't polite. He managed to calm down and managed to remember something important.

When I was as little as you are, I couldn't lift my leg. My Daddy taught me how to crouch to pee... maybe you could do that? He asked, trying to salvage the situation. Understanding that the pup needed a demonstration, Teme moved over to the bush again, his back legs squating down as he forced his bladder to release any remaining water. A few drops escaped and he'd hoped that the little girl had watched him. He was sure he'd seen others crouch down to pee, so maybe it was a girl thing.

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When the lad began to laugh at her, she perked her ears up, curious to know what it was that was funny, as she wanted to laugh as well. But when she could not figure it out, the realization hit her that she was the subject of his ridicule . Without realizing it, she drew a breath and began to hold it in her cheeks, puffing them out as a squirrel might do. But the laughter continued, and her frustration and anxiety to swell proportionately. Her cheeks became flush with an embarrased pink, until she could stand it no more.

The air burst out of her mouth, as did her words, panting for breath. Her eyebrows were deeply furrowed in serious anger. If her eyebrows became any more angry, the sun would simply fall down. "S'not funnies! Meanie poop!" (Translation), she shouted between gasps for air.

"I always goes wike dats. Duhhhh. If I not goes like dat I never goes and den and den my bwadder ASPWODEDEDS! Wike dis. ASPWOSION! I wike ASPOWSIONS wia fwogs. I makes dem makes kissy faces den I kisses dem and bwows air inside and den dey pops and den guts and horns and fweaders fwies all ober! And den da suns faws downs. And den... and dens.... an-ah.... aahhhh.....", she lost her place and her gaze drifted to the sky and back down to Temeraire, as if expecting him to speak.

But she continued talking anyways. "Das my favowite ways makes ASPOWSIONs. How yous makes aspowsions, huh? Fartededs not counts.", for now, she smiled at him and waited patiently for his answer. It wasn't always that she behaved properly, but when she did, it was for a friend. It seemed like the boy's earlier offense of a long fit of laughter was forgotten in Sura's mind.



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Temeraire Lupus is by Alaine!

The young Stormbringer, while understanding that his suppressed laughs were rude, did not expect the little girl to hold her breath. Blue eyes widened, even as his diaphragm refused to stop jiggling around and he continued to laugh, as her cheeks puffed out and the outraged look on her face increased. He'd just about managed to reign in the giggles when the air exploded out of her in a gust, her pants harsh as she spoke to him. He understood her perfectly, but met it with the shake of his head. I'm not a meanie, i'm just trying to help. Teme offered, the sway of his tail testament to how much he was enjoying this little meeting, despite the obvious lack of manners the little girl had. It seemed she hadn't stopped at insulting him however, launching into her own little rant.

He tried to keep up, he really did. He got about as far as frogs exploding when it all began to blur together in a collage of broken, mispronounced words. Still, blue eyes were wide with shock- he didn't think he'd ever witnessed an outburst of such imagination. It seemed perhaps that she was still too young to really hold a train of thought though, because a few seconds later she drifted off into 'ahs' until she was silent for just a few moments. Well, if you knew how to do it already, make sure you go next time He advised her, knowing it would do him no good to point out that if she'd known this already, she would have done so.

Her question made him splutter for a moment, firstly trying to figure out what she said and secondly trying to answer it. He chuckled softly as she declared that farting didn't count and he inwardly cursed at her 'superior' knowledge. I likes to make frogs explode by jumping on them. They puff up really big, because they can't breath out, and then the POP and send guts flying everywhere... you should try it some time. He suggested with a nod and a smile, hoping her earlier outburst and reason for her anger had been forgotten.

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Sura rolled her eyes as Temeraire explained he was only trying to assist, but in a few moments, her tiny mind with an even smaller capacity would completely forget about the event altogether.

"Yous nots the wunderwands. I cans goes. Buts I can'ts goes. I made pwomise dat I onwy goes when I asks. It hurtws awots, I dink eberwone tries to makes me bwadder the stwongers. I saids it to .... uh.... uhhhh.... I don't webemembers dere names." (Translation)

Sura's eyes widened with the revelation of how this child got into trouble himself. "WEALLY!? Dat WAWESOMES! I wants to twies too! Dat sound so much betters dan put my faces on winky frow'gs . Wets go twies it! Comons!", she tried to grab the paw of her newest friend and tug on it, wanting to drag him to the nearest frog-pond, her eyes sparkling with ambition and adventure.

-- fade out --


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